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New Era Newspaper Thursday January 4, 2018

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10 Inside BUSINESS

10 Inside BUSINESS Thursday, January 4 2018 | NEW ERA LABOUR MATTERS Legally covered… 1. Health and safety in a private household working environment Similar to any other type of workers, domestic workers are entitled to a safe and healthy working environment. The employer of a domestic worker must ensure, upon hire and throughout the service period, that a domestic worker’s work environment is free from health and safety risks. Any foreseen risk should be attended to by applying the necessary preventative measures to avoid accidents and causalities at the workplace. What are the duties of an employer? An employer of a domestic worker must provide an appropriate uniform, as well as appropriate and effective personal protective equipment (PPEs), e.g. gloves, to his/her domestic worker immediately upon hire, free of charge. The employer must replace such uniform and PPEs at reasonable intervals. An employer is also required to provide health and safety induction training to the domestic worker as well as information on how to safely operate service appliances and material in the household. What are the rights and duties of a domestic worker? A domestic worker must take reasonable care to ensure his/her own health and safety as well as for those under his/her care while on duty. A domestic worker must cooperate with his/her employer in ensuring and maintaining a safe working environment. A domestic worker must immediately alert his/her employer upon noticing a potential health and safety hazard or after encountering an accident while at work. What should an employer do in case of an accident at work? An employer should ensure that a domestic worker has received immediate medical care. An employer must, in Form ECL2: EMPLOYER’S REPORT OF ACCIDENT, obtainable from the Social Security Commission, report any accident involving his/her domestic worker to the Commission. An employer must also, in Form F. 5: NOTIFICA- TION OF ACCIDENTS AND DANGEROUS INCIDENTS, obtainable from the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, notify the Ministry in case of a serious or fatal accident. 2. A written employment contract is a MUST for all domestic workers The Wage Order for domestic workers requires an employer to, upon hiring a domestic worker, enter into a written contract, with the domestic worker, and provide a copy to such domestic worker. The contract of employment sets out the agreed terms and conditions of employment. What does the contract of employment entail? The contract of employment must include, among others, the details of both the domestic worker and the employer, as well as the terms and conditions of employment as agreed between the employer and the domestic worker, such as nature of employment, place of work, duties, days and hours of work, remuneration rates, and leave days. It is unlawful to have an employment contract that sets out conditions of employment less favourable than those stipulated by the Wage Order or Labour Act. The Labour Act has not speci- employment contract, however the Wage Order for domestic workers explicitly prescribes a written employment contract for domestic workers that must be signed by both the employer and employee. The Wage Order further requires the employer to ensure that the contract is explained to the domestic worker in a language that the domestic worker understands before he/she signs. It is unlawful to require or force a domestic worker to sign a contract before he/ she understands and agrees with its content. A domestic worker who cannot read and/or write may contract. A contract template has been developed by the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation and is available free of charge. How long should the employer keep the copy of the employment contract? The employer of a domestic worker must keep a copy of a contract for a period of the most of the domestic worker. It is advisable that the employer keeps the copy of such contract at least employment. What are the additional statutory requirements that one needs to take into consideration when entering into a contract of employment? The employer must ensure that the contract of employment has taken cognizance of other relevant laws such as Social Security Act; Immigration Control Act; and the Employees Compensation Act.

Thursday, January 4 2018 | NEW ERA Inside BUSINESS 11 Women shaping Botswana’s new economy Staff Reporter Botswana is working hard to diversify its economy, which has historically been based on the production and sale of diamonds. The World Bank’s Doing Business Report shows that the country has the highest new business density in Africa with 13.11 new businesses registered per 1 000 adults. Education and entrepreneurship are key drivers of this growth, playing an integral part in reducing Botswana’s 29.4 percent youth unemployment rate - and women are at the leading edge. Botswana’s women entrepreneurs are on the rise. The 2017 Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs tracked the number of female business owners, as a percentage of total business owners, across 54 high-, middle- and lower-income countries. Botswana, classed as an upper middle-income economy, was ranked second in the world at 34.6 percent. By comparison, Uganda scored highest at 34.8 percent and Saudi Arabia lowest at 1.5 percent. The latest data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor also ranks female entrepreneurship in Botswana as the third highest in the region. And it is not only the number of female entrepreneurs that is increasing - Batswana women are making headway in formal employment too. According to a 2017 report by Grant Thornton, Botswana has percentage of senior roles held by women, increasing by eight percent from 23 percent in 2016 to 31 percent in 2017. Globally, the proportion of senior leadership roles held by women has moved by just one percent, from 24 percent in 2016 to 25 percent in 2017. Botswana has also shown a six percent reduction in the percentage of businesses with no women in senior leadership. The report recommends gender diversity at leadership level as it brings com- management. The report states, “teams without diversity are at a much greater risk of going down a path without considering all the options or coming up with other more complex solutions”. According to Nicky Fisher, president of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), the organisation has seen steady growth in the number of women enrolling on its courses in Botswana, which she believes is helping to feed the growth Worldwide, AAT, a leading UK-based technical accountants and bookkeepers which has been operating in Botswana for 26 years, boasts a female membership of 70 percent. who may be returning to work after maternity leave or having brought up their family, wish says Fisher. “It stands to reason that if we are to build a bright economic future in Botswana, there will als both in corporates and in entrepreneurial ventures, that growth can truly be supported in all other areas,” Fisher says. In a 2013 report, the OECD organisation noted that women even more than men need effectively participate in economic activities themselves, their children, and their families. Making strides… Botswana’s women entrepreneurs are on the rise. Seen here are some of the women who have completed courses through Association of Accounting and count. empowerment abound, including more limited access to education, employment, entrepre- as different social norms and legal treatment in many countries. Fisher says overcoming such barriers is a key motivator for AAT. Globally, AAT is committed to advancing the important role that women play, and has signed the Women in Finance Charter, progression of women into senior roles and to report on their progress. Women without and count can take AAT courses, you can start MARKET OVERVIEW Sharleen Mavundla Dube is an AAT graduate, who is now furthering her studies Accountants (ACCA), a leading international accountancy body. She has always known the importance of accounting in the business world. “My dream” she says, “has always been to become an accountant – my father had a taxi business and I longed to do his accounts one day.” owned a beauty parlour. She then joined AAT and moved closer to achieving her life-long dream. 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