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16 WOEMA Thursday, April 5 2018 | NEW ERA Kia Motors records 5 million global sportage sales sTaFF REPoRTER lion cumulative sales of its global best-selling sportage compact sUV. launched in 1993 and spanning four generations since, the Kia sportage has achieved this milestone in the year of its 25th anniversary. The latest model, launched in 2016, is more popular than ever, with average global sales of 38,000 units per month in 2017. “We are extremely proud to have our global best-seller. The continued and accelerating popularity of the sportage demonstrates the breadth of the car’s abilities and the strength of its appeal to buyers in markets all around the world,” said Ho sung song, Executive Vice President of Global operations Divison, “since 1993, the sportage has become a benchmark car in the compact sUV segment, and its success has also led to the creation of a diverse and comprehensive range of sUVs and crossovers from Kia – with other new models to follow in future.” in 2016 and 2017, the sportage surpassed the B-segment Rio as the brand’s global best-selling model. strong sales of the sportage in January and February 2018 – 36,632 and 32,930 units respectively – contributed to the model’s landmark achievement. ance at the 1991 Tokyo Motor show, introducing the concept of the ‘Urban – it set the blueprint for a compact, practical sUV, suitable for use in a generation sportage was an instant hit, recording total lifetime sales of over 500,000 units. sales of the second-generation sportage totalled 1,223,776 units globally after seven years of production. The third-generation model surpassed one million sales in just four years, helping the sportage reach two million cumulative sales during its sixth year in production. The fourth and current generation sportage features a bold, progressive design, while offering greater practicality and an array of comfort, convenience and safety technologies. its engine and transmission line-up and performance to address a broad range of customer needs. The Kia sportage has historically been acknowledged for the strength of its design, having been awarded ‘iF Design’ and ‘red dot’ design prizes in both its third and fourth generations. Furthermore, the vehicle achieved the highest safety rating from the Usa’s insurance institute for Highway safety (iiHs) in 2017. More popular than ever, the onemillionth fourth-generation sportage was sold in January, after just 29 months on sale. - Donna Collins Boxing sensation, Vakufilapo ‘The Cowboy’ Wilhelm has “fallen in love” with the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle brand, and will be ridden into the boxing arena, on one, at the Windhoek show grounds, when he defends his ‘all africa’ title on saturday 7 april. according to savannah Collins the sales and social Media Executive at the Harley-Davidson Windhoek, the dealership is extremely proud that the ‘Cowboy’ has chosen Harley-Davidson as his brand of choice. The “CowBoy” is a huge Harley-Davidson fan, and we are so happy to be associated with our name in such high regard in the boxing ring. “The team at the dealership support the sport and we will all on the 7 april. it is fantastic that he has chosen the brand for his that he will also be wearing his new Harley-Davidson Windhoek dealer shirt on the night. large-capacity, naturally aspirated engines; manual transmissions; hydraulic power steering. They all have one thing in common: a spot on the endangeredspecies list. The motorcar is changing and, as engines are downsized and turbocharged, then coupled with automatic transmissions before being paired with hybrid systems on their journey to becoming fully electric, we thought it the perfect time to reassess an automotive anachronism, the nissan 370Z. The Z-car is a Japanese icon and its roots can be traced back to the 1969 240Z. That perfectly proportioned coupé with its long bonnet and muscular haunches struck a chord with the public and some christened it the Japanese E-Type. six