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4 NEWS Thursday, January 11 2018 | NEW ERA National library, archives temporarily closed Alvine Kapitako Windhoek The abrupt closure yesterday of the national library and archives as a result of urgent maintenance work has angered academic researchers who need their services for their academic work. An American researcher is among the affected people and feared she would not meet her deadline of January 31 to submit her work. The closure has affected library and archive users. “An archive is unique in the sense that what we have in Namibia may not be available in South Africa – and some people travelled long distances to use the national archives, yet were Truck collides with ambulance Loide Jason Ongwediva A patient and her relative were seriously injured yesterday morning after an ambulance transporting them to Oshakati Intermediate Hospital collided with a heavy-duty truck. The incident occurred at Omatando village in Ongwediva in the morning around 11h00. According to eyewitnesses, the truck driver who was heading to Unam failed to stop and give the right of way to the ambulance. Eyewitnesses who refused to be named said oxygen cylinders in the ambulance hit the patient, on the face and back, causing and his assistance escaped unharmed. two victims at the hospital proved futile at the time of going to print. However, New Era spoke to the driver of saying the patient was seriously hurt and needed to be rushed to the referral hospital for advanced treatment. “We responded to the report that there was a woman who needed to be picked up from Onamutayi clinic to Oshakati. In addition, the woman was seriously sick. Now the helper is also injured,” said the driver. Although he refused to be named, he said that the heavy-duty truck was at fault for failing to give the right of the way to the emergency vehicle. However, the owner of the truck Negumbo Linus said that when the accident occurred conditions were dusty and three trucks were following each other. lance because it was dusty and they only put on the siren without the hooter. Therefore, I do not think we will pay for the damage,” Approached for comment Oshana regional police commander Commissioner Rauha Amweele referred questions to Deputy Commissioner Kashuupulwa who was not reachable. denied that privilege because of poor maintenance,” lamented a concerned user yesterday. “This is a government building – why is it falling apart like this? It was dangerous even for passersby. I don’t know if they don’t have funds,” said another person. Employees of the national library and archives refused to speak on the matter, fearing for their jobs. New Era however learnt that the closure is as a result of a pipe burst that left water at the premises disconnected. “The water problem just started. We as a national library and archives have many users. Those users and the staff are using the toilets so now if there is no water you can imagine the stench. Even now there is Lahja Nashuuta Windhoek The World Food Programme (WFP) country director, Bai Mankay Sankoh, has urged schools and educators to introduce public awareness programmes to address the perception and stigma currently associated with the government’s school feeding programme. Some children and parents still believe that the meal offered under the programme is only for poor children. The school feeding scheme was introduced by the World Food Programme (WFP) in 1992, after which it handed it to the country’s education ministry a very strong odour and it’s just the staff – now imagine if the public have to use the library and archives, it will be worse,” said the source. Library and archives employees even resorted to using the toilets of nearby govern- check if there is someone we know because we don’t want to turn the whole ministry into a hostel. So, we pretend as if we are going to visit someone while we really just want to relieve ourselves,” said another source. Meanwhile, the public rela- Education, Arts and Culture, the state of affairs at the national library and archives. “We had to close the library because of in 1996. According to statistics provided by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, the government currently feeds 365,854 pre-primary and primary school learners throughout the country with a nutritious mid-morning maize blend. Education, Arts and Culture Minister Katrina Hanse-Hi- learners it is their main meal of the day. She said this when addressing the national stakeholders public-private partnership strategic meeting on the school feeding programme held in Windhoek a month ago. Sankoh spoke to this journalist ahead of the WFP media plumbing issue on Friday evening. No damage was done,” added Absalom. “We have initiated the rehabilitation process and we will attend to the ailing items at the library,” said Absalom. Yester- at the site to determine the cost of damage, added Absalom. Absalom could also not state how long the library and archives would be closed because that would be determined by how soon funds are availed by the ministry. School feeding programme not only for poor children RUNDU Shut… The national library and archives is closed for maintenance work. Photo: Emmency Nuukala The education director of the Kavango East Region, Fanuel Kapapero, said the directorate, East Regional Council, last year approved that some schools charge voluntary school fees at the start of the 2018 school year. Kapapero said the decision was made after schools in the Rundu circuit wrote a submission