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16 AFRICA Thursday, December 7 2017 | NEW ERA Seasons Greetings! Wishing all our loyal clients happiness and prosperity this holiday season and in the coming year! Monday, 4 December 2017 Centre Tal Street 07:00-16:00 United House Centre 08:30-16:00 Paratus Telecom 09:30:15:00 SGA 09:30-15:00 Swakopmund Town (Ferdinand Stich Str 4) 13:00-18:00 ___________________________ Tuesday, 5 December 2017 Centre Tal Street 07:00-16:00 United House Centre 08:30-16:00 Gobabis Town (Ng Church Hall) 13:00-18:00 BDO 09:00-14:30 Walvis Bay Town (Behind Welwitschia Medi-park) 13:00-18:00 ___________________________ Wednesday, 6 December 2017 Centre Tal Street 07:00-16:00 United House Centre 08:30-16:00 Transworld Cargo (caravan) 13:00-15:00 Bank WHK HQ 09:00-15:00 NIMT Arandis (Building & Trade) 09:00-16:00 ____________________________ Thursday, 7 December 2017 Centre Tal Street 07:00-18:00 United House Centre 08:30-16:00 Debmarine Namibia 09:00-14:30 Bank WHK Welwitschia Insurance 09:00-15:00 NIMT Arandis (Main Campus) 09:00-16:00 ____________________________ Friday, 8 December 2017 Centre Tal Street 07:00-16:00 United House Centre 08:30-16:00 Hidas Centre (caravan) 09:00-15:00 Shoprite Katutura (in front of Pep Stores) 09:00-14:30 Spar/Wimpy (Swakopmund) 10:00-15:00 ____________________________ Back home… A returnee mother plays with a child during the screening of 150 migrants brought home from Libya at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos, on December 5. At least 150 Nigerians voluntarily returned from Libya after being stranded in the volatile North African country en route to Europe, where many had been subject to violence and apparent slave trading. Returning Nigerians express relief after ‘hell’ of Libya camps LAGOS Nigerian migrants expressed relief as they arrived home on Tuesday from Libya, describing the “hell” of harsh conditions in detention camps where they had been held. African heads of state have condemned the treatment of undocumented migrants in Libya, including widespread violence and apparent slave trading. The 144 returnees who touched down late Tuesday, and another planeload expected to land shortly after, are part of a repatriation programme that Nigeria has stepped up in recent months. One man who gave his name as Franklin told AFP that he was “very, very happy” to return. “It’s good to be home, because I’ve been in hell in the land of Libya. I’ll start a new life in my country,” he said as he waited to be given food. The UN has urged Libya to agree to shut down 30 centres holding 15,000 migrants, whose CAIRO Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, one of Donald Trump’s closest allies in the Middle East, urged the US president to be after reports Washington was planning to move its Israel embassy to Jerusalem. Trump informed Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas of detention has become a pressing issue after video footage showing African men sold in Libyan slave auctions sparked global outrage. “Thank God, thank God, thank God,” said one young man as he stood in an orderly line at by immigration officers and then by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). Nigerians make up the majority of undocumented migrants trying to make the treacherous crossing via the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. Their repatriation began nearly a year ago but numbers have increased recently, with nearly 1,300 brought home in November, according to NEMA. Another returnee, Omoburo, said he had been held in a Libyan detention camp for nearly nine months before he could return home. “They used us to do all sort of things, to carry bombs, to carry ammunition, even to ‘pack’ dead bodies,” he said as he stood in front of a large poster of Nigeria’s a warm “welcome” to the group. his intention to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to In a phone call, Sisi urged Trump “not to complicate the situation in the region by taking measures that jeopardise the chances of peace in the Middle East”, the Egyptian leader’s a statement. S i s i a l s o c o n f i r m e d Photo: Nampa/AFP The Nigerian ambassador in Libya has visited the camps for illegal migrants on their way to Europe, said Tiwatope Adeleye Elias-Fatile, spokesman for Abuja’s ministry of foreign affairs. T h e v i s i t s , m a d e i n partnership with the International Organisation for Migration, aim to identify detained Nigerians and issue them with emergency travel documents, he said on Monday. “The embassy has a record of 2,778 registered Nigerians in accessible detention camps and they are ready for repatriation,” the spokesman said, adding that 250 Nigerian migrants were week. Once they have landed, they are taken back to their hometowns or villages or given a small sum of money to make the journey on their own. Libya’s UN-backed government has hit back at growing criticism, saying that it was being overwhelmed by illegal immigration. – Nampa/AFP Sisi warns Trump over Jerusalem embassy move “Egypt’s consistent position on maintaining the legal status of Jerusalem within the framework of international standards and relevant United Nations resolutions”, he said. The international community considers east Jerusalem illegally occupied by Israel and most countries have their embassies in the coastal city of Tel Aviv. – Nampa/AFP

Thursday, December 7 2017 | NEW ERA WORLD 17 Indonesia’s selfie-snapping monkey named ‘Person of the Year’ JAKARTA An Indonesian monkey who shot to fame after it -- and sparked a landmark US copyright case -- was named “Person of the Year” on Wednesday by the animal rights group that took on the simian’s cause. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said it was honouring Naruto, a crested black macaque with a goofy-looking grin, to recognise that “he is someone, not something”. In 2011, the monkey pressed the shutter button while staring down the lens of a camera set up by British nature photographer David warns Trump over ‘dangerous’ Jerusalem embassy move RIYADH Saudi Arabia’s King Salman on Tuesday warned President Donald Trump that moving the US embassy for Israel to Jerusalem was a “dangerous step” that could rile Muslims worldwide. “Moving the US embassy is a dangerous step that provokes the feelings of Muslims around the Slater on the island of Sulawesi. The photos quickly went viral and PETA launched a lawsuit that claimed the then six-year-old Naruto should be “declared the author and owner of his photograph”. lenged the idea of who is a person and who is not and resulted in declare a nonhuman animal the owner of property, rather than being declared property himself,” PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement on Wednesday. The court case set off an international debate among legal experts about personhood for animals and whether they can own property. Slater maintained he owned the world,” state-run Al-Ekhbariya TV quoted King Salman as telling Trump in a phone call. Trump informed Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas of his intention to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Abbas’s office said Tuesday. The announcement prompted a slew of criticism from Arab leaders. Ties between Saudi Arabia and the United States appeared to have warmed after the election of Trump, who chose the Gulf visit in May. While the two countries have long been allies, Riyadh viewed Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama as overly friendly with its arch-nemesis Iran. Israel and Saudi Arabia have no Unusual… An Indonesian monkey who shot to fame after it snapped named “Person of the Year” Wednesday by the animal rights group rights to the pictures since he engineered its creation -- setting up the tripod and walking away that the monkey had grabbed his camera and snapped away. The British photographer won the first hearing in California but PETA then appealed to a higher court. The case was settled in September -- before that court could make a ruling -- with Slater agreeing to donate 25 percent of any future revenue from using or selling the the habitat of crested macaques in Indonesia. Authorities and activists have been trying to persuade villagers on Sulawesi to stop consuming the critically endangered monkeys, one of many creatures that form part of the local indigenous community’s diet. - Nampa/AFP more than doubles to 41 JAKARTA A tropical cyclone that pounded Indonesia’s main island of Java has killed 41 people, the country’s disaster agency said on Wednesday, more than double the initial toll, with tens of thousands displaced by Among the victims of Cyclone Cempaka were 25 people killed by a single landslide in east Java last week, the agency said. The initial cyclone death toll was 19. Some 28,000 people have been displaced by the storm, which hit Indonesia’s most populous island last week. “Almost five thousand homes have been damaged and more than three thousand oth- ing,” said agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho. The destruction from the cyclone came as the rumbling Mount Agung volcano on the neighbouring resort island of Bali threatened to erupt, forcing tens of thousands to flee their homes. Cempaka has moved away from Indonesia, but Nugroho landslides still could happen. Indonesia is prone to natural disasters and is often hit by A landslide on Bali in February killed 12 people, including three children. In September last year, almost 30 people landslides in Garut, West Java. – Nampa/AFP Notice BID: G/RB/NPWR-01/2017 FOR THE SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF VARIOUS OUTDOOR MEDIUM AND HIGH VOLTAGE CIRCUIT BREAKERS NamPower wishes to notify the public of the award of the contract relating to the bid cited above as prescribed by Section 55(8) and Regulation 39(1) of the Public Procurement Act (Act 15 of 2015). NamPower invited ABB (Pty) Ltd, ACTOM Energy Namibia (Pty) Ltd and Siemens (Pty) Ltd on the 25th of August 2017 to take part in a restricted bidding process, pursuant to Section 31 (1) (a-c), for the supply of: 1. 41 units of 33 kV Circuit Breakers (hereinafter called “Item 1”), 2. 25 units of 66 kV Circuit Breakers (hereinafter called “Item 2”), and 3. 16 units of 132 kV Circuit Breakers (hereinafter called “Item 3”). The bid closed on the 13th of October 2017 at 12:00 noon, at the NamPower The bids were subsequently evaluated for eligibility, technical compliance and submit the requisite documents. The ABB (Pty) Ltd and ACTOM Energy Namibia (Pty) Ltd offers were then evaluated for technical compliance and both were found compared to determine the least costly, technically-compliant responsive offers. As a result, Item 1 was awarded to ABB Namibia (Pty) Ltd for N,035 161.71, Item 2 was awarded to ACTOM Energy Namibia (Pty) Ltd for N, 576 637.94 and Item 3 was awarded to ACTOM for N, 773 372.28. All were VAT exclusive. KINDLY NOTE: THAT ALL INVITATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO THE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT ACT 15 OF 2015 AND ITS REGULATIONS AND GUIDELINES. CALL FOR PUBLIC PARTICIPATION ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT FOR THE SETTING UP OF A FUEL SERVICE STATION AND A TRUCKPORT ON A PLOT IN MPUNGU VILLAGE KAVANGO WEST REGION CONSERVER INVESTMENT CC (Environmental Consultants) have been engaged by EKWAFO INVESTMENT CC to conduct a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and develop an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the above mentioned project so as to obtain an Environmental Clearance Certificate, hence Notice is hereby given in terms of the requirements of the Environmental Management Act (No 7, of 2007) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (GN 30 in GG 4878 of 06/02/12) Project Description: There is proposed setting up of a FUEL SERVICE STATION AND A TRUCK PORT on an open degraded piece of land in MPUNGU Village in KAVANGO WEST REGION, measuring 1 (ONE) hectare. Location: The project site is located on a piece of land allocated by the Traditional Authority in MPUNGU Village, Kavango West Region. How to Participate: We invite all Interested and Affected parties (I&Aps) to submit their inputs by contacting the Environmental Consultant. INTERESTED AND AFFECTED PARTIES (I &Aps) are required to provide their inputs, comments and contributions in regard to the project not later than the 15 DECEMBER 2017 to the Environmental Consultant or alternatively attend a public meeting to be held on the 15 DECEMBER 2017 At the proposed project site in MPUNGU Village. Contact details for comments and further information: M.P HAUSIKU CONSERVER INVESTMENT CC (Environmental Consultants) Cell: +264817637974/ +264814087482Email:

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