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New Era Newspaper Thursday February 8, 2018

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6 NEWS Thursday, February 8 2018 | NEW ERA PUBLIC NOTICE STRATEGIC EXECUTIVE: HOUSING, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND HUMAN SETTLEMENT Tel.: 061-290 2591 / Fax: 061-290 2060 SECTION A: TENDER FOR UNIMPROVED PROPERTIES A. 1. TENDER INVITATION The City of Windhoek hereby advertises the sale of 33 unimproved, industrial and business zoned Erven in Khomasdal, Katutura, Kleine Kuppe and Pionierspark. The Erf sizes ranges between 303 m² and 18,168 m² in extent, and the upset prices between N6,000.00 and N,152,000.00. NSA to unveil TENDER No.: HPH 01/2018 TITLE: CLOSING DATE AND TIME: TRAINING SESSION: TENDER DOCUMENTS: LAST DATE TO BUY DOCUMENTS: LEVY (non-refundable): ENQUIRIES TECHNICAL: ENQUIRIES PROCUREMENT: DELIVERY ADDRESS: “PROPERTIES – TENDER: HPH 01/2018 (COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES)”: Tenders are hereby invited for the sale of 33 industrial and business, zoned unimproved properties situated in Khomasdal, Katutura, Kleine Kuppe and Pionierspark. Two Tenders, one original and one copy thereof in sealed envelopes marked “PROPERTIES – TENDER: HPH 01/2018 (COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES)” must be addressed and delivered, as set out hereunder, not later than 11:00 on FRIDAY, 09 MARCH 2018. No tenders will be considered if such tender had not been delivered - or had not been deposited in the TENDER BOX at Customer Care Centre - by that time and date. A Training Session would be held on 21 FEBRUARY 2018 at 09h00 in the NIPAM Executive Conference Hall to advise prospective tenderers on the requirements of the completion of the Tender Document. Tender documents (Tender Conditions and Draft Deed of Sale) will be available as from WEDNESDAY, 14 FEBRUARY 2018. Prospective tenderers can access the City’s website at (www. NB The tender documentation on the website to be treated for viewing only. Only those obtained at the Customer Care Centre will be used for tendering purposes. The last date for selling of the Tender Documents will be TUESDAY, 06 MARCH 2018, and no Tender Documents will be sold thereafter. Non-refundable fee of N0.00 (V.A.T. inclusive) Mr. R. Van Rooi or Mr E. T. Shapopi Tel: +264 - (0)61 – 290 2045 or 290 3354 E-mail: or Ms. Ivy Matali or Ms. C. Bezuidenhout Tel: +264 - (0)61 – 290 3392 / 290 3418 E-mail: or Property Management – P O Box 59, Windhoek Customer Care Centre or MARKED TENDER BOX at CUSTOMER CARE CENTRE, City of Windhoek - Reverend Michael Scott Street, Windhoek John Muyamba Rundu The Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) will next Wednesday present Intercensal Demographic and Labour Force statistics for the Kavango East region. The presentation will be done by the labour and demographic statistics team. “What it entails is that it will give an outline of the current demographic characteristics for the Kavango East region as per the survey that was carried out in 2016,” explained Nelson Ashipala, communications specialist at NSA. Ashipala notes the presentation will also give the latest employment region. NSA has invited all stakeholders, including councillors, to attend the presentation, as this will allow them to understand their communities’ dimensions and enable them to address the plight of people from an informed perspective. The Intercensal Demographic and Labour Force survey of 2016 was the NSA since its establishment in April 2012. It was conducted countrywide and is useful for evidence-based planning and decision-making at national and regional levels. The presentation will be held in the boardroom of the Kavango East Regional Council. Notice No. 09/2018 Issued by: Office of the Chief Executive Officer Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Participation Tel: +264 61 290 2365 / 2044 Fax: +264 61 290 2344 E-mail: RUNDU TOWN COUNCIL PUBLIC NOTICE DEPARTMENT OF TECHNICAL SERVICES: DIVISION: TOWN PLANNING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 63(2) (b) of the Local Authorities Act, (Act 23 of 1992) as