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16 WOEMA Thursday, February 1 2018 | NEW ERA NMSF crowns Motorsport Champions at prize-giving The Namibian Motorsport Federation (NMSF) crowned the well deserved 2017 national champions, which represented the four different motorsport codes, during a formal prize giving held at the Tony Rust Raceway last Saturday. Over 45 trophies were awarded to the top three podium winners in the various classes of Circuit Racing, Dirt Oval racing, Karting and Drag Racing. And whilst everyone was considered a winner, the name that stood out was Walvis Bay’s Allan the Clubman’s A Class, as well as the dirt oval track season, to emerge as the victor with a double crowning. Martin kept true to his promise of clinching the title in both disciplines which he’d worked so hard to achieve, and even though the rally circuit didn’t fall under the championship standings this year, he claimed a leading spot. Championship title winners in the various classes also saw Martin’s son Zachary Martin scooping a circuit racing win in the Clubman’s Class B with Robbie Reschke being awarded a trophy for Class C and Jaco Nel emerging the Class D winner. A big applause went out to young school girl Chané Havenga who emerged as the Clubman’s Class E winner with Danelle Viviers scooping the E Class trophy. The Dirt Ovals saw some competitive OFFICE OF THE JUDICIARY racing last year with Martin dominating the 4-cylinder 16-valve class. Michael Behnke took the win in the 4-cylinder 8-valve class, Gino Meyer in 6/8-cylinder class, with Raymond du Plessis taking the trophy for the quad category. The drag racing championships went to Frank de Reveira, Bennie Booysen and Michael van Zyl in their classes. The Karting races saw Christiaan Liebenberg, Richard Slamet Jnr and Ivan Voster walking off with national trophies. In addition to the championship prize giving, the NMSF committee held their AGM for the year to refresh their members, discuss future plans and According to Derek Jacobs the recently appointed (NMSF Administrator) who has set up there is a newfound energy that is going to give motorsport momentum this year. He said they are busy with a development strategy on the table with plans to incorporate Spinning as a national championship code, as the sport is the fastest growing in the country. “The spinning clubs have already set 24 dates, with events being held country,” he said. “The NMSF is working on incorporating some of these slots as championship events where we’ll display some of our rally and racing cars as crowd pullers. “We have a full year ahead on the 2018 races being held at Tony Rust this coming Friday, where we are hoping to draw a large entry.” Message of Condolence THE LATE MR. MBINGE KATUPERUE D.O.B.*10 OCTOBER 1981 D.O.D.+28 JANUARY 2018 His Lordship, Peter Sam Shivute, Chief Justice of the Republic of Namibia Rolanda Lucretia van Wyk, as well as the entire Judiciary and Staff are deeply Trophies were awarded to motorsports champions this past weekend. Seen here are Circuit racing and Dirt Oval Class winners Christiaan Liebenberg, Allan Martin and Zachery Martin. Alfa Romeo scoops double award in the UK Alfa Romeo continues to scoop awards. The manufacturer’s Giulia Quadrifoglio was named “Best Sports and Performance Car” at the 2018 edition of British What Car? Magazine’s “Car of the Year” awards, while its Stelvio triumphed in the “Premium SUV” category at Today CCT100 Awards. The sports sedan was scrutinised by the What Car? Team of industry experts, fighting off fierce competition from big-name rivals. The “Best Sports and Performance Car” title is the latest in a long series: Giulia has won no fewer than seven industry awards in the United Kingdom alone during the last 12 months. Equipped with the 375 kW 2.9 V6 Biturbo petrol engine, this version boasts a class-topping weight/power ratio - 2.99 kg/HP - thanks to the extensive use of ultra-lightweight materials, such as front splitter, boot spoiler and side skirt inserts. The weight of the Quadrifoglio version can be further reduced using two components which are available upon request: carbon ceramic brake discs and rear structural frame. Also at the 2018 edition of the British What Car? Magazine’s “What Car? Car of the Year” awards, the Alfa Romeo Giulia received a nomination in the “Executive Saloon” category, while the Stelvio was amongst the nominees in the “Large SUV” class. The brand’s first SUV was presented with the “Premium Small SUV” title at the inaugural edition of the CCT100 Awards organised by Company Car Today. The CCT100 award competition highlights the best new models with titles assigned