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4 NEWS Thursday, February 22 2018 | NEW ERA Trial in Okahandja human WINDHOEK A woman accused of luring a girl from Okahenge village in the Omusati Region to Okahandja in 2017 with promises of employment, will go on trial in May this year. The trial will take place in the made another appearance before during a pre-trial conference of case management review on Wednesday. She was informed that the trial of the girl for sexual exploitation would begin on May 7. The hearing of the trial is set to ment reached by State Advocate Felisitas Shikerete-Vendura and defence lawyer Milton Engelbrecht in court yesterday. day remanded in custody at the Klein Windhoek Police Station holding cells until the start of her trial on May 7. The young girl, after hearing of the job opportunity, left school and went to Okahandja. une, forced the girl to move in with them and forced her to have sex with Puariune on several occasions as payment for the N0 fee for the bus from northern Namibia to Okahandja. After two months, the state another house but the girl refused and was taken to a third man to live with him. She did so as she allegedly had no other choice. Photo: Matheus Hamutenya Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop Residents, business people and Keetmanshoop municipal staff last Friday all came together to clean up their town, which residents say has been dirty for sometime now. The cleaning campaign is an initiative of one determined resident, Delmari Bergh, who has lived at the town all her life but says has never seen such an ugly sight. “My husband and I were driving one day and I could not believe how dirty this place is. And everyone talks about this. I have been here 24 years and I have never seen it this dirty, so I decided to make it better and the response has been great,” she said. Sand – a business where her husband works – took the initiative to lead the clean-up campaign. Super Sand was joined by Nam- Water, HFT Plant Hire, Kaap-Agri, Plastic Packaging who all availed trucks, graders, front loaders, tipper trucks, plastic bags, water and other materials for use during the clean-up. Friday, with special focus on the informal areas along the B1 main road. The dirt and rubbish in the area are an eyesore to residents and tourists coming into the town using the B1 road. Rudo-Whan Benade, environ- pality, told New Era that although the municipality wants to keep all places clean at all times, residents make it all over, adding that residents need to play their part in ensuring that the town is clean. “This is the main entrance to our town, we want to keep it clean and also show the residents that we see the need and we want to improve, but the community does not contribute or they do not understand that their cleanliness is important,” he said. He said that sometimes waste dumped illegally piles up and the municipality does not have the necessary equipment to remove such waste, and he urged residents to refrain from dumping waste at prohibited areas. “Our residents dump their waste at illegal places, this makes it dif- biggest headache and we thank the businesses for availing their machinery to make this possible,” he said. The second phase of the campaign is expected soon. Kuzeeko Tjitemisa Windhoek The long-awaited multi-million Katutura remain on the cards. This is even though the construction of commence for another six months. Labour Investment Holdings deus Shigwedha said the technical studies for the new building have been completed, which found it is feasible for them to put up a building of such structure. The estimated cost is N3 million. The proposed nine-storey building will be the largest in Katutura. “The rezoning to increase the State-of-the-art… bulk size has been submitted with the council and we already signed pretenant agreements which are mostly with corporate companies that do not in Mungunda Street in Katutura. arm of the country’s largest trade New Era reported in 2015 plans by LIH to construct a state-of-the- Katutura. Fillemon Iyambo, said the new building would comprise a hotel, a conference centre to house 800 rented out. Iyambo had said the new building would be turned into a com-

Thursday, February 22 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Albertina Nakale Windhoek The Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) is overwhelmed by the increase in disciplinary cases recorded due to misconduct by employees. According to the ministry spokesperson Romeo Muyunda, the main reasons for these cases stem from misuse of government vehicles, theft of government properties and insubordination, among others. He, however, could not provide the number of people who got dismissed due to these cases. The environment minister Pohamba Shifeta spoke about the high number of disciplinary cases in the ministry when he addressed the ministry staff on Monday, saying the issue has “become a matter of grave concern”. “I want to urge all of you to adhere to the set code of conduct, laws and policies as well as the Public Service Act. I encourage further that we observe the provisions of the Public Service Charter and derive our approach to service delivery thereof,” MET overwhelmed by disciplinary cases Shifeta noted. He called on the ministerial team to rededicate and recommit themselves to serving the nation as they have demonstrated over the years. Further, he said, there is a need to realign the ministry’s contribution in accordance with the needs of the system since the public service is undergoing some serious and exciting transformations that call for optimising service delivery within the resources that are available. President Hage Geingob recently called upon his cabinet ministers to adopt the 2018 theme “the year of reckoning” and as such, Shifeta says, it is expected of all civil servants to deliver to the expectations of people. He urged staff members to rededicate themselves and work harmoniously as a team as it is the only Pohamba Shifeta way they can achieve set objectives and goals. “I want to discourage laxity, laziness and other related unproductive behaviour and urge that we continue with the culture of hard work that you have demonstrated without any doubt.” Another area of concern to Shifeta is tourism, which he says has the to the growth of the economy and the upliftment of people. He says despite the steady increase in the country’s tourism arrivals, he is concerned that the industry is not doing enough to attract more