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New Era Newspaper Thursday April 19, 2018

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14 ADVERT Thursday, April 19 2018 | NEW ERA SOS Children’s Villages is an international social development organisation, focusing on the care and support of orphans and vulnerable children. We make child care, education, and health care available to children and their families directly and we help families and communities to become strong so they can take care of their children better and organise child care, education and health care. With about 30,000 Co-workers across the world, in over 133 countries including Namibia, at SOS Children’s Villages we believe that children can only develop to their full potential if they have a supportive and protective family environment. We work to make this a reality and currently have the following open positions in Windhoek and Tsumeb: SPONSORSHIP SECRETARY VILLAGE MANAGER REPORTING TO: VILLAGE ADMINISTRATOR DUTY STATION: WINDHOEK VILLAGE PURPOSE: The Secretary is the main point of contact with all staff, visitors, sponsors and donors within the national association. The person will be a functional support in guiding the programme location and follow up on them as well as aligning the vision, mission, values and core business of SOS which is “THE CHILD” QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE: Applicants should hold a Secretarial Diploma 2 - 3 years of experience in Administrative and Secretarial work Has excellent written and spoken English Passionate about childcare and protection Should be computer literate (Windows, Word and Excel), Thinks and acts in a strategic way and open to innovation and change. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Arrange or co-ordinate functions as required Operate the switchboard, making outgoing and receiving incoming calls. Receive all visitors to the Village and ensure that they receive assistance. Maintaining database for different functions within the National Association. Secretarial assistance, including the minutes and administration of meetings. Support the recruitment and induction of new staff DONATIONS OFFICER REPORTING TO: NATIONAL FUNDRAISING MANAGER DUTY STATION: NATIONAL OFFICE - WINDHOEK PURPOSE: the administration of donations received, this includes collection, handling, storage, distribution and reporting. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE: Grade 12 Driver’s License Code B Excellent writing, communication and computer skills Proven ability to interact with people on various levels with exceptional interpersonal skills. 3 - 5 years’ work experience, with a proven track record. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Recording and sorting of donations. Create inventory on donations received and dispatched. Verify receiving of goods with Village Administrators. Maintain the storeroom. HANDYMAN REPORTING TO: VILLAGE ADMINISTRATOR DUTY STATION: WINDHOEK VILLAGE PURPOSE: The Village Handyman is responsible for the maintenance and repair of buildings, equipment, appliances and furniture within the SOS Children’s Village and associated projects. In all of his activities, he should be a good role model for the children and encourage them to help him with his work, so that they may learn practical skills. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE: Driver’ License (PDP) Good communication and interpersonal skills REPORTING TO: NATIONAL DIRECTOR DUTY STATION: TSUMEB VILLAGE PURPOSE: The Village Manager takes an active part in the growth and development of each child. Being a Village Manager is not simply a job, but rather a way of life, as s/he must live within the Village and be available for children at any time of the day or night. This is a labour intensive job which requires agility, thoroughness and dedication as well as aligning the vision, mission, values and core business of SOS which is “THE CHILD”. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE: A Degree in psychology/ social work/education or social science A minimum of 5 years’ experience in child/youth care, community development or social work with at least 3 -5 years within a management role is desired. Sound Knowledge of the legal framework on childcare and protection. Strong moral values, sound leadership qualities. Strong analytical, modelling and reporting skills. Must have a driver’s license. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: programme. Guiding and supporting SOS families and other forms of care Developing strong relationships with sponsors, local government departments and local community Support opportunities for expansion and new projects Support SOS National Strategic Actions and SOS Vision 2030 strategies SOCIAL WORKER REPORTING TO: VILLAGE MANAGER DUTY STATION: TSUMEB VILLAGE PURPOSE: The SOS Social Worker is responsible for ensuring that the procedures for the admission (and departure) of the children into (and from) the SOS Children’s Village Programmes are adhered to. S/ he provides advice, guidance and support to the SOS Mothers and Caregivers and works closely with them to plan appropriate programmes for the development of each child. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE: A Degree in psychology/ social work/education or social science Driver’ License Good communication and interpersonal skills Willing to travel locally. Knowledge on working with children. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Assess and evaluate all available information on children put forward for admission in the SOS Children’s Village. Work with the SOS Mothers to assess the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual needs of each child. Provide advice, guidance and support to the other members of the Village Team, in matters relating to the Mothers, Caregivers and children. Perform any other reasonable and lawful duties, as assigned by the supervisor. Interested persons should send their detailed CVs including present position with three (3) contactable references and supporting documentation to: SOS Children’s Villages Namibia P.O. Box 23134, Windhoek, Hand Deliver to 31, Heinitzburg Street, Klein Windhoek or email to Closing date: 27 April 2018 Please note: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview and no documents will be returned. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Maintain and repair buildings, including replacement of broken windows, change of light bulbs, repair of electrical circuits, etc.… Maintain and repair water installations, including drains, pipelines, water mains, etc.… Perform regular inspections and checks of all facilities and equipment, within the Village and associated projects, to identify maintenance needs. Plan ahead for regular maintenance needs, such as painting and varnishing Maintain an accurate inventory of tools and equipment, and ensure that they are properly cared for, cleaned and maintained. May perform duties as a driver in the absence of the Village Driver. Ensure the safety of the Village Children.

