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6 NEWS Thursday, February 1 2018 | NEW ERA Welcome gesture... Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture Permanent Secretary, Sanet Steenkamp at the handing over of furniture at Groot Aub Primary School. Photo: Nampa Steenkamp says learners should understand importance of national anthem GROOT AUB Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Sanet Steenkamp, has instructed teachers to teach learners the proper way to sing the national anthem. Steenkamp was speaking on Tuesday at Groot Aub Primary School during the handover of furniture worth N0,000 donated by First National Bank Namibia (FNB). “It is important that learners are taught from a young age that there is only one way of standing when singing the national anthem as we take pride in our nation and country,” she said. She said it is also the responsibility of all teachers to ensure that every child knows the national anthem’s lyrics. “This is an instruction that every teacher must adhere to,” she said, adding that the learners must sing the national anthem with pride, understanding and praise in their hearts, with respect to those who came before them. Steenkamp explained that educating children on the importance of cultural values and promotion of cultural diversity starts with the national anthem. She called for the community and parents to show more involvement in their children’s education and ensure that Monday, 29 January 2018 Centre Tal Street 07:00-16:00 United House Centre 08:30-16:00 Swakopmund Town (Ferdinand Stich Str 4) 13:00-18:00 Tuesday, 30 January 2018 Centre Tal Street 07:00-16:00 United House Centre 08:30-16:00 Grootfontein Town (NG Church Hall) 11:00-18:00 Walvis Bay Town (Behind Welwitschia Medi-park) 13:00-18:00 Wednesday, 31 January 2018 Centre Tal Street 07:00-16:00 United House Centre 08:30-16:00 Kolin Foundation Secondary School (Arandis) 09:00-13:00 Thursday, 1 February 2018 Centre Tal Street 07:00-18:00 United House Centre 08:30-16:00 the furniture donated to the school is taken care of. Groot Aub Primary School, located some 60 kilometres south of Windhoek, has over 900 learners. Steenkamp thanked FNB for its generosity, saying the donation is a clear indication of how much they value the people of Groot Aub, especially the learners. She expressed hope that the furniture will go a long way in adding value to the learners’ lives and in transforming the community by helping to produce professionals and entrepreneurs who will develop Groot Aub into a place that everyone will want to associate themselves with. – Nampa PUBLIC PARTICIPATION NOTICE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT FOR THE CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATIONS OF A FUEL RETAIL FACILITY AND TRUCK PORT IN KARASBURG Karas Oasis Petroleum Trading CC has requested Geo Pollution Technologies (Pty) Ltd to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the construction and operations of a fuel retail facility and truck port next to the main road in Karasburg. The EIA for the construction and operational activities of the facility will be according to the Environmental Management Act of 2007, and its regulations as published in 2012, in order to apply for an Environmental Clearance Certificate. The facility will supply unleaded petrol and diesel from five underground storage tanks, of 46 m 3 each, via pumps in a forecourt area. Construction activities will include installation of storage tanks, pumps, reticulation, spill control infrastructure, and all related buildings and services. Operations will involve the receipt of fuel from road tankers, its sale to retail customers, and related activities. All Interested and Affected Parties are invited to register with the environmental consultant. Additional information can be requested from Geo Pollution Technologies. The project location can be viewed at All comments and concerns must be submitted to Geo Pollution Technologies by 9 February 2018. André Faul Geo Pollution Technologies (Pty) Ltd Telephone: +264-61-257411 Fax: +264-88626368 E-Mail: Ministry of Education scam case awaiting PG’s decision RUNDU The case in which teachers from the Kavango regions are implicated in embezzling N million from the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has been handed over to the Prosecutor-General. An accountant, whose identity is known but cannot be made public before she appears in court, is suspected of making unlawful payments into various teachers’ bank accounts without authorisation from supervisors by using her colleagues’ passwords between 2013 and 2016. “The case now involves 24 teachers, including the main suspect, and a total amount of N million that