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New Era Newspaper Thursday December 21, 2017

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4 NEWS Thursday, December 21 2017 | NEW ERA Shot in the arm... O m u h a t u r u a Primary School in Epukiro constituency in the Omaheke Region recently received a photocopying machine and a PA system worth N 000 from Feladelphia and Brain Makari. In the photo, Brain and Feladelphia Makari are handing over the donation to the school principal, Steve Kavari. Namibia-Cuba joint working group meets in Windhoek WINDHOEK The third session of the Namibia-Cuba joint working group opened in the capital on Tuesday, with the aim to strengthen and enhance the existing bilateral economic and trade relations between the two countries, Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Peya Mushelenga has said. The two-day session was decided upon during a meeting that took place in Havana, Cuba, in September last year, Mushelenga said. “The main objective of the joint working group is to review the progress of the bilateral relations in order to strengthen and deepen economic and trade relations between Namibia and Cuba, in line with the mandate given by the leaders,” Mushelenga said. The session also serves as a platform where the two countries would identify areas of cooperation such as health, trade and investment, tourism, agricul- The gathering, furthermore, assesses and reviews progress made since the second working group session. Cuban Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Ileana Nuñez Modoche who led the Cuban delegation, said they were optimistic about the entire initiative. She described the programme as a monitoring mechanism of the economic and developmental agenda of the two countries. Modoche also urged more Namibian entrepreneurs to take part in the Havana Trade Fair, as this would further strengthen the trade relationship between Namibia and Cuba. - Nampa Cops warn against lawlessness at coast Eveline de Klerk Swakopmund Namibian Police Force (NamPol) Erongo Regional Commander, Commissioner Andreas Nelumbu, has urged coastal residents and visitors to refrain from unlawful behaviour such as drunk and reckless driving this festive season. Speaking yesterday to New Era, Nelumbu said they have deployed enough manpower in the region, especially at the coast to ensure the safety and security of visitors and residents. “We know that everyone, both visitors and residents, wants to have a joyous festive season, hence it is up to us as law enforcement agencies to make sure that such activities of the law,” he said. According to Nelumbu, NamPol in Erongo will be very visible throughout the festive season as part of continuous efforts to create a safe environment for visitors as well coast. Police would carry out sting operations during the festive season with the assistance of municipal traffic officers as well as other law enforcement agencies, he cautioned. He said three permanent roadblocks are already operational at Swakopmund, Karibib and at Long Beach. However, several other mobile roadblocks will also be carrying out sting operations in Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Henties Bay, among others. “NamPol will be visible and will be clamping down on illegal activities. Be it illegal trade of alcohol or fraud, drunk driving or housebreakings. We will not be taking any chances. A crimefree festive season is what we strive for,” he told New Era yesterday. Nelumbu also urged heavyduty trucks to use the road behind Dune 7 to ensure the free Bay and Swakopmund. “Those going on holiday should notify the police so that their houses can be monitored during the festive season through our operations,” he said. OFFICE OF THE JUDICIARY PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT PUBLIC NOTICE TENDER CANCELLATION THE OFFICE OF THE JUDICIARY IS HEREBY GIVING NOTICE OF CANCELLATION OF THE TENDERS LISTED BELOW IN TERMS OF SECTION 54 (1) OF THE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT ACT, 2015 (ACT NO. 15 OF 2015). DUE TO THE INTRODUCTION OF THE NEW PUBLIC PROCUREMENT ACT, THE OFFICE FINDS IT IMPRACTICAL TO CONSIDER THE SAID TENDERS IN TERMS OF SECTION 81 (2) OF THE ACT. ALL BIDDERS ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT THE FOLLOWING TENDERS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED 1. TENDER NO: M12-7/2017: RECORDING, TRANSCRIPTION, COPYING AND BINDING SERVICES FOR THE HIGH COURT OF NAMIBIA, NORTHERN LOCAL DIVISION, OSHAKATI, FOR THE PERIOD 1 APRIL 2017 TO 31 MARCH 2020 // CLOSING DATE: 7 MARCH 2017 2. TENDER NO: M12-8/2017: RECORDING, TRANSCRIPTION, COPYING AND BINDING SERVICES FOR THE SUPREME AND THE HIGH COURT OF NAMIBIA, FOR THE PERIOD 1 APRIL 2017 TO 31 MARCH 2020 // CLOSING DATE: 7 MARCH 2017 3. TENDER NO: M12-9/2017: HIRING OF SEVENTEEN (17) PHOTOCOPY MACHINES FOR THE PERIOD 1 APRIL 2017 TO 31 MARCH 2020 // CLOSING DATE: 7 MARCH 2017. 4. TENDER NO: M12-10/2017: RECORDING, TRANSCRIPTION, COPYING AND BINDING SERVICES FOR THE LOWER COURTS OF NAMIBIA, FOR THE PERIOD 1 APRIL 2017 TO 31 MARCH 2020 // CLOSING DATE: 7 MARCH 2017 THE OFFICE OF THE JUDICIARY WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THE BIDDERS WHO RESPONDED TO THE TENDERS LISTED ABOVE AND THEREFORE REGRET ANY INCONVENIENCE THAT THIS CANCELLATION MAY HAVE CAUSED. Leaving nothing to chance … This is an illustrative photo of police manning a roadblock. Photo: Nampa ‘Educate parents about voluntary school contributions’ WINDHOEK Parents need to be educated about voluntary contributions to school development funds, Councillor for the Aminuis Constituency, Peter Kazongominja, said on Tuesday. Contributing to the Education Amendment Bill of 2017 in the National Council, Kazongominja said some schools are forcing parents to contribute to their school development funds. “It is a voluntary contribution. However, some school boards are allowed to set up compulsory amounts to pay towards the school development fund,” he said. The Bill removes the requirement for compulsory contributions to school development funds, making pre-primary, primary, secondary and special education tuition, as well as examinations, free of charge. It further provides for reasonable and adequate facilities at State schools. Kazongominja also said given status, the government is unable to cater for all school activities, which forces some schools to come up with ways to raise money from parents. He said the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture should be very clear about voluntary contributions. “Inform the parents that there are no longer forced contributions and also teach them about what they can do to contribute towards their children’s education,” said Kazongominja. Councillor for the Tsumeb Constituency in the Oshikoto Region, Lebbius Tobias, said the government has taken a burden off parents’ shoulders by providing free education. He said money could be received by way of donations, bequests or any other source through fun- school activities approved by the principal and the school board. The free tuition covers all school books and other teaching and learning materials and examination fees for full-time learners until they complete their secondary education. - Nampa

