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4 NEWS Thursday, April 26 2018 | NEW ERA Arnold case back on court roll Staff reporter Windhoek The case of murder convict Anthea Arnold has been placed back on the lower court’s roll after the High Court accepted Arnold’s appeal withdrawal. Arnold, 32, had appealed the conviction in the lower court, when she was found guilty of murder with direct intent in October 2017 for the murder of her former German-lover Michael Breder, 56. In a twist of events she decided that she wished her matter can continue in a chronological manner it was supposed to in the lower court. Making an appearance from custody before Magistrate Ileni Velikoshi in the Regional Court on Monday, Arnold informed the court that she managed to withdraw her appeal in the High Court and the matter may continue for mitigation before sentencing. Arnold appeared without any legal representation after her lawyer Mbanga Siyomunji withdrew from the case due to conflicting instructions. She informed the court that she was in the process of attaining a private lawyer. According to Arnold should she fail to attain legal representation in these coming weeks, she will proceed with the case without any legal representation. Arnold has been in police custody since her country to Zambia and has been on trial for murder. Arnold who confessed to the killing only the deceased because he infected her with an illness. She stated under oath that she had no plan to kill Breder on that fateful day in question. Throughout the trial Arnold maintained that she never intended to harm nor kill the deceased but in self-defence. Breder died after he was shot in the back while seated in the car at his home in Windhoek’s Southern Industrial Area during the night of May 14 - 15 2011. Arnold is expected to make a return in court for legal representation. DUNESIDE HIGH SCHOOL VACANCY MATHEMATICS 5-12 OL & HL AND GEOGRAPHY GR 11-12 OL & HL 1 X FULL TIME TEACHER Governing Body appointment Minimum Requirements: COMMENCEMENT DATE: 18 MAY 2018 Please submit: Address applications to: The Chairman: Governing Body Duneside High School, P.O. Box 1189, Walvis Bay Tel: 064-203 782 Closing date: 03 MAY 2018 GOBABIS Shark Island, notorious for housing a German concentration camp where hundreds of Ovaherero and Nama people were kept in preindependence Namibia, could soon become a national heritage site. The National Heritage Council intends to submit a recommendation to the line minister on the declaration of Shark Island at Lüderitz as a national heritage site within the next two months. The recommendation will be done in accordance with Section 30 (4) of the National Heritage Act, 2004 (Act 27 of 2004). In a public notice on Monday, the National Heritage Council announced its intention and called for public participation in the process. historical value of the site, while the site also attracts tourists from different parts of the world,” the public notice reads. Maria Amakali Windhoek ENVIRONMENTAL SCOPING ASSESSMENT NOTICE TO ALL INTERESTED AND AFFECTED PARTIES Notice is hereby given to all potentially Interested and/or Affected Parties (I&APs) that an application will be made to the Environmental Commissioner in terms of the Environmental Management Act (No. 7 of 2007) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (GN. No. 30 of 6 February 2012) for the following: Proponent: City of Windhoek Shark Island could become heritage site Developer: Elisenheim Property Development Company (EPDC) Environmental Assessment Practitioner: Urban Green cc Project Name: Construction of the Nubamis 66kV Overhead Transmission Line & Substation Project Background and Description: EPDC intends to construct a 66kV overhead transmission line (7.5km in length) extending from the Lafrenz Substation (situated to the east of to the Lafrenz Industrial Area) to the Nubamis Substation (situated within Elisenheim Proper). The 66kV powerline will serve the future townships of Elisenheim. Project Location: The proposed overhead transmission line will extend from the existing Lafrenz Substations, situated at the Lafrenz Industrial Township, located north of Windhoek, over various privately owned portions of land, northwards towards the Elisenheim Proper Township on which the Nubamis Substation is located. Registration of I&APs and Submission of Comments: In line with the above mentioned legislation, all I&APs are hereby invited to register and submit their comments / concerns / questions (to be DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION AND SUBMISSION OF COMMENTS IS 15 May 2018. A PUBLIC MEETING WILL BE HELD ON THE 14th OF MAY 2018, AT 18H00, AT THE CHURCH HALL OF THE EROS DUTCH REFORM CHURCH, SITUATED AT THE C/O KUISEB STREET AND REVERENT GENERAL MURTALA MUHAMMED AVENUE, EROS, WINDHOEK Contact: Tel.: 061 - 300 820 / Fax: 061 – 401 294 / email: URBAN GREEN ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS The Shark Island Peninsula is situated north of the Namport premises, but it does not fall within the local authority boundary of Lüderitz. The entire Shark Island Peninsula measures approximately 23 hectares. where Germans kept all prisoners of war that they had captured, and was later transformed into a concentration camp. A memorial was erected on site in honour of erstwhile Nama leader, Cornelius Fredericks, and many others who perished there. Meanwhile, the National Heritage Council, in a separate public notice on Monday also proposed the recommendation of Driedoornvlagte Fossil Reef as a national heritage site. Driedoornvlagte is situated outside Klein Aub settlement near Rietoog. The fossil reef covers an area of over one million hectares extending through farm Rocky Mountain No 626, farm Driedoornvlagte, farm Diamant, Klein Aub farms and farm Kuburuchap. Mouton’s trial deferred The trial of Morne Mouton, a man who is on trial for the 2015 fatal accident which resulted in the death of two civilians and resume in September. Mouton, 21, is on trial