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18 AFRICA Thursday, April 5 2018 | NEW ERA Vacancy: Sports Editor Grade: D2 KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS COMPETENCY/SKILLS The Human Resources Department RECEPTION New Era Publication Corporation New Era Publication Corporation Private Bag 13364 Or Cnr of Dr W.Külz and Kerby Streets Windhoek Windhoek Email: Closing date: 18 April 2018 The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia herewith gives notice that it has published the following notices in Government Gazette No. 6555; General Notice No. 103 - 106 dated the 29 th March 2018: 1. APPROVAL OF APPLICATIONS TO EXTEND COMMENCEMENT OF TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES 1.1 Notice that the Authority has resolved to grant Loc8 Mobile an extension of eight (8) months from 07 December 2017, to commence the provision of telecommunication services. 1.2 Notice that the Authority has resolved to grant Mantle Investment (Pty) Ltd an extension of twelve (12) months from 02 November 2017, to commence the provision of telecommunication services. 2. NEW LICENCE APPLICATIONS 2.1 Notice that Namibia Water Corporation Limited has submitted an application for a Class Electronic Communications Networks Service Licence. 2.2 Notice that Sat-Com (Pty) Ltd has submitted an application for a Class Networks Facilities Licence. 2.3 Notice that Paratus Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd has submitted the following applications; a) Temporary Spectrum Use Licence (10 Months); b) Spectrum Use Licence (additional); and c) Amendment of Spectrum Use Licence. 3. NEW TARIFF SUBMISSIONS DOUALA 3.1 Notice that MWireless (Pty) Ltd 3.2 Notice that Paratus Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd notice. The Public may submit comments in writing in respect of 2 and 3 above to the Authority within a period of fourteen (14) days from the 29 th of March 2018. This Notice is available on our website be directed to the Legal Advice Department at Tel: +264 61 222 666 or email 12 European hostages freed in troubled anglophone Cameroon Twelve European tourists have been freed after being taken hostage in western Cameroon, where anglophone militants are campaigning for an independent state, the government said on Wednesday. The group, comprising seven taken hostage by a band of armed terrorists” in the Nguti area of the Southwest Region before being rescued by troops on Monday in munications ministry said in a statement. Separately, six municipal councillors in the neighbouring Northwest Region -- another seat of anglophone unrest -- were also released in operations that saw huge stocks of weapons and ammunitions as well as large quantities of drug(s) seized,” it said. Cameroon’s government is separate state for the two regions. They are home to most of the country’s anglophones, who predominantly French-speaking population. On October 1 last year, the breakaway movement issued a symbolic declaration of indepen- name for the putative state. Cameroon’s president, Paul Biya, has met the agitation with a crackdown, including curfews, raids and restrictions on travel. Unrest has increased in recent weeks, with attacks on security forces and civilians and a spate of The Europeans, members of an organisation called the African Adventure Group, were seized in the area of Moungo-Ndor while they were heading for a tourist site called the Twin Lakes, the ministry said. The lakes, lying in volcanic in the local traditional religion, and are deemed to represent the male and female genders. The statement did not say when the group, or the municipal councillors in the Northwest Region, had gone missing. - Nampa/AFP UN peacekeeper, killed in C. Africa attack A peacekeeper was killed and 11 others wounded when a UN base was attacked early Tuesday in the Central African Republic, triggering heavy The anti-balaka mostly Christian militia launched the dawn attack on the temporary UN base in Tagbara, near the southern city of was killed and 11 others were injured,” said UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric. The soldier was from Mauritania. attack could be considered a war crime. UN peacekeepers later discovered the bodies children in Tagbara. – Nampa/AFP

Thursday, April 5 2018 | NEW ERA WORLD 19 ‘Soul Brother’ and a shotgun: surviving the 1968 Washington riots WASHINGTON With “Soul Brother” writ- shop and a shotgun at hand, Rick Lee stayed up through the night as riots engulfed parts of Washington after Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination. Just hours after the icon of the civil rights movement was gunned down by a white supremacist in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4, than two miles (three kilometers) north of the White House. As “soon as I heard that Martin Luther King had gotten shot and they started burning the city, then “make sure that my mom was protected and the shop was protected,” Lee, now 75, recalled 50 years later. It was unclear who was setting it was probably black folk because black folk were upset by Martin Luther King getting shot,” he told AFP at Lee’s Flower Shop on U Street, which is now run by his daughter. “We put ‘Soul Brother’ on the window to let them know this was a black-owned establishment -- if you gonna burn somebody down, don’t burn us down,” Lee said. “We stayed here all night. We had a shotgun -- I don’t know what good