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New Era Newspaper Thursday April 12, 2018

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NEW ERA | Thursday, April 12 2018 ‘No-one expected painful Barca defeat’ Page 22 SPORT NCCS Pro Cycling to compete in Tour de Limpopo Page 23 SPORT On a mission… FIFA’s develop- Otniel Hembapu Windhoek The Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) has instructed veteran football administrator David Fani, who is FIFA’s develop- and Central regions, to take charge and bring order to the affairs of the Namibia Football Association (NFA). Fani arrived in Windhoek yesterday morning, on the instructions of FIFA, to come and look into and wrestle between NFA president Frans Mbidi and the association’s secretary general Barry Rukoro, as well as get a clear understanding on the position of the NFA executive committee as far as the matter is concerned. A lawyer by profession and also former president of the Botswana Football Association (BFA), Fani summoned concerned parties to a local hotel yesterday. The summoned members included both Mbidi and Rukoro, members of the executive committee and some NFA employ- information-sharing sessions, where closed-door meeting, where Fani is believed to have demanded Mbidi’s version of events and Rukoro was then next on the list. Rukoro is also said to have gone through the same questioning process and also sharing his side of the story. The NFA employees and the various executive members also underwent the same process. The questioning sessions took place separately, as different time slots were allocated for each session. According to NFA insiders, Fani will compile a comprehensive report ings, which will then enable FIFA to come up with the concrete solution to the problems currently besieging Namibian football. Fani is also said to have demanded minutes from the NFA’s last few executive meetings and other relevant documents pertaining to the issue of Rukoro’s contract, and other administrative issues. Sport is key to socio-economic development – Geingob … highlights importance of good governance Otniel Hembapu Windhoek If the opportunities that lay within are fully mined and maximally explored, sport has the potential to contribute towards the socio-economic advancement of Namibians, especially the country’s youth. Delivering his fourth State of the Nation Address in the National Assembly yesterday, Namibian Head of State Hage Geingob touched on the potential and opportunities that exist within the country’s sporting sector, saying the time is ripe for young Namibians to take full advantage of the opportunities presented to them. “Sport has the potential to contribute towards socio-economic development. The 2018 championships in the codes of football, indoor hockey, Para-athletics and boxing, demonstrated the role of sport in fostering a spirit of patriotism… There are instances where young people are provided capacity buildi n g opportunities in sectors such as agriculture – yet they do not take full advantage of these. Young Namibians should take full advantage of the opportunities presented to them. Our efforts will not be meaningful without the commitment of our youth,” said the president, as President Hage Geingob he reiterated that sport embodies the required tools that could lead to the economic emancipation of young Namibians. ernance in any institution, sport included, saying: “I note with concern challenges and setbacks during the period under review. Effective governance as espoused in the Harambee Prosperity Plan aims to strengthen governance across all sectors, including institutions governing sport.” As it currently stands, the Namibian sports sector currently employs about 15,000 people, including players, administrators, sports goods manufacturers and various service providers within the local sports fraternity. Compared to other countries, the Namibian sports sector continues to lag behind in many respects as its contribution to the country’s GDP is negligible and adds only 1% to overall employment creation. Last year during the launch of the country’s 5th National Development Plan (NDP5), Geingob admitted that other governments worldwide are increasingly adopting sport for development programmes to encourage social cohesion, integrate marginalised members of society, alleviate poverty and reduce substance abuse and crime. At the time, Geingob pointed to their resolution to uplift the country’s youth through similar programmes under Chapter 3 of the current NDP, which is “Empowering People and Communities through Sport”. Under section 3.3.5, NDP5 targets to improve Namibia’s opportunities to participate in professional sport with the aim of increasing the sector’s contribution to employment creation from the 0.2% recorded in 2014 to an envisaged 2% by the year 2022. In itself and as per targeted implementation rate, NDP5 plans to build human capacity to expand organised sport and also upgrade and construct sports facilities throughout the country to enable wider access to sport in both rural and urban areas. It also plans to professionalise sport by constructing a high performance centre.

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