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New Era Newspaper Thursday August 3, 2017

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4 NEWS Thursday, August 3 2017 | NEW ERA House demolition shelved following death threat Nuusita Ashipala Oniipa Officials at Oniipa Town Council on Tuesday halted plans to demolish a three-bedroom house that was constructed illegally after the owner made death threats against them. Timotteus Ikela on Monday reportedly issued death threats against the development planner at the town, as well as the chairperson of the town’s management council. Ikele admitted having made the death threats, saying he constructed the house being targeted by the officials at Oniipa on land that belonged to his late parents. Oniipa Mayor Mannetjies Kambonde said the council could not enforce the demolition of Timotteus Ikela’s house, because Ikela could carry out his threat because he is armed. He said the police were not alerted on time, once the police respond the council would proceed to negotiate with Ikela to halt the construction of the house that council feels is being built illegally. If this fails, council will be compelled to take the legal route to have the house demolished, he said. “The threats have to be. I lost my father in the same manner fighting for land and we never saw his body. I am ready to die fighting for my father’s plot. “If they are to demolish my house it will cost their lives and mine too and that would be the end,” said a visibly agitated Ikela from his home. Ikela, a trained sailor in the Ministry of Defence, said he spent more than N0,000 on building materials so far and that he had frequented the council’s office to seek permission to construct his house, but was never given adequate feedback as to why he should not proceed. He further claims the council since last year refused to approve his plan, but have also failed to give him sufficient reasons as to why it is being rejected, which he says prompted him to start with construction at his plot. “This town does not have map in place. Until when should we wait to develop our properties… while we wait to be given a go-ahead, others are constructing and nothing is being done. “And if my structure is illegal why did they approve and give me letters to apply for water and electricity? Why did they allocate it an erf number?” Mayor Kambonde said Ikela was in defiance of resolutions taken by the town council to halt illegal constructions at the town. He further dismissed allegations that the council does not have a town map. “We were in fact doing him a favour, because we do not want him to construct at a place where something else is planned,” he said. Road Fund Administration (RFA) welcomes new Executives The Board and Chief Executive Officer of the RFA congratulate George Itembu and Patricia Keeja on their executive appointments at the RFA. Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya Oniipa Constituency Councillor Jerry Gwena Lack of speed humps a problem at Oniipa Oniipa Constituency Councillor Jerry Gwena is concerned about the increasing number of road accidents involving pedestrians between Onethindi and Oshigambo, a problem that he attributed to speeding and the lack of speed humps. He said in different incidents three people were bumped by cars recently near Nani private school while trying to cross the road. Among the victims was 35-yearold Sakeus Lot, who sustained head injuries when he was hit by an Isuzu, according to the police report on the incident. The driver of the Isuzu who was travelling from Oshigambo to Onethindi was identified as Simon Hinamwaami from Kamumbwenge village. “This was the latest incident and luckily they did not die. They are now recovering in hospital. I have been advocating for the erection of speed humps on this road, but up to now nothing has been done,” said Gwena. He added that he was saddened by the response they received from Roads Authority (RA), who said they did not have funds for the erection of speed humps. “It was really a sad response to us, yet our people are being bumped day and night by speeding cars. I hope RA will do will do something soon as a matter of urgency to remedy the situation,” Gwena stressed. He also appealed to drivers to obey the traffic signs and rules and adhere to the set maximum speed limit. Mr George Itembu Chief Financial Officer B. Acc., University of Namibia Practising Business Accountant, SAIBA With hands-on career experience that spans over 20 years, Mr Itembu has extensive working knowledge in both the finance and auditing fields. A strategist, he served as Chief Audit Executive (CAE) at Nampost for 9 years and as a Forensic Auditor at the GIPF. Proudly mentored by Mrs Nangula Uaandja (PwC articleship) and Sakaria Nghikembua at Nampost. He joined the RFA in 2016 as the Executive: Internal Audit. He has a humble traditional upbringing as basket (mashungu) trader and is passionate about youth development and entrepreneurship. Ms Patricia Keeja Executive: Corporate Services B.Com. (HED) (PG), University of Namibia Senior Management Development Programme, NIPAM The broad