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4 NEWS No arrest made in

4 NEWS No arrest made in fatal shooting Maria Amakali/Selma Ikela Windhoek The police are yet to make an arrest in the case of Romario Gariseb, 22, who was fatally gunned down Saturday night. The case involved a po- into the air in an attempt to disperse the gangs that “It is not yet clear who the deceased. At the moment the information is a bit sketchy. It is not yet clear if the deceased died from a gunshot that someone else,” explained the Namibian police public Pendukeni Haikali. Haikali said that with the sketchy information no arrest was possible though police investigations continue. According to the police report, Gariseb was amongst the gangs in- Eveline Street in Windhoek on Saturday night at around 23h30. The two gangs were throwing stones and bottles at each other. “At the time of the was in the vicinity, who tried to disperse them,” said Haikali. two warning shots in the air to diffuse the fight. was struck by a bullet in the abdomen. He consequently succumbed to his injuries at the Katutura State Hospital. A member of the gang also got stabbed “The matter is now being investigated by Nampol’s Internal Investigation the shot that killed the deceased,” explained Haikali. the gangs, Haikali said, the police were not in possession of such information, adding that based on the of- was alone when he tried to the two gangs. Thursday, April 5 2018 | NEW ERA Namugongo was a good family man Selma Ikela Windhoek The late Sackey Namugongo was described as a good family man who was concerned about his family’s wellbeing, and people being united and working hard, reminisced his cousin Katrina Liswani. Namugongo’s concerns were highlighted by Liswani during a visit to Namugongo’s residence yesterday. “He was a good family man, he was a brother. He was a soother, a role model, advisor and writer,” Liswani described Namugongo as she sat among other grieving family members and friends in a sitting room decorated with Namugongo’s old newspaper articles. Namugongo was employed in the department of information of Swapo Party up to his death; he was a renowned radio announcer for Swapo’s Voice of Namibia during the liberation struggle. Many described Namugongo as an announcer of note who in- into Angola and join the liberation struggle. Namugongo, 66, died at a private hospital in Windhoek in the early hours of Monday in the presence of his family. According to Liswani, Namugongo’s memorial service will be held at 16h30 at the Inner-City Lutheran Congregation on Friday, April 6, while the burial is scheduled for Saturday at the Pioneers Park cemetery at 07h00. Liswani told New Era that on The late Sackey Namugongo Easter Sunday, Namugongo went to church and upon his return bought two cakes and a pizza for his daughter’s 27th birthday party which they enjoyed at home. “After midnight he collapsed while watching television. He was rushed to hospital and upon arrival at the hospital he was declared dead. They didn’t do anything to him,” stated Liswani, who said that Namugongo was healthy and not displaying any signs of illness, although he was on diabetic medication. Namugongo is survived by his wife and children. Man loses arm in train accident Continental Reinsurance will be hosting its 5th CEO Summit at Strand Hotel, Swakopmund from the 9th – 10th April 2018 under the theme “Insurance and Adaptation in the face of technological change in Africa”. The summit will be attended by more than 100 CEOs from the insurance industry across Africa. The Keynote address will be delivered by Hon. Calle Schlettwein, Minister for Finance. CONTINENTAL REINSURANCE 5 TH CEO SUMMIT. 9 - 10 TH April 2018. STRAND HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTRE, SWAKOPMUND. Eveline de Klerk Swakopmund A resident of Usakos narrowly escaped death early yesterday morning after he had part of his left arm ripped off when it was run over by a train carrying both passengers and cargo. Goseb, 25, by the Namibian Police, was sleeping on the rail tracks at the Usakos train station when the train ran over his arm at around 02h30. The train was on its way to Windhoek. Goseb, who was severely bleeding after part of his arm was ripped off, was found by a security guard that was manning a building opposite the train station. He was immediately rushed to the Usakos State Hospital but had to be transferred to a hospital in Windhoek yesterday morning for further treatment where his condition was said to be stable. It is not yet clear whether Goseb was under incident happened. On the evening of the 9th April 2018, Continental Re will also host a gala dinner ceremony where the winners of the 2018 Pan African Re/Insurance journalism awards will be announced. The awards were introduced in 2015 to recognise and acknowledge the good work of journalists and the media in Africa. Journalists (both English and French speaking) are required to demonstrate how their articles have contributed to raising awareness and understanding of the re/insurance sector in Africa. Continental Re takes this opportunity to recognise the role played by the Namibia National Reinsurance Corporation (NamibRe) as the local organizing partner for the Summit and the local insurance industry for their support and participation. ABOUT CONTINENTAL REINSURANCE Continental Reinsurance is a composite reinsurer, writing business in more than 50 countries across the African continent. Established in 1985 and listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) in 2007, Continental Reinsurance provides support to over 200 insurance companies in Africa with its main offices in Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Côte d'Ivoire, Tunisia and Botswana. It also has a specialist subsidiary – Continental Property and Engineering Risk Services (CPERS) – registered in South Africa. A carriage of a passenger train