by a jury of industry experts. The winners in each category were selected on the basis of a vast range of criteria, including emissions, corporate fleet sales volumes, residual value, driver desirability, value, practicality and appeal. by virtue of its low emission volume and safety features, not to mention its elegant, sporty style and the outstanding driving experience it offers. These are not the only prerogatives that make Stelvio unique and extremely popular: the SUV expresses all the emotions and superlative performances intrinsic to the genuine “Alfa spirit”, now combined in a sport utility vehicle What’s more, in the Quadrifoglio trim level, Stelvio has proved itself the fastest SUV in its class by setting the lap record at the Nürburgring, and proudly holds rating. – Quickpic was brought to fruition MAY HIS MEMORY BRING YOU COMFORT DURING THIS TIME OF BEREAVEMENT. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE. Alfa Romeo has taken home seven prizes in the United Kingdom in the last 12 months. Photo: Quickpic

Thursday, February 1 2018 | NEW ERA AFRICA/WORLD 17 Vatican rebukes Hong Kong cardinal over China bishops BEIJING The Vatican has chastised a Hong Kong cardinal who accused the Holy See of “selling out” to Beijing for reportedly promoting bishops endorsed by the Chinese government. Although Beijing and the Vatican have improved relations in recent years as China’s Catholic population has grown, they remain at odds over which side has the authority to ordain bishops. Cardinal Joseph Zen, bishop emeritus of semi-autonomous Hong Kong, confirmed an AsiaNews website report that a Vatican diplomat asked two underground Chinese bishops recognised by the Vatican to resign in favour of state-sanctioned prelates. China’s roughly 12 million Catholics are divided between a government-run association, whose clergy are chosen by the Communist swears allegiance to the Vatican. China and the Vatican severed diplomatic relations in 1951, but Pope Francis has sought to improve ties since becoming head of the Holy See in 2013. “Do I think that the Vatican is selling out the Catholic Church in an open letter on Monday, adding that the Communist government had introduced “harsher regulations limiting religious freedom”. Zen said he appealed to the pope in a private meeting in Rome earlier this month, where he delivered a letter from one of the bishops who was asked to step aside, Zhuang Jianjian. The cardinal suggested in his statement that the pope was not kept informed of actions he does not approve, a charge denied Tuesday by Vatican spokesman Greg Burke. “The pope is in constant contact with his collaborators, in particular in the Secretariat of State, on Chinese issues,” Burke said in a statement, adding that Francis was informed “faithfully and in detail”. “It is therefore surprising and regrettable that the contrary is thus fostering confusion and controversy,” he said. The Holy See spokesman, however, did not comment on the alleged Vatican requests to the underground bishops. A spokesman for the Diocese of Hong Kong on Wednesday told AFP it was “not involved in any of the dialogues between the Holy See and China,” but added “the Catholic Church has always been accommodating” and “(accepts) different voices.” - Nampa/AFP Thousands of Congolese flee to neighbouring countries as conflict escalates JOHANNESBURG Thousands of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) citizens are fleeing to neighbouring countries, including Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda as violence in the eastern part of the country continues to escalate. “Thousands of children, women and men have abandoned their homes, in the midst of against Mai Mai armed groups in South Kivu province,” Babar Baloch, spokesperson Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) told press at the Tuesday. “Since last week almost 7,000 people have crossed to neighbouring Burundi and an additional 1,200 to Tanzania,” he added, noting that many more may be displaced inside South Kivu without shelter or food. While some refugees have told recruitment, direct violence and other abuses by armed groups, others say they left in anticipation of military operations and out of fear. Most refugees heading to Burundi are crossing Lake boats, arriving to extremely limited shelter, sanitary facilities, drinking water and food in Nyanza Lac and Rumonge. In addition to the Congolese citizens, UNHCR is also WASHINGTON President Donald Trump appealed Tuesday for national unity and strong borders in his calling for “one American family” after a year marred by acrimony, division and scandal. Delivering his biggest