amended, that the Council of Rundu Town intends to sell by way of offer to purchase the following immovable properties. SALE OF IMMOVABLE PROPERTIES BY WAY OF OFFER TO PURCHASE ERF TOWNSHIP SIZE (M2) ZONING PURCHASE PRICE PURCHASER Any objection to the sale of any of the listed properties should be done in writing Written objections shall be addressed to: Rundu Photo: Nampa Unknown people disrupted water at Katutura State Hospital WINDHOEK The City of Windhoek has attributed the three-day disruption of water provision to the Katutura State Hospital to an intentional act of an unknown person or persons, who closed the gate valve at the hospital. According to local media, the water supply to the hospital was interrupted from Saturday. CoW spokesperson Lydia Amutenya said in a media release yesterday that a standby team of the Bulk Water Division of CoW received a call regarding the water shortage at the hospital on Saturday evening. “When the team arrived at the hospital, they found that the municipal gate valve at the tee-off (to the hospital) was closed and it is still not known when the valve was closed and by whom,” Amutenya said, adding that some of the tools used to close the valve were reportedly also found at the site. She added that the meter is located on the hospital’s premises and is enclosed in a chamber. “The chamber is not easily reachable by the public. However, we are aware that the Ministry of Works and Transport recently repaired pipes on the hospital premises,” the statement added. Despite the three-day interruption, the CoW was on Monday morning able to supply about 1,000 litres of water to the hospital, upon request. This interruption, according to the CoW, not only inconvenienced hospital operations but also caused damage to the hospital’s storage tanks as the main supply was closed. The statement further asked the two ministries concerned, the works ministry and Ministry of Health and Social Services, to accept responsibility for this matter as CoW’s role ends at the water meter. The health ministry was advised to consider a lockable system at the water meter and that one key be provided to the CoW for emergency purposes. “This will prevent the unauthorised opening and closing of the gate valves by unknown persons in future,” Amutenya said. – Nampa

Thursday, February 8 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 7 More royalties for local artists Staff Reporter Windhoek Apart from local artists depending on annual royalties from Nascam the organisation also collects levies for general licencing from all music users around the country, that include; jukebox operators or owners, hotels, restaurants, lodges, bars, shopping centres, stores, nightclubs/ discos, public and private schools, sports clubs, live music concert organisers, just to mention but a few. General licencing clearly states the owner or operator of an establishment where music is publicly performed is required to obtain the advanced authorisation required for the performance of copyrighted music on the premises from Nascam. New Era understands that each establishment around the country pays a different tariff, which determines their licence fee per annum. In turn, artists can only expect some sort of payout once the general licencing collections are done. ‘Blanket licence’ collections only top up royalties’ collection, when that year’s collection has a surplus and the administration was minimal, and the Nascam board of directors agrees to add each and every member of the society to the list When this reporter asked if any local art- from this sector of revenue, John Max CEO of Nascam responded in writing that, “Local songwriters always like receiving royalties, be able to register their musical works on a professional process system that links their music to the international database, … collections used for the total running the operation of the organisation for them to have a sense of belonging …these that artists couldn’t see and understand until one has to explain in detail to them.” Nascam has collected payments for general licencing for 2017, but once the auditing process of the year. Members