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10 Inside BUSINESS

10 Inside BUSINESS Thursday, April 19 2018 | NEW ERA Windhoek West SMEs receive equipment from constituency Five small business owners in the Windhoek West Constituency received equipment worth N0 000 from their constituency here on Tuesday. The businesses offer tailoring, auto repair, catering and baking, welding and construction services. Speaking at the handing over, Windhoek West Constituency Councillor George Trepper encouraged the ben- use and to take care of the equipment. He said the equipment is handed over businesses, but remains the property of the Khomas Regional Council. “We take care of our residents by empowering them and working closely with them by providing them with materials and equipment for small and medium enterprises,” Trepper said. Elkan One, thanked the constituency for making their dreams come true. CC and received welding and construction equipment worth N 375. The councillor encouraged other unemployed people with business ideas in the assistance. - Nampa Melki’s dream of becoming a pilot becoming a reality Staff Reporter Windhoek Learning the ropes … Melkesedek Hamukoto learning the ins and outs of aviation engines, on his way to becoming a commercial pilot. Photo: Contributed Twenty-year old Melkesedek Hamukoto, known as Melki, always dreamt of becoming a pilot, but the dream seemed far-fetched when growing up poor in Katutura. “My dad, however, taught me responsibility at an early age and instilled a go-getter attitude and these, combined with a number of intervening factors, changed my life.” Melki’s aunt introduced him to PAY (Physically Active Youth) when he was in Grade 7 and there his love for cycling was born, while the assistance and supervision of school work was an added bonus. The dream of becoming a pilot seemed improbable at that stage as Melki did not have the required subjects in High School to pursue this dream. “In 2017, RMB Namibia through the FNB Foundation, my cycling sponsor and one of the main sponsors of the Physically Active Youth, once again jumped on board and said they will support me and a few other youngsters with a scholarship to improve our subjects and allow me to add Physics to my line of subjects at Combretum Trust School (CTS).” With the help of the PAY programme, the teachers at CTS and other external support, Melki successfully passed his exams. He support for his aviation course and is now studying at Desert Air to be a Pilot while assisting with maintenance work for them as well. Melki expressed his sincere appreciation towards everyone who has helped him on his journey, including his father who showed him the right way in life. “I am going for my dreams, no matter what.” Thys Rall, Managing Director of Desert Air: “We saw the potential in this young man. What impressed us was his focus and dedication toward achieving his goal. His approach was timed perfectly as now, for the person like Melkesedek. One of our strategic objectives is to give back to the community and the industry which has served us so well over so many years. Today Melkesedek is not only enjoying a sponsorship from Desert Air commercial pilot, but he has also been signed on as an employee and is undergoing technical training as well. Dreams can become reality!” MARKET OVERVIEW Money Market Change Latest Selected NSX Stock 3 months 0.00% 6.90% Symbol Stock Name Spot % Move 6 months -0.01% 7.40% CGP CAPRICORN INVESTMENT GROUP L 1767 0.00% 9 months 0.00% 7.53% NBS NAMIBIA BREWERIES LTD 4500 0.00% 12 months 0.00% 7.80% BVN BIDVEST NAMIBIA LTD 780 0.00% Bonds Change Latest FNB FNB NAMIBIA HOLDINGS LTD 4617 0.00% GC18 (R204 : 6.77%) -0.04% 7.68% ORY ORYX PROPERTIES LTD 2038 0.00% GC21 (R208 : 7.12%) -0.02% 7.94% NAM NAMIBIAN ASSET MANAGEMENT LT 67 0.00% GC24 (R186 : 8.02%) -0.04% 9.24% NHL NICTUS NAMIBIA 180 0.00% GC27 (R186 : 8.02%) -0.04% 9.63% BMN BANNERMAN RESOURCES LTD 39 -4.88% GC30 (R2030 : 8.41%) -0.04% 10.08% DYL DEEP YELLOW LTD 242 -0.41% GC32 (R213 : 