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New Era Newspaper Thursday December 21, 2017

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14 WOEMA Thursday, December 21 2017 | NEW ERA The hugely popular Wesbank Weskus Vasbyt 4x4 event, which is a traditional highlight of the December festive season down at the coast, is once again being staged at the desert amphitheatre on 30 December, behind Dune 7. With the event counting towards the Namibian Vasbyt 4x4 National Championships, drivers and co-drivers are ready for a showdown with a last shot at a podium win. Wesbank Finance is sponsoring this event together with Iron Man. The chairman of Namib Desert 4x4 Club, Theuns van Zyl, says organisers have prepared well in advance for this event. Gates open at 08h00 with 10 obstacles set out to challenge even the most resilient 4x4 drivers. Other than the ‘mud gat’ and tyre trench, there will be some extreme inclines, declines and cliff-hangers, which will keep the teams on their toes. “We are expecting a full house of about 25 entries on the day, with three ‘extreme vehicles’ coming from South Africa,” he says, adding that a separate track has been set up for this crowd thriller. The awesome and colourful machines with entries from Windhoek, Otjiwarongo, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay are competing in three classes, that is, CLASS A – short wheel base standard 4x4 vehicles; CLASS B – long wheel base standard 4x4 vehicles and CLASS C – any 4x4 vehicles with limited slip or lockable differentials. Currently, leading the championship standings with 1 540 points are coastal lads Herman and Nico Theron, who are hoping to bring the title trophy home this hopeful for the championship podium is Class C driver, Martin Theron, from Windhoek with his 15-year-old daughter and co-driver Simone, who have notched up 1 460 points in their white Vasbyt custom style Jeep. It is a tight battle among the front runners, with Morne Oosthuisen and Niels Gartner hot on their heels with 1 430 points, while Renier and Johan R la Cock are also strong contenders, as well as Chris Bruyns and Frank Scholtz. Entry costs per person and per vehicle will be N, and the Namib Desert 4x4 Club are gearing up for another huge and entertaining Vasbyt 4x4 event, which has become a not-to-be-missed climax for the holiday season. Swakop Spin City revs up for big event Swakop Spin City is going to pump on 30 December, when a blistering battle between spinners is going head-on for the 2017 event of the year. Chris van Rooyen, the chairperson Coastal Drift, Spin and Drag Motorclub, says they are expecting many cars from around the country to turn up the heat, in what he describes as a spin-off that promises an action-packed day for the whole family. The name to beat at the coast is ‘Boyster’ driving a BMW E36, which was converted from sedan to a bakkie, and is a huge favourite with the crowds. ‘Boyster’, who won the 2016 King of Spin Title and was also the man to beat in Otjiwarongo this September, is among the hot names on the scene that include Llewellyn, Chris and Jacques. There are currently 12 active members in the Coastal DSD club, which unfortunately has seen the Walvis Bay spinners falling out of the sport this year. The remaining members, who are a group of dedicated ‘petrol heads’, are meanwhile keeping spinning alive at the coast. They believe that by hosting this big event in December, they will rekindle the spirit among many of the guys who have left the club, and will hopefully bring their cars back for the 2018 spinning season. The Swakop Spin City facility was established in 2015 by members of the Coastal DSD Motor Club, and is a fully- two ‘kitchens’, safety barriers, fencing and ample parking. It is situated by the Swakopmund Go-Kart track. Gates will open at 10h00 on the day, with action starting at 12h00. Entry N adults and N kids. Bar, food and DJ will be laid on for a great spin experience. Staff Reporter Volvo Cars has started developing its autonomous drive cars with help from Swedish families, who will test its cars on the public roads of Gothenburg and feed back their impressions to Volvo Cars engineers. Hains and the Simonovskis from the Gothenburg, Sweden, have received the Volvo XC90 premium SUVs with which they will support the Drive Me project. Three more families will follow early next year and over the next four years, up to 100 people will be involved in Drive Me. Both families will contribute to the Drive Me project with invaluable data by allowing engineers at the company to monitor their everyday use and interaction with the car, as they drive to work, take the kids to school or go shopping for groceries. Volvo Cars plans to have a fully autonomous car commercially available by 2021 and the data derived from Drive Me will play a crucial role in the development of these autonomous cars. “It feels great to be a part of this project,” says Alex Hain (45). “We get the chance to be part of developing technology that will one day save lives.” Drive Me will involve real customers testing the different stages of driver-assisted and eventually fully autonomous technology. “Drive Me is an important research project for Volvo Cars,” says Henrik Green, Senior Vice President for the company’s R&D department. “We expect to learn a lot from engaging these families and will use their experiences to shape the development of our autonomous driving technology, so that by 2021 we can offer our customers a fully autonomous car.” The Hains and the Simonovskis have received Volvo XC90s assistance technology as well as an array of cameras and sensors to monitor their behaviour and provide the car with information on its surroundings. families will keep their hands on the steering wheel and supervise the driving at all times when using their cars. But, over time, all participants in the Drive Me project will gradually be introduced to more advanced assisted driving cars, after receiving special training. Even then, testing these more advanced cars will initially take place in controlled environments with supervision from a Volvo Cars safety expert. No technology will ever be introduced if there is any question over its safety. This means Volvo Cars continues to develop autonomous cars with the same care and thoroughness that has helped it establish its position as the builder of some of the world’s safest cars.

Thursday, December 21 2017 | NEW ERA 15 LÜDERITZ TOWN COUNCIL VACANCIES “To become the commercial and industrial growth point in the //Kharas Region by 2020” DEPARTMENT: FINANCE JOB TITLE: ACCOUNTANT- EXPENDITURE AND BUDGETING PRIMARY FUNCTIONS: Responsible for the accounts payable functions as required and directed. The incumbent will be responsible for the management and administration functions to the budget and to assist with the preparation of the annual statements as well as the General Ledger and to simultaneously effect the store procurement functions. KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS: REQUIREMENTS: Or capacity. DEPARTMENT: INFRASTRUCTURE AND TECHNICAL SERVICES JOB TITLE: CHIEF TECHNICIAN- ELECTRICAL PRIMARY FUNCTIONS: KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS: REQUIREMENTS: construction. repair and maintenance of electrical lines. legal requirement. condition. JOB TITLE: ELECTRICIAN PRIMARY FUNCTIONS: KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS: REQUIREMENTS: academic transcript.) JOB TITLE: TOWN PLANNING OFFICER PRIMARY FUNCTIONS: KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS: REQUIREMENTS: Or academic transcript.) DEPARTMENT: CORPORATE AFFAIRS AND HR JOB TITLE: CHIEF EMERGENCY OFFICER PRIMARY FUNCTIONS: paramedics and public. KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS: equipments and property. REQUIREMENTS: in coordinating emergency preparedness and response legal requirement. incidents. DEPARTMENT: HEALTH & SEWER JOB TITLE: SUPERVISOR-SEWERAGE RETICULATION PRIMARY FUNCTIONS: KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS: REQUIREMENTS: Or legal requirement. Candidates who comply with the listed criteria and Only short listed Candidates will be contacted and no will be accepted.

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