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New Era Newspaper Thursday December 21, 2017

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12 Inside BUSINESS

12 Inside BUSINESS Thursday, December 21 2017 | NEW ERA Malawi loses about US3 mln in potential revenue through maize export ban - food group JOHANNESBURG Malawi’s maize export ban cost the country about US3 million in lost export revenue during the 2017 summer/autumn season, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) said yesterday. The estimates were based on lost opportunity to export surplus maize to Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya, said Bob Baluch, senior research fellow and lead for the IFPRI’s country strategy support programme in Malawi. “Given that wholesale maize prices in Malawi were 45 to 70 percent lower in July 2017 than in these East African markets, Malawian traders may be expected from exporting maize in August/ September 2017 had they been permitted to do so,” Baluch said. Malawi lifted a two-year ban on maize exports in October, after a bumper 2016/17 harvest helped farmers recover from a severe drought. But yesterday the IFPRI said even after lifting the ban, the government had granted almost no export licences, meaning maize exports were still negligible and farmers were missing out on a the government was losing out on potential revenue. The ban was widely criticised for depressing maize prices in Malawi this year, leaving some farmers in debt. - Nampa/ANA Social media, wireless threats to dominate 2018 - Airbus LONDON Researchers at Airbus’ external Cyber Security business have compiled their top technology predictions for 2018, based on trends identi- Centres in France, the UK and Germany during 2017. Prediction 1: A lack of social media security policies will create serious risks for enterprises As observed during 2017, social media platforms are regularly being used for the spread of fake news or the manipulation of public opinion. But social media can also be used for sophisticated social engineering and reconnaissance activities, which form the basis of many attacks on the enterprise. Criminals and hackers are known to use these platforms to distribute malware, push rogue antivirus scams and phishing campaigns to lure their victims. Markus Braendle, Head of the Airbus CyberSecurity business: “Social media provide the medium for connecting people globally, in the rapid exchange of ideas, discussions and debates in our digital world. However, from an attacker’s perspective, social media have become an easy target because of the number of non-cyber security savvy users, and the fact that these platforms are easy and cost effective to use. To protect themselves against social media attacks, organisations need OKALONGO SOCCER FANS Come witness FIRE PROFESSORS FC SOCCER LEGENDS’ in action to implement enterprise-wide social media security policies. This includes designing training programmes for employees about social media usage, and creating incident-response plans that coordinate the activities of the legal, HR (human resources), marketing and IT (information technology) departments in the event of a security breach.” Prediction 2: Attacks on Wireless networks will escalate Attacks on wireless networks will increase as attackers seek to exploit the Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACK) vulnerability, 2017. The vulnerability can allow an attacker to intercept and read a Wi-Fi router, and in some cases malicious data into websites. It could also allow attackers to obtain sensitive information from those devices, such as credit card details, passwords, chat messages and emails. Braendle continues: “We can expect to see an escalation of attacks over public or open Wi-Fi connections, and in turn, an increased security provision by organisations that offer such services to their customers. Such attacks may be particularly damaging for people using old devices that are no longer supported by vendors, making them an attractive target for cyber criminals. These threats may also trigger an increased use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) by the most security conscious users.” Prediction 3: Encryption will continue to represent challenges for law enforcement Concerns about data privacy, the increasing use of cloud computing, an increase in data breaches and the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will all contribute to the emergence of End to End Encryption (E2EE) as the most effective way for enterprises wishing to secure their data. But, E2EE will also represent some challenges to law enforcement as criminals continue to use this technique for espionage and subversion. Braendle continues: “When weighing up the cost of any security solution, it’s important of suffering a security incident. After GDPR comes into effect, 4 percent of their global turnover in the event of a data breach – so the cost of any solution must always be viewed in relation to the risks involved.” – Airbus Yesteryear’s star soccer teams will be in action during a oneday event organised by the mighty soccer giant, Fire Professors FC. Teams such as Lapaka FC, Red Fire FC, Kwakwa Stars FC, Black Magics FC, Border Boys FC, Best Weldings FC, Yetu yaShepe, Diadoras FC, etc will be in action. Come one come all, an event not to be missed by any passionate soccer fanatic. Venue: ONAKAKWIYU YaMWEDILILE, OLWIILI, OKALONGO Steinhoff appoints execs to steady company as it grapples with accounting scandal JOHANNESBURG Retail group Steinhoff on Tuesday said it had appointed Heather Sonn as acting Chair of the company following Christo Wiese’s resignation amid an accounting scandal. The company said Sonn was also a member of the independent committee of the supervisory board - including Dr Johan van Zyl and Dr Steve Booysen -charged with providing stable leadership and oversight to Steinhoff during this period. The global retailer is structured according to the Dutch governance convention of a supervisory board of non-executive directors and a management board comprising executive directors. Steinhoff said Daniel Maree van der Merwe, formerly chief operating CEO of the group, and Alexandre Nodale, his deputy. Steinhoff said last Friday Wiese, its chairman and major shareholder, had stepped down in the wake of revelations of accounting irregularities which saw its chief executive Markus Jooste quit and its shares lose more than 80 percent of their value. - Nampa/ANA