on charges of culpable homicide and driving under the Manfred Gaoseb, 35, and two civilians, namely Werner Simon, 22, and Joshua Ngenokesho. Mouton has denied guilt in the matter. In his plea explanation, he regrets the unfortunate accident that resulted in the death of three people. It was agreed that the trial resumes on September 10, 11, 12, 17 and 19. Two remaining witnesses who are yet to take the stand for their testimonies were warned to be back in court on the scheduled dates. According to witnesses who took the stand so far in the trial, on the date in were attending to a call about a house break-in in the vicinity of Hochland Park, allegedly came across three unknown men standing next to a stationary taxi allegedly pulled over to question the unknown men. the unknown men, they noticed an approaching grey VW Polo vehicle being driven at high speed. According to Sergeant Queeny Flietes – the surviving victim – they expected the vehicle to come to a halt but it did not. Mouton’s car bumped into the It hosts three unique, 548-millionyear-old fossils namely Cloudina, Namacalathus and Namapoikia. “Namibia is considered one of the countries with the best and most well exposed geology, hence easy access to outcrops that are endowed with interesting geological remains,” the National Heritage Council noted. Driedoornvlagte is said to be the only one that consists of a sizable reef with such biodiversity of different species. “Geologists and palaeontologists, as well as international research institutes visit farm Rocky Mountain to study these ancient fossils, documenting them and trying to understand one of the most intriguing problems in science – the origin of the complex life forms,” the public notice reads. The public are called upon to launch any counter-submissions and requests of hearings to the National Heritage Council in a period of less than 60 days from the date of the public notice. – Nampa stationary police vehicle consequently hitting and instantly killing Gaoseb and two other men. people to arrive at the scene and took the stand as one of the witnesses, explained some body parts scattered. He said that he had to leave the scene as he could no longer look at it. Mouton through his defence team has of alcohol. He stated that he derailed off the road when he unexpectedly saw a man crossing the road. Further stating that his vision was blurred from the lights of the cars that were parked besides the road Mouton who is out on a warning is represented by defence lawyer Sisa Namandje with Rowan van Wyk prosecuting. NOTICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT AND PUBLIC PARTICIPATION PROCESS D & P Engineering and Environmental Consultants hereby gives notice to all potential Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs), that an application will be made to the Environmental Commissioner in terms of the Environmental Management Act (No. 7 of 2007) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (GN 30 of 6 February 2012) for the following: Project Tittle: Proposed Rietoog Solar Power Plant (5MW) PV in Klein Aub, Hardap Region-Namibia. Project Description: The construction and installation of solar power (PV) structures and substation on a 12 hectares portion of land. Project Location: The development is to be conducted on Farm Kobas 496, of Rehoboth Rural Constituency. The farm is located in Rietoog settlement, which is located about 120 km South-West of Rehoboth Town, off the Rehoboth-Klein Aub road. Proponent: Coetzee Fitters cc IAPs are invited to register with the consultant and give their comments and concerns in writing. NB: A public meeting will be held on Saturday 5 May 2018 at WJD Cloete Combined School Hall in Rietoog Settlement. The participation and commenting period is effective from 26 April 2018 to 26 May 2018. To register or request for documents please submit your name, contact information and your interests in writing to: Mr Timo David (PrEng) Tel: +264 61 302672 Fax: +264 61 255 207 Email: or

Thursday, April 26 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Media should uphold ethics - Simataa Kuzeeko Tjitemisa Windhoek Minister of Information and Communication Technology Stanley Simataa has implored media practitioners to uphold media ethics governing their profession whilst exercising their ‘powerful’ role in a responsible manner. Motivating the ministry’s budget of N6 million in parliament on Monday, Simataa said of late the ministry has seen a creeping tendency of prejudiced and inaccurate reporting on some issues. “Media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent. And that is the power because it controls the minds of the masses,” said Simataa quoting Malcom X. Simataa says while members of the media should not be muzzled in carrying out their tasks, it is incumbent upon them as powerful entities to uphold ethics that govern their profession more so given the emergence of multiple credible and not so credible online sources. According to him, the ministry’s desire is to consolidate Namibia’s position as one of the countries with the freest press on the planet. “We will continue to engage the Editor’s views and to also afford us the opportunity to sound our concerns where appropriate,” he said. Simataa says for the country to forge ahead Albertina Nakale Windhoek The Namibian tertiary education sector faces a serious threat of termination of critical programmes and erosion of the quality of tertiary education, which may lead to a reduction in the new student intakes if the severe cuts in the national budget allocation “Our public universities are operating This might lead to termination of critical programmes and reduction of new student intakes,” warned the Minister of Higher Education, Dr Itah Kandjii-Murangi, in the National Assembly this week. Commenting on the total budget allocation of N.23 billion to the tertiary education ministry, Kandjii-Murangi told fellow parliamentarians that there is a steady reduction of direct subventions to the