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New Era Newspaper Thursday February 1, 2018

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8 NEWS Thursday, February 1 2018 | NEW ERA “You need more fundable proposals for self-sustaining projects. When we were at the universities, we had professors that were mandated to write good project proposals that will attract local and international investors and donors. The funds raised through the projects would pay their salaries, and the rest went into the operational budget of the institution.” – Dr Becky Ndjoze-Ojo Tertiary institutions urged to initiate fundable projects Lahja Nashuuta Windhoek Public institutions of higher learning have been asked budgetary needs from alternative sources, as government is only of Higher Education, Training and Innovation Becky Ndjoze- Ojo made the call yesterday academic year. over the years and needs to be resolved. If we are to assist eligible Namibian students with education, then more needs to be done, not only by the ministry [but] the universities as well,” she said. Ndjoze-Ojo also reaffirmed “You need more fundable that were mandated to write good local and international investors and donors. The funds raised their salaries, and the rest went institution,” said Ndjoze-Ojo. She further said the high the National Policy of Higher guidelines on how to overcome some of the challenges facing the higher education sector. Professor Tjama Tjivikua can hold meetings as well as other technologies, as the major challenges the university is faced with. year. We are still engaging the hall. We always tell government that, ‘give us resources and we We want to move from good to great,” Tjivikua said. The government has been national budget to education.

Thursday, February 1 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 9 Employment prospects elude health extension workers Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop A group of 86 health extension workers who recently graduated at Keetmanshoop are still sitting at home waiting for the Ministry of Health and Social Services to employ them. Health extension workers are seen as a vital link between health facilities and communities, especially those in rural areas as they take health services closer to them, but while they would usually be employed upon completion of their studies, the new graduates are yet to be deployed due to lack of funds. //Kharas regional health director Barth Mutenda said it is unfortunate this group is still to be deployed, but gave his assurance that they will be at their work stations as soon as funds are available. He explained that while the plan was to get every one of them employed immediately after completing their six-months training, the situation became complicated due to the country’s economic situation. “They will be employed – however the pace depends on our coffers, and we were not yet given Nafau members threaten to withdraw membership the green light to call them for not stabilise, so we are waiting on the allocations and instructions to do so,” he said. He added that due to the economic situation no additional employees can be accommodated at the moment. He said the ministry’s head of- until the end January or next month, to assess the situation further, but he noted that the extension workers are a priority. “If you have a negative salary bill then you do not have money to recruit, so that is what the delay is about, but things are being done to make sure that we get a balanced salary bill then they can start. It is not that we have a procedural challenge or so – if the money is there, they will be employed even within a week.” Meanwhile, the director informed New Era that there have been no cases of hepatitis E reported in the //Kharas Region so far, but said the region is ready to handle such cases should they arise. John Muyamba Rundu Some members of the Namibian Food and Allied Workers Union (Nafau) in Rundu have threatened to withdraw their membership if their general secretary Jacob Penda does not take their concerns seriously, and they feel they are being neglected. Some members of the union who held a press conference in Rundu said the region has no proper structure since ference that was supposed to elect the regional leadership in August 2016, amongst other complaints. “We the branch executive committee, with the members of Nafau Rundu branch, are not happy with the attitude of comrade Penda and his team as a general secretary. Since he was elected as the general secretary he is treating us like we are not members of Nafau,” said Maria Kazere, Nafau’s regional treasure in Rundu who read the press statement on behalf of all concerned members. “Requesting budgets is a problem, requesting top leaders to come and assist the region when needed is also a problem. Penda gave the to a certain Shikongo while the branch account was active, and this has also contributed to us not having the regional structure up to date,” she said. They are also unhappy the that the regional treasurer should be transferred to Windhoek without consulting her. According to the press statement delivered on December 12, 2017 the Rundu president of the union requesting the presence of receive the petition letter, but up to date there was no response. National library remains closed for renovations Staff Reporter Windhoek The National Library and National Archives remains closed to members of the public until emergency plumbing work is completed, the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has The National Library and National Archives closed its doors to the public early last month as the building started falling apart and also experienced plumbing problems. Its closure has inconvenienced researchers both locally and internationally who are required to use this facility for their work. The National Library and Archives is the only public research institution mandated by the Namibia Library and Information Act (Act No. 4 of 2000) to collect, preserve and promote access to its collection, nationally and internationally. It also serves as the only national bibliographic agency responsible for the allocation of the International Standard Book Number/International Standard Serial Number (ISBN/ISSN) to publishers and authors of books, magazines or anything published in Namibia. “The ministry is cognisant of the importance of the National Library and Archives to the community as well as our visiting and local researchers,” said the Permanent Secretary in “We have learned that Penda and his team are not considering our concerns in our region and are taking their own decisions. Just recently they appointed a certain Simon from elsewhere to come and work in Rundu, without consulting us, we were not informed. Our demand is that Simon should work as a regional coordinator and Maria who is the branch treasurer should be the branch organiser – if not then we are going to withdraw our membership from Nafau, therefore we need answers as a matter of urgency,” their statement further spelled out. secretary must provide sufficient answers before 30 January, he must come himself or delegate someone,” the disgruntled members said in unison. New Era tried to get a comment from Nafau general secretary Penda, but who was unavailable. the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Sanet Steenkamp. She said the national archives is the only national institution that preserves the Namibian history and provides access to these records. “It holds records dating from the 1800’s,” she stated. She said the national library is the only government institution responsible for setting standards, inspecting records and ensuring and state-owned enterprises follow proper records management as mandated by an Act of Parliament (Act No. 12 of 1992). A feasibility study which was done in 2012 revealed it had major structural problems, according to Steenkamp. “The ministry of works over the years did repairs as problems occurred. Given the magnitude of the problem, the ministry has prioritized renovations of this building as one of the projects to be funded by the African Development Bank,” Steenkamp added. Disgruntled… Some of the Nafau members that gathered in Rundu to support the regional branch during the press conference. Reading the statement is Maria Kazere, the regional branch treasurer. Invitation by The Church Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) for construction of Kindergartens in two regions CAFO is inviting bids for the construction of ECD centres (kindergarten) in: 1. TSES VILLAGE in //Karas Region - The building will be with three pots for boys and girls and an open kitchen 2. RUNDU - KAISOSI in Kavango East Region – The building with a store room and toilets with three pots for boys and girls Enquiries: Enquiries can be directed to Mrs Laura Cronje, Cell: 0813296536 E-mail: and Mrs Spendu Onesmus, Cell: 0811281771 E-mail: Bid documents are obtainable from: Katutura, ERF 753 Bernard Nordkamp Centre Hans Uirab Street Katutura Submission of Quotations should be delivered at the CAFO a) A non-refundable levy of N0.00 is payable in advance (cash or Bank guaranteed cheques only) when obtaining documents b) All bids should be accompanied by references on previous construction work done c) All bids should be submitted in sealed envelopes Closing date: 26 February 2018 at 11h00

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