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6 CRIME & COURTS Monday, October 16 2017 | NEW ERA Two die in vehicle accident near Mother assaults baby over new boyfriend’s phone Loide Jason Oshikuku Staff Reporter Keetmanshoop Two people died when a vehicle they were travelling in overturned on the It is alleged that the driver lost control of the vehicle, which resulted in it leaving the road and over- Both the driver and passenger died from the injuries sustained, and have - Hardap regional crime investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Eric and said the next of kin of both deceased have been informed and police investigations continue. Erongo Regional Electricity Distributor Company (Pty) Ltd, commonly known as Erongo RED was established within Electricity Distributor for the Erongo Region. We are proud to announce that Erongo RED is an equal opportunity BURSARIES - 2018 Erongo RED realised the importance of developing the country’s human potential and to cater for the needs of REQUIREMENTS: 1x Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering (Heavy current) 1x Bachelor in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) 1x Bachelor of Law (LLB) Namibian Citizenship A 70% pass mark for school leavers in the major subjects required for further studies A 65% average pass mark in major subjects for students that are studying at a tertiary institution Acceptance letter from a recognised tertiary institution THE FOLLOWING SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS SHOULD BE ATTACHED TO YOUR APPLICATION LETTER: A covering letter A completed bursary application form Copy of the Curriculum Vitae (CV) Copy of provisional admission letter, where applicable or Application forms with the required documentation should be addressed in Street). Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews and no documents will be returned. 27 October 2017 TEL +264 64 214600 FAX +264 64 214601 ERONGO RED BUILDING 91 HAGE GEINGOB STREET P O BOX 2925 WALVIS BAY NAMIBIA A 24-year-old mother appeared in the Outapi Magistrate’s Court on Thursday for allegedly assaulting her nine-month-old baby boy following a heated quarrel with her new boyfriend. The incident took place in the room of the boyfriend at Iikokola in Omusati Region. According to information provided by the spokesperson of the Omusati police, Warrant argued with her new boyfriend and later beat her child with a metal object. then kicked her baby all over his body but unconscious. neighbouring village. the woman scanned through the boyfriend’s phone. It is not clear what content she found in the phone. postponed to December 13 for further investigation. The mother is being kept at Onandjaba police holding cells in Okalongo. The baby was admitted to Oshikuku Roman Catholic Hospital where he is recover- Little sweet victim… The assaulted baby at the Oshikuku Roman Catholic Hospital where he is recuperating well. ing well. “The baby is being taken care of by an aunt at the hospital at Oshikuku and she will later be given the right to take care of him upon his discharge Rehoboth bank thieves granted bail Maria Amakali Windhoek branch of Bank Windhoek were released on bail on Friday by the magistrate’s court in the town. stringent conditions. Beukes and his co-accused are the only ones facing charges of theft and burglary, after six people were initially arrested for the incident. Maria Amakali Windhoek Morne Mouton, a Windhoek resident who is accused of causing the death of three people in Hochland Mouton’s case was provisionally struck from the at the time citing the lengthy delays in the matter. On the day it was struck off the roll, Mouton’s docket was not in court as it was locked in the of- medical leave. road accident that resulted in the death of police of- At the time of the accident Mouton, who is sus- alcohol, was a teenager. Mouton could not make an appearance in court on Friday due to study engage- in for him. “The accused could not be here as he is writing examinations,” explained Mhata. the nursing staff said he was still in pain but stable and recovering well. The other four suspects were released and can not be prosecuted due to lack of evidence against them. According to a police report the suspects gained entry into the bank through an open toilet window. The report further states that the suspects, upon entry, disconnected the security surveillance cameras in the bank and after gaining access to The police apprehended the accused while they were on their way to Bahnhof train station east of Rehoboth. Magistrate Deseree Kamboua warned the accused not to interfere with ongoing police investigations. They should furthermore hand in all travelling apply for new travelling documents while their case is ongoing, and may not leave the district of Rehoboth without the consent of the investigating Alleged drunk driver Mouton to stand trial speeding, rammed into a police vehicle that was stationary on the side of the road, consequently suspicious activity in the riverbed. The three were allegedly standing on the sidewalk next to the stationary vehicle when they got run over by Mouton. Mouton is expected to make an appearance in A case to answer… Culpable homicide accused Morne Mouton