generations later, in 2009, the 370Z was launched locally and has stayed true to the original concept while adding more performance and street presence. We tested an automatic version in the July 2009 issue of CaR and heaped praise on it. Here’s just one such example of the purple prose: “in every sinew a muscle car, offering all the right ingredients for a ride on the wild side.” nearly nine years later, the 370Z, adding metal-effect door handles, a black-painted rear diffuser, tinted lamp lenses and a new set of 19-inch Rays Engineering alloy wheels. inside, not much has changed. with buttons, a clunky infotainment system and no reach adjustment on the steering column (although most could instead, focus on the trio of Z- car gauges on the dash (showing time, battery voltage and engine oil temperature) and the large central rev counter with a 7 500 r/min redline, and it’s obvious pottering about is not the 370Z’s raison d’être. Depress the slightly stiff left pedal (connected to the new Exedy semi-racing clutch plate), shift action of the six-speed manual gearbox, increase the revs and drop the clutch. Depending on whether the driver Boxing sensation the ‘Cowboy’ teams up with Harley- Davidson The ‘Cowboy’ is certainly looking forward to making a grand entrance and arriving in spotlight on the back one of the latest top-of-the-range Harley- Davidson models currently on Woema caught up with ‘The Cowboy’ who admitted that he is a big fan of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. He says that because he is a ‘Cowboy’, there is a strong association between the two, which is one of the reasons he so strongly connected to the brand. “i was always a big fan of cowboy movies since i was a kid, and learnt aboutHarley-Davidson motorcycles through watching interest at an early age, and since then i’ve always wanted to own one but never had the funds,” said the boxing champ. “i visited the showroom last year, and decided,sincei am the only ‘Cowboy’ in namibia, to team up the dealership and see has switched off the traction control (via a quick-touch button), the Z will either scamper off the line with the electronic nannies on full alert, or paint black Bridgestone 11s on the road. a shift to second pauses the action for a moment as the Z’s nose dives, whereafter the hooliganism continues and the smile on the driver’s faces broadens… on our test strip, the nissan needed a more measured approach than that to post a 0-100 km/h time of 5,91 seconds, just about good enough to see off those pesky FWD hot hatches. Under the bonnet beats the same 3,7-litre V6 mounted far back in the bay. it features variable valve timing and lift, but was never – and still isn’t – the smoothest or most free-revving V6. saying that, the induction noise is addictive and motivates the driver to keep their foot planted on the accelerator for longer. Driving the nissan as intended sends the fuel consumption rocketing skywards from the already hefty 13,3 l/100 km we achieved on our standard how far we can take the relationship. swakopmund when i arrived on the back of a Harley-Davidson, so this grand arrival into the ring is fast becoming my trademark.” The ‘Cowboy’ maintains that he can ride bike, and previously owned two quad bikes - a suzuki and Honda. aside from a Harley-Davidson being his dream motorcycle, his favourite ride is a Merc G-Wagon. Furthermore, “The Cowboy” has bounced back into the limelight after a break, and is poised to lock horns with south africa’s Roarke Knapp at the His professional debut was in 2016 December and he has a national championship title wrapped round his waist, topped with a sparkling World Boxing Federation (WBF) and all africa Championship belt. now he has added the incredible Harley-Davidson lifestyle to top this glory. Road test of the nissan 370Z coupe (sedate) fuel run and the 72-litre basis. Braking performance, however, is deeply impressive even by supercar standards and the Z recorded an average of 2,71 during our punishing 10-stop braking routine from 100 