Thursday, April 5 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Coastal residents caught napping by rains Eveline de Klerk Swakopmund Residents of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay are livid and feel it is high time coastal municipalities reviewed their drainage systems and emergency response plans and not be caught off guard again by rains. They expressed these sentiments as some of their houses Roland Routh Windhoek South African national Wilhelm (Wimpie) Derick February, 39, pleaded not guilty to one count of murder, one count of rape or alternatively crimen injuria in the Windhoek High Court before Judge Naomi Shivute on Tuesday. He did not enter a plea explanation and his state-funded lawyer, Mbanga Siyomunji, told the court the plea is in accordance with his instructions and that the basis of the plea will become apparent during the trial. However, during the crossexamination of two of the state witnesses, Siyomunji put it to them that February’s defence is that he was not at the scene when the victim was killed. February stands accused of having killed 56-year-old Dinah Diedericks on June 21, 2014 at her residence in Windhoek West after he had initially raped her or exposed her private parts by removing her trouser and panties. In their testimonies, the witnesses – Shaneen Maliza Diedericks, the daughter of the deceased and Ruchantell Rhaldine van Wyk, discovered the partly naked body of the deceased. According to their evidence, which was consistent throughout, they arrived at the residence of the deceased after a night out. While entering the house, a woman who rented the garage from her mother called them and told them that she was attacked by someone earlier that night. The woman, Yvonne Ruping, has since died. They further said that after looking for the deceased for a while age systems in most residential areas could not cope with the large amount of water from the rains that poured on Sunday and Monday. Although the showers were refreshing to some residents, others said the showers cost them thousands of dollars in repairs to their homes. Speaking to New Era, Minnette van Wyk from Tamariskia in Swakopmund said that water entered her house from the street as the water could not be absorbed fast enough during the rain. “On top of that, my roof was also damaged during the rainfall,” lamented Van Wyk. Flooded streets at the coast should not happen at all as there should be proper drainage measures that should be put in place for eventualities such as these, they found her lying face down on her stomach with a plastic bag around her head, naked from the waist down. During cross-examination, Siyomunji told the witnesses that February admitted being at the residence of the deceased that evening, but that he left her alive and well. According to Siyomunji, his client’s version is he and the deceased were at his engagement party that night and at the party the deceased and Ruping, who had accompanied her, got into a physical altercation which caused the deceased to bleed from her nose, which would account for the blood of the deceased being found on the jacket of the accused. After the party February and she added. “We cannot say that it rarely rains and then be caught off guard like on Monday. We need to be prepared for situations like this. I mean after all we live along the coastline and should be prepared for any danger,” she said. Moses Gamseb of Tutaleni in Walvis Bay also said that rainwater remains a challenge for residents especially those who live in shacks. According to him it is a known fact that shacks are built from cheap material that are not water-resistant. “You can imagine what challenges some of our people go through especially when it rains. On top of that it takes days to dry one’s blankets and clothes in such weather conditions. However, we cannot wish two other guests took the deceased home in her vehicle as she was too intoxicated to drive, Siyomunji said. He further said that when they arrived at the residence of the deceased, February remained behind to ensure the deceased was safe, but she told him to rather go home, as was the last time February saw the deceased, Siyomunji told the court. The man who hosted the engagement party, Andre Tropa, a superintendent at the Windhoek Correctional Facility, took the stand and told the court that he did not see let alone that the deceased’s nose was bleeding. He further informed the court the rain away as our farmers have been crying for it,” he said. Walvis Bay resident Chris Lombard was happy that it rained for a change, because Erongo Region has been battling with droughts. Swakopmund and Walvis Bay have salt roads in most parts of the residential areas that do not absorb water, and coupled with a poor drainage “We should, however, revisit our drainage systems and emergency response management in case we have to do emergency evacuations,” he said. Roads at the coast are usually paved with salt and not asphalt. Salt roads are not good at absorbing rainwater and the town planners did not put emphasis on drainage systems because coastal towns though foggy often do not receive rain. Suspected killer pleads not guilty Wilhelm (Wimpie) Derick February. Photo: Roland Routh there was no music and no dancing how he got the deceased’s blood on his jacket. Despite Siyomunji’s best efforts to break him, Tropa was adamant in his testimony. He also informed the court that in a text message February’s girlfriend sent him, she asked him not to mention to the police that February was with him when they took the deceased home, but he refused. In June 2014 Fredericks appeared in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court for murder and rape and the case was initially withdrawn but he was later re-arrested and the charges reinstated. State advocate Salomon Kanyemba is prosecuting and the case continues today Man commits suicide after stabbing girlfriend Staff reporter Windhoek A Windhoek man who thought he had killed his girlfriend after he had stabbed her, committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope. The incident happed at Ombili Informal Settlement on Sunday when the man whose age is 32, stabbed his girlfriend also of the same age on the right upper arm and ribs below the armpit with a knife. “The victim grabbed the knife from the boyfriend and ran but later collapsed. The boyfriend thought the girlfriend is dead and then ran to their room and committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope,” stated police spokesperson, Inspector Pendukeni Haikali. She said the victim is in Katutura hospital in a serious but stable condition. In unrelated incident, items valued at about N3 000 were stolen by unknown suspects from a house in Klein Windhoek between Friday and Sunday along Gorges Street. Haikali said the suspects used an unknown object to break the burglar bars of the house to gain entry and stole the items. The stolen items are a amount of cash. “No recovery is made yet and police investigation continue,” remarked Haikali. Police in Okahandja opened an inquest docket after a fouryear-old girl burned in the houses on Friday evening at Nau-aib location. disa Baadje. Haikali stated that caused by an electrical cable passing through the house. She added that the deceased was alone in the house at the time of the incident. A 11-year-old girl was raped by a 34-year-old domestic employee at Uudhiya Waakiintu village at Omuthiya on Sunday. The employee is an Angolan national male suspect who was employed at the victim’s grandmother’s house. A 55-year-old woman was raped after an unknown man kicked open the door of the room and pulled out the woman and raped her. The incident happened at Olukuma village in Tsandi in Omusati Region. The suspect is unknown and he has yet to be arrested. In a similar incident a 16-year-old girl was raped by 19 -year -old male suspect. Haikali said the suspect dragged the victim who was on her way home from a bar. The suspect has been arrested and police investigation continues.

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