Monday, October 16 2017| NEW ERA HEALTH 7 ‘I don’t know how I contracted HIV’ Staff Reporter Omitara When 52-yearold Maria A f r i k a n e r started feeling ill at the beginning of this year, she had no idea that the diagnosis would be HIV. Explaining her symptoms, Afrikaner, who permitted this newspaper to reveal her identity as part of her contribution to awareness against the deadly virus, said she was constantly weak and started losing weight at lightning pace. “My head was also affected because I almost lost my mind. I was admitted to Gobabis State Hospital for some time and that was when the doctors decided to test my blood for HIV,” said the soft-spoken Afrikaner. said she does not feel well emotionally because she is always sick. The frail-looking Afrikaner had just come from the clinic in Omitara when the New Era team ran into her. She could barely carry her plastic bag consisting of nutritional supplements. “My husband was tested after my diagnosis but his blood is clean. I don’t know where I got the sickness. I must have been raped while I was drunk and subsequently got infected,” said Afrikaner. Afrikaner explained that her husband has accepted her condition and tries his best to take care of her, despite their limited resources. “We do not engage in sexual activities because my husband has a condition that has affected his libido. We stay at a farm not far from here. I just came here to Omitara to seek medical attention,” said Afrikaner, whose elderly mother and children live in Omitara. Afrikaner, who together with her cousin, Bettie !Aoxas, shared Afrikaner’s condition, explained that there is not much going on in Omitara and the surrounding areas in creating awareness on HIV/AIDS. They explained that awareness campaigns are necessary because there are many people in the settlement who may not know how best to protect themselves or live positively with the virus. They also explained that many people abuse alcohol, which may contribute to reckless behaviour, which may contribute to the HIV pandemic. “There was a time when people were giving information on HIV in the settlement. But we don’t see them anymore. I really don’t feel good that I am sick like this. I don’t know where this sickness came from,” she said. To make it worse, Afrikaner and her husband only eat twice a day. “We are San people. We used to survive on drought relief but we have not had that since the beginning of the year,” said Afrikaner. The drought relief food consisted mainly of rice, maize meal or soup, she added. According to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/ AIDS (UNAIDS) website, Namibia has reduced new HIV infections among children by 79% since 2009. Namibia provides Source unknown… Maria Afrikaner carrying a antiretroviral medicines to 95 percent of pregnant women living with HIV, meeting the Global Plan goal of 90 percent coverage. This means that by 2020, 90 percent of all people living with HIV in Namibia should be identified and know their status. It also means that by the same year, 90 percent of those antiretroviral treatment and 90 percent of those on antiretroviral treatment should have their viral load suppressed. In Namibia about 85 percent of people living with HIV know their status, while 86 GENERAL NOTICE REHOBOTH TOWN PLANNING AMENDEMENT SCHEME NO. 13 Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 23 of the Town Planning Ordinance 1954, (Ordinance 18 of 1954), as amended, that the Rehoboth Town Planning Amendment Scheme No. 13, has been submitted to the Minister Urban and Rural Development for approval. Copies of the Rehoboth Town Planning Amendment Scheme No. 13 and the maps, plans, documents and other relevant matters Town Council and also at the Namibia Planning Advisory Board (NAMPAB), Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, 2 nd Floor, Any person who wishes to object to the approval of the Town Planning Scheme, should lodge objections in writing to the Secretary, Namibia Planning Advisory Board (NAMPAB), 14 November 2017. D D