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New Era Newspaper Monday November 6, 2017

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4 NEWS Monday, November 6 2017 | NEW ERA Residents of flood-prone Kabbe areas to get a bridge Albertina Nakale Windhoek R The Namibia Training Authority (NTA) hereby informs candidates who participated in the May/June 2017 national Vocational Education and Training (VET) assessments, and who were declared competent, that institutions where assessments were conducted, whereas candidates declared competent and who registered in their private capacity and under the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) programme, can collect Fulltime candidates are encouraged to channel queries through their respective training institution assessment coordinators, and not the Selma Limbo, Tel: 061-2078220, The site was handed to the 442/30/10/2017 Namibia wants U.S. embargo against Cuba lifted – Nampa CoW to build N.1 billion water reclamation plant – Nampa

Monday, November 6 2017 | NEW ERA 5 #394 VACANCY NamWater is an equal opportunity employer. Workhand Electrical (1 Year Contract) The importance of teaching children how to save With World Savings day being celebrated on Tuesday, 31 October 2017, this is an opportune time to teach children how to become financially savvy and prepare for the future. By teaching your children about money, you help them discover the relationships between earning, spending and saving. Financial literacy can begin at a young age with simple money concepts, such as counting coins and making change for purchases. Older children can learn about savings accounts and creating a personal budget. The key is to teach them a concept and let them try it out, even if it means a little extra time in the toy store, while your little one painstakingly counts out coins from his or her piggy bank. This will enable them to understand the value of money. With the holiday season around the corner, parents can give their children a financial head start by opening up a Bank Windhoek Solo account, a transactional account with savings benefits, tailor-made to the needs of children and young adults up to 18 years of age. The Solo account offers no monthly service fees, free ATM withdrawals at Bank Windhoek ATMs, access to Cellphone Banking and EasyWallet. Other features include airtime top-ups and payments to beneficiaries, favourable interest, free balance enquiry and mini-statements at Bank Windhoek ATMs and debit and stop orders can be linked to the account. The Solo account also comes with a Visa Debit card, meaning children can shop without the risk of carrying cash at their favourite shopping outlets by paying with their Solo Debit card at the Pointof-Sale (POS) devices (no transaction fees payable on Bank Windhoek POS devices). Children can also select a Solo card of their choice from a range of four funky Solo Visa Debit card designs. A transactional account with savings benefits, such as the Bank Windhoek Solo account for children, gives your child the opportunity to learn what it means to save, transact in a branch, at ATMs and Point-of-Sale devices and to learn about other basic banking terms such as balances and earning interest, thereby exposing them to the world of banking from a young age. With the added benefit of access to Bank Windhoek’s Cellphone Banking, you can give your young adult a head start to become financially savvy. World Savings Day For more than 90 years, the World Savings and Retail Banking Institute and its members have annually spearheaded a day dedicated to promoting the virtue of people saving money. Celebrated at the end of October, World Savings Day was the first initiative of WSBI – the voice of savings and retail banks in close to 80 countries. WSBI serves members located in close to 20 EU Member States who represent a third of the European retail banking sector. Celebrated in Europe and around the world, the day provides a chance for members to connect with people in their local areas. Win N00 in our Opinion Poll Is it wise to start saving early? SMS the number “1” followed by “yes” or “no” to 987 or email: or vote online at *SMSs charged at normal rate Jacquiline Pack Executive Officer: Marketing & Corporate Communication Services 7% No Does Bank Windhoek require a pro-forma invoice from clients for advance payments on goods to be imported or cash with order request? 93% Yes Anna K Simon is the lucky winner in the Money Matters Issue 393 poll draw. The mission of NamWater is to provide quality water and related services to the satisfaction of all stakeholders, taking cognisance of the environment, scarcity and dependency of all on water. DUTY STATION: Windhoek Maintenance - GRADE: A2 JOB ROLE: To assist Artisan or Handyman (1 Year Contract) DUTY STATION: Windhoek Maintenance - GRADE: C2 JOB ROLE: DUTY STATION: Windhoek Maintenance - GRADE: C2 JOB ROLE: J DUTY STATION: Windhoek Maintenance - GRADE: A2 JOB ROLE: To assist Artisan or Handyman NO FAXES OR E-MAIL WILL BE ACCEPTED

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