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2 NEWS Thursday, April 19 2018 | NEW ERA bribes From page 1 “I have been informed by the CEO [chief executive officer Rafael Liswaniso] that employees who were receiving money from community members have been suspended. They have been receiving money saying ‘give me N,000 or N,000 to arrange so that you will be priority number one or two to get a house’. because some didn’t get the house, so people started complaining to the so money but I didn’t get a house.’ That’s how the syndicate got busted,” revealed a source. The councillors also claimed the ruptly working with staff members of the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development to put the names of those who give kickbacks on top of the housing waiting list of the mass housing scheme of the National Housing Enterprise (NHE). cials from the NHE based in Kavango have also been suspended. New Era of Urban and Rural Development Peya Mushelenga was not available for comment. The names of the sus- Era but cannot be published as the a disciplinary hearing and they have not appeared before a court. They are and an assistant accountant. Katima Mulilo Mayor Geor- scam that has been in place for years She said although they are still CEO briefed them in a management meeting that issues of irregularities are under investigation pertaining to the list for the allocation of houses. According to the mayor the whole issue came to the fore when Mushelenga went to Katima Mulilo last month to hand over houses to mass housing waiting list. “Although it’s an NHE issue, our employees were involved because we had to produce the master list of people who applied in our town. We gave the list to NHE, which was signed by me. During the launch, we were wondering to see only three beneficiaries who were there to receive the houses. But the houses that were handed over were 54,” the mayor said. She said that after the launch the CEO tipped off management in a meeting about people who approached the council complaining put on the list at the expense of those replaced from the top. fraud From page 1 This was not correct, the judge said, and continued: “The evidence before court is that she in fact told them about the cash even suggested she must reduce the interest to 6% and further he withdrew his membership, but left his investment in the business. They did nothing about it. Nothing reduces any of the three accused persons’ blameworthiness.” Judge Siboleka stressed the businesses were merely scam cash loans carefully planned to con investors of their cash. He further said the accused were very evasive when asked about the manner in which they acquired their investors, however evidence by all the investors who lost their money showed they were approached by either of the three accused persons or told by someone who heard about the cash loan business from father From page 1 Despite his heroics Shindinge could only save his newborn baby boy. The body of his girlfriend, Saima Thomas, who last Saturday gave birth to the surviving baby was discovered about three kilometres away from their shack on Tuesday morning after the community embarked on an extensive search. Their three-year-old son is still missing but presumed dead. “Under the leadership of the Regional Council and City of Windhoek, Mr Shindinge has been relocated and provided with necessities to enable him to recuperate. While Nampol, Emergency Services and Our contact details and information Product of New Era Tel: +264 61 - 208 0802 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 another person. “The message that was circulated or caused to be spread by the accused was that they were running a cash loan business accepting/receiving mostly and preferentially cash from any interested member of the public, then lending it out to those in need of it; payments of high monthly interest; the guarantee on the return of each investor’s capital,” the judge noted. He further stated the message was circulated to all and sundry to draw in investors, some of whom were frail, only to be fraudulently robbed of their hardearned money. ”It is also very clear that the investors were conned by the false promises of high interests that were from the beginning unlikely He said it was his considered view the doctrine of common pur- showed the three pyramid fraud City Police are still searching for the body of his son,” said Kahimise. On Tuesday Moses Garoeb Constituency Councillor David Martin donated 18 corrugated zinc sheets, seven poles and six planks to Shindinge to rebuild his shack. Kahimise further stated he instructed their social workers to engage Shindinge and his family after this dreadful tragedy. Giving an update on the heavy rain, Kahimise said four vehicles were washed away by Monday’s rainwater in the riverbeds of which three were washed away in Goreangab along Helen Street, Green Mountain and Matshitshi road, all in the settlements. In light of this Kahimise warned people living in low-lying areas to Cell: +264 81 156 4114 Tel: +264 66 - 256 298 Cell +264 81 217 1888 Tel: +264 65 - 238 990 Cell: +264 81 144 0646 Cell: +264 81 217 9739 Cell: +264 81 204 8078 Tel: +264 63 - 222 057 Cell: +264 81 312 5975 accused acted in unison regarding the formation and operation of the business. He said they were of Namibia that the money they required would come from them and not involve deposits from members of the public. All three of the accused were present in Oranjemund where they created the businesses West Coast Financial Aid cc and Mias Micro-Lending respectively. It is the same place, Oranjemund, where all the crimes on this matter were committed. All three of the accused were aware of the fact that West Coast Financial Aid cc and Mias Micro-Lending were not licensed as banking businesses to solicit money deposits and to receive same from members of