was embezzled,” NamPol’s Kavango East Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Bonifatius Kanyetu told Nampa on enquiry yesterday. Kanyetu said the case was handed over to the PG for a decision on December 20, 2017. He further explained that cases of a serious nature, like this one, are sent to the PG for a decision on whether it should be referred to a regional court or the High Court. “Public outcry is high and members of society want clarity on what happened to these public of this nature needs the PG’s scrutiny,” he stated. Kanyetu said all investigations have been completed and they are just waiting for the PG’s decision for the matter to be taken further. – Nampa Over 70 learners drop out of Minna Sachs KEETMANSHOOP Over 70 learners dropped out at Minna Sachs Primary School in the Tseiblaagte residential area of Keetmanshoop in 2017. T h i s d a t a w a s p a r t o f information availed to parents at a school meeting recently. S c h o o l a u t h o r i t i e s d u r i n g that occasion urged parents to encourage their children to take education seriously and to remain in school for as long as possible. A parent who spoke to Nampa said it was shocking that learners “in this day and age” drop out during the primary school phase. “We heard how teachers would go to the houses of the learners who fail to ask them to attend school, only to be told that they would not return,” the parent said. Approached by this agency, principal Richard Namaseb said most of those who dropped out were in the upper-primary phase. “Learners dropping out is a common thing at Minna Sachs; it has been happening for years,” Namaseb said. He pointed out that the main reason for this occurrence was that parents had no control over their children. “Many of these learners come from single-parent homes and there is a problem with control at home,” said the principal. Alcohol abuse in the home and community was another factor highlighted by Namaseb, in addition to some learners residing with their grandparents. “The elders are old and weak and cannot walk the learners to and from school,” he said. In some instances, families relocate to other towns or villages and move learners without informing the school. The principal said he is now dealing with a situation where parents of some of those learners who dropped out last year, demand that their children be taken back. “These are some of the issues and Government wants young learners back in school too,” Namaseb said. Constance Wantenaar, the education inspector of the Kalahari Circuit under which Minna Sachs falls, said she was not aware of the situation at the school when approached for comment. – Nampa ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (EIA) PUBLIC PARTICIPATION PROCESS DR3507: BUKALO – MUYAKO – NGOMA ROAD UPGRADE Friday, 2 February 2018 Centre Tal Street 07:00-16:00 United House Centre 08:30-16:00 Sponsored by: Applicant: Roads Authority Environmental consultants: Aurecon Namibia Project: EIA for the proposed upgrade of the +-60 km DR3507 dirt road from Bukalo to Ngoma via Muyako in the Zambezi Region Review & comment period: The Draft Scoping Report is available for review and comment from 31 January to 15 February 2018 Legislative requirements: The proposed project triggers activities listed in Appendix B of the Namibian Environmental Policy of 1994, and Activities in Government Notice No 29 of the Environmental Management Act (No 7 of 2007) and therefore an Environmental Impact Assessment process is re- Purpose of comment period: To present the proposed project and to afford Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) an opportunity to comment on the project to ensure that all issues and concerns are Public Participation: I&APs are required to notify Aurecon in writing should they wish to register as 15 February 2018 Please note:

Thursday, February 1 2018 | NEW ERA ADVERT 7 REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA MINISTRY OF DEFENCE PRESS RELEASE ALLEGATIONS OF GHOST EMPLOYEES LEVELED AGAINST THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is overwhelmed by the allegations of ghost employees in the Namibian Defence Force and here would like to put the following on record: registered and who registered her as a tax payer while she does not work for the MOD? Who committed the mistake that caused her to lose the Further fabricated allegations driven by the same complainant appeared on the front page of the Namibian Newspaper article titled “Outrage by NDF’s ghost employees th Intake) th must be seriously warned that their allegations are of serious nature and a defamation of the character of the MOD in particular and the national

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