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New Era Newspaper Monday October 02, 2017

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14 ADVERTS National

14 ADVERTS National Youth Service (NYS) Vacancy Monday, October 02 2017 | NEW ERA The National Youth Service is a youth development service institution, established by the National Youth Service Act (Act No. 6 of 2005) with the mission of delivering relevant national services and offering recognised skills training and personal development programmes to the youth. The National Youth Service is looking for a dynamic and self-driven individual to fill the position of: TRAINING OFFICER: HOSPITALITY & TOURISM (C3) Duty Station: NYS Rietfontein Training Centre, Otjozondjupa Region PURPOSE OF THE JOB To engage in workshop instruction and training, including the academic, administrative, educational and disciplinary aspects and to organize extra and co-curriculum activities so as to increase trainees knowledge and skills and prepare them for employment. To contribute to all training initiatives so as to enhance learning while promoting relevant trainings in accordance to the needs of the youth, and to support and expand programmes for hospitality and tourism. KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS ing experience specializing in Hospitality and Tourism. DOCUMENTS tion Forms. Closing date for applications: 13 October 2017 NAMIBIA CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY Private Bag 12003, Windhoek, Namibia (Tel) +264 61 702 212 Web: PROCUREMENT: REQUEST FOR OPEN NATIONAL BIDDING DESCRIPTION NO DESCRIPTION CLOSING DATE G/ONB/NCAA- 01/2017 G/ONB/NCAA- 02/2017 NCAA: External Web Design and Development Services Terms of Reference NCAA: Computer PCs and Laptops 26 October 2017 14h00 26 October 2017 14h00 The terms of reference and related documents of the ONB as prescribed by the Ministry of Finance Public Procurement Guidelines will be obtained from: The Secretariat, NCAA Procurement Committee, Southport Building (1 st Floor Room 12C 9 West wing), Hosea Kutako Drive, Windhoek. A pre-release payment for the documentation will be provided upon submission of proof of payment of N0.00 and will be available as from 25 September 2017. Completed proposal, clearly marked with the relevant TOR reference number may be posted to: The Procurement Committee Secretariat, Namibia Civil Aviation Authority, Private Bag 12003, Windhoek, or may be deposited at, or registered with the Secretariat, in a bidding box situated at: Southport Building, (1 st Floor 12C 9 West wing), Hosea Kutako Drive, Windhoek, NOT LATER THEN 26 OCTOBER 2017 (14H00). No late, telegraphic, faxed or e-mailed bids will be accepted for consideration. For enquiries please call: Ms. A Strauss: Tel: 061-702224 Mr. M Grellmann: Tel: 061-702230

Monday, September 18 2017| NEW ERA ADVERTS 15 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) DESCRIPTION: REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) NUMBER: SC/RP/NC-04/2017 DEVELOPMENT AND PREPARATION OF SITE SPECIFIC OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES & MANUALS FOR PETROLEUM TERMINALS IN WALVIS BAY TOR DOCUMENTS AVAILABLE FROM: RFP CLOSING DATE: TOR DOCUMENT COST: SUBMISSION ADDRESS: Tender Box at Reception Windhoek ENQUIRIES/ CLARIFICATIONS: NOTICE WINDHOEK TOWN PLANNING SCHEME Take notice that WSTRPC Town Planning Consultants on behalf of the owner, intends to apply to the Windhoek Municipal Council for: The Rezoning of Erf 8960 Windhoek Extension 5, from “Undetermined” to “Office” with a bulk of 1 Erf 8960 Windhoek, Extension 5 is 5768 m 2 in extent and is situated in Auas Road. It is the intention to conduct the business of E MED Rescue 24 from the rezoned portion. The rezoning will allow for the continued provision of essential medical services in the City of Windhoek. Parking will be provided in accordance with the Windhoek Town Planning Scheme. Further take notice that the plan of the proposed development lies for inspection on the Town Planning Notice Board at the Customer Care Center, Main Municipal Offices, Rev. Michael Scott Street, Windhoek. Any person objecting to the proposed use of the erf as set out above, may lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the City and with the applicant in writing within 14 days of the last publication of this notice. The final date for objections is 16 October 2017. APPLICANT: WSTRP (Town and Regional Planning Consultants) P.O. Box 31761 WINDHOEK NOTICE DUNAMIS CONSULTING TOWN AND REGIONAL PLANNERS on behalf of the owner, of Portion A of Erf 1729 Wanaheda intends to apply to the Windhoek City Council for the following: Subdivision of Erf 1729 (36259m²) Mersey Street Wanaheda into Portion A (3000m²) and Remainder (33259m²) Rezoning of Portion A (3000m²) Mersey Street Wanaheda from ‘Public Open Space’ to ‘General Residential’ with a density of 1:100. Consent to use Portion A (3000m²) for General Residential purposes with the new proposed density of 1:100 while the rezoning is in process. Portion A of Erf 1729 Wanaheda is located in Mersey Street. The property is currently zoned ‘Public Open Space’ and measures 3000m². The new density of 1:100 would allow the owner to erect dwelling units. Enough on-site parking as required in terms of the Windhoek Town Planning Scheme will be provided. Further take note that the locality plan of Portion A of Erf 1729 Wanaheda can be inspected at the Windhoek Town Council Customer Care Centre Town Planning Notice Board, 80 Independence Avenue, Windhoek. Further take note that any person objecting to the proposed land use as set out above may lodge such objection together with the grounds thereof at the Windhoek Town Council Office in Writing within 14 days of the last publication of this notice (final date for objections is October 20, 2017). Dunamis Consulting Town & Regional Planners P.O. Box 20541, Windhoek Cell: +264 855 512 173 Email: INVITATION TO TENDER NAMCOR hereby invites appropriate and prospective firms to submit both financial and technical proposals for the following tender. TENDER NUMBER: DESCRIPTION: G/ONB/NC-01/2017 MANUFACTURING,SUPPLY, DELIVERY, INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE OF NAMCOR’S RETAIL VISUAL IMAGE (RVI) FOR A PERIOD OF 12 MONTHS The information for the tender listed above are defined in the tender document which are obtainable at NAMCOR Petroleum House, 1 Aviation Road, Windhoek, Namibia. Kindly ensure to request for the correct tender document. TENDER DOCUMENTS AVAILABLE FROM: Monday, 18 September 2017 TENDER CLOSING DATE: Friday, 13 October 2017 @ 12:00 PM Namibian Time TENDER DOCUMENT COST: N$ 1,000.00 per document (non-refundable) In-Memory Of The Late JOHANNES TANGA SHATIWA * 02 - 10 – 1995 + 08 – 01 – 2017 Tanga sheeli, today you are turning 22 and celebrating your SUBMISSION ADDRESS: ENQUIRIES/ CLARIFICATIONIS: Tender Box at Reception NAMCOR Head Office Petroleum House 1 Aviation Road Windhoek, Namibia Procurement Management Unit Email: Tel: 061- 204 5000 / 204 5111 / 204 5054 Deeply missed by Dad, Mom, Brothers and the entire family.

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