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New Era Newspaper Monday October 30, 2017

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8 OPINION Monday, October 30 2017 | NEW ERA China strides into a new era of socialism INVITATION: PUBLIC LECTURE The National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST) hereby wish to invite all interested individuals and institutions to this public lecture by Dr. Michael Shirungu. TOPIC: Plants at work in Namibia: Treating mental illness with medicinal plants by traditional healers Venue Windhoek Entrepreneur’s Base (the WEB), c/o Jan Jonker and Frans Indongo Date 02 November 2017 Time 18h00 – 20h00 About the speaker: Dr. Michael Shirungu is a Namibian born scholar and former St. Boniface College leaner from the Kavango region. He recently obtained his PhD Degree from the university of the Western Cape, South Africa. Michael who is a medical anthropologist and professional nurse is currently a lecturer for contemporary social issues at the University of Namibia. His work has mainly focused on Health, both biomedical and traditional healing for the past eight years. He has written and published on indigenous knowledge systems, medicinal plants, mental illness, HIV/AIDS and Gender. His PhD dissertation has contributed to anthropological and medical understanding of common mental disorders, particularly in Kavango where he conducted his ethnographic study. Kindly register your interest to attend by visiting and clicking on the link “Invitation to a Public Lecture” before 31 October 2017. For queries, kindly e-mail | | (061) 431 7000 ZHANG YIMING On 18 October, at the opening of the national congress of the Communist Party of China which attracted worldwide attention, General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered a 3 hours and 25 minutes’ work report to 2287 representatives. The report, which is over 30,000 Chinese characters, is a comprehensive review of the work years, a profound explanation on the strategies of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. As the world’s second largest economy and an emerging power, China will undoubtedly be endowed with new vitality by the Congress to its future development path, development model and development strategy. It is not only a major event for China’s development, but also for the whole world. In 1949, Chairman Mao Zedong solemnly declared at Tiananmen Rostrum that the Chinese people had stood up, which put an end of the era when Chinese people had been suffering from invading and bullying over 100 years. In 1978, Comrade Deng Xiaoping led China to implement reform and opening up, and the Chinese people gradually grew rich. So far we have provided 1.3 billion people with food and clothing, lifted 800 million people out of poverty and our expected per capita GDP of 2017 is US 480. This year’s Ccongress will be a turning point of China, from “standing up” and “growing rich” to “becoming strong”, which is not only the rising concerning international status, economic development and military strength, but allround development of economy, politics, culture, society and ecological civilization. It is a decisive period for China from now to 2020 on its road to a moderately prosperous society and China will achieve that goal, Goal” upon the 100 th anniversary of the founding of CPC. China will basically realize the socialist modernization in 2035, and in 2049 it will realize the second “Centenary Goal” of developing China into a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful. The new era is an era when China will make efforts to build a community of shared future for mankind. The report starts with a remark, that CPC is a party seeking happiness of Chinese people and progress of mankind, and the CPC has always seen it as its mission, to make new and greater contribution to human society. That shows CPC’s international vision and care for the world. China will hold high the banner of peace, development, cooperation and win-win, and promote the construction of the community of shared future for mankind. That concept is based on the spirit of traditional Chinese civilization, to seek the world’s unity and harmony. Its ideas and goals go beyond the differences between countries, parties and the systems, and conform to the common interests of the international community. It can be said that the Chinese characteristics originated in China but belong to the world. With the growing of China’s national strength, China will continue to uphold the principle of mutual respect, fairness, justice and win-win, deal with international affairs diplomatic gestures, and always be a builder of world peace, a contributor of global development and a defender of world order. China will work with the rest of the world to actively cope with climate change, promote economic globalization and trade liberalization, and advocate an open world economy. China is willing to provide the world China’s responsibility and make China’s contribution, in the joint construction of the community of shared future for mankind. The new era is an era of continued consolidation of China- Namibia relations. China’s development is an opportunity for Namibia. Namibia enjoys political stability, sound legal system, and harmonious ethnic relations. It is an “all-weather” friend of China, and China- Namibia relations take priority in China’s African policy. The Congress has indicated the right path for the development of China-Namibia relations. China will continue to consolidate the deep traditional friendship between the two countries and push forward the development of bilateral relations. A series of big projects such as Husab Mine, Walvis Bay Port expansion, Youth Training Center and Command and Staff College are the best embodiments of China- Namibia pragmatic cooperation. And our friendship is also vividly depicted by the Confucius Institute of UNAM, Chinese Medical Team and hundreds of Namibian oversea students in China. China’s “Two Centenary Goals” and Namibia’s Harambee Prosperity Plan and Vision 2030 share a lot in common. Both the two countries are facing with the common challenges of promoting economy, improving people’s livelihood and coping with complex international affairs. China and Namibia should learn from each other and cooperate more, so that our relations could become more closely, and the friendly feelings between our people could get deeper. It is time we build the community of shared future for our people and embrace a new era of China- Namibia relations! -