of the organisation are then only informed at their Annual General Meeting in July about possible payouts. Max added, “When NASCAM started with its The City of Windhoek intends to sell or lease properties or portions thereof as indicated in the table below by way of private treaty in terms of Section 63(2)(3) of the Local Authorities Act, Act 23 of 1992. Maps with all the relevant information with respect to the Erven or portions thereof are available free of charge at the Customer Care Centre, Independence Avenue for inspection. All interested parties are called upon to lodge their written objections, if any, in a sealed envelope in the GLASS BOX indicating “OBJECTIONS TO THE SALE AND LEASE OF VARIOUS IMPROVED and UNIMPROVED PROPERTIES, NOTICE NO. 06/2018” by no later than 20 February 2018. The objections will be removed on 20 February 2018 at 11:00 and those submitted after the stipulated time will not be considered. SALE AND LEASE OF VARIOUS UNIMPROVED PROPERTIES Erf Township Size (m²) Street Zoning Council Resolution Purchase Price (Excluding 15%VAT) Purchaser Erf 6508 Khomasdal ± 74,933 Kornalyn Street Undetermined 258/10/2017 N,486,000.00 Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation Erf 6509 Khomasdal ± 81,852 Chat Street Undetermined 258/10/2017 N,008,000.00 Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation Portion A of Erf 3066 for consolidation with Erf 3041 Exchange of Portion A of Erf R/8457 with Portion B of Erf 10505 Otjomuise ± 305 San Mames Street Katutura ± 328 ± 568 Safari Street Erf 1412 Goreangab ± 2,706 Green Mountain Dam Road Public Open Space 94/05/2015 N,000.00 Gideon Hakuria Public Open Space Institutional Portion of Erf 1729 Wanaheda ± 3,000 Mersey Street Public Open Space 367/11/2013 283/12/2016 123/06/2017 Portion A of Erf 4616 for consolidation with Erf 4377 Portion A of Erf R/3738 for consolidation with Erf 3512 Portion A of RE/2620 for consolidation with Erf 2470 Portion A of Erf 1729 Wanaheda for consolidation with Erf 1491 Portion of Erf 3736 for consolidation with Erf 3717 Portion of Dr Kwame Nkrumah Avenue Windhoek ± 654 Robert Mugabe Avenue 127/05/2015 Exchange Zanele Mbeki Primary School and Day Care Centre Institutional 177/09/2017 N6,100.00 Hileni Wound Care and Nursing Services N,095,000.00 Racoon Investments CC Public Open Space 294/10/2013 N4,800.00 Diana’S Boutique Hotel CC Katutura ± 325 Agrippa Street Public Open Space 124/06/2017 N,100.00 P. M. Mushimba Wanaheda ± 209 Omongo Street Public Open Space 11/01/2017 N,400.00 R. Himarua Wanaheda ± 527 Mercy Street Public Open Space 282/12/2016 278/11/2017 N7,000.00 J.N. Kafidi Otjomuise ± 175 Boston Street Public Open Space 158/08/2016 N,200.00 B. Reiss LEASE OF UNIMPROVED PROPERTIES Erf Township Size (m²) Street Zoning Council Resolution Lease Amount per month Klein Windhoek ± 112 Dr Kwame Nkrumah Avenue Outside Building on Erf 682 Windhoek - Davey Street Residential Enquiries: Sales operations, it was supposed to start with a grace collection period but it started with bravely collecting and distributing at the same time, which has never happened in the NOTICE FOR OBJECTIONS STRATEGIC EXECUTIVE: HOUSING, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND HUMAN SETTLEMENT Enquiries: Customer Care Centre, Independence Avenue ALLOCATION OF VARIOUS ERVEN BY WAY OF PRIVATE TREATY IN TERMS OF SECTION 63(2)(3) OF THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES ACT, ACT 23 OF 1992 Mr. Russel Van Rooi Tel: +264 61 – 290 2045 Acting Section Head: Property Sales and Acquisitions Property Management Division history of African Collecting Management Organisations.” Street 120/06/2016 165/08/2016 Enquiries: Leases Notice No. 06/2018 Issued by: Office of the Chief Executive Officer N,264.17 236/10/2017 N,587.16 Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Participation Tel: +264 61 290 2365 / 2044 Fax: +264 61 290 2344 E-mail: Lessee Chinese Embassy Mr. David A. Negonga Tel: +264 61 – 290 3304 Section Head: Housing Schemes, Leaseholds and Settlements Property Management Division Association of Regional Councils in Namibia

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