letter when most of them had not received the grants from the government by September last year. “The thinking was if by September the schools still had not received these grants, they would have to start the school year without funds. Which is why they wrote to us,” he told Nampa in an interview on Wednesday. Kapapero said they had approved that schools, only when they had communicated the information to parents, could ask them to much some of the schools are charging the parents, because they training on food and nutrition that was recently held Windhoek. Sankoh highly praised the Namibian government for being one of the few countries in Southern Africa that has transitioned its school feeding programme from being reliant on external funding to a sustainable model that is fully funded and managed by the government. He pointed out that stigma and wrong perceptions are attached to the progamme, which if not addressed might be a barrier to the government’s efforts to attain poverty and hunger eradication, especially at school level. “Providing a meal at school is a simple but concrete way to give poor children a chance to learn and thrive. The daily meals given at the school motivate parents to enrol their children and encourage students to remain there. by poor households that are now relieved of having to scratch [around] for food,” stated Sankoh. However, he was of the are not allowed to overcharge,” he added. Kapapero said the N0 and N0 charged by Maria Mwengere Secondary School and Rudolf Ngondo Primary School, respectively, were reasonable. Some parents, however, have raised complaints that this information was not communicated through to them, whether via letters or even an announcement on the radio. “Schools must just not force parents to pay. However, we are encouraging parents to support schools as they have many needs,” view there are still thousands of school-going children that desist from receiving the meal, because they don’t want to be labelled as poor and as result some will stop attending class or drop out of school because of hunger. “The school feeding programme scheme is meant for all children regardless of race and family background and is not necessarily for children from a poor background. Therefore, it is up to the schools and educators to create a conducive hygienic environment that will attract all the children to join the meal provided mostly in the form of porridge,” said the WFP country director. Sankoh also pointed out the need for additional infrastructure such as kitchens, storage facilities, eating shelters, cooking and eating utensils, sanitation facilities, water in some schools and a diversity in the food eaten by learners, which need to be addressed. He called on the private sector to complement the school feeding programme. Making an appeal… WFP country director Bai Mankay Sankoh Kavango East approved voluntary school fees: Kapapero Kapapero stressed. – Nampa Education director of the Kavango East Region, Fanuel Kapapero

Thursday, January 11 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 We are not a self-appointed committee: Dingara John Muyamba Rundu Elifas Dingara, the chairperson of the committee selected to oust Hambukushu chief Fumu Erwin Mbambo, has dismissed accusations that they are a self-proclaimed committee as alleged by several of their critics on social media, and maintains the people elected the committee. Dingara explained that they held a meeting at a guesthouse at Divundu on 24 December, which was attended by representatives from all villages in Hambukushu Traditional Authority (HTA) to hear grievances against the besieged chief. The meeting elected a ten-person committee and gave it the mandate to dethrone Mbambo because of several transgressions cited against him. On Saturday 6 January, the committee gathered some Hambukushu inhabitants from various villages at Divundu open market to inform them and the rest of the Hambukushu community that Mbambo had dismally failed to execute his duties as fumu in line with the Traditional Authorities Act and Hambukushu customary law. They were then tasked to remove him from the position as fumu of the Hambukushu with effect from 25 December 2017. According to Dingara, the fumu’s Obrein Simasiku Oshivelo Normally at the beginning of the year teachers handle large amounts of paper work, class activities, new learners and other tasks, hence the governor for Oshikoto region, Henock Kankoshi, implored teachers to refuel and revitalise as it is a key component to attaining great results. “The more you spend time as an educator, the more you realise how hard and important the job becomes, and hence teaching and caring for children with such diverse needs is tasking and requires multi skills. previous year to review the challenges and how they can be corrected during this academic year,” Kankoshi stated. Furthermore, he said, education is a process of teaching and learning, which requires concerted effort from all stakeholders. “I want to emphasise that their time and energy to ensure that the system is fed with the best ingredients,” Kankoshi added while applauding the Uukumwe combined school, which scored an 84 percent pass Disgruntled… Elifas Dingara, the chairperson of the committee tasked with the removal of Hambukushu Chief Erwin Munika Mbambo for alleged transgressions that violated customary laws of his community. with Section 8 (1) of the Traditional Authorities Act, Act No. 25 of 2000. That section of the Act provides warrant the removal of a chief or head of a traditional community