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2 NEWS Thursday, April 26 2018 | NEW ERA MALARIA From page 1 The Kavango East and West regions contributed about 77.3 percent to the total cases reported so far, followed by Zambezi at 11.1 percent and Ohangwena at 7.6 percent, the minister added. of eradicating malaria by 2020, with a 96 percent reduction in cases and deaths since 2001. In 2001, 735 510 cases were registered with 1 747 deaths, according the ministry of health. The prevalence dropped to 3 163 cases and four deaths in 2012. “Unfortunately a resurgence occurred over the past three years with 24 682 cases reported in 2016, and 87 people succumbed to the disease,” the health minister was quoted in March last year. Namibia earlier this year lost its ranking in reducing malaria in African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA), a coalition of 49 African heads of state and government working across country and regional borders to achieve near-zero malaria deaths in Africa by 2030. Although Namibia was among the countries that received the same award in 2016, this year the country failed to make it to the podium at the 30th African Union Summit in Ethiopia at an awards ceremony that celebrates the reduction in the prevalence of malaria across the African continent. ALMA honoured six African countries during the 30th African Union Summit in Ethiopia, for exemplary leadership in reducing malaria, as the continent is endeavoring towards a malariafree Africa by 2030. But Haufiku, put the blame for current statistics squarely on the shoulders of members houses with anti-mosquito chemicals. He expressed concern about communities, especially in Zambezi Region, that refuse to have their houses sprayed with mosquito insecticide, the chemical that kills mosquitoes and reduces the further spread of malaria. “In order for Namibia to win the war against malaria, communities need to comply with measures put in place such as the use of mosquito World malaria day was commemorated yesterday. It is an international day celebrated every year on April 25 since 2008. The theme for this year is “We’re Ready to Beat Malaria- Are You?” Malaria is one of the world oldest and deadliest diseases in human history. In 2016, over 216 million people around the world had malaria, Malaria related death stood at 445,000, with 91 percent of these in Africa FACTORIES From page 1 New Era spoke to NDC senior manager for corporate services Wessel !Nanuseb who shed more light on the two projects, saying the construction cost of the two plants is just over N million, while about 50 jobs are expected to be created once the projects were fully functional. He said at this stage the two projects, which are expected to produce furniture and garment, have been completed and fully equipped, with funding from the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development through NDC, the implementing agency. “The furniture factory’s total project cost is N. 2 million and the garment factory’s total project cost amounts to N.9 million,” he said. !Nanuseb said the two projects, which are adjacent to each other at the !Homs-Ai community market, situated between Kronlein and Tseiblaagte, were jointly initiated by the ministry through NDC, in collaboration with the of the governor. He indicated that with about 50 jobs expected to be created once the facilities are running at full capacity, the projects will look to employ local people, noting that all reasonable efforts will be made to source all semi-skilled and unskilled jobs from within //Kharas Region. “Basic joinery and needlework skills are required, but extensive in-house training will be provided for those individuals who lack the required skills. Superior skills, which might not be readily available in //Kharas or Hardap, would be sourced from other regions,” he explained on the skills need. He further told New Era that the town council donated the land for the factories to be set up, and that now that the projects are completed, on an economic basis, while NDC will be responsible for further guidance and supervision. !Nanuseb furthermore outlined the importance of the two plants to the town and region, saying Namibia and the //Kharas Region economic activity associated with the two factories, while dependency on imports from other regions and South Africa will also be lowered once factories are fully operational. Also, plans are to source raw materials from local entities. “For the furniture factory, a local timber area, but the promoter of the facility will source from this and other suppliers depending on the needs of the potential customers, while the garment factory promoter will also source materials from local as well as international suppliers, depending on the products to be manufactured,” he noted. //Kharas regional governor Lucia Basson strongly welcomed the two projects, saying this but the whole of Namibia. She was however concerned that after government spent so much money, the two projects are yet to open their doors, and she called on those responsible to ensure that the factories were up and running as soon as possible. “I want these factories to come into operation as soon as possible - we do not want them to stand as white elephants. There is so much money spent on these projects and therefore they must now be open,” she said. Our contact details and information Product of New Era Tel: +264 61 - 208 0802 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 NAC From page 1 During peak times the passenger congestion in the departure and arrival halls becomes unbearable, with winding queues of people. There have also been reports of security breaches, with passengers and goods boarding the planes without proper screening. These were some of the items that the NAC board and management yesterday let be known during their meeting with the works and transport minister John Mutorwa, and in the presence of the media. “We shall endeavour to do the intermediate work on Hosea Kutako airport because it relates to safety and security issues and that will lead to building a new terminal at Hosea Kutako that will lead to new improvement of our safety and security at our airport,” said NAC board chairperson Rodger Kauta during the presentation. The tender would be advertised next week and would be handled by the