University of Namibia (Unam) and the Namibian University of Science and Stanley Simataa in unity, “we must consistently shun the vices” that pose great danger to the unity of the state. For this reason, he said, isolated agitation emerging form certain quarters “for our country to revert back to the previous apartheid system of Bantustans, should be rejected”. He also used the opportunity to urge lawmakers to lead by example in the use of new technology. Simataa, who delivered his budget motivation speech from his mobile phone, promised to give an IPad to each member of the National Council and National Assembly. “We need to do away with these order papers and minutes,” said the ICT minister. Under the four programmes under the ministry, Information Communications Development was allocated just over N million. Print Media Affairs under the ministry was allocated N.5 million, N million was Minister of Higher Education, Dr Itah Kandjii-Murangi Technology (NUST). Nearly half of the total budget allocation to the ministry, or N.45 billion, would go to the Namibian Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF), which has found itself overcommitted and without funds for the more than 5,000 students it has signed funding contracts with. NSFAF only had money to fund 18,000 students but went to overcommit itself to additionally more than 5,000 students, forcing Treasury to take money from the National Emergency Fund to fund the stranded students. Unam is set to receive N0 million, which is marginally higher than the previous year’s allocation of N26 million, while NUST would get N0 million, a slight increase from N4 million allocated last year 2017/18. An amount of N2,000 has been set aside for the Namibia National Student Organisation (NANSO). The minister has asked the universities to be proactive and aggressive in exploring allocated to New Era Publication Corporation (NEPC) while the Southern Times was allocated N million. Close to N million was allocated to the programme includes an allocation of N million to the ‘undervalued’ Namibia Film Development Fund to cater for the development Simataa said “this paltry allocation can hardly sustain our desire to propel Namibia to The programme also includes an allocation of N0 million to the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) which amount Simataa said is grossly inadequate to meet its public broadcaster obligations. “Given the huge reductions in allocations to programs such as the migration from analogue to DTT where Namibia was regarded as leader in SADC, it at great risk of being stalled,” he stressed. Under the same programme, Namibia Press Agency (Nampa) was allocated N million. Furthermore, an amount of close to N million was allocated to the Coordination and Support programme. The programme includes close to N million to cater for the ongoing construction of modern and ICT compliant Kavango West and Katima Mulilo, Zambezi Region. Budget cuts threaten tertiary education - Minister funding, collaborative projects and joint research that would help the public universities to complement their State funding with other revenue generation. “Legal and realistic strategies that do not interfere with the mandate of our public universities should be explored and agreed to by key stakeholders, to gradually reduce the over-dependence of higher education institutions on government subvention,” she said. In 2017/18, NASFAF provided loans and grants funding to 16,529 tertiary education students. These were 10,685 undergraduate students at higher education institutions and 4,683 technical and vocational education and training (TVET) trainees. There were also Total enrolment at the two public universities during the 2017 academic year stood at 35,820 students, of whom 25,684 students are at Unam and 11,230 at NUST. For this year Unam has enrolled 26,645 students while NUST registered 1,424 students. NHE distances itself from alleged Katima mass housing scam Albertina Nakale Windhoek The National Housing Enterprise (NHE) has dismissed allegations that some of its employees based in Kavango were suspended along with employees of the Katima Mulilo Town Council implicated in a bribery scandal involving the allocation of houses constructed under the government’s mass housing development programme. This follows an article New Era ran last week that the Katima Mulilo Town Council has suspended three officials on allegations they corruptly accepted kickbacks ranging from N,000 to N,000 to put people on top of the list of units at the town. NHE CEO Gisbertus Mukulu issued a statement that contrary to such reports “no NHE employee has been suspended in relation to the allocation of houses, let alone any other issue”. Mukulu says NHE has been directed to allocate houses based on the waiting list submitted by the local authorities. The mayor the town council must sign the list submitted to NHE. “It is important to note that this ministerial directive has been adhered to by NHE without compromise in allocation of all unoccupied mass housing houses in all towns, Katima Mililo included,” Mukulu said. Katima Mulilo Mayor Georgina Mwiya-Simataa had alleged Katima Mulilo syndicate that has been operating for years, scamming people of money in exchange for mass housing units at the town. The syndicate was only uncovered after some of the individuals who parted with the bribes complained to the town council management that they had in exchange for the preference of being placed on top of the housing list, but which did not happen. The names of the Katima given to New Era but cannot be published as the officials still have to appear before a disciplinary hearing and they have not appeared before a court. They include a housing clerk, accountant. Mwiya-Simataa said although they were still waiting for an them in a management meeting that issues of irregularities are under investigation pertaining to the list for the allocation of houses.

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