exposure of a career that spans over 27 years has given Ms Keeja a wealth of experience in strategic management leadership and empowerment, business development, human capital development and training. She served in the NGO fraternity as a business Development trainer and consultant. She was Registrar of Co-operatives in Namibia and represented the Co-operative Movement on various national and international forums. She served on various boards, the Co-operative Advisory Board, Namibia Development Trust, Agribank, Namibia Youth Credit Scheme: Management Advisory Board, Tender Board of Namibia and the Meatco Foundation. She was part of the Management cadre at the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry for 14 years, where she was the Director: General Services before joining the RFA. . NEW ERA NEWSPAPER FOR NAMIBIA CLASSIFIED ADVERT BOOKINGS PLEASE CONTACT

Thursday, August 3 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Murdered girl’s windpipe was crushed – doctor testifies Roland Routh Windhoek Clear nail marks could be seen around the neck of Benedine Letesia Baumgartner who was 29 at the time of her death, which indicated the perpetrator had used extreme force to strangle her, the doctor who did the autopsy testified yesterday in court. According to Dr Yuri Vasin, who presented his evidence in the murder and rape trial of Walvis Bay resident Piet Kondjele Nakanene, the deceased also had abrasions or superficial wounds on her face, as well as blood spots in her lungs, which are indicative of manual strangulation. Nakanene is facing various charges ranging from housebreaking and rape to murder dating back from 2006, when he first broke into the room of his cousin and tried to rape her. According to the State he committed murder after the attempted rape. Nakanene faces two charges of housebreaking with intent to rape, three counts of rape, two counts of attempted rape, two counts of attempted murder, one count of murder and one count of defeating or obstructing the course of justice. He denied guilt on all charges at the start of his trial in February this year. On the first count of attempted rape it is alleged by the State that Nakanene kicked open the door to his cousin’s room and attempted to rape her on September 3, 2006 in Kuisebmond. According to the indictment, Nakanene and the victim were socialising and after they went to their separate rooms in the same yard, Nakanene returned and forcefully tried to rape the complainant who cannot be identified. It is further alleged he used the same modus operandi when he managed to rape another woman, who may not be identified, on April 6, 2013. It is alleged by the State that Nakanene again after socialising with the complainant and other people escorted the complainant back to her room in the same yard where he stayed. During the early hours of Saturday, April 6, 2013 he allegedly again kicked open the door of her room and violated her. He is also facing a charge of attempted murder for allegedly strangling the victim and causing her to lose consciousness during the rape. The second count of attempted rape relates to an incident on October 15, 2013 when Nakanene allegedly followed his victim who was on her way home on foot using the route she normally took, which passed nearby the premises where the accused resided in Kuisebmond. According to the indictment, Nakanene pushed the victim to the ground when he caught up with her and then attempted to rape her. He also faces another count of attempted murder for strangling the victim with his hands. After this Nakanene allegedly upped his ante. The State alleges that he killed Benedine Letesia Baumgartner after he raped her in his room in Kuisebmond between March 12 and 13, 2014. He allegedly strangled her with his bare hands and she died in his room due to asphyxia. He is facing the charge of defeating the course of justice for allegedly removing the body of the deceased from his room and dumping it in the dunes a distance away from his house, and cleaning the yard of the house with a rake as well as destroying, or in another unknown way, disposing of a pair of shoes he was wearing during the period March 12 to 13, 2014. During his first appearance in the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court it was revealed that Nakanene was released from custody on another rape charge just two weeks prior to the murder of Baumgartner. Nakanene is represented by Mpokiseng Dube, the State by Advocate Innocencia Nyoni, and Judge Dinah Usiku is presiding over the case in the Windhoek High Court. Please come back… The family of missing teenage girl Erica Winnie Gebhardt want her to return home. Photo: Contributed OTJIWARONGO The Otjozondjupa police on Wednesday cautioned farmers to patrol their farms and keep count of their livestock to help prevent theft. Spokesperson of the Namibian Police Force in the region, Warrant Officer Maureen Mbeha, issued this alert whilst reacting to the recovery of 20 stolen cattle last Monday at the Grootfontein auction pens. The 20 cattle were stolen at farm Oliewenhof, which is situated less than 40 kilometres east