8.49%) -0.04% 10.20% SILP STIMULUS INVESTMENT LTD-PREF 12129 0.00% GC35 (R209 : 8.77%) -0.04% 10.20% FSY FORSYS METALS CORP 109 -0.91% GC37 (R2033 : 8.58%) -0.04% 10.58% TUC TRUSTCO GROUP HOLDINGS LTD 860 0.00% Commodities %Change Latest B2G B2GOLD CORP 3485 1.16% Gold 0.24% $ 1,350.72 Platinum 0.91% $ 945.58 Copper 0.00% $ 6,877.00 Brent Crude 1.22% $ 72.73 Main Indices %Change Latest NSX (Delayed) 0.01% 1387.55 JSE All Share 0.83% 57,300.38 SP500 1.07% 2,706.39 FTSE 100 0.89% 7,290.08 Hangseng 0.74% 30,284.25 DAX -0.07% 12,576.59 JSE Sectors %Change Latest Financials 0.90% 17,756.16 Resources 1.79% 36,855.86 Industrials 0.59% 74,562.39 Forex %Change Latest N$/US dollar -0.20% 11.9623 N$/Pound -0.64% 17.0145 N$/Euro -0.09% 14.8138 US dollar/ Euro 0.11% 1.2384 Namibia Monthly Data Latest Previous Namibia Inflation (Mar 18) 3.5 3.5 Bank Prime 10.50 10.50 BoN Repo Rate 6.75 6.75 18-Apr-18 NOTICE Take notice that Barrie Watson, Town & Regional Planner intends applying to the Windhoek Municipal Council on behalf of the owner of Erf 339 Klein Windhoek, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Street (Mission Rd) for: Rezoning of Erf 339, Klein Windhoek from “residential” with a density of 1 dwelling per 900 m² to “general residential” with a density of 1:250 m². Erf 339 is 1,719 m² in extent. It is zoned “residential”. The proposed zoning of “general residential” with a density of 1:250 m² will allow the owner to construct 6 residential units on the Erf. Municipal parking requirements will be met. Further take notice that the locality plan of the erf lies for inspection on the town planning notice board in the Customer Care Centre, Main Municipal General residentials, Rev. Michael Scott Street, Windhoek. Further take notice that any person objecting to the proposed use of the land as set out above may lodge such objection together with the grounds thereof, with the Windhoek Municipal Council (Urban Planning Division, Box 59, Windhoek na) and with the applicant in writing within 14 days of the last publication of this notice. Dated at Windhoek on this 16th day of April, 2018. Barrie Watson TRP PO Box 9993, Windhoek

Thursday, April 19 2018 | NEW ERA 11 NEW ERA Inside BUSINESS 13 The new Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace has arrived in Nam The Tiguan Allspace marks the continuation of a Volkswagen SUV offensive. Photos: VW SA Staff Reporter Volkswagen has expanded the model range of the best-selling Tiguan SUV to include a newly designed 7-seater model – the even bigger, particularly elegant and versatile Tiguan Allspace. The good news is that the new vehicle landed on the Autohaus Windhoek but expected price tag of N0 000. The not-so-good-news is that if you order today you will have a waiting period of between six to seven months before your new baby is parked in your garage. This, say VW salesmen, cally built for you. However, the wait could be worth it as the new SUV’s longer wheelbase makes it a true space giant. The Tiguan Allspace also marks the continuation of a Volkswagen SUV offensive. Digitised, automated, perfected - the new Tiguan Allspace and its the new Volkswagen brand strategy: „We make the future real.“ Among by the following areas of innovation: Connected Community, Semi - Automated Driving and Intuitive Usability. The elegant and versatile Tiguan Allspace. EXTERIOR DESIGN Different front and side area designs. The Tiguan Allspace doesn’t just stand out through its longer wheelbase. It also sets itself apart from the more compact Tiguan through design panded range of standard equipment. New hood and radiator grille. The Tiguan Allspace is easily recognizable from the front through the slightly altered design of the hood and radiator grille. The front of the hood has a different contour and it is also built higher. The newly designed radiator grille is immediately recogniseable with its chrome trim strips, some of which extend into the headlights. Particularly striking: the upper chrome strip that stretches across the entire front