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6 NEWS Monday, October 02 2017 | NEW ERA UNAIDS boss assesses HIV responses Moses Magadza Mahe, Seychelles The world has made remarkable progress towards ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 but there is still need to ensure that no one falls through the cracks or is left behind, the executive director of UNAIDS and under-secretarygeneral of the United Nations, Dr Michel Sidibe, has said. He made these remarks when he became the rank of secretary-general to address the joint sitting of the National Assembly of Seychelles here on Friday morning. He said that with an unprecedented HIV and AIDS epidemic, the world, at a critical moment, is characterized by rapid transformation. “We are faced with seismic political change because from the north to the south, we are seeing growing conservatism; geopolitical, demographic, climate, technological and socio-economic changes; protectionism; and isolationism becoming the words we are faced with everyday,” Sidibe said. He said young people, who make up approximately 60 percent of the world’s population, are bearing the brunt of this rapid transformation. “This is translating into lack of economic opportunities for young people. The major challenges we are facing are lack of cohesiveness and governance systems which could allow us to redistribute (resources) to make sure we have true social justice and greater access for people who are left behind.” His view is that there is poor integration of young people into the mainstream economies of many countries, with many people aged below 25 years being jobless, hopeless and vulnerable to HIV infection. According to him, many such young people face, also, lack of knowledge, information or skills to protect themselves, or access to essential services. He said members of parliament in Seychelles and elsewhere have an unique role to play in creating links between different aspects of the lives of young people in a transformative manner. He suggested that MPs make access to food, health, productive lives, jobs and education priorities if they value peace and stability, saying that neglected young people have a tendency to abuse alcohol and drugs. “We know that in this region people who inject drugs are the major vectors of HIV issues and use your critical leadership and the vision you have set for your country to (enact) laws that can address these issues,” he advised. In addition to creating opportunities for young people, Sidibe said, MPs could lead efforts towards eradicating stigma and exclusion. He cautioned: “When people – particularly young people – are vulnerable, stigmatized, discriminated against and in some cases criminalized, they go underground. They are left behind, faced with prejudice and don’t access services.” is on record as saying that while drugs have destroyed many lives, wrong government policies have destroyed many more. Sidibe concurs but says not all is lost. He recalled that not long ago the African continent’s hospitals were full of people dying from AIDS-related complications The Roads Authority was established in terms of Section 2 of the Roads Authority Act, Act no. 17 of 1999. The Authority fully became operational on 01 April 2000. The Roads Authority is responsible for the management of the national road network with the view of achieving a safe and efficient road sector. The Authority invites qualified, dynamic candidates to apply for the following positions: DIVISION: MAINTENANCE 1. ROADS INSPECTOR; MAINTENANCE, Patterson Grade: C3, Keetmanshoop Purpose of the Job: To assist the Area Manager with contract administration of road maintenance in the area, through regular visual inspections on roads & related activities, according to contract specifications. while despair was deep-seated. dence that we have moved from despair to hope,” he said. He held up the example of South Africa, which initially did not invest much in HIV treatment but now has about four million people on treatment, making it a major success story. of this epidemic we have more people on treatment than people waiting for treatment.” He hailed Seychelles for its on aspects of the HIV response, particularly achieving 100 percent success in prevention of mother- records show that over the past nearly three years only one child has been born HIV positive from infected parents in Seychelles. “Your country has been able to demonstrate that leadership matters, that right policies are key and that decisions taken by this parliament to allocate resources can make a difference. These success stories must be shared.” Still, gaps remain. Sidibe said that globally there was a “major problem” with lack of inclusiveness with respect to key populations that include people who inject drugs, men who have sex with men, sex workers and prisoners. He revealed