of Grootfontein and owned by former education minister, David Namwandi. The cattle were allegedly stolen by a syndicate headed by his farm foreman. Mbeha said the foreman, Edward Hwara, was arrested at the auction kraal on July 24, where he transported the cattle for sale. He appeared in the Grootfontein Magistrate’s Court on Monday charged with stock theft and was denied bail. The suspect is expected to return to court on September 27. It is alleged that Hwara planned to steal 40 head of cattle from his employer with the assistance of two accomplices who are still on the run. He allegedly first rounded up 20 cattle, changed the animals’ ear tags and transported them to the auction pens together with his accomplices, said Mbeha. The police were monitoring his movements until his arrest at the auction pens. Family distraught over missing daughter Staff Reporter Windhoek A 40-year-old father is appealing to his teenage daughter who has been missing for almost two months to return home. The father, Erastus Gebhardt, said his mother who raised his daughter, Erica Winnie Gebhardt, while he was overseas, is getting very worried, hence his asking her to return home. However, Gebhardt stated his daughter left a note warning the family not to publish Mbeha said the estimated value of the 20 recovered cattle was N0,000. “Cases of stock theft happening in this manner are of grave concern to us. Therefore, I call on farmers to patrol their properties and count livestock in order to avoid these huge losses,” she said. Namwandi on his part told Nampa in a telephone interview that he was caught off guard by a worker like Hwara turning against him. He said he paid the foreman very well, bought him food and housed him decently. “I was even going to renew his two-year contract, and then this happened. He is her name in the media, or report her as missing to the police, or else she would kill herself. “Don’t put my things in the newspaper, NBC or police or I will kill myself,” wrote the girl. According to the police report, Erica went missing from Erf 6060, Lazarus Street in Wambo location on June 5. She was last seen in the vicinity of Havana. Erica is black in complexion, of average build and has short black hair. Erica is Oshiwambo-speaking but is also fluent in Farmers advised to patrol farms and count cattle ungrateful and even told the police I don’t know my own cattle, but I managed to identify them myself at the auction pens,” said the former DATE: 24 July 2017 Bid Reference No: DESCRIPTION: English and Afrikaans. The police are calling on Erica or anyone who has information regarding her whereabouts to contact her father Erastus Gebhardt on 081-3701099, or report to the nearest police station. According to her father Erica dropped out of school in Grade 8 during the first term. “She told us her school bag was snatched from her but it was making excuses,” stated the father who repeated that they want her back home. INVITATION FOR BID PJ 05/2017-18PTSE OM education minister. Namwandi said he does regular farm patrols and counts his animals on the farm. He farms with cattle, small stock and game. – Nampa DESIGN OF KRANZBERG 4 PUMPING MAIN The Shovaleka Family Announces the Death and Funeral Arrangements of their Beloved Mother, MEEKULU THEOPOLINA SHOVALEKA (MUKWANAMBWA WASHIKULO) Omaruru Municipality seeks the service of the Civil Engineering Consulting firm to design and Supervise the Construction of the pumping galvanized steel pipeline for Kransberg 4 borehole along Omaruru river. CLOSING DATE: 25 August 2017 CLOSING TIME: 12H00 Vacancy Announcement Position: Senior Structural Engineering Draughtsman TERMS OF REFERENCE DOCUMENTS: Available at the Cashier: Omaruru Municipality Head office Tel: 064-570180 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God” Matthews: 5:9 Date of Birth: 16 th October 1929 in Onuno Village Date of Death: 28 th July 2017 in Ongwediva Memorial Service: 04 th August 2017 at 16H00 - Home, Kraanvoel Street 1302, Nomtsoub Burial Service: 05 th August 2017 at 08H00, Cyprian’s Anglican Church, Tsumeb Anglican Church - cnr. of Leevi Muashekele and Johannes Shovaleka Street, Nomtsoub, Tsumeb Tombstone Unveiling: 05 th August 2017 at 16H00, Tsumeb Cemetery Enquiries: Matilde - 0812271742 Bertha - 0812990183 Toivo - 0811295771 Blueprint Consulting Engineers, hereby invites qualified candidates to fill the above position Minimum requirement: 20 years experience in the specified field with emphasis on: - 1. Reinforced concrete detailing and draughting, and 2. Structural steel detailing and draughting. Forward your CV to the following email address: Contact person: Mr. JN Sosinyi Tel No.: +264 61 303 660 Closing date: 10 August 2017, 17h00 LEVY: N0.00 (Non-refundable) COMPULSORY SITE BRIEFING: 08 August 2017 TIME: 10H00 ENQUIRIES: Mr J. Haipinge, 064-570180 Cell: 0812322568 DELIVERY ADDRESS: CLOSED BIDS TO BE DEPOSITED INTO THE BID BOX LABELLED WITH THE BID REFERENCE NUMBER AT OMARURU MUNICIPALITY HEAD QUARTER, 63 WELHELM ZERAUA STREET, OMARURU – ON OR BEFORE CLOSIND DATE AND TIME STATED HEREABOVE.

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