members of his or her traditional community in accordance with the customary law of that community. Dingara said that when Fumu Alfons Mayavero was ousted in 1990 and replaced by Mbambo the community had also invoked the Hambukushu customary law that the committee had also fully agreed with at that time. rate during the 2017 Junior Sec- Kankoshi was addressing learners, teachers and parents at Oshivelo where he reminded them that learning was a personal experience, which one needed to discover and could only be discovered through diligent teaching skills. “Once a chief has been removed from his position by the people he has no right or power to carry out any further functions. Thus, the power of the chief resides in the people, and this happened when chief Disho an uncle of mine was removed from his position as chief in 1947. He was replaced by the great Max Makushe Disho, who was removed assigned to him by the people and cepted the decision of the people.’’ “We are aligning ourselves to that, and he must also just accept it like how Mayavero accepted his removal in 1990, when Fumu In addition, he advised teachers to address the issue of short attention spans, which created boredom and hence lack of concentration. “Let us teach our learners and instil a message in their mind that we live in a global village, for them to know that Namibia is not an island but part Mbambo took over,” Dingara said during the gathering. with regard to reasons to remove Erwin Munika Mbambo as Fumu of the Hambukushu Community. “The committee has therefore compiled a report in this regard containing some of the reasons and we are not going through the HTA because the headmen under it were appointed by the Fumu so they will not work fairly in this regard,” Dingara noted. The committee accuses Mbambo of continuously having violated Chapter 3 of the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia and Section 14 of the Traditional Authorities Act, Act No. 25 of 2000. He had done so in the exercise of the powers or the performance of the duties and functions referred to in section 3 by a traditional authority or a member thereof. Namely, (a) any custom, tradition, practice, or usage which is discriminatory or which detracts from or violates the rights of any person as guaranteed by the Namibian Constitution or any other statutory law, or which prejudices the national interest, shall cease to apply; “Erwin Munika Mbambo has violated this section on various occasions during his tenure as Fumu,” Dingara said and further explained the pain the community felt because Kankoshi urges teachers to refocus Well done… Oshikoto Governor Henock Kankoshi hands over a token of appreciation to a physical science teacher at Uukumwe combined school, Wilma Haimen, whose learners scored a 95 percent pass rate. The special advisor to the Governor Erwin Nashikaku (left) and the school principal looks on. Photo: Obrein Simasiku of the global village. “It is pertinent for them to understand that the world is an interconnected village driven and affected by simple social, political and economic factors. So, once they know this, they such as xenophobia,” Kankoshi added. WINDHOEK the Fumu has also blocked many development from coming to the Hambukushu traditional authority. This included an agricultural project, which was earmarked between Mayara village and Mbapuka village during 1993-1994 valued at N$ 80 million. He also apparently rejected the construction of Rukonga Vision School, he rejected the Divundu Police Station and Divundu Post ing to the committee as of date the Fumu had allegedly never set foot at these institutions, reasoning that he did not approve them. New Era tried to make an appointment with Mbambo to hear from him regarding the allegations but was told it wasn’t possible at the moment until after the Fumu and his headmen had a meeting with the committee, after which he would invite the media. “We will invite you once we have met with the committee. We invited them to the palace on the 13th but for now neither the traditional authority nor the Fumu can comment on anything,” Hambukushu senior headman and Mbambo’s right hand man Erwin Disho said. Dingara further said the Hambukushu traditional authority had no bank account or trust fund and all the money collected by the Fumu ies were deposited in the Fumu’s account and used for his personal use. Dutch tourist robbed of N,800 A 64-year-old Dutch male tourist was allegedly robbed of N,800 in Windhoek on Sunday at around 05h30. According to a daily crime report issued by the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) on Monday, the victim was attempting to withdraw money from an ATM in Tal Street, Ausspannplatz when the suspects allegedly pointed a gun at him and robbed him of his ATM card. “Later on, the suspects withdrew N,800 from the ATM using the victim’s card,” states the report. Three suspects have been arrested in connection with the robbery, but police have yet to recover the ATM card and money. In a separate incident, three unknown men Sunday at around 02h00 in Wanaheda. According to the report, police have not yet recovered the vehicle, which is valued at N,000, nor made any arrest. Meanwhile, an unknown suspect robbed a security guard on duty in Okahandja on Saturday at around 01h33. The suspect allegedly pointed a gun at the security guard; broke a container with a bolt cutter and stole items valued at N,280. No arrests have been made yet and NamPol investigations continue. – Nampa

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