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2 NEWS Thursday, April 12 2018 | NEW ERA On economic growth “The economic growth outlook is starting to improve on the back of rebounding commodity prices and improving global economic conditions. Economic activities in Angola and South Africa have also started to show moderate improvement. This augurs well for cross border trade at our northern border post, and to the south an improved outlook for SACU collections.” On Health NEEEF ON CORRUPTION From page 1 From page 1 “We are making good progress to strengthen public health of the health sector was tested [hepatitis, cholera, Congo fever, rabies and listeriosis]. We regret the loss of eleven lives from these disease outbreaks.” which felt unfairly targeted by government’s empowerment drive. The black community had its own voices of dissent, with many saying the scheme would only and therefore able to afford to buy into white companies. This, some argued, would have still left the poor trapped in their quagmire of destitution and hopelessness. Geingob yesterday said the role of government was to create a conducive business environment where owners, whether black or white, who can afford risk capital, can participate in equity transactions under NEEEF. He said during consultations, a number of key policy and legal issues were highlighted and these included four problematic areas highlighted at a Cabinet workshop on NEEEF in February this year. Geingob said the problems include the definitional issues relating to previouslydisadvantaged persons and the targeted private sector enterprises, the mandatory nature of the ownership equity and management control pillars, the role of sectoral charters, and the need for monitoring and evaluation tools and funding mechanisms to ensure effectiveness. On infrastructure development, several achievements were made, among them the 224 kilometers of road upgrades to bitumen completed nationally in the last 12 months. “This compares favourably to the annual Harambee Prosperity Plan target of 190 kilometers,” said Geingob. The National Oil Storage Facility in Walvis Bay, being constructed at N.6 billion, has reached a completion rate of 95 percent. “The facility is expected to improve security in fuel supply,” Geingob said. The Massive Urban Land- Servicing programme is on track, Geingob said, with 8,769 erven completed as of March this year. On education, net enrollment in pre- and primary education increased from 89.2 percent in 1992 to 97.7 percent in 2017. New Era recently reported that the declaration of free primary education has led to a huge increase in enrollment. During the period under review, 165,376 elderly citizens were registered as recipients of the monthly old-age grant, compared to 159,315 the preceding year. Currently, old-age pension grant stands at N$1200. The President remains concerned about levels of youth unemployment, which remain unemployment rate among the youth stood at 43.4 percent for those in the 15 to 34 age bracket. W “We are acutely aware of the plight of the out-of-school youth, students, job-seeking graduates and entrepreneurial startups,” the President said, before announcing that developments such as the planned car assembly plant slated for Walvis Bay are some of government’s efforts to stimulate jobs. The plant is a joint venture between the Namibia Development Corporation (NDC) and French carmaker Peugeot. “One key lesson learnt from the recent economic downturn is that our growth path was overly dependent on consumption and government spending. We have resolved to rebalance our model from consumption driven to investment-led growth.” The Head of State also reported that Angola has made four quarterly payments, totaling approximately N billion, in 2017 in regards to the failed currency deal that the two countries entered into to smoothen inter-border trade. “The total 30 outstanding payments of N.2 billion will be fully settled by June 2018.” Regarding land, the second national land conference, which was called off last year due to inadequate consultation, is scheduled for October this year. The conference seeks to address the structure of land ownership and debate the following topics such as the willing-seller-willing-buyer principle, ancestral land claims for restitution, expropriation in public interest with just compensation, urban land reform, resettlement criteria and the fate of the veterinary cordon fence. AREVA From page 1 Geingob, who this week had to rope in the services of lawyer Sisa Namandje to demand a retraction from Radio France payments to Geingob were under the microscope of French authorities. The report suggested that Geingob UraMin to Areva, an allegation he strongly denies. The Head of State maintained that he only acted as a consultant for UraMin who facilitated the acquisition of a mining licence for the company. to Areva in that government didn’t get trade,” he said of the sale, which happened during his time as trade minister. Geingob was Swapo backbencher until he was appointed minister of trade in April 2008. He said a payment of US0 000 was made to him and he shared the amount with unnamed South African partners who helped him secure the consultancy job for the Canadians. Our contact details and information Product of New Era Tel: +264 61 - 208 0802 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 Cell: +264 81 156 4114 Tel: +264 66 - 256 298 Cell +264 81 217 1888 for facilitating their