tourists to Namibia in terms of marketing and customer service. He said customer service is lacking in the Namibian tourism industry, adding that many employees in the sector are unfriendly towards visitors. Therefore, he called on the Tourism Competitive Advisory Council and the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Tourism Development to work hard to change this trend. He noted that the two bodies should work together and develop a training manual for customer service in the tourism sector to realise the service delivery and customer service concept. “It is my conviction that Namibians are hospitable people and therefore I encourage that all our citizens demonstrate this. Any crime committed against our tourists is a setback in the sector and has the potential to reverse our past gains,” Shifeta said. He urged the tourism sector to work together to rather give the visitors a welcome to Namibia, saying without proper customer service “we cannot be able to compete with other markets or make Namibia a preferred tourist destination when our people are angry or unfriendly”. Shifeta also bid farewell to his deputy Tommy Nambahu, who is now the deputy minister at labour, industrial relations and employment creation. He welcomed his new deputy Bernadette Jagger to the ministry. Schlaga ‘comment’ irks NYC’s Kapere … wants him reprimanded Kuzeeko Tjitemisa Windhoek National Youth Council (NYC) Executive Chairperson Mandela Kapere says he is disturbed by the comment allegedly made by the German Ambassador to Namibia, Christian Schlaga, at State House last week. Schlaga allegedly said that “Germany paid more per capita to Namibia in development aid compared to any other African country.” Schlaga supposedly said this when responding to President Hage Geingob who had asked the European ambassadors what they have done, or are doing, to help Namibia address the legacy of structural injustice of poverty that has its roots in the colonial past of the country. Geingob last week had a meeting with EU Ambassador to Namibia Jana Hybaskova, Schlaga, Spanish Ambassador Concha Figuerola, and a representative for Pirkko-Liisa Kyostila, the Finnish ambassador, to discuss how the EU could align its development Development Plan (NDP5) and the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP). “I was extremely concerned by the out-of-context boasting of Schlaga regarding the so-called ‘highest per capita income aid to Namibia’,” said Kapere. He said in his opinion such a boastful remark was extremely insensitive and crude to the extent it may have bordered on being insulting. Kapere says Schlaga’s comment can be compared to the now infamous remark made by then Secretary of State for International Development in the Cabinet of then-Prime Minister Tony Blair, Clare Short, on Zimbabwe with regard to Britain’s obligation to land reform in that country. “At best, this view represents a total lack of sincerity on the part of the German government in respect of the ongoing negotiations between our two governments, and at worst a continued arrogance in European foreign policy towards Africa in general,” he said. Kapere says the remark made by Schlaga was an ill-fated attempt at intellectual shrewdness but can in the disrespectful towards Namibian people. “Schlaga conveniently forgets that Germany was responsible for but never formally acknowledged and apologised committed by his country from 1904 to 1908 against the people of Namibia, in order to extend ‘lebensraum’ for Germans,” he said. He said the type of conduct as displayed by Schlaga is unbecoming for an ambassador whose mission is supposed to be to establish understanding and goodwill between the peoples of the sending and receiving states. “Schlaga demonstrates through his derisive comments to the Namibian people that he does not understand the full extent of the moral, social and economic injustices perpetrated by his forebears on the Namibian people,” he said. “If he did, he would not have shrugged off the president’s concerns,” he added. Kapere says shoving the notion that Germany gives the highest per capita aid to Namibia since independence into the Namibian people’s faces, Schlaga deliberately attempts to obfuscate historical reality and deny that Namibians deserve the same treatment, for “moral compelling reasons”, that were and atonement vis-à-vis the state of Israel. “Does he seek to suggest that black lives do not matter in the eyes of Germany? Why then this attempt to negate the struggle of Namibians against the legacy of German colonial rule in Namibia?” “I for these reasons call on the Federal Republic of Germany to call the German ambassador to order,” he said. Disgruntled… Some of the teachers who are due for graduation and demanding jobs from the Unemployed teachers picket at John Muyamba Rundu Some 100 teachers who are eligible to graduate this year picketed in front of the regional demanding an audience with the director of education Fanuel Kapapero to hand him their petition. They demanded that the education ministry reconsider the decision of the In-Service Training (INSET) programme that has enrolled close to 1,000 practising junior primary teachers, with the same number again to be enrolled each year over the next three years. “The INSET programme should be placed on halt as the country is producing more and those that are already in the programme should go for fulltime studies,” said the petition which was read by Kazungo Nikodemus on behalf of the group. Kapapero however refused to the petition, saying he was not informed prior to the gathering. “There are procedures and these people did not follow them,” Kapapero told New Era. The group, which represented over 500 other unemployed teachers countrywide, wants for them (the protesters) to be recruited into the system. In their petition they also noted that the ministry should see to it that recruitment of teachers be done by the regional saying this has brought too the education system through corruption, as some headmasters hire who they know or favour, and for various personal reasons, which in the end compromises the quality of education. “Directors must not sign recommendation forms for unqualified teachers that principals bring to them – it will Directors in all 14 regions must also not give excuses to recruit temporary teachers because a certain teacher has for example rejected a post in the extremely rural areas – in that case call post,” Nikodemus said.

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