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New Era Newspaper Thursday January 4, 2018

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14 WOEMA Thursday, January 4 2018 | NEW ERA Strategic… The 2018 Jeep Wrangler – unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto of Goodyear’s Wrangler AT Adventure with Kevlar. The Wrangler AT Adventure with Kevlar is Goodyear’s best tyre for versatility on and off road. The tyre features DuPont Kevlar for added strength, providing superior traction through rain and snow. Also made with Durawall Technology, which prevents cuts in the sidewall, the Adventure matches the toughness of the Jeep Wrangler. Goodyear and Jeep have an extensive history together, with Goodyear for the Willys Quad prototype. In addition to the Wrangler, Goodyear also supplies the Jeep Grand Chero- proud to build on our long-term relationship with Jeep and supply tyres for the much-anticipated, new Jeep Wrangler,” said Johann Finkelmeier, Goodyear’s vice president of North America Original Equipment. manufacturers to deliver innovative products for leading vehicles like this is a key component of Goodyear’s strategy.” The venom that is Hennessey F5 Audi ditches ‘Russian doll’ car design Tornado-like… The Hennessey Venom F5 model headlines by topping the Bugatti is dead-set on beating that feat The hypercar will be built at ters and have a custom chassis and gine is an in-house engine from engine is estimated to produce under 10 seconds and a 0 to 400 complished within the parameters hypercar is named after the most intense category of tornado with - car’s rear up to the rear three- shot in the trailer that shows Audi is ditching the ‘Russian doll’ design philosophy it has become synonymous with in order to give upcoming signers have in recent years employed a technique of consistency across the “This [repetition] design process nisable in newer and emerging mar- this philosophy and give each car its cars are in production for a minimum each model should have its own design Lichte believes the biggest step forward for design at Audi will come when the marque launches more electric cars mensions of electric powertrains means “Design will go in a very different will have more material space to play cles with] shorter overhangs and lower

Thursday, January 4 2018 | NEW ERA 15

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