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12 Woema Thursday, April 12 2018 | NEW ERA Senekal applauds Peugeot for One of the ‘giants’ of the local motor trade Pieter Senekal (MD Spes Bona Motor Company) has applauded Peugeot assembly plant in Namibia, which within the next few months. T h e e s t i m a t e d N $ 2 0 0 million joint venture which was struck between the Namibian Development Corporation (NDC) and Groupe PSA France to set up a Peugeot and Opel assembly plant in Walvis Bay, will be up and running in three months. dealership of Peugeot in Namibia, is expecting to stock some of the at their showroom situated in Independence Avenue, which are pegged to arrive by the end of August. During an interview with the New Era this week, Senekal in Walvis Bay is already completed and will be fully operational within the next few months for production. The luxury Peugeot 3008 SUV will assembly line from this factory. “This is the best thing that has happened to Namibia in these current economic times, and Peugeot could have gone anywhere in Africa but they chose this country,” said Senekal, adding that he compliments our government with Peugeot. “It is excellent to see foreign companies like the French making such positive investments to our country, especially during these tough economic times, and in my opinion, this is the best thing that has happened to the Namibian automotive industry,” said Senekal. Senekal who will be a c c o m p a n y i n g v i s i t i n g representatives of Peugeot France and Peugeot SA to the plant shortly, says that Peugeot is ranked as the second biggest vehicle manufacturer in Europe. “Peugeot is also one of the oldest registered motor companies and manufacturers in the world, and now Namibia is going to proudly become the new Peugeot hub for the rest of Africa, with all the logistics lined up in our favour,” he continued. “This is a historic occasion for Namibia, which will contribute positively to the upliftment of the economy through job creation and value-added services, whilst at the same time meeting the ambitions of Groupe PSA to expand into the African and Middle East markets.” Senekal explained that the vehicles will arrive in semi-knock down format from the Peugeot factory in France, and all the parts will be assembled at the plant by our trained and skilled workers, with an expected run out of around 5 000 cars a year by 2020. The vehicles will initially be distributed to dealerships in Southern Africa. He said that Peugeot are kicking off production with their premier product the Peugeot 3008 SUV, which was crowned the Car of the Year in Europe in 2016 and is priced from N0 000. In light of these new developments to manufacture locally, Senekal expects that Peugeot will adjust its pricing to become more affordable than its competitors. He predicts that the Namibian motoring public will be changing its mindset about the Peugeot brand and that its popularity will increase. He also said that Peugeot have not hiked their 2018 prices by a 1% increase, place grows. According to a statement by Peugeot’s Fabrice Verastegui (International Industrial Projects Development Manager), this investment in Namibia is part of Groupe PSA’s long-term strategy to increase its sales in Africa and the Middle East, which is consistent with their target to sell one million vehicles in 2025. This will set Photo: Donna Collins the course for growth in these important markets of the future. Meanwhile Mayor of Walvis Bay Alderman Immanuel Wilfried, called this a “double celebration”, in the wake of the 28th Independence anniversary, claiming that this the most exciting piece of news to come out of the harbour town in recent times. Namibia will through the development corporation hold 51 percent equity, with Groupe PSA getting 49 percent. Goodyear is launching new KMAX S and KMAX D 17.5” and 19.5” steer and drive axle tyres to satisfy the customer need for robustness, versatility, good performance in all weather conditions and at low cost per kilometer. The new tyres have further been developed for new drive modes such as hybrid and electric as well as conventional diesel power. High these tyres while at the same time prioritising strong traction, precise steering and high levels of durability for vehicles operating over long distances in regional The new KMAX S and KMAX D tyres will be available from April 2018. They will replace the Goodyear RHS II steer tyre and RHD II (+) respectively and are based on proven KMAX Technology in combination with robust carcass construction. Compared with the previous products the advantages that help reduce operating costs include high mileage performance in all applications, functional versatility in a wide range of services along with durability in adverse service conditions. Both steer and drive designs comply with current and future known