Thursday, April 19 2018 | NEW ERA Rukwangali NEW ERA 15 Nkurenkuru kuna lituramo mokurongikida EXPO zanamumvho . John Muyamba Nkurenkuru Mukurona pamberewa g o d o r o p a zaNkurenkuru Petrus Sikongo Sindimba, katente asi epongo lyomurarero ngesi kuna kara pelikwamo omu yina kara asi merongikido lyokukatulisapo elikido ndi asi expo zanamumvho modoropa zaNkurenkuru mokwedi kwaPembagona 26 dogoro 30. Erongikido lyomurarero kuna lirongikida ngali kareko mwaKudumogona 28, posure ndi asi mevango lyokupongera lyonkuru sure vana kutumbura asi IUM. “Ose nare twatuma nombapira kovaholi vetu, nonombunga dopaumwene asi vawize vayatuvatere ntani muviyauku gwetu gomunene ndi asi Patron, Presidente ntani vanguuru navenye 14 womoNamibia. Ose nare twagwana nombudi donongwa simpe kuna kundindira vamwe vana Mukurona pamberewa godoropa zaNkurenkuru Petrus Sikongo Sindimba hupuko nawo vawizemo nomalimbururo gawo. Yimo ana kutanta ngoso Sindimba. Ntani awo vatuma hena mbudi ezi kovaNamibia navenye asi vahepa kuwiza vayageve mbatero komurarero ogu vana kuwapayika modoropa. Mbudi zetu twaromo zana mumvho netumburo lyazo asi, Nkurenkuru nzira zetu kuhamena kupungwisa. Ano patron gwetu simpe kapi tuna gwana elimbururo asi tawiza ndi hawe. “ Ose kunakupandura mbatero nomakwaso aga twagwene mvhura ezi zina puko, epongo lyetu lyomurarero kwagwenemo yimaliva yokusika ko N1, 000. Ano ngesi mvhura ezi kuna kundindira yiyavhuke yipo asi tukare newapayiko lyo expo lina kwata moyitji, morwa eli kuna kara asi expo zetu nye zauvali.Nkurenkuru ezi vatulire paveta asi evango lyokutunga, mo 1999nokuyazitura asi doropa mo2006, kwayakara nye asi doropa zomukunda gwaKavango zoutokero kutunda tupu apa vanatura asi noKavango dikare mbali utokero nomupumezuva momvhura 2013. Ano doropa kwakere nye noexpo zazo mvhura ezi zina puko omu twayimwene natuvenye asi kwagenderepo nawa ndi asi kwawepe. Ruhanzo rosikando sauvali kuna kuwiza Nuusita Ashipala Ongwediva Mokukwama mvhura ezi zina kuwiza kutundilira kovamusinda vetu vAngola, ruhanzo rwauvali kuna kurundindira mosirongo saNamibia unene konomukunda edi dakara komuzogo gosirongo momazuva tupu aga gane gana kuwiza, yimo ngoso ana kutanta mupumbi gompepo ruha rwaCuvelai Etosha Basin moNamibia. Leonard Hango katente asi Ondjiva ngesi apa tuna kuuyunga moruhanzo vana kara, ano ngesi kuna kuyindindira asi ruhanzo nye runa yakara opo ngesi rwahepa nkenye siruwo kuyasika moNamibia. “ Ruhanzo ngesi monzira runa kara” ngesi kuna kara moAngola, ngesi kuna yuka nye koNamibia yimo ana kutanta mupumbi mpepo gakara poCuvelai Etosha Basin. Ondjiva kwakara pepi naOshikango, nokilo 45. Nye age katente asi muhoko navagupukurura asi yinke yina kuhoroka apa nye mema nagayasika pepi nomurudi yipo asi yahavagwana vahana kudivako Yuma. Apa nye mema goruhanzo naga yayasika hawe twahepa kupukurura vantu vetu yipo valiwapayikire” yimo ngoso ana kutanta Hango. Mokukwama Hango, moomu tupu zina kuroka mvhura, mosirongo saAngola kuna kuroka unene. Ruhanzo oru dogoro papa ngesi kuna kara tupu monomukunda