speech of the year, this most polarizing of presidents sought to put the spotlight on a robust economy, while pointedly calling on a packed joint session of Congress to enact tough curbs on immigration. “Tonight, I call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground, and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people we were elected to serve,” he said. “Tonight, I want to talk about what kind of future we are going to have, and what kind of nation we are going to be. All of us, together, as one team, one people, and one American family.” Trump’s opening tone was uncharacteristically Holding on… President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, holds a press conference on January 26, 2018 in Kinshasa. DR Congo President Joseph Kabila on January 26 stood by the timetable for delayed elections despite demands that he step down ahead of the poll. concerned about the situation for over 43,000 Burundian refugees just across the lake in South Kivu, mainly at Lusenda and Mulongwe. Congolese heading to Tanzania are also crossing Lake Tanganyika from South Kivu to locations in and around the city of Kigoma – many exhausted and unwell. “The influx is placing enormous pressure on existing shelter, water and sanitation facilities, and many people have conciliatory, although it bridged no compromise on his drive to reduce immigration – which he painted as responsible for a plethora of social ills. He touched on a range of foreign policy issues – including, in an emotive moment, offering the spotlight to crippled North Korean amputee defector Ji Seong-ho, who waved a crutch in the air as he received a prolonged standing ovation. Trump warned that Pyongyang’s “reckless” nuclear drive could “very soon” threaten the US homeland, while also eyeing the geopolitical challenge posed by adversaries China and Russia. But Trump’s State of the Union, the third longest on record at one hour 20 minutes, was overwhelmingly focused on domestic concerns. Among those looking on were dozens of cross-armed Democratic lawmakers, some decked in black to honour the victims of sexual harassment and still others wearing butterfly stickers no choice but to sleep in the open,” asserted Baloch, adding that UNHCR was mobilising relief aid for the reception areas and preparing to transfer the new arrivals to the country’s northwest Nyarugusu refugee camp. “ including inter-communal violence in Ituri province and military offensives in North Kivu have also driven more Congolese to Uganda. Since December, more than 15,000 people have in support of immigrants – two social issues that more than any others have roiled America in the age of Trump. Also in the audience were members of Trump’s own family including the first lady, Melania, who recently cancelled a joint trip to Davos, Switzerland and has not been seen with her husband in public since reports alleged he paid porn actress Stormy Daniels hush money over an affair, which the White House denies. Breaking with tradition, the the Capitol, because, according Stephanie Grisham, she was accompanying guests. Over the years the State of the Union address, a set piece of the American political calendar, has lost some of its impact and pizzazz. But the primetime address, watched by as many as 40 million Americans, was still a once-ina-year opportunity for Trump to speak to the nation and mend his sunken approval ratings, entered Uganda either on foot or by crossing Lake Albert in fishing boats or canoes. January arrivals, at around 330 people per day, are four times what they were in December. The DRC is one of the world’s most complex crises as local As 2018 began, some displaced, about 674,879 of them in other African countries, and about 4.35 million internally. - Nampa/ANA languishing around 40 percent. A C N N p o l l r e l e a s e d afterward suggested people who watched the address were underwhelmed by it. Seeking to enliven his own base, Trump spoke at length on the need for immigration reform, drawing hisses from the opposition as he equated immigrants with criminality and economic tension and spoke of “chain migration”. For decades, he lamented, “open borders” had allowed “drugs and gangs to pour into” the United States. He again called for the construction of a border wall that remains unfunded in Congress. “They have allowed millions of low-wage workers to compete for jobs and wages against the poorest Americans. Most tragically, they have caused the loss of many innocent lives.” Two couples whose daughters were murdered by MS-13, a Salvadoran gang, were among those joining the – Nampa/AFP

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