Central Procurement Board, in line with the new Public Procurement Act. It is expected to make the airport ready for the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) audit in November. Only once all the intermediary work is done would the NAC be able to roll out the multibilliondollar tender for the upgrading of Hosea Kutako International Airport. Kauta stated Hosea Kutako is an important airport in the country and the board decided to focus their energy and capital spending on Cell: +264 81 156 4114 Tel: +264 66 - 256 298 Cell +264 81 217 1888 improving the airport. “That does not mean we shall not rehabilitate and improve other airports. That will be done, but we have down activities at other airports. We are looking at our revenue generating airport,” he said. Albertus Aochamub, who was seconded from president’s press secretary, is currently the NAC acting CEO. Kauta yesterday said Aochamub is aware of the fact that the position in which he is acting is about to be advertised. Aochamub was also present in the meeting yesterday, together with other senior managers. NAC has been dominating headlines amid across the country, where rehabilitation work is needed to lengthen the taxi runways, airport aprons, and improve safety and security. Not only are Namibia’s pre-independence constructed airports old, they are also running out of the capacity required to keep up with the increase Namibia as a gateway into the region. In 2017 Namibia recorded over 1.2 million passengers Kauta told Mutorwa that NAC is currently companies, many of which are Chinese construction companies, an Egyptian middleman who supplies security equipment and a local Kauta said these legal matters pre-date the current board but when the current board Tel: +264 65 - 238 990 Cell: +264 81 144 0646 Cell: +264 81 217 9739 Cell: +264 81 204 8078 Tel: +264 63 - 222 057 Cell: +264 81 312 5975 Tel/Fax: +264 63 - 204 180/2 Cell: +264 81 245 9714 Tel: +264 61 - 208 0826 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 Tel: +264 61 - 208 0822 Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 commitments made by the previous board. After consulting legal advisors, the new board found that the purported awards were irregular and didn’t Airport was the biggest of all, as the tender government, on instructions from President Hage Geingob, intervened to have the tender cancelled. Government eventually won the court case through an appeal at the Supreme Court. Chinese company Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Group had taken the government to court, insisting Geingob and government had no right to cancel the tender. NAC owns eight airports – at Katima Mulilo, Rundu, Ondangwa, Lüderitz, Keetmanshoop, SADC From page 1 Despite his constitutionally limited two 2016, DRC President Joseph Kabila is still in after elections. The 46-year-old has been in power since January 2001, after his father, Laurent, was assassinated in the presidential palace by a guard. SADC leaders, including Kabila, met in the Angolan capital Luanda as part of the SADC Double Troika Summit of Heads of State and Government on Tuesday. SADC has tasked political stakeholders in DRC to ensure that the December elections are conducted in a conducive atmosphere. SADC assured the DRC of its continued support to the electoral process and to the enhancement of political stability, peace and security. The summit also received reports on the implementation of SADC decisions in the Kingdom of Lesotho and commended the government of that country and all stakeholders for the notable efforts in implementing SADC decisions. The summit endorsed the roadmap for reforms and national dialogue and urged the government of kingdom country to prioritise the constitutional and security sector reforms, which should be completed by May 2019, and a progress report to be presented to the summit in August 2018. “Summit called upon all political parties and stakeholders in the Kingdom of Lesotho to accord the needed seriousness to the national dialogue and the reforms processes Walvis Bay, Eros and Hosea Kutako. However it is the international airport that generates 95 percent of revenue and handles 95 percent or more of aircraft into the country. “Our focus shall be on Hosea Kutako International Airport for now before we move to other regional airports. We shall endeavour to increase revenue growth and managed to achieve 10 percent growth from 2016 since they were appointed as board,” Kauta added. Mutorwa advised the NAC board to remember that contrary to assertions that some SOEs such as NAC are independent of the line minister’s ambit, he as a member of Cabinet has the mandate to direct, coordinate and supervise the administration of the ministry including SOEs under the ministry. security challenges facing the Kingdom,” the communique reads. The summit congratulated Cyril Ramaphosa on his election as president of South Africa and approved the appointment by the facilitator of a as the facilitator to the Kingdom of Lesotho on a continuous basis. Ramaphosa became president in February after the resignation of Jacob Zuma. SADC says it has noted the unfolding developments in Madagascar and condemned the loss of lives and destruction of property, and urged the government, political parties and the citizens of that country to remain calm, exercise restraint, and take measures to avoid the escalation of the political and security tensions. “Summit approved the urgent deployment of the SADC Former Special Envoy to Madagascar, His Excellency Joaquim Chissano, the former President of the Republic of Mozambique, to be assisted by the chairperson of the Ministerial Committee of the Organ and the Secretariat to facilitate a national dialogue aimed at the de-escalation of the political tensions and reaching consensus on the electoral process.” “Summit mandated the chairperson of the Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation to engage the African Union (AU), and the United Nations (UN), with a view to developing a common approach for assisting Madagascar.” “Summit commended João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço, the President of the Republic of Angola and chairperson of the Organ on Politics Defence and Security Cooperation for hosting the summit and for the warm hospitality extended to all the delegates.”