ngwendi Ogongo ntani Shanalumono. Kapi kuna kumoneka asi kuna kara ruhanzo koupumezuva waCuvelai. Ntani kwato ruhanzo vamona moOshigambo, Ohaingu, Engela ntani koOkambebe apa nye ruhanzo aru siki moNamibia. Age simpe katente asi ruhanzo kuna kugenda monaununu kapisi unene. Nsene kapi muna kara mema momuramba ndi mezana, eyi kuninkisa mema gana kuwiza mezana galiwore, yimo ana kutanta Hango. Age kahovere kutanta asi mema kuna kugenda kuliwora, nye kuna kuyimona asi mema nagahanza unene morwa simpe mvhura kuna kutwikira kuroka komuzogo gosirongo. Sasiyona zovaporosi moKamanyab kuna kuzungurapo zene Clemans Miyanicwe Kamanyab Eyi kuna kukwama kweyi vana kuuyunga vana veta vamwe, vaporosi nawo kuna kuyipura nye asi eyi yirugana yahana udumba eyi varugana yokuwapukurura evango eli lyepangero, sitasi sovaporosi sakara asi komuzogo utokero momukunda gwaKamanjab ngesi kuna kugwa zene yina kureta utjirwe kovaporosi. Mavango gakara asi g o k u t e r e k e r a e v a n g o lyokukuhwira ngesi konyara nomvhura mbali ngesi kwaturamo ndini zo 20lt yizo avatura mema vakuhwiseko. “ Evango eli ava tura nonkwate nevango lyene eli ava ruganene vaorosi kwaliwapukurura nomvhura tupu dongandi dina pitipo, ngesi nepu oyitara hawe kapi toyipura. Ngesi kuna kugwa simwe nasimwe ngwendi asi ewapukururo kwalirugana momukaro dona, yimo ngoso ana kutanta muporosi gumwe. Pomba zimwe zokulikuhwira vanadorongo ngesi kwedi kapi zakurugana ntani pomba zomevango lyokuterekera nare zagusa kupitisa ngesi nomvhura mbali. Nkenye ngurangura mukadi nye ogu atereke nkenye apa age kugusamo mema aga gana wizapo morwa pomba zokuzonauka yimo ana kutanta ngoso gumwe ogu ana kupira kugava Edina lyendi morwa age kapi vamupulisira auyunge kovanambudi. Evango lyokuterekera lyovanadorongo ngesi kua kara kwahana hasi kutunda tupu ketameko lyomvhura ezi , eyi yina kuninkisa asi nondja vahepa kuditerekera ponze. Gumwe govanadorongo nkenye ngurangura gahepa kuhwameka mundiro yipo kuuyirugana eyi po 07h00 nkenye ezuva yimo ngoso ana kutanta mwene ogu ana kutupa mbudi. Sitasi esi somoKamnjab kwakara novanadorongo wokusika ko 14, posiruwo esi, makura nootilete dimwe ntani nopomba kapi dina kurugana. Mukurona nye gosasiyona ozo moKamanjab inspekta R a y m o n d d e K l e r k kakandwirepo nombudi dangesi, dokuuyunga asi sasiyona ezi kuna kugwana nakauke nakauke, ntani nopomba kuna kupitisa morwa ewapukururo eli varugana. “Nayinye kuna kumona asi yina wapa. Yilye ana kupe nombudi dangoso?” Age kahere kudiva oku dina tundu nmbudi dangoso. Mvhura zina puko, vaporosi ngavaruganesa yihwa nsene vana hara kulivaterako ntani awo ngavaruganesa nofunguna dawo valiminikire mema norutjeno kwayipete morwa kupira kufuta nomukuli dawo. De Klerk pamwe kureta mema kovanadorongo, kutunda kembo lyendi yimo vana kuuyitanta ngoso.Epangero kwazegwilire paveta evango e l i a p a v a l i w a p a y i k a , kwaliwapayika noyimaliva yokusika ko nomiliyuna N mokwedi kwaPembankuru 2013.

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New Era Newspaper Vol 22 No 167