that would’ve done, but anyway, we were ready for anything that might’ve happened, OK, and... fortunately, we didn’t have any problems,” he said. Lee said the “Soul Brother” inscription may have helped protect the shop, but he does not know for sure. Others were not so lucky: The violence killed 13 people and caused millions of dollars in damage, with whole streets burned and shops Rick Lee talks to the media at Lee’s Flower Shop in Washington, DC April 3, 2018, on the eve of the 50th commemoration of the death of African American civil rights leader Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Just hours after King was gunned down by a white supremacist in Tennessee on April 4, in the US broke out less than two miles (three kilometres) north of the White House in this neighbourhood of the US capital. Photo: Nampa/ AFP looted before order was restored with the help of the National Guard. “That was a rough day, though, I mean, to see all the smoke” and “smell the burning and whatnot,” of unrest. People were angry over King’s assassination, and over racial inequality plaguing the lives of African Americans. “People were upset, because he was a champion... and folk knew that he had put his life on the line and, you know, was working for unity,” Lee said of the feeling in the neighborhood. “He wasn’t working to have black folk mad at white folk or vice versa -- he was working to unify folk, bring people together,” he said. “Everybody loved him... except some extremists.” U Street, which had a large number of African American-owned businesses, was not hit hard by the riots, but nearby stores owned by “Jewish folk, white folk... those were the ones that got burned out,” he said. The ruined shops often did not reopen, and after the riots, drug dealers moved in because it was “kind of a blighted area.” The construction of the Washington metro also took a toll, as it “tore up the whole street,” putting “a lot of people out of business.” Now, many residents of the area -- which used to be all black -- are white, and its character has completely changed. The area is full of trendy new restaurants, bars and movie theaters. But “it’s not a problem, actually, it’s a good thing, because the area’s been upgraded,” said Lee. “I’ve never had anything against white folk... I just have a problem you know what I mean, that want to divide the country -- that bothers me.” – Nampa/AFP Thousands protest ahead of Brazil court’s ruling on Lula prison SAO PAULO Thousands of Brazilians demonstrated Tuesday in favour of prison for former president and election frontrunner Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on the eve of a Supreme Court ruling on whether he should start serving a 12 year sentence for corruption. Up to 20,000 people turned out after work in the country’s biggest city Sao Paulo, as well as a few thousand in Rio de Janeiro and smaller numbers in other cities. The head of the army, General Eduardo Villas Boas, tweeted that the military shared Brazilians’ “desire for the repudiation of impunity.” The comment, likely to be seen as backing prison for Lula, was a rare foray into politics by a general in a country that was under military dictatorship for two decades until 1985. Villas Boas also asked “who is really thinking about the good of the country and future generations and who is only worried about personal interests?” The protesters demanded that Lula begin his sentence and be barred from the October 7 presidential election in which the veteran leftist is leading in the polls, despite his legal problems. “We want Brazil to be freed of this shameful corruption. Imprison Lula and let Brazil turn the page,” said Mara Massa, 67, at the protest in Sao Paulo, where the crowd chanted “No more Lula!” Smaller demonstrations in favour of the Workers’ Party founder also took place around the country. The court showdown scheduled in the capital Brasilia on Wednesday has become a focal point for Brazil’s deeply divided electorate. Lula, 72, was sentenced to 12 years and one month in prison after being convicted last year of accepting a seaside apartment as a bribe from a huge construction company seeking government contracts. He appealed in a lower court but lost. Under current law, that means he should go immediately to prison, while conducting further appeals. However, Lula has asked the Supreme Court to grant him habeas corpus recourse, allowing him to remain free while pursuing those appeals. The court is believed to be evenly split on the issue, so that one judge changing position would enough to secure Lula’s freedom -- and boost his uphill bid for a third term If the court turns him down, he could face jail this week. Those on the left who remember Lula for lifting tens of millions of people out of poverty during his two terms in 2003-2010 consider the threat of prison an attack on democracy. Lula told a large crowd in Rio de Janeiro late Monday that he saw his against a two-decade dictatorship that ended in 1985. – Nampa/AFP Vacancy: Editor - Entertainment & Special Publications Grade: D2 KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS COMPETENCY/SKILLS/PERSONAL QUALITIES The Human Resources Department RECEPTION New Era Publication Corporation New Era Publication Corporation Private Bag 13364 Or Cnr of Dr W.Külz and Kerby Streets Windhoek Windhoek Email: Closing date: 18 April 2018

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