end. Tiguan Allspace vehicles are also all equipped with granite grey underbody protection as standard. The roof itself has also been redesigned: striking structural lines are being smooth roof surface – in homage to classic SUVs. The Tiguan Allspace is also available in on-road and off-road versions. Both the Tiguan NWB and the Tiguan Allspace can be ordered with an optional “off-road package” together with special engine underbody protection that extends to the bumper for off-road driving. The off-road front section improves the vehicle’s ramp angle by 7 degrees. More room in the back and 115 litres of additional cargo volume. 7 alters the side proportions of the Tiguan Allspace. The wheelbase is 110 mm longer, and now measures 2,791 mm. The more extensive rear overhang underscores the independence and superiority of the SUV. The vehicle’s total length has increased by 215 mm to 4,701 mmwhich make the Tiguan Allspace a space giant among SUVs of its class. INNOVATION ADVANCE- MENTS Connected Community. App Connect which uses Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to link all common smartphone types to the vehicle’s infotainment systems is standard on Highline models (optional on Trendline/Comfortline). Digitised and connected. The new Tiguan Allspace offers not only a great deal of space, but cutting-edge well. The Volkswagen can, for instance, be ordered with an Active Info Display (fully digital instruments) and a Head-up Display. In addition to that, three different infotainment systems are available. As standard, Trendline and Comfortline models infotainment system. The Composition Media system is available as an option (standard on Highline). In addition, Volkswagen is also offering the Discover Pro navigation system. TRIM LINES The Allspace is available in three trim lines - Trendline, Comfortline and Highline. The new Tiguan Allspace include expanded standard features; highlighting its positioning between Touareg. Tiguan Allspace Trendline. Available with the 1.4 TSI 110 kW engine, the Tiguan Allspace Trendline is entry level only in terms of price. It offers so much more in terms of features. DRIVETRAINS 110 kW to 162 kW. Like the NWB Tiguan, the Tiguan Allspace for South Africa will also be available in three equipment lines (Trendline, Comfortline and Highline), and in front and all-wheel drive variants. Three petrol (TSI) engines and one diesel (TDI) engine will be offered. The TSI engines have output ratings of 110 kW, 132 kW and 162 kW, while the TDI engine develops 110 kW. All-wheel drive including 4MO- is available on the Comfortline and Highline models. Diesel engine. The 2.0 TDI with 110kW power output is the only engine of the diesel range. The fourcylinder diesel engine has 340 Nm of torque that is available between 1750 and 3000rpm. The combined fuel consumption is 6.6 litres per 100 kilometers. The engine is available with a 7-speed DSG transmission. The 1.4 TSI with 110kW power output is the base engine of the petrol range. It has 250 Nm of torque that is available from 1500 up to 3500 rpm. The classic 0-100km/h sprint is achieved in 9.5 seconds and has top speed of 200km/h. The combined fuel consumption is 6.5 litres per 100 kilometres. The 110kW engine is only available with a 6-speed DSG transmission. The next engine in the petrol range and new for the Tiguan is the 2.0 TSI with 132kW power output. The four cylinder petrol engine has 320 Nm of torque that is delivered from 1500 to 3940 rpm. It sprints from 0-100 km/h in 8.2 seconds and its top speed is at 208km/h. The combined fuel consumption is 7.7 litres per 100 kilometres. The 132kW engine is mated to a 7-speed DSG transmission. The range topping 162kW 2.0 TSI engine has a maximum torque of 350 Nm available from a low 1500 rpm. The 0-100km/h sprint is achieved in 6.8 seconds and it has a top speed of 223km/h. It is available with 7-speed DSG transmission. The combined fuel economy is a respectable 8.1 litres per 100 kilometres.

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