Thursday, December 21 2017 | NEW ERA 13 Photo: Quickpic The new Nissan Patrol is that rare vehicle that’s impressive on paper and on any road. It’s the epitome of progressive Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology, supreme performance and unrivalled luxury. The new SUV features Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention that alerts the driver of a vehicle in the adjacent lane during lane changes. It also has sensors to keep a safe following distance using radar sensors to adjust the vehicle’s speed in relation to the vehicle ahead. Intelligent Emergency Braking helps avoid collisions by detecting the distance of the preceding vehicle and activating the brakes, if necessary. Then there is the Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, which is a feature whereby sensors analyse the relative velocity of the preceding vehicle as well as the vehicle in front of the preceding one. If the system detects potential risks, it alerts the driver to slow down with visual and audible alerts, and will also tighten the seat belt. Another feature is the Intelligent Smart Rear-View Mirror, which is a system that uses a built-in LCD monitor to display images from a camera mounted at the rear of the vehicle to negate the inherent limitations of a standard rear-view mirror. The car has a host of sensors and technological features. And with a price tag of more than N.3 million it should. The Patrol is powered by a robust hightech 5.6-litre V8 petrol engine that develops 298kW of power and 560Nm of torque. This energetic powerhouse is mated to a silky smooth 7-speed automatic gearbox that uses variable valve technology to deliver seamless performance whenever it’s needed. It can trundle along quite opportunity presents itself, the Patrol will produce a prodigious amount of energy to power its 3.5 tons in a short amount of time. The Patrol has what it takes to support your larger-than-life adventures with an impressive towing capacity of 3.5 tons and a 140-litre fuel tank. The new Direct Injection Gas system provides better throttle performance, improved fuel economy and advanced emissions performance (versus a nondirect-injection system) by reducing engine knock, improving combustion stability and offering precise injection control. A Multi-Control Valve (MCV) assists in managing the engine’s thermal efficiency better than a traditional thermostat. The 7-speed automatic transmission with Adaptive Shift Control and Downshift Rev Matching features a new design that of its wider gear ratios and Automatic Transmission Fluid warmer. Responsive braking is provided by a 4-wheel disc brake system with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist. Also standard is ABLS (Active Brake Limited Slip) and a Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system. Steering is provided by an engine-speed-sensitive power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering system. The exclusive Bose audio system features AM/FM/MP3/CD with 13 speakers, a subwoofer and digital Patrol comes standard with the 3D Nissan Navigation System and a multi-screen DVD entertainment system with screens The centre console has a 12-volt power outlet and the Patrol has nine cup holders, four bottle holders, a sunroof, power door locks with illuminated switches and an anti-lockout system with auto door lock speed-sensing function, Nissan Intelligent Key with Push Button Start and Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System. The Patrol is backed up by Nissan Assured and has a class-leading 6-year/150,000km warranty, and a comprehensive 3-year/90,000km service plan.

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