km/h. Dynamically, it still feels competitive. The ride is cosseting over broken surfaces and affords the Z a rounded character for daily use. a mass of 1 536 kg (measured on our scales fully fuelled) means that it is more sharp corners anyway. Turn-in sharply off the power and the Z understeers. However, turn in on the power and easily accessed oversteer is on the menu (with the limited-slip differential playing along). at the slip point, though, it takes skill to balance the chassis (featuring front and rear strut braces) and get the most from the grip offered by the four Potenzas. For optimal track work, the car would ideally need stiffer springs and dampers, plus a reduction in mass. –

Thursday, April 5 2018 | NEW ERA 17 Nantu kuna kugava makuye kovarongi woyiundumba Albertina Nakale Windhoek Mbunga vana kutumbura asi Namibia Teachers’ Union (Nantu) ngovampitisili kava geve runyegenyo rwawo ntani ruguwo kuhamena vamitili wokulikisaukira ndi asi yiundumba omu vana kuyimona asi varongi vamwe kuna kutambura yimaliva yina kara asi kapi yina vatumbukire. Erongo mosirongo saNamibia kuna yilitamba makuye omu vana kara novamitli vana kutumbura asi yiundumba ndi kwato kapi vakarapo asi varongi, vakara pelikwamo lyovarongi mepangero vana kugwana nzambi koyirugana eyi vapilira kuruganena. Hamutjangantoni gombunga zovarongi zaNantu, Basilius Haingura, katente asi awo vana yidiva asi nkenye gumwe kuna kara anahepa kugwana simaliva aparuke. Ose kuna kugava tupu magano kovahameni vetu asi vahepa kuza konomberwa oku ayitundu yimaliva nsene asi ana mono asi ana gwana silinga ezi ana pilire kudiva oku zatundu aka gwane uzera yipo asi ngahayiruganesa tupu yimaliva oyo. Ose tuna yidiva asi kapisi yaimo ono hara, nye nsene totambura yimaliva yangoso nove gumwe ono kulihamesera mowidi wokuvaka yimaliva, yimo ana kuvahundira. Mokugusapo eruganeso umbondo ou, ministeli zerongo mvhura zina puko vatamekerr kuvarura vamitili novarugani vemerongo pwankenye sure ntani monomberewa derongo mwankenye mukunda yipo vatare asi tayilizi nowo avafutu ndi hawe, vagusepo utjirwe vakere nawo asi sinzi sovarongi nampo kapi vakara moyirugana. Melikwamo nye lyangesi, Ngandu kadipagere zinya namunwendi John Muyamba Rundu Mukeke gomakwedi gane kumwe nozina wonomvhura 28,Kanyemba Penighambeko Ndapenikwa, kava vadipagere ngandu pomukunda gwaShughuru momukunda horowero gwaMashare, moKavango zoupumezuva. Vaporosi ntani vakungi yikorama dogoro ngesi simpe kuna gwanako tupu rutu rozina mukeke, ano romukeke simpe kuna kurupapara. Mokukwama vaporosi asi sihorokwa esi sonomfa kasihorokere mosondaha kositenguko koyiha yono vili 15;30. Kuna kuyimona asi mukadi ogu kavikire munwendi momugongo age kuna kukuhwa yikoverero, mokamuramba konontere domukuro gwaKavango. Makura awo nare vagwana asi varongwa wokusika ko 20, ntani vanamberewa kwavaka yimaliva yepangero yokusika konomiliyuna N kwadivahamata unene womomukunda gwaZambezi. Mbunga nye ezi zatere asi wolye vana kara pelikwamo lyokutambura kwatamekere yirugana eyi mokatji komvhura 2016, nevatero lyombunga zaUNICEF , monomukunda Zambezi, Kavango zoupumezuva naKavango zoutekero. Sinzi sava vakwate kwekere vamitili ntani wokurugana noyimaliva, vanamberewa ntani vamitili vakere asi wokukwateramo ntani vamitili ava vahageka yirugana yourongi. Awo ngavaturamo mahundiro asi vana rugana yipo vagwana nye yimliva yokusika konomiliyuna N (murongo) valirundilire asi vayiruganena kutunda mo2011 dogoro mo2016. Navenye owo kwakere ngandu yiko kusepura mukadi kumwe namunwendi dogoro kava kagwililire metondo. Vatungi momukunda kavagwene tupu sipako esi kakuhwilire kumwe noyikoverero yana kufa pevango poopo kavamukwaterere. “ Konyima tupu zokupapara, hawe rutu romukadi ozina womukeke kavarugwene mosondaha kositenguko. Mberewa zetu kumwe [novakungi woyikorama] simpe ngesi kuna kupapara rutu romukeke, nampo nangandu ogu ana vakwata kuvhura kumugwana,” yimo ngoso ana kutanta mukonakoni goyimpagwaga muporosi kurona Edwald Kavara, gumwe govaporosi koKavango zoupumezuva. “ Kuna kumoneka asi kapa kara ngandu pevango