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16 AFRICA/WORLD Thursday, December 21 2017 | NEW ERA GBARNGA Dekergar Duko, a lean fatherof-two, who crushes rocks for a living, often reminisces during his days of backbreaking labour about his life under Liberia’s warlord-turned-president, Charles Taylor. Living in a hovel metres away from the so-called “College of Knowledge” where the dreaded strongman trained child soldiers to kill, Duko recalls when times were so much more comfortable. “I really wish for our former president to be back with us,” Duko says. “In Taylor’s day, at least we were growing.” Duko’s image of Taylor as a caring, decisive man – he would alter the price of a sack of rice with a simple declaration on the radio – contrasts starkly with the reputation several countries, leaving hundreds of thousands dead. But, in Bong county, one man’s war criminal is often another man’s hero. It was from here that Taylor, 69, launched attacks in his rebel days and where his sprawling farm remains. In his pomp, the county and its people were cossetted. The man himself is gone, but associates cement a grip on positions of power, prosecutions for Liberia’s back-to-back civil wars in 1989- 2003 that killed an estimated 250 000 people are slipping further away, experts say. Meanwhile, Taylor’s ex-wife, Jewel Howard-Taylor, could well become vice-president on the ticket of footballing icon George Weah in a run-off election to be held on 26 December, while former rebel leader turned politician Prince Johnson has pledged them his support. Many families living in Bong county, or in Johnson’s stronghold county of Nimba, lost jobs and protection when Liberia’s civil wars ended. For them, 12 years of living under President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf often compares unfavourably. Duko, who is supporting a wife Liberia’s wartime ghosts return to haunt election Winds of change… Supporters of the Liberian Liberty Party, who recently joined the Coalition for the Democratic Change of one of the leading candidates and former football player George Weah, parade in Monrovia on 14 December 2017. The runoff in Liberia’s presidential elections will be held on 26 December, clearing a last hurdle in a protracted saga. Photo: Nampa/AFP and two children on a meagre income, complains that essentials have in some cases tripled in price since the Taylor era. same time sustaining the Liberian people,” echoed insurance company employee Eddie Dahn, who lives in the Bong county capital of Gbarnga, explaining how Taylor helped protect Bong and provided employment on his farm. Dahn said Taylor “did his best” – a view not shared by the international community. Taylor is currently serving a 50-year sentence for war crimes in a British jail cell, although he was convicted of funding rebel groups in Sierra Leone, not the recruitment of child soldiers, killings, rape and pillaging of which he is accused at home. “Liberia’s lack of effort and progress in holding to account human rights violations and war crimes is deeply disappointing,” said Human Rights Watch’s Corinne Dufka, who helped gather evidence that led to Taylor’s prosecution. Other ghosts from Liberia’s harrowing past sit in the Senate, head major companies, and even preach from the pulpit on Sundays. Yet not a single sentence for wartime offences has been handed down in the country. Johnson, who was filmed laughing and drinking beer as his band of ragtag rebels savagely tortured ex-president Samuel Doe to death in 1990, is now a senator, recent presidential candidate, and born-again preacher. Benoni Urey, another presidential candidate who served as head of the lucrative Bureau of Maritime Affairs during the Taylor presidency, became one of Liberia’s richest men through contracts awarded to his As Urey himself noted in an interview this year, several ministers in Sirleaf’s cabinets have also served under Taylor. Sirleaf was one of the prominent Liberians abroad who had endorsed Taylor when his ragtag army seized large parts of the country. Uriah Mitchell, head of programmes and production at Radio Gbarnga, believes the impunity of those involved in the war is holding Liberia back. “People who really brought down grievous crimes and who were involved in the issue of the war need to be prosecuted,” he told AFP in his stuffy studio, adding that instead they have been “rewarded”. For all the fuss over Taylor and Johnson’s support of Weah, his rival for the presidency, current Vice-President Joseph Boakai, has received backing from former Taylor associate and telecoms magnate Urey. The most complex figure in the debate over Liberia’s past and political present is former First Lady Howard-Taylor, who was not in Liberia during the war and has never been accused of any crime but was subject to a United Nations travel ban that was only lifted in 2012. She was a surprise vicepresidential pick by Weah, who played professional football throughout the war and returned in the mid-2000s. Weah now says the country “needs