acquisition of a with,” he said yesterday, when asked by leader of the opposition in parliament, McHenry Venaani. “Everything was declared in at the time.” The President insisted that he was no minister at the time and hence denied conflict. Yesterday he dubbed his consultancy work as “wise” decision to work for himself, having earlier left his cushy job as executive secretary of the Global Coalition for Africa based in Washington, D.C. Reports later this week alleged that Geingob received portions of US 000 between 2008 and 2009 – in his personal capacity. French investigators are trying to establish whether such payments indeed occurred and whether they have origins to Areva receiving EPZ status in Namibia. do with whatever corruption happened in Europe,” an irate Geingob said. Tel: +264 65 - 238 990 Cell: +264 81 144 0646 Cell: +264 81 217 9739 Cell: +264 81 204 8078 Tel: +264 63 - 222 057 Cell: +264 81 312 5975 Alpheus !Naruseb Namibia records success Rabies has caused the deaths of between six and 26 people and over 300 animals annually in Namibia over the last decade, Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Alpheus !Naruseb said on Wednesday. The minister made these remarks at the official opening of the World Organisation for Animal Health Tel/Fax: +264 63 - 204 180/2 Cell: +264 81 245 9714 Tel: +264 61 - 208 0826 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 Tel: +264 61 - 208 0822 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 seminar on rabies for countries of the Southern African Development Community in Windhoek. The threed a y s e m i n a r started Tuesday. Globally, rabies is responsible for over 60,000 deaths annually, the majority of which is from Asia and Africa. to put more effort into preventative measures in the deadly disease,” !Naruseb said. The minister further said it is widely known that the most important source of rabies in humans is from rabid dogs. public needs to understand that it is very cheap to in keeping an unvaccinated dog,” he said. !Naruseb further stated that with the assistance started the ‘elimination of dog-mediated human rabies’ project in March 2016, which focuses on the northern communal areas (NCAs). rabies surveillance. “The project has seen a major improvement in vaccination coverage of pets, while rabies cases A total of 110,352 dogs and cats were vaccinated representing a 45 per cent increase from the cats, of which cats make up only 9 per cent. “This achievement contributed to the reduction of rabies among animals in the NCAs from 176, of which 96 were dogs, in 2016 to 129, of which 56 were dogs, in 2017,” he said. Cases of rabies amongst humans also decreased from 14 in 2016 to eight in 2017. !Naruseb said some of the lessons learned from the rabies elimination effort in Namibia are regional political leaders, must be involved in is needed but as it is a national problem, nations need to dig deep into their pockets to make rabies campaigns a success. – Nampa

Thursday, April 12 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 3 Geingob spoke in a vibrancy that I missed - Iivula-Ithana lbertina Nakale indhoek w a p o b a c k b e n c h e r Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana yesterday heaped praise on resident Hage Geingob’s State f the Nation Address (SONA), aying it had the vibrancy she issed. ome affairs minister in February, long with Jerry Ekandjo, then ports minister. “I really appreciated the SONA f this year. The President set a one not only to his Cabinet but lso to the nation as a whole, to he young, to the old, to the rich nd the poor. This is what we are upposed to do as a government. e has outlined it. He spoke really n a vibrancy that I missed for some ime. I was very happy,” she told ew Era yesterday at parliament. “I have been saying that the conomic situation we were in alled for a voice of a leader to ome out and tell the nation what o do in terms of running behind ertain programmes to get us out f the troubles we are in, which is o tighten our belts and work hard. nd that kind of voice I missed it, nd today I got it.” PDM president McHenry enaani did not entirely welcome eingob’s SONA. “The President came to this ouse with new plans. He cannot be an architect of plans. He already created a plan called Harambee Prosperity Plan. Realising that it’s not working midway, now he has new plans on how he wants to finance modernisation of agriculture,” he reacted. However, he praised the President for being precise on the second land conference which week of October after it has been postponed due to lack of proper public consultation. Further, he said Geingob failed to address the housing crisis where unable to afford a roof over their head due to exorbitant market prices. “The President did not address how he wants to bring down housing prices. And how he wants to make sure banks are not over- rates. Those are some of the lapses. In terms of jobs, Harambee said they will create 10,000 new jobs. Harambee did not create a single job. And he agreed with me that they did not create new jobs but have instead lost jobs,” Venaani noted. Venaani said Geingob failed to review his promises he delivered during last year’s SONA. Therefore, he said, PDM will dissect the reality on the ground which is that 85 percent of people aged between 21 to 35 years are unemployed in the country. Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana He challenged government to create a N million factory to have government number plates manufactured in Namibia instead of creating jobs in South Africa where they are currently being made. Equally, he said, the government should establish a mending factory to mend “our coins in Namibia to create local jobs instead of in South Africa”. Swanu leader Usutuaije Maamberua said the SONA was interesting and detailed. However, he said his party is to study and analyse the statement. “I am not interested in reactions to the statement as we stand the risk of losing the crux of the matter. That’s why I am proposing to meet the President. He was happy when I made the proposal. He was nodding and he was enjoying himself,” he said. Payments for shoddy work perturb Mutorwa Selma Ikela Windhoek Works and Transport Minister John Mutorwa is baffled about how some contractors entrusted to construct public facilities and other infrastructure receive hefty payments for incomplete work and at times poor workmanship. he is aware of a house, a veterinary clinic in Keetmanshoop and a road that are incomplete but the bills keep coming to the ministry’s permanent secretary to be signed for payment. “Something is wrong. I got no problem paying for work properly done and certified, I have no problem. But the airport in Katima Mulilo, in Ondangwa, there is a meteorological house in Katima Mulilo at Mpacha and in Rundu operational and when you ask questions, you are told we are waiting for this and that. But I ask myself, how are the payments done because these facilities are meant to help people,” said Mutorwa, who feels an investigation and remedial action should be taken as this trend cannot be allowed to continue. The minister was addressing and CEOs and board chairpersons of all state-owned enterprises (SOEs) that resort under the works ministry. Mutorwa stated that he also receives many valid complaints about poor construction, poor supervision of construction activities and usage of poor quality construction materials at public facilities and other public infrastructure. He warned the culprits the long arm of the law will soon catch up with them. Mutorwa said he also received complaints about maintenance of these public facilities and infrastructure. “The irony is that government and some state-owned enterprises pay exorbitantly high amounts of Namibian dollars for some incomplete, poor quality and poorly maintained public facilities and infrastructure, which include government buildings, houses, roads, railway lines, airports, lifts in government buildings, etcetera.” Mutorwa said he has also received reports about grumbling over tenders. “Let me here and now advise and strongly warn all those persons who make themselves guilty about and of the above-mentioned misdeeds and vices that the long arm of the law will soon catch up with you.” He said there are also numerous complaints received daily with regard to the allocation of government agencies that are simply too many. These complaints cannot simply be ignored or wished away, he added. “Does government, for example, know how many assets, houses, the national assets register available buildings and houses could be found in the hands of individuals questioned. Mutorwa stated he has instructed the ministry’s housing committee through the permanent secretary to submit to him a comprehensive report with clear recommendations, and on its past activities, particularly during regions, by not later than April 30. HELAO NAFIDI TOWN COUNCIL SALE OF IMMOVABLE PROPERTIES aria Amakali indhoek hree of the six men who stand ccused of an armed robbery f N7,320 in Windhoek last ear have approached the court ith the hope of being released n bail pending their trial. Shane Ntandoyenkosi Moyo, usi Vuthelezi David and Mguni ibusiso Pumuzile hope to onvince the court that they are orthy to be released on bail. he group’s bail hearing is cheduled to take place on April 3. Kubeka Mthokosizi, Lukas dlovu, Khumalo Vincent artin have opted not to apply High risk… The six suspected armed robbers for bail. The group comprises four South Africans and two Zimbabweans who were arrested last year for an armed robbery that took place in broad daylight at West Lane shopping complex in Pionierspark Extension 1, Windhoek. According to police reports, the group ambushed the G4S crewman who was busy opening the cash-in-transit van to put the money into the loading box. The police further state that one of the suspects grabbed one shot through the window of the vehicle. After stealing Photo: Emmency Nuukala Robbery suspects to apply for bail the scene in getaway cars. Three getaway cars – a Toyota Etios, an Audi and a Lexus – with registration numbers of Botswana and Gauteng, South Africa were impounded. Police reports state that N6,000 and US,500 (N, 870) have been recovered. The police further state that four of the suspects were arrested while on their way to Rehoboth while the other two were arrested in Windhoek. The video of the robbery shocked the nation and it quickly went viral on social media. Notice is hereby given in terms of section 63 (2) (b) of the Local Authorities Act, Act 23 of 1992 (as amended) that the Town Council No Erf No: Name of the Applicant Zoning Size Purchase Price 1. 1574 Mariette Lucinda Ayoub Business 6704 N$ 213 m 2 728.00 Township &Extension Oshikango Ext.6 Mr. Michael Naunyango in lieu of the white building in front of 19 th April 2018. Enquiries: Josephina Jonas 065-261928/065-260000

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