that efforts to halt and reverse the global HIV epidemic in Eastern Europe and Central Asia were stalling because drug users were in hiding with little or no access to harm reduction programmes. “We are seeing a growing epidemic in those places.” He said other countries could avoid a similar spike in HIV infections among key populations if they embraced evidence-based, rights-based and people-centered approaches in their responses to the epidemic. While describing human health as a potential driver for socioeconomic development, Sidibe politely proposed a to-do list for the world’s members of parliament. He enjoined them to use their mandate and ability to enact legislation to the maximum; reform punitive laws and rewrite bad norms; remove homophobic laws so that more people seek services; and address policies and social practices that hinder access to sexual reproductive health services for young people. Educating and training young people while creating jobs for them are other important interventions. He warned: “When you don’t give them opportunities to have a proper SRHR education, they are taken hostage by the streets.” There was need, also, he said, for MPs to stop gender-based violence and discriminatory laws and practices that restrict women’s equal access services and commodities. On resource mobilization, he to adopt budget lines that guide investment in adolescents, young people and key populations.” With many countries still seeing health as a cost rather than an investment, he called for a paradigm shift towards investing in education, health and the social sector while focusing on young people. MPs could deepen and broaden their oversight roles to ensure transparent, result-driven and accountable approaches while working closely with communities to make accurate data more available. The leader of the opposition in the National Assembly of Seychelles, Wavel Ramkalawan, described Sidibe’s remarks and the work that UNAIDS is doing as encouraging. He said his country was working closely with the SADC Parliamentary Forum to address their SRHR challenges under a project funded by Sweden and Norway. He said young people formed the majority of the approximately 90,000 people in Seychelles but had fallen into the abuse of drugs, particularly heroin. “The scourge of drugs in our against HIV, especially among our young people.” Latest government estimates put the number of drug users at over 6,000 in the small island country. He said the government was spending a lot of resources under the country’s methadone treatment programme while cases of hepatitis C were spiralling. “Not too long ago we were informed of new and dangerous practices among heroin addicts where blood was being exchanged. One addict would inject heroin and others draw the blood and inject themselves to get high.” He said sex workers, some of whom were also injecting heroin, had more harrowing tales. “When we hear stories of young girls who are now on the streets presenting the menu of services they offer, among which is unprotected sex for a higher price, it worries us.” Also of great concern, Ramkalawan said, were reports of prisoners going into prison HIV or hepatitis C-free, only to leave infected. The Leader of Government Business in the Seychelles National Assembly, Charles de Commarmond, said the presence in Seychelles of Sidibe, as the under-secretary-general in the United Nations, showed the value and respect the UN attached to all member states of the intergovernmental organization. believer in a people-centered approach to health and development as well as a strong advocate of social justice, and said Seychelles is a small but resilient nation that would subdue the HIV epidemic. “Who would have believed that from the small settlement in dynamic and wonderful nation that calls itself Seychelles … eager to go further?” he asked before pledging the country’s united active participation in tackling national and global challenges that include climate change, organized He said the opposition and the ruling party in Seychelles were united over issues of national concern and would “bring the our youths”. Moses Magadza is communications and advocacy specialist at SADC Parliamentary Forum. DIVISION: TRANSPORT INFORMATION AND REGULATORY SERVICES (TI&RS) 2. EXAMINER; VEHICLE AND DRIVER, Patterson Grade C2, Mariental Purpose of the Job: To conduct and administer tests and examinations on vehicles and drivers according to set standards and legislation. 3. ADMINISTRATOR; REVENUE COLLECTION, STOCK & PROCUREMENT, Patterson Grade B3, Walvis Bay Purpose of the Job: To administrate and support the Division in terms of adherence to Stock control, HR, Recordkeeping and General Office administration policies & procedures. 4. SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR; Paterson Grade B3, Walvis Bay Purpose of the Job: To provide efficient and effective central telephonic services to the Roads Authority (NaTIS) and managing multiple incoming phone lines. If you are interested, please visit our website: for more information on these vacancies and to submit your application. CLOSING DATE: 13 OCTOBER 2017 Roads Authority, Private Bag 12030, Ausspannplatz, Windhoek, Namibia, A. JUNIOR PRIMARY VACANCY NOTICE School Name Subjects Number of Posts 1.Mouwa English Private English and Maths 2 posts School(MEPS) 2.Mimshack Christian English and Maths 1 post Primary School(MCPS) B. SENIOR PRIMARY GOLDEN MAGGY ESTABLISHMENT Golden Maggy Establishment (G.M.E) is looking for interested, sui ll in the following posts that have arisen within Golden Maggy Establishment Schools for 2018. School Name Subject Number of Posts 1.Golden Maggy Primary English and Maths 1 post School(GMPS) 2.Okongo Private English and Maths 1 post School(OPS) Minimum Requirements: BETD or Diploma in Education. Teaching experience is an added advantage. Closing date for the applications is 20 October 2017 Send or submit hand written or typed applications with CVs and certied copies of academic and professional credentials to: The Principal Golden Maggy Primary School [Ongwediva] P.O.Box 3101, Oshakati Only shortlisted applicants will be notifor interviews For more information contact the principal-Mr Taitos Tevera: 065231066 or Cell: 0818796715

Monday, October 02 2017| NEW ERA Arnold to hear her fate this week Maria Amakali Windhoek Anthea Arnold, a Windhoek resident shooting and killing her former German lover, is set to hear her fate this - - Arnold, who has denied guilt, al- shot him while seated in his car in Anthea Arnold ecutor Erastus Hatutale informed the the accused that she was acting in self- Arnold indicated during her tes- car, with the deceased seated in the passenger seat in front while she was cates that the gunshot that killed the the gunshot wound was found in the sion that she shot the deceased while Hatutale pointed out that depending on the circumstances of the crime committed, the state has proven - the gun and shot Breder, his client was acting in self-defence as she feared that of an innocent person who was - having a gun moments after assault- is what would have happened if the the prosecution failed to prove the who were not present when the crime istrate Velikoshi said he would deliver NEWS 7 MATTER OF FACT - 12 under the headline, ‘Chinese James Barron Wallace and his co-accused Zhi Geng – who dealing in rhino horn, weigh- - and not Wallace as stated in the for this error and the wrong im- Editor Cigarette accused sentenced Roland Routh Windhoek Still hoping to the end for a sentence without having to go to prison, Venicia Ann Koning, a former issuing invoice administrative clerk at then Indo Atlantic, now CIC, shed tears after hearing she was sentenced to an She was convicted on 18 counts of fraud involving the issuing of false invoices for cigarettes that She was acquitted on 19 counts on a Section 174 application after Her co-accused David Martin Bezuidenhout, who was the driver of the cash van that delivered cigarettes to customers, was acquitted According to the judge she de- the communities in order to deliver the required services to people,” the judge said, further noting that - In mitigation Koning informed the court she is married with three children and living in a house at - - while she expressed regret for the wrongdoing, she did not take the asked for a lighter sentence, the at the time of her arrest was taking He asked the court to show was in a position of trust which told the court that Koning did not she still maintained her innocence He said Koning showed her reluctance to take the court into her with the cigarettes she defrauded persuaded the court to consider a custodial sentence of which a small In the end, the judge said, taking all 18 counts together for the purpose of sentencing he sentenced is not convicted of fraud committed during the period of suspension, in Katima Mulilo sustained injuries to his leg dur- - loader from demolishing illegal to the Katima Mulilo State “I know it is illegal to erect ing the police to fire sever- - - that were handed to all those assistance of the police, carried out - - - pleading with them to desist from sent to the area opposite Chotto informal settlement, were alleg- He said the meetings with the council with no other option does not take action the situation would worsen as it has al- are cattle herders from rural areas, while others are from continue in all areas of Chotto, Nampa since 2010 Ofanditha Yoo Ntsezi noo Zinzi-ngombe 13 Kotomba Hartmut Kretzschmar 081 129 0421 Pure FARMING pleasure Oombuto-ngombe dhokumuna 12, Oombuto ngombe dhokumunitha 23, Noo Zinzi 80 dho ludhi lwo Simbra

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