Thursday, December 21 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 The use of the national airline for domestic flights has increased, Air Namibia spokesperson Paul Nakawa said on Wednesday. said Namibians increasingly started back after the airline dropped its prices. He also attributed Namibians’ inter- - fully booked and they were booked in advance, because people have realised that it is cheaper when booking early,” he explained. He further told this reporter that the airline’s prime time for business during the year is normally between June and January. recovering financially,” he said. Nakawa urged Air Namibia customers to always give feedback on as he said this is the only way they can improve on service delivery. - Nampa Some safety tips for the festive season Protect yourself… The Namibian Police Force has urged the public to keep safe during the festive season With the festive season in full swing, the Namibian Police Force (Nampol) has urged the public to keep safe by observing the following tips as provided by Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi, the head of Media Relations in the Ministry of Safety and Security. Since the onset of the festive season there is a prevalence in the following crimes: house- offences and robberies, and the police have exhorted the public not to fall victim to them. Since being home is where people feel most secure, and where their valuables are found, unfortunately, criminals often target people’s homes, especially when they are not there, therefore the public are implored to be alert at all times and to remember these safety tips: station about your absence to ensure regular patrols in your surroundings. they can keep an eye on your properties. your property. fordable) on your outside doors and keep them locked. outside lighting but switch off lights during the day. open. of keys, under doormats or in pot plants. around your yard that can hide a burglar. times as they are a deterrent. come a victim of a robbery, immediately alert the police. Don’t become victims of ATM fraud Most of us make use of auto teller machines for cash transactions. Unfortunately, criminals often use this opportunity to target the users of ATMs, therefore be alert at all times, and remember these safety tips: roundings before making an ATM transaction. especially if it’s at night. enter your pin, shield your pin from others. the ATM prompts you to do so. stranger’s help. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted. have is yours before and after transactions. wait till you are in a safe place. become a victim of ATM fraud, immediately alert the bank and the police. Don’t become victims of road accidents Many of us travel by car, whether it is for business, or for pleasure. Sadly, many people are killed on our national roads, therefore be patient and mindful at all times, and remember these safety tips: roadworthy condition before travelling. before driving long distances. driving on a public road. signs, and avoid driving at night. before overtaking. while you are driving. block, have your driver’s licence ready and comply with on the road. violations to the nearest police checkpoint. Don’t become a victim of Robbery We can all become victims of crime, whether we are on the street, at home or at our place of business. Robbers often look for opportunities to rob individuals, homes and businesses, therefore be alert at all times, and remember these safety tips: measures have been put in place at your home or business. times. sible, and stick to well-lit, welltravelled roads and paths. lots, wooded areas, parking lots or alleys. amounts of cash. robbed. Hand over your valuables because your life is more precious. a victim of a robbery, alert the police. Police emergency number: 10111 (countrywide). Your safety is our concern the people around you. your destination/ whereabouts. the safety of an area, call the police or leave immediately. Request for Proposals Consultancy services for the Information Technology Audit S/RFP/01/11/2017 1. Request for Proposals are invited from qualified independent consultants to perform an Audit of the Applications Systems and Information Technology. 2. A complete set of Bidding Documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders from the Cashiers at Social Security House, Khomasdal, Windhoek upon payment of a non-refundable fee of N0.00. The method of payment will be cash, Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). 3. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from Social Security Commission, Walter Cloete; at e-mail and inspect the Bidding Documents at the address given below from 09:00 to 16:00. 4. Qualifications requirements include: a. Certified copy of Company Registration b. Original Good Standing Certificate (Receiver of Revenue) c. Original Good Standing Certificate (Social Security) d. A Certified copy of SME Status (for tenders reserved for SME’s) e. Certified copy of valid Affirmative Action Compliance Certificate f. Proof of shareholding / ownership structure g. Applicable Price Schedules h. Bid Submission Form i. Bid Declaration of 10% of the tender amount in Namibia Dollar 5. Additional details are provided in the Bidding Documents. 6. Bids enclosed in a sealed envelope should be clearly marked with the appropriate tender number; ‘’Technical’’ and ‘’Financial’’ submissions (1 x original and 4 x copies) and delivered to the address indicated below. Submission of bids: Further information can be obtained at e-mail: Envelopes must be clearly marked: uneasy, avoid the person or leave, trust your instincts. are alone. night. you do be responsible. Tender: ‘’ICT Audit Technical proposal’’ and ‘’ICT Audit Financial proposal’’ Tender No.: S/RFP/01/11/2017 Closing Date & Time: 19 January 2018 at 15:00 Haupt Street, Khomasdal, Windhoek.

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