winter tyre regulations. Low energy consumption, thanks to optimized rolling resistance, means cool running and improved fuel economy. “The new tyres we are launching extend our successful KMAX high mileage range to meet the needs for customers operating lighter trucks with 17.5” and 19.5” rims. These are extremely robust and versatile tyres, ideal for all road conditions and vehicles. They also consider the development of new vehicles and technology that is increasingly seeing hybrid and electric power being introduced,” said Benjamin Willot, Director Goodyear Marketing Commercial Tyres Europe. “KMAX tyres are for operators whose vehicles are predominantly involved in distribution where high mileage is the main economic requirement. In services and solutions that Trentyre, supported by Goodyear offers, these products ensure peace of KMAX S The KMAX S steer tyre tread pattern features a robust 4-rib design on 245/70R17.5 and 265/70R17.5 sizes, and a 5-rib design on all others. Precise handing is a feature of these tyres thanks to a high net-to-gross ratio and interrib stiffeners. The multi-radius saw-tooth shoulder groove designs provide improved robustness and a life-long aggressive design ensures even wear in all working conditions throughout the tyre life. Good braking performance is maintained through all wear stages. KMAX D The directional tread pattern on the KMAX D drive tyre improves traction thanks to its directional pattern with optimized low angle V-shape. Open grooves and blades assist with traction on all surfaces and shoulder tie-bars reinforce the ribs to provide tear resistance in high torque applications. Optimized stiffness and an improved late life traction ratio come from progressive centerline humps. An aggressive pattern remains until tread life end, thus ensuring high mileage, stable handling and good traction even when worn. Both the KMAX S and KMAX D feature premium high abrasion-resistant tread compounds for extended mileage, cool running and optimized rolling resistance. The strong belt structure of the construction resists impacts while providing comfort and durability. The robust bead area further copes with a high variability of loads, giving durability and peace of mind for the user. - Goodyear Mahindra South Africa, now in its 14th year of business in the country has Rajesh’s appointment follows the earlier announcement of the erstwhile CEO, Sanjoy Gupta, resuming the role of Vice President: Customer Care Automotive Division back in Mahindra & Mahindra India. Rajesh, a result-oriented, seasoned professional with cross-functional experience of 19 years in spearheading marketing and sales operations across various industries, is an acclaimed and experienced marketer with a unique expertise of handling senior level assignments in both the product and services environment. He has served leading MNC setups in the plant bio-technology, logistics and automobile industries and has successfully demonstrated abilities to identify consumer insights, convert them into business proposition and generate revenue streams in varied market dynamics. A post graduate in Business Management specialising in marketing, Rajesh started his career with Monsanto India Ltd in 1999 and moved to Piaggio in 2007 as their head of marketing. Rajesh is a visionary, with expertise in driving business, deploying innovative and trendsetting strategies. His last position with M&M was that of Senior General Manager: Commercial Vehicle Sales, Rural Sales and Brand Activation. In his 8 years with M&M India, Rajesh has handled several assignments such as head of marketing for sub 1-ton LCVs and head of rural sales including spearheading small commercial vehicle sales for the automotive division in India. Rajesh joins Mahindra South Africa at a critical juncture. With its introduction of several new products in the passenger segment and the recent launch of its “Mahindra Pikup”, M&M has been experiencing excellent volume growth defying industry trends. The ability of the company to nurture its 40 000+ strong customer base and build a platform for other business verticals such as tractors, generator factors from its growth perspective. Rajesh envisions Mahindra South Africa as an extremely “Passionate Company” with a strong local commitment and purpose. “Taking a lead from our core philosophy of Rise, we would be working on our strategy to position Mahindra as a Most Passionate Company in SA. We have a desire to lead this transformation across all our touchpoints of sales and service. We know that our RIGHT to WIN will revolve around our abilities to pursue every single additional sales by offering delight to our customers,” he says. “All in all, Mahindra is headed in the right direction to establish its ‘Right to Win’ in the South African market.” – Mahindra SA

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