Beukes, Chairman Namibia Planning Advisory Board Windhoek 2017 percent of those who are HIV positive are on antiretroviral treatment and 84 percent of those on antiretroviral treatment have their viral load suppressed. Furthermore, it is indicated on the website that Namibia has the highest rate of children receiving paediatric treatment among the priority countries. In 2015 over 95% of children living with HIV therapy. Still, HIV remains the number one killer in Namibia with up to 3,900 deaths annually, according to current Multi-drug resistant TB drugs’ side effects can be controlled Staff Reporter Windhoek NAMIBIA CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY Private Bag 12003, Windhoek, Namibia (Tel) +264 61 702 212 Web: PROCUREMENT: REQUEST FOR OPEN NATIONAL BIDDING DESCRIPTION NO DESCRIPTION CLOSING DATE G/ONB/NCAA- 01/2017 G/ONB/NCAA- 02/2017 NCAA: External Web Design and Development Services Terms of Reference NCAA: Computer PCs and Laptops A recent study titled ‘Optimizing the safety of multidrug-resistant (MDR) tuberculosis therapy in Namibia’, by Evans Sagwa, showed that side effects occur frequently in patients treated with current second-line anti- TB drugs. MDR-TB is a form of tuberculosis (TB) infection caused by bacteria that are resistant to treatment with at TB medications – isoniazid and rifampin (drugs). Most of the MDR TB side effects occur during the intensive phase of therapy and are preventable, Sagwa’s study revealed. The study showed that certain MDR drugs are potentially harmful to patients, which may diminish patients’ health-related quality of life. Other clinically important overlapping side effects may occur in MDR TB patients simultaneously taking antiretroviral medicines. concerns with current second-line anti-TB drugs, these drugs are still needed in the treatment of MDR-TB, the study highlighted. “The focus, therefore, remains on ensuring the safer use of current and new anti-TB drugs,” suggests the study. The monitoring and management of adverse events should be done regularly throughout MDR-TB therapy and pharmacovigilance systems should be strengthened, including active surveillance, Sagwa’s study suggested. The long-term impact of side effects on patients’ health-related quality of life after completing MDR-TB treatment should be ascertained, the study by Sagwa, who is a pharmaceutical management expert in Namibia, recommends. “More investment is needed in developing novel, safer and more effective anti-mycobacterial compounds,” suggests the study. The study also found that clinicians in Namibia were found to use a number of strategies to alleviate the discomfort and to reduce the potential harm of side effects associated with the treatment of MDR-TB. This is in line with the Namibian TB treatment guidelines. “The study found that clinicians (suspected) offending medicine, stop, change, or replace the suspected medicine,” according to the study. Furthermore, the success of MDR- TB treatment requires the full cooperation of patients and their complete adherence to treatment, even in the face of side effects. Knowing that side effects are common and pose a challenge in MDR-TB treatment, said Sagwa. “Although MDR-TB disease may be considered as an old problem, new therapeutic solutions are urgently required. Looking at the long-term safety reomycin and considering the patient discomfort from the frequent painful injections of this category of drugs, there is a pressing need for novel, safer medicines that can be administered regimens,” suggests the study. 26 October 2017 14h00 26 October 2017 14h00 The terms of reference and related documents of the ONB as prescribed by the Ministry of Finance Public Procurement Guidelines will be obtained from: The Secretariat, NCAA Procurement Committee, Southport Building (1 st Floor Room 12C 9 West wing), Hosea Kutako Drive, Windhoek. A pre-release payment for the documentation will be provided upon submission of proof of payment of N0.00 and will be available as from 25 September 2017. Completed proposal, clearly marked with the relevant TOR reference number may be posted to: The Procurement Committee Secretariat, Namibia Civil Aviation Authority, Private Bag 12003, Windhoek, or may be deposited at, or registered with the Secretariat, in a bidding box situated at: Southport Building, (1 st Floor 12C 9 West wing), Hosea Kutako Drive, Windhoek, NOT LATER THEN 26 OCTOBER 2017 (14H00). No late, telegraphic, faxed or e-mailed bids will be accepted for consideration. For enquiries please call: Ms. A Strauss: Tel: 061-702224 Mr. M Grellmann: Tel: 061-702230

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