NEW ERA Indongo Toyota opens two more branches Page 10 We are facing tough times, says Gigaba Page 11 INSIDE USINESS This news is your business GIPF invests Nbn through unlisted investments since 2010 Edgar Brandt Windhoek To date, the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) has invested over N billion in the local economy through its unlisted investment policy since it managers in 2010. “We believe that our contribution has greatly impacted and developed the local unlisted market especially in Nuyoma, GIPF CEO, during the week Thursday. in Capricorn Investment Group at March 2017. “When we talk about investing in the local economy it is not just empty talk, but rather a serious intention. At the GIPF’s annual stakeholder dinner were (from left) David Nuyoma (GIPF CEO), Adv. Bience Gawanas (keynote speaker), Goms Menette (GIPF chairman) and Daylight Ekandjo (GIPF spokesperson). Photo: Contributed ered opinion that Capricorn Group is a good asset with good potential He added that through this investment GIPF also strengthened its local abour ministry acilitates Nm of utstanding salaries Edgar Brandt Windhoek Relations and Employment - unpaid salaries – by their respective employers – amounting to more than N million. In addition, another amount was again paid to employees between April and June this year, through intervention by the ministry, when employers remuneration agreements. Combined, these amounts total more than N.1 million six months and cover all com- settled through the ministry countrywide, including at security services industry. spokesperson, Maria Hedimbi, - reluctant to pay their employ- time or as per the agreement. violation, be it during inspections, or employees coming complaints, such particular employer is then ordered to tor in order to have the matter investigated in detail. In most to honour the agreements that they have entered into with their explained. than not, the reasons given - making unnecessary excuses, but through the ministry they panies, as well as reducing the extent to which entities such as GIPF can invest in dual-listed shares. its investments in-house. “Since we New Era, Hedimbi said she employees received the N.1 - paid to respective employees when the ministry intervened. ployer to withhold the salary law is very clear that an employee is entitled to his or her remuneration not later than the normal pay day, which may monthly. This ministry will not tolerate this situation, or any other labour practice that can practice. Employers should not - work while in most cases they know they will not pay once Hedimbi. it now boasts assets worth N.2 billion under its management. This initiative has seen us optimise our VACANCY NamPower (Pty) Ltd, an equal opportunity employer, invites candidates who are passionate about the Electricity Supply Industry and with an uncompromising standard of excellence, to a career in the industry. CHIEF OFFICER: FINANCE (5-YEAR FIXED TERM CONTRACT) (RE-ADvERTISEMENT) Primary Purpose of the Position: the incumbent will form part of the executive management team (exco) philosophy and policies, that will support the strategic objectives of the utility in a changing electricity supply industry. he/she will further be responsible for the introduction of best practice standards to ensure Nampower’s long-term sustainability. if this is appealing to you, please visit our website for more information, and to submit your application. Alternatively you can also email in return for your skills, Nampower offers a generous remuneration position. Closing date: 03 November 2017 said Nuyoma. Also speaking at the event, GIPF chairman Goms Menette noted that contributors to the socio-economic is under an obligation to grow and N.3 billion was paid as monthly pensions. GIPF currently takes care 9,000 widows and widowers who are considered to be the most vulnerable their spouses and children along with and speak volumes about the digni- said Menette. NB: FemAle CANdidAtes Are eNCourAged to ApplY. oNlY shortlisted CANdidAtes will be CoNtACted ANd No persoNAl doCumeNts will be returNed.

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