the public, the investors on this matter. All three had the required mens rea (culpability) in regard to the monies so fraudulently received and eventually lost, Judge Siboleka concluded. take precautions during storms as “Residents living next to rivers and streams must evacuate to a safer place or higher spot when the water level rises,” stated the CEO. He also warned people never even if the water is only 15 cm deep, as it can sweep a person off their feet. He added there isn’t much the city can do if residents continue to settle themselves in riverbeds which “At the same time we would also like to caution residents to refrain from putting up their structures underneath powerlines, which also poses a threat to their lives,” he said. Tel/Fax: +264 63 - 204 180/2 Cell: +264 81 245 9714 Tel: +264 61 - 208 0826 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 Tel: +264 61 - 208 0822 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 graduates From page 1 Currently, Namibia has 67,000 unemployed graduates hoping to get a was revealed by the deputy director in the Ministry of Higher Education Training and Innovation, Nhlanhla Lupahla, during a public dialogue on perspectives of unemployed graduates held last week. Lupahla, who was a panellist in the dialogue at a local hotel in Windhoek, said a study was requested by his minister in 2015 out of concern for the fact there is a big number of unemployed graduates. He also pointed out that underemployment, where a student is employed was a serious concern considering the government invested money in a student who ends up losing all the knowledge acquired. The event was organised by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Namibia (FES) in partnership with the Youth Leadership Development Programme Alumni Association (YLDPAA) The organisation said although thousands of students graduate, not all secure employment. The majority of these graduates are youth, hence active and full of energy to participate in the labour market. One of the graduates struggling years is Esther Kambole who graduated with a bachelor degree in public management from the University of Namibia. Kambole described trying to get a job as traumatic and extremely emotional. “Growing up we were told education is the key to everything. We went to school. We studied and we have the keys in our hands but where are the doors?” noted Kambole, who said for many getting a job has become a dream. FES researcher Tuyeni Kandume, who presented her findings and recommendations of the study on unemployed graduates, said there is an over-production of graduates in certain supply exceeds demand. Kandume said there has also been a problem of prioritisation as there is concentration in certain areas and neglect in other areas of specialisation that the country needs so dearly. “One example to illustrate this is that we are still producing more geologists than we need as we neglect the shortage of quantity surveyors, that is why we reconsider decisions and bring back expatriates in this area,” stated Kandume. There is a mismatch of skills and opportunities, added Kandume. She said they are informed through research that the graduates produced by Namibian tertiary institutions are often unemployed because the knowledge and skills given to them is not in sync with the demands of the local labour market. Furthermore, Kandume said tertiary institutions seem not to do some wide consultations capturing all key stakeholders when they develop or review curricula. “For example, we recently had the problem of bioscience that was not recognised by the Health Professions Council of Namibia (HPCNA). This means that this institution was not consulted in the development of this course,” she added. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation Bro- Matthew Shinguadja advised students to do background checks on the career they want to study as there are many obstacles to certain courses “Human resources is one – let us agree the country is saturated in that area. If I have to go to university, I will not pursue that career because we have enough,” he remarked. Shinguadja added it is important for out what careers are needed, to inform what is expected in a few years’ time – for example, the mining industry has moved to mining under the sea and no longer drilling on land. He indicated there is a department in the ministry dealing with career guidance, advising students which careers are in the market and what are the chances of getting a job. Commenting on the report, the director of the programme development unit at the Namibia University of Science and Technology, Dr Colen Tuaundu, said he has observed that research output has a lot of intellectually and factually incorrect statements and a lot of sweeping statements are not statistically answered to. “It looks like the report was produced from one perspective, a very negative view of the situation of Namibia. There are a lot of things happening in terms of employment in Namibia that we really need to have in this type of research,” stated Tuaundu. However, he added that a solution to graduates’ unemployment is to infuse entrepreneurship with innovation so that Namibians start producing things. He gave the example of chicken produced in Namibia. “We ban the import of chicken from South Africa and produce our own chicken but we import the egg from the south and the food that the chickens eat.” Tuaundu said this is not entrepreneurship and he felt entrepreneurship should be coupled with innovation so that people can start thinking about how they are going to get food for the locally reared commercial chickens. It was also observed that another issue that does not help matters is that when graduates go for practicals, industry uses them to make tea instead of letting them do their internship and they then don’t acquire the requisite skills.