to move on” from its obsession with her husband. Questions over Howard-Taylor and Weah’s ongoing links with Taylor have dogged the election after the former AC Milan ace admitted speaking to him in prison in January. Regardless, Weah saw a 30-point boost in his numbers in Bong county – the country’s third biggest constituency where Howard-Taylor round of the election on 10 October, presidency in 2005. James Youtee-Mace, chairperson of the Bong County Athletic and Social-Intellectual Center in Gbarnga, said Howard-Taylor had fought to bring money for education and development to the area. “I think she has done well, that’s why she has been elected twice,” he said defensively. - Nampa/AFP Angola oil giant probes Isabel dos Santos graft claims LUANDA Angola’s state oil company has announced an investigation into “possible misappropriation” of funds by Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of the former president, during her time as the company’s chief executive. have accused dos Santos of ordering suspect transfers and payments worth tens of millions of dollars. Appointed head of Sonangol by her father Jose Eduardo dos Santos in 2016, dos Santos was replaced last month by Angola’s new president Joao Lourenco. “We have established an internal commission of inquiry to investigate the information published,” Sonangol spokesman, Mateus Benza, said on Tuesday “We are verifying possible misappropriation, According to the Novo Jornal and the Jornal Economico, the new leadership at Sonangol had Investigators are also probing a monthly payment that began when dos Santos became the head of the state oil giant of 10 million euros to a Portuguese company in which she was the principal investor. It was reported that the new head of Sonangol has written to his predecessor to demand explanations as well as alerting law enforcement agencies. Prosecutors in the capital Luanda told AFP on Tuesday evening that they had not received a formal complaint. Dos Santos has hit back alleging a “campaign of defamation”. “This fake news... doesn’t deserve any credibility since their only goal is to cast doubt on the integrity of Isabel dos Santos,” she said in a tweet. Dos Santos is reported by Forbes to be the richest woman in Africa and became a symbol of nepotism under the protection of her father. Jose Eduardo dos Santos stepped down as president following elections in August after 38 to those close to the regime. corruption and recently dismissed several leaders of state-run companies who were seen as close to the former president. - Nampa/AFP State agents, militia ‘planned’ DRC massacres: rights group PARIS Security forces and an army-backed militia planned massacres in an opposition stronghold in the Democratic Republic of Congo, human rights activists charged yesterday, calling the killings “crimes against humanity”. The southern Kasai region suffered “one of the worst human rights crises in the world” between March and July, the Paris-based International Human compiled with partner rights groups in the country. It includes heart-rending testimony described soldiers attacking her village she “saw a lot of corpses... of children, of villagers”. The FIDH said the atrocities “were perpetrated mainly by elements of the Bana Mura militia at the instigation and with the support of security forces... against civilians of the Luba ethnic group”. The Luba are seen as supporting the anti-government Kamwina Nsapu militia, while other ethnic groups make up the Bana Mura militia active in Kasai. In one of the worst attacks blamed on Bana Mura, the remote village of Cinq was “totally destroyed” and several female survivors said they were raped or sexually mutilated. Several of their children were killed by militiamen with machetes, the 100- page report said. The Catholic Church has said the violence claimed more than 3 300 lives. The United Nations for its part has some 1.4 million displaced people. 2016 after government forces killed a tribal chieftain, known as the Kamwina Nsapu, who rebelled against President Joseph Kabila’s regime in Kinshasa and its local representatives. The release of the report comes a year to the day since Kabila refused to step down at the end of his second term, sparking a political crisis in the vast former Belgian colony. The Catholic Church brokered a deal on New Year’‘ – Nampa/AFP