olyo vana gwana rutu rozinya munona yiyo vana muroya, nye varugani woministeli zerongo momukunda gwa- Zambezi. Vamiti kuna kwakere asi ngavatambura yimaliva vahana kudiva oku yina tundu ndi kulihavareka tupu nampili monzira vana kugwana eyi yina kulirwanesa noveta zoyimaliva omu yina kara asi awo kwavaka ministeli zerongo, unkurungu nompo kutunda mo 2011 dogoro mo2016. Kavango zoutekero nezi zoupumezuva yido dimwe nomukunda vatanta asi dakara noudigu wangesi namo etarururo kwagenderemo. Yitundwamo yomakona kono aga ngesi vayigava kovaporosi vamanese kutwara makonakono komeho. Momvhura 2015, mbunga zatarwirwire yimaliva yoministeli pwazeni kwatente asi konyara vamitili wokusika ko 6,000 kuna kara yiundumba vana kutambura yimaliva vapira kuruganena rumwe. age ana bwitire momema, kapi nye tuna diva asi ana fun di kuna divire tupu momema, vana mberewa vetu simpe kuna kupapara ngandu ogu kumwe norutu romukeke. Rutu romukadi vanarugwana nye romukeke simpe kuna kurupapara. Yimo ana kutanta ngoso muyungilipo ministeli zoyikorama nonsitwe Romeo Muyunda. Muyunda kahundilire vatungimo asi vahepa kuvangara nsene asi komukuro vana kara. Vantu vahepa kuyidiva eyi asi nsene ngandu ana mono muntu makura nare kuna kuligwemena unene apa ngesi yina kara asi mazana nagenye kuna zura mema. “ Sikasama esi zokulya nayinye nampili muntu, unene apa nye guna hazere mukuro. Ose kuna kutantera vantu asi siruwo esi morwa eparu lyawo vana kutura moudigu, unene nsene kuna kukuhwa vahepa kukara ure nomema. Ose kuna tutantere asi mukadi ogu kuna kuhu yikoverero yendi kapisi momukuro nye komema tupu goruhanzo, yimo ngoso ana kuhulisa Muyunda. NHE ngesi kuna kara noyimaliwa yokuvhura kugava kwava vanahara mambo modoropa Bukalo John Muyamba Rundu Kampani ezi vana kutumbura asi National Housing Enterprise (NHE) ngesi nawo vanatameke kugava yimaliva kovatungimo vana hara mambo yipo varande mambo aga vana hepa, kupitira melikwamo vana kutumbura asi Mass Housing modoropa zaBukalo, konyima tupu apa mbanga zanyoka kuvapa yimaliwa varande mambo. Kabinete kwatokora mokupura NHE, asi nokuvhurasi vagave yimaliva omukuli ndi makongo yipo vantu varande mambo, aga gana kara asi dogoro ngesi mambo gene kwato venyago,yipo nsene vayirugana oyo awo varande nye mambo ogo. Mbudi zangesi kwaretanye NHE, akare noyimaliwa omu nayigava kwava vana hara mambo makura owo vafute kumwe nokukara asi mambo aga gawo. Pwanare NHE, age ngagava tupu mambo gene ngavagava kovantu melikwamo lyawo lyokuvatera vantu. Kuna kara ngesi moBukalo mondango zodoropa, momukunda horowero gwaZambezi, omu mwakere asi mbanga kwanyokere kugava yimava kovantu ndi mambo gokusika ko 57, yipo asi ngano varande mambo ogo. Ano ngesi ngendeseso zokurandesa mambo aga kuna kugendapo nawa, kapisi moBukalo mwelike nye komavango nankenye aga gana kara asi nombanga kwanyoka kugava simaliva, yimo ngoso ana kutanta mukurona gomagwanekero nomarandeso gwaNHE, Mutonga Matali moutano kaupwire. “ Kehuliso nye eli, ame ninahafa mokumutantera asi mambo gokusika ko29, twadika ngesi tuna garandesa ntani nare twagagava kwavenyago, mogo 43 gna kutunda mo57, vantu owo twavapa nare mambo gawo nomakongo nare ngesi melikwamo gana kara mokugatura moyirugana ose kuna kundindira elikwamo lyangesi lisike kehagero sinkwa ntani. “ yimo ana kutanta Matali. PoBukalo, mambo gokusika ko 29 kwagatunga govantu omu muna kara asi ago gomazimo gavali gokurara, ano 47 age nye gomukuli gomazimo nago gavali ntani age nye murongo gomazimo gatatu. Kapi kwakere yitangalimba nkenye momambo aga gakere asi kwagatungire nositambo sokugarandesa. Yimo ana kutanta. “ Nye twakere nomalirango morwa nombanga kapi dakere asi divatere vantu vana hara mambo vagwane nomukuli payimaliwa, ano ngesi yina wapa kutunda tupu apa NHE, kutunda tupu apa vamupa nonkondo asi agave mwene yimaliwa pomakongo ,” yimo ngoso ana kutanta Matali. Projeka ezi zina kara moBukalo, kuna kara elikwamo lyomambo gana venye ngesi kuna kukaza nye konodoropa nadinye edi vatunga mambo gangesi sirongo nasinye.

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