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New Era Newspaper Thursday January 11, 2018

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14 WOEMA Thursday, January 11 2018 | NEW ERA Mercedes enters the campers market For high-end market… Mercedes-Benz is to roll out pickup camper bakkies to attract the tourism and travel market for those who wish to camp in luxury afforded by the three-pointed stars. Photo: Quickpic Staff Reporter Mercedes-Benz has entered the campers market with camper vans and pickup camper vans based on its newly launched pickup model. The models would be rolled out throughout 2018, with the right-hand models expected to launch later in the year. “It is important to us that our vehicles appeal to camper van bodybuilders as well, of course, to end lessly into our established product range,” says Volker Mornhinweg, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans. “We are also continuing to develop our own travel vans and recreational vehicles – with positive customer feedback. Our newest arrival in particular, the Marco Polo HORIZON, is proving very popular and has played a decisive role in the growth of the Marco Polo family. Which is why we have now decided to launch the newcomer in a righthand drive version, too,” continues Mornhinweg. The company says its new X- as it does so. It combines the typical characteristics of a pickup with the classic strengths of a Mercedes. As a pickup it is robust, strong and with good off-road capability. At the same time its good looks and individualisation options, its comfort, safety features and networking capability are typical Mercedes-Benz passenger car qualities. With its wide track, coil springs at the front and rear, long wheelbase and the comfortable spring and damping system typical of Mercedes, the X-Class delivers exhilarating performance, both on and off road. Two four-cylinder engines deliver the necessary dynamism, one with an output of 120 kW and the other with an output of 140 kW. They can be ordered with either rearwheel drive or with the engageable 4MATIC all-wheel drive system. From mid-2018 a high-torque V6 diesel engine with all-wheel drive as standard will provide even more agility. The outstanding traction of the all-wheel drive models comes courtesy of the low-range gearing and an optional differential lock on the rear axle. A fording depth of up to 600 mm, a ground clearance of as much as 222 mm (optional suspension with raised ground clearance), a maximum gradeability of 100 percent and DSR (Downhill Speed Regulation) mean that the X-Class is ideally equipped to cope on even the most challenging of trails. With a towing capacity of up to 3.5 t, it is also capable of towing a wide variety of trailers, including caravans. Like all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the X-Class stands out for its exemplary level of safety. Its high level of occupant protection results from its especially solid car body with a high-strength passenger cell and a structure with a front and rear that can absorb energy through wellaimed deformation. Furthermore, passive safety is provided thanks to standard equipment such as seven airbags and the i-Size attachment system for two child seats. For active safety, three driver assistance systems are at the ready: Active Brake Assist, Lane Keeping Assist there are Trailer Stability Assist, tyre pressure monitoring system, emergency call system, cruise control and LED headlamps. If required, a reversing camera or even a 360-Degree Camera is available. Given this extensive level of equipment, the ments placed on a modern family and lifestyle vehicle. December was not good month for new vehicle sales Staff Reporter December 2017 was not a good month for new vehicle dealers. According to the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers in South Africa (Naamsa) sales of new vehicles for December 2017 declined by 1008 vehicles, or 2.4 percent. Only 40,636 new vehicles were sold in December 2017 compared to the sale of 41,644 new vehicles sold in December 2016. Naamsa represents the vehicle dealership franchise from South Africa in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho. “The December 2017 new passenger car market year-on-year volume decline of 6.4 percent in the case of cars and a noteworthy improvement in the case of light commercial vehicles of 7.0 percent. Sales of medium and heavy commercial vehicles were essentially unchanged year on year,” Naamsa said in a statement. Export sales from South Africa to other markets, excluding sales to the Southern African Customs Union member states, recorded a decline in De- of 1,333 vehicles or 7.1 percent compared to the 18,707 vehicles exported during December 2016. “This was largely attributable to the effect of model run-out and new model introduction of the new VW Polo range in 2018,” the association said. Nevertheless, the overall sales for 207 recorded a year-on-year improvement, albeit at a modest Naamsa says the improvement is due to modest gains in new car and light commercial vehicle sales, and was encouraging given subdued economic growth, pressure on consumers’ disposable income and low levels of consumer and business in July, 2017 had a positive effect. In the event, aggregate sales during 2017 rose by 10,039 units or 1.8 percent to 557,586 unit sales compared to the annual sales total of 547,547 in 2016. Major contributory factors to the improved new car and light commercial vehicle sales were the continued strong contribution by the car rental sector, which accounted for an estimated 16 percent of new car sales during the year, as well as unprecedented sales incentives by manufacturers and importers, particularly during the second half of 2017. Continental GT Let’s be honest: it was about time that Bentley thoroughly revised its Continental GT. Not that it was a bad car; on the contrary, but it was getting a bit long in the tooth. Launched in 2003 and re- in 2011, the Continental GT put Bentley back on the map with something other than a four-door sedan. It was very popular as it combined luxury with sheer power. Bentley cleverly extended the lifecycle of the previous generation by introducing the V8 later on, which helped to keep sales number up. But now Continental GT, and it does not disappoint! While its main lines are instantly recognizable as Bentley, for 2018 these are infused with design cues from the EXP 10 Speed 6, which the brand launched as a concept car in 2015. With its Matrix LED headlights and prominent folds in the hood, the front looks more organic, effectively shifting Bentley’s traditional styling a little bit closer to the future. Bentley’s designers were able to make the GT more athletic looking as well, using an increased wheelbase length 13.4 cm longer than the previous generation. The back of the car is also sig- - section. Fortunately, this also includes better-proportioned tail lights, making the back far less blunt in design. The oval design takes some getting used to as it would be more expected on an Italian thoroughbred then an English locomotive. Of course, part of the appeal of the Bentley Continental GT has always been found under the hood. There has never been a version lacking in power, and the updated 6.0-litre W12 in the new edition is most certainly not lacking in that department, either. This car can go 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds thanks to 466 kW engine. That is enough nearly all Porsches disappear in the rear-view mirror, and at least keep within reach of a Tesla. The Continental GT is capable of these sprints thanks to its Sport Launch mode, which is part of the new eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. But of Object of desire… The 2019 Bentley Continental GT Bentley's 2019 GT course burning rubber at every so most owners will probably appreciate the smoother gear changes that this gearbox provides. The Continental GT now also features more advanced cylinder deactivation as well as stop/start technology, which helps to reduce emissions by 16 percent in comparison to the previous model. To put the car even more in the GT spirit, the all-wheeldrive system has also been adapted, sending all its power to the rear wheels unless the system detects that it is more advantageous to also send some power to the front wheels. Bentley combines this with the “Bentley Dynamic Ride” the Bentayga, which improves grip and decreases body roll by placing electronic actuators on the axle’s anti-roll bars. The car is also equipped with new air suspension that has several settings: from supercar stiff to limousine smooth. The interior is a critical aspect of the Continental GT as many of its owners indeed use it to travel distances that are just for. That is also the beauty of the Continental GT as it is still used as a “GT,” which stands for grand tourer, a fast yet luxurious car made for longer trips rather than showing off along the local boulevard. To do this in comfort, the seats are 20-way adjustable and which now features a newly developed “diamond-in-diamond” quilted pattern. The owner is surrounded by what must have once been a sizable forest as Bentley uses more than 100 square feet of wood in the cabin of each Continental GT – all of which, of course, takes nine hours. When you are tired of listening to the engine’s magic twelve cylinders, you can turn on the standard ten-speaker, 650-watt sound system and tune into your favorite music. For true audiophiles, Bentley also offers a 1,500-watt, 16-speaker Bang & Olufsen system, while people with audiophile disorder might want to check the option box for the 2,200-watt, 18-speaker Naim how James Corden feels when he does Carpool Karaoke with a superstar in the passenger’s seat next to him. – Quill & Pad