Thursday, December 21 2017 | NEW ERA 17 Kavango zoutokero kavazihundilire vakare NKURENKURU Monene Bernhardt Esau kahundilire nokugava mukumo kovatungimo momukunda gwaKavango zoutokero guro melikwamo nalinye. Esau kauyungire posilika so 2017, pontambo zokuzeruka kasikarere moNkurenkuru momapeu. Mosiuyungwa sendi esi kageve nye mosondaha, ministera katente asi ngovaNamibia vahepa kara tatupungura nayinye eyi twaweka. “ Wahepa kuturapo moomu moNkurenkure ntani nkenye oku. Twahepa kuruganena kumwe noMinisteli, ntani kampani ezi vana kutumbura WINDHOEK Ogu kavagwene asi kwak- Lkoro moutano womazuva mutokwerere asi gahepa kuza modorongo aka mane nomvhura dedi murongo odo vamutokwerere pwanare, etokoro kalikere asi ngei gahepa kukahwilira modorongo, eyi kayikweme paapa kavakandwirepo ehundiro lyendi eli gatuliremo. Ehundiro lyendi kavalikandwirepo mompanguro zakahurako megendeso lya Christie Liebenberg kumwe na Dinah Usiku moutano kaupwire ngurangura. Mokukwma nye etokoro, Likoro kavamuhundilire asi gahepa kukaligava mwene kodorongo zomoKatima Mulilo pwahana kukara yitangalimba yongandi aka tameke kukamona asi ngapi omu natameka nomvhura murongo odo ana kukara modorongo. Awo vapanguli navenye ava vavali kavatente asi kapi pwakere epuko nkenye omu vamutokwerere asi gahepa promotion trust nositambo domosirongo nokukara nava vanadiweke, yimo ngoso ana kukara modorongo nomvhura murongo, mouhunga vakere mokumugwana epuko ntani nomvhura odo vamupere mouhunga. Moukgwedako, Likoro yimliva eyi galifutira apwagemo nayo vahepa kuyigusapo age hena gayimona nampili nakauke. Likoro ogu Bernhardt Esau kutanta. Esau kahundilire vatungimo asi vahepa kulituramo mokuzangura ndi kuweka - Likoro kavamuhundilire akamoneke nokugwana matengeko morwa ekwatero kononkondo Vincent Likoro gakere asi mukwatakanesi gombunga zaSWAPO momukunda Kavango, kwamutokwerere nomvhura murongo modorongo eyi vamutokwerere vapanguli womo- Katima mo 21 January 2016, eyi gamwene age kumwe novakarelipo vendi asi kapi mokukwama mwendi, kuna kara nye mulyo unene momukunda gwaKavango zoutokero, morwa vana kara nomema ganagwanene. Age simpe katente asi vantu vahepa kukara noudivi wokurandesa nomfi dononkukutu,ndi kutara nkenye yimwe omu nogwanene uwa, hepa kuhundira umwene, apa nye aga kara matjingiso, yipo okare muhameni mwenemwene zongwa zina gwanene, yipo asi twahepa kuruganesa mpito ozo. Yimo ana kutanta ngoso Esau. Ministera simpe kahundilire asi vaKavngo vahepa kutakamesa ntani vahepa kuhageka kuhuga nomukaro nkenye dokuretesapo mazonaguro. yina wapa, omu etokoro eli kalitulirepo mupanguli Bongani Ndlovu. Mokupitira momukarelipo gwendi Likoro kwapere nye nonkondo MU- HAHENDE Louis Botes, omu gayamwene asi awo kapi vagwene nombudi douhunga ntani kapi vapurakenene ruha rwendi age Likoro, morwa kapi vakweme veta omu zakarapo. Aw okapi vakweme veta ntokorwa zomo 1977. Age kwapere mupanguli gagendesere sigendo asi kapi gapurakenene ruha rwendi ntani kapi gakonakonene nawa asi yinke nawa nawa yahorokere. Ano Likoro kwamutokwerere nomvhura murongo modorongo, morwa kwamugwene asi age kwakere panyama nomukadi ogo gakere asi kapi gahere kukara nendi panyama, eyi kwahorokerere paapa Likoro gakere nelikwamo lyoyirugana komukunda gwaZambezi, age siruwo sina mugavi magano kwaministera gevh u nouturo. Muhahende gepangero kwakakarerepo muliburuli. Vatungi morundu kuna pumbwa evango lyokuzugumina yihando John Muyamba Rundu Mukwatelimo mukurona pamberewa godoropa zaRundu Mathews Naironga, katente asi ndango zodoropa simpe zina kara nositumbukira asi vazerese doropa ntani asi ngapi nava wapukurura nonzira edi dina kara asi kapi dina wapa. Eyi kuna kara unene nomukunda yina gumu, Sauyemwa, Ndama, Kaisosi ntani Kehemu dakara asi yiko vatunga vantu wovanzi. Marukanda aga kapi gakara nononzira dina wapa, kwa kara nonzira domuheke, nsene toziko ne hauto ntudi lyahepa kukara lyokunanakune ndi asi 4*4. Marukanda ogo kapi gakara asi evangoko lyokuzugumina yihando, eyi yina kara asi yiso simwe vana pumbwa ngovatungimo eyi yina kutwaredera asi awo kuzugumanye yihando nkenye apa tupu vana harere, ano vamwe kusima ekero makura tava vhumbike ndi tavahwike yihando yawo. Maruha gamwe gomodoropa kuna kumoneka ngwendi mavango gokuzugumina yihando morwa yihando oyo kuna yizugumine povantu ava vanapilire kudiva asi ngapi omu navarugana noyihando yawo. Vatungimo womodoropa zaRundu, nare vagusa kusivana asi nonzira kapi dina wapa ntani kapi vakara nomavango gomanzi gokuzugumina yihando. Ngesi kuna kara asi nonzira kapi dina wapa ntani yihando nayo kapi ava yidamuna, kapisi komarukanda kwelike nye doropa nazinye, eyi yina kuninkisa asi doropa kapi zina kukura yimo vana kusivana ngoso vatungimo. Moutano nye apa katumupulireko Naironga, katente asi ndango zodoropa kuna kara negano omu vanakara asi ngendeseso zawo zomatjingiso vahepa kuzitjindja yipo zilize nezi zompe kukwama veta vana turapo. Omu ndango vanakuyimona asi awo nava turapo malikwamo gehehedo, yiruganeso ntani egendeso nonzira, ntani vahepa kukeverera ezugumino yihando pomavango nkenye. Ntani magarona gokuzugumina yihando nago gahepa kugaranda ntani yiplastika yina yinakara asi yokutura yihando unene pomambo, ngomu nye yina kara asi eyereko lyosimaliva kwalitulirepo mo 2017/2018 melikwamo lyawo, Naironga yimo nye ngoso ana kutantera sayitunga zaNew Era. “ Age katente asi vahamenimo wovape melikwamo eli, sinkwa ntani kavavadewire modoropa zaKatima Mulilo, kutunda mo 31 July dogoro mo 4 August 2017” omu kavavadewire kukwama veta zompe zina karapo ngesi, ntani awo navanyatera nye omu vana kurugana kehagero lyokwedi kwaAugust 2017. Omu vana kupulisira ndango asi zihehede yirugana ntani noyihepwa ,” yimo ngoso ana kutanta.

New Era

New Era Newspaper Vol 22 No 167