Thursday, April 19 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 3 Brother kills robber for attacking sister Staff Reporter Windhoek A Windhoek resident ended up in police custody after he stabbed to death the person who had robbed Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi his sister last Sunday. The 23-year-old confronted the man who had stolen N0 from his sister. According to police reports, Frans Shoopala, 28, robbed the suspect’s sister at the Single Quarters, Katutura at about 01h30. Namibian police spokesperson Chief Inspector Kaunapawa Shikwambi explained that Shoopala was stabbed with a knife in the chest and died upon arrival at Katutura State Hospital on Sunday. Having stabbed Shoopala, the suspect handed himself over to the police hours later. Shikwambi said the police are investigating the case. On the same day at midnight, the police arrested a suspect who stabbed a 50-year-old pedestrian. Roy Richard Rose was stabbed to death while walking in Beijing Street, Otjomuise. “It is alleged the deceased was walking in Beijing Street when the suspect allegedly confronted him as to why he was walking near his house,” she said. Before Rose was stabbed a the suspect which consequently the fatal stab wound on Rose. Rose died from a stab wound to the chest upon arrival at Katutura State Hospital on Sunday. According to the police, although the suspect is known, he is still yet to be arrested and investigations into the matter continue. In an unrelated matter, a resident of Okamatapati, Otjozondjupa Region died after he was attacked by two men. The police said the 37-year-old man was stabbed twice with a sharp object in the neck and on the left side of his chest. The man allegedly subsequently died from his stab wounds on Sunday. The police have arrested two men, a 26 and 23-year-old respectively in connection with the case. Police investigations are ongoing to determine what led to the fatal stabbing. Court clips wings of SME Bank liquidators Roland Routh Windhoek The extra powers granted to the liquidators of the SME Bank by Deputy Judge President Hosea Angula were reined in on Tuesday by High Court Judge Thomas Masuku when he rescinded and set aside the order granted ex parte by Judge Angula on February 2 this year. An ex parte application is when one party approaches the High Court without notifying the other party or parties involved. Metropolitan Bank of Zimbabwe and World Eagle Investments, the minority shareholders in the Small and Medium Enterprises Bank (SME Bank), launched an urgent application in the Windhoek High Court. In their submission they wanted the High court to rescind the order Judge Angula granted to liquidators DJ Bruni and Ian McLaren giving them powers to pay out deposits and institute legal proceedings in courts locally and internationally to recover the SME Bank’s lost millions. Metropolitan Bank of Zimbabwe, which owns 30 percent shares, and World Eagle Properties which owns 5 percent shares in the SME Bank, had asked Judge Masuku to rescind and set aside the order that was granted by Judge Angula. The respondents in the matter were Bruni, McLaren, the Namibian Financing Trust that owns the remaining 65 percent for the Government, the Master of the High Court, the Government, the Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development, the Minister of Finance and the Bank of Namibia. Only the liquidators opposed the application. Judge Masuku granted the rescission order and found that the order granted to the liquidators was done in error and must be set aside in its entirety. “In the circumstances, I have come to what I consider as the inexorable conclusion that having regard to all the circumstances of this case, the order granted by the court was so granted in error. This is so because although the applicants had rights and interests which were likely, on all accounts, to be detrimentally affected by the order sought and eventually granted, they were not, however, afforded an play as it were, and to canvass their case,” Judge Masuku stated. He ordered that the costs occasioned by the application are to be costs in the liquidation on the scale of one instructing and two instructed counsel. The judge further issued an order that the judgement must be served on the Master of the High Court to determine whether the liquidators did not overstep their boundaries when they sought the order as that is and not provisional liquidators. The judge is of the view the shareholding of the applicants in the SME Bank, regardless of the extent thereof, entitled them to have a right and interest in the order the liquidators sought and were granted. He said the applicants have rights and interests which could be potentially affected by the granting of the order in question on an ex parte basis. “It thus follows, as day follows night, that in that context, the court erred in granting the order that it did without notice to the applicants, notwithstanding their clear and unquestionable rights and interests,” ruled Judge Masuku. He noted: “I am also of the considered view that had the full implications of the order, particularly on the applicant’s rights and interests, been brought to the attention of the honourable Deputy Judge President, when the application was moved, I labour under no illusion whatsoever, considering his impeccable sense of justice, that he would not have granted the order that he did.” In this regard he strongly exhorted legal practitioners, as of- perform their “priestly duties” to the court and not deceive the court by omitting certain facts. Expect more.

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