Thursday, January 11 2018 | NEW ERA WOEMA Volkswagen to launch new Polo and Polo Vivo by March March this year. The announcement was made as Volkswagen - the key models which is illustrated - and Managing Director Thomas brand has been passenger market Group ended the year with 80,308 percent share in a run-out year brand on its own is the market trading conditions in the premium ing the brand in third place in the premium market with a total share 15 the premium market only declined by 6.8 percent. - Coming… VW is to launch a new Polo and Polo Vivo in the next coming months. Photo: Quickpic Smoking hot action at Swakop Spin City Donna Collins Swakop Spin City turned up the heat, when they hosted a year on 30 December, drawing a good turnout and a mix and the coast. the desert summer tempera- around 600 spectators gathered around the spinning pit, to enjoy the action, which day ending on a high note The guys to beat were low bakkie powered by a V8 Lexus motor. Maholito Ma- and out spun their components throughout the day Spinners delight… Swakop Spin City provided event of 2017. Photo: Donna Collins the guys was potent, and a - country, and is planning on running again. Spin and Drag Motorclub, welcomed Llewellyn du Plessis the chairperson Drag Motorclub, who to- turned up to support and en- turnout, and that a good spin- and Industrial Cleaners, who helped made the day possible. DSD Motor Club, who tablished the Swakop Spin interlock spin pad with two It is situated near the Swakopmund Go-Kart track. weekend. For a limited period, KIA Motors nance plan on the KIA Cerato, both hatch and sedan, and KIA Soul. maintenance plan. upgrade is only applicable to the automatic, hatch and sedan, the automatic, hatch and sedan, the matic Sedan. nance plan upgrade is only appli- manual and automatic, the KIA - - - parts and their associated costs, the upgrade to a maintenance plan adds pads, brake discs, shock absorbers, maintenance plan is not only the your car, but also the predictability The Kia Cerato. Photo: Motorpress ownership period is reduced, and maintained at KIA dealerships and guarantee that only highly-skilled KIA technicians work on their cars, he said. ranty, all applicable Cerato mod- maintenance plan. Similarly, all applicable Soul nance plan.

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