Thursday, April 26 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 3 Shanghala warns against AR protest outside Oshakati Court Kuzeeko Tjitemisa Windhoek Minister of Justice Sackeus Shanghala has strongly warned Namibians against taking part in the mass demonstration planned by the High Court today, saying it is a dangerous route and undermines the integrity of the judiciary system. #ChedaMustFall demonstration against former Zimbabwean High Court judge Justice Maphios Cheda, who is embroiled in a nasty Cheda, a former Bulawayo since. “I do not take issue with your rights and freedom to association of expression, not at all, as long gas,” said Shangala in parliament on Tuesday. He said young Namibians they feel that there are grounds for the Namibian Police if they feel that there was an infringement of the law, or contact the Anti-Corruption “The basis of my statement today is do not demonise and attack the personae of judges. Disagree with the ruling but do not attack the judiciary as an institution,” he warned. He said the Namibian House was built on the blood, sweat, tears and he will protect it. to family and friends through including the plot that was recently foreign national who has been in Kambala said the organisation is not surprised that Shanghala would immediately position himself to defend corrupt acts. “That is what he does. He Minister of Justice Sackeus Shanghala defended Minister Penda ya Ndakolo who corruptly spent close to 1 million Namibian dollars of public money in Safari Hotel. He stands associated with corruption and when people think of corruption is Sacky Shanghala,” said Kambala in a statement on Tuesday. He said Shanghala has been ideologically, spiritually and otherwise. “He has now resorted to the courts and parliament to sustain and self-respecting as opposed to corrupt careerists like Shanghala and suffering of the masses of our people,” he said. He said Shanghala’s statement must, therefore, be seen as the baseless moaning and groaning of a desperate politician who cannot “The #ChedaMustFall protest will go ahead as planned. All logistics are in place. Both the High Court, through documented protest. No corrupt elite will stop our protest,” said Kambala. He said Shanghala and other Cheda will not get the plot. “They must also accept that Cheda will not continue harming the poor and that we are in this country and we will not go away. We will face them face to face, toe to toe and eyeball to eyeball,” he said. “To the youth it must be clear shenanigans of Shanghala and and ensure that we all stand up to he added. Industrious… A section of the children of the liberation struggle undergoing practical training in agriculture at the Berg Aukas Youth Skills Training Centre, pictured working in their maize field. More than 730 ‘struggle kids’ now employed Otniel Hembapu Windhoek the liberation struggle, also informally known as ‘struggle skills training at different centres from the group are now fully institutions. Minister of Sport, Erastus Uutoni, announced this National Assembly. ‘struggle kids’ registered with the Namibian Exile Kids was formed in 2008 to address issues faced by children who were born or grew up in exile. Police Training College in the Namibian Institute of Mining and The minister said further training of the ‘struggle kids’ will year despite hefty budget cuts, will thereafter undergo skills training upon completion of He also announced that the ministry is currently using a database system that helps capture and manage data of registered ‘struggle kids’, employment offered. The same database system, Uutoni said, will also be used to capture and manage information of unemployed youth countrywide and not just be limited to the ‘struggle kids’. Upon completion of their are in most cases exempted from openings. As per Government Notice No. 5 of 27 January 2014, Employer Training Grant applications are to be submitted to the Namibia Training Authority within 31 days, (For levies paid to the NTA from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018) For more information, contact us at: Tel: 061-2078 168 / 655 / 170

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