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18 Thursday, January 4 2018 | NEW ERA TENDER INFORMATION As an added bonus for our readers we will publish the results of all tenders opened in public from Mondays to Thursdays on a regular basis. This information is noted and reported by a New Era Reporter Closing at NamWater 05 December 2017 December 2017. G/RFQ/NW-051/2018 Water Infrastructure Material Two bids were received for the supply and delivery Pumps and AC Meters coupled with Pump Motor Shaft Couplings and Base Frames for the Otjihase Airport Booster Station to Namibia Water Corporation. Bid prices as announced for: 1. Valco Pumps & Valves 1 375.00 2. KSB Pumps & Valves 7 239.50 W/RFQ/NW-05/2018 Water Infrastructure Works Two bids were received for the provision of Log Flow and Pressure at Bitto Village in the Zambezi Region (168 hours) to Namibia Water Corporation. Bid prices as announced for: 1. Ecotech 857.90 2. ABB Namibia 1 782.78 Methods of Procurement Subject to section 27 (2) of the Public Procurement Act the following choices for procurement are available to the Central Procurement Board or a public entity: 1. Procurement of goods, works and nonconsultancy services by means of: Open advertised bidding Restricted bidding Request for sealed quotations Direct procurement Execution by public entities Emergency procurement Small value procurement Request for proposals Electronic reverse auction Apart from open advertised bidding, the other methods of bidding under the procurement of goods, works and non-consultancy services may be used if the public entity has reason to believe that open advertised bidding: ‣ Does not support Government policies like empowerment and the provision of equal access to all ‣ in question. ‣ Is too costly to apply, given the value of the procurement. In the case that any of these eight methods were used, the Board/entity must report the grounds for the said choice of procurement 2. Procurement of consultancy services, by request for proposals on the basis of: Least cost and acceptable quality 3.1 Open advertised bidding: When used, the invitation to bid or pre-qualify, is published: ‣ In a newspaper with wide circulation. ‣ In case of international bidding in selected international media with wide circulation. ‣ In the public procurement portal with a prescribed disclaimer. This type of bidding allows for a public entity to give an advantage or preference to Namibian goods, services, suppliers or persons in the empowerment (previously disadvantaged) categories in case of the open advertised bidding process. 3.2 Open national bidding: Makes provision for participation in open advertised bidding strictly to citizens of Namibia or entities incorporated in Namibia with no less than 51% Namibian Citizen shareholding of which no less than 30% is owned by previously disadvantaged persons where these limitations are part of the invitation. 3.3 Open international bidding: Method of bidding applicable when: The estimated value of the procurement exceeds the prescribed threshold Goods or services are not available under competitive price and other conditions from more than one supplier in Namibia No bids were received at the open national bidding invitation and goods/services are available from international bidders. 3.4 Restricted bidding: May be used_ If a public entity has reason to believe that the goods or services are only available from a limited number of bidders If the time and cost of considering a large number of bids is too large or to small in comparison to the value of the procurement and the estimated value of the procurement does not exceed the prescribed threshold Limiting participation in a particular procurement to those suppliers appearing on pre-approved supplier eligibility lists drawn up and maintained by the public entity in a prescribed manner in order to make sure that suppliers of specialized goods and services have and to supply those goods and services. When this manner of bidding is use on grounds that public entity has reason to believe that the goods or services are only available from a limited number of bidders, it must directly ensure to obtain bids from all known suppliers capable of supplying these goods and services. When this manner of bidding is use on grounds that the time and cost of considering a large number of bids is too large or to small in comparison with to the value of the procurement and the estimated value of the procurement does not exceed the prescribed threshold, it must, as far as reasonably possible, directly ensure to 3.5 Request for sealed quotations: May be used for the procurement of: ‣ Readily available commercially standard goods not specially manufactured to the particular small works; if the estimated value of the procurement does not exceed the prescribed threshold By law the public entity must in writing ask for sealed quotations from three tenderers, with the exception that the goods required are not available from three tenderers. In this request a clear statement of the requirements of the public entity in terms of quality, quantity, terms and time of delivery and other special requirements, together with other information as may be prescribed, should be included. A bidder/ tenderer must submit one sealed quotation which may not be altered or negotiated. 3.6 Emergency Procurement: Used in cases of emergency and limited, as far as possible to the period of the emergency in order for competitive procurement methods to be maybe utilized afterwards. For the purpose of this section, “emergency” includes a situation where_ ‣ The country is either seriously threatened by, or actually confronted with a natural disaster, catastrophe, or war; ‣ Life or quality of life of the environment may be seriously compromised; or ‣ The condition and quality of goods, equipment, building or publicly owned capital goods may seriously deteriorate if, unless action is urgently and necessarily taken to maintain them in their actual value or usefulness. 3.7 Execution by Public Entities: This method of procurement may be used in the case where one or more of the following conditions are present: ‣ An activity is likely not to attract bidders, at least not at a reasonable price, in view of its size, mobilization costs from outside suppliers. ‣ An activity is such that, if carried out by a supplier, it would impose an unacceptable risk on the supplier because the cost cannot be determined in advance. ‣ The risk of unavoidable work interruptions is better borne by the public entity than by a supplier. ‣ It has been demonstrated that execution by the public entity is the only practical method for the supply of services under special circumstances. ‣ An activity for a pilot project of particular nature for the development of a technology work method cannot be carried out by a supplier. ‣ Staff members of the public entity carry out the service without disrupting existing operations of the public entity because they are familiar with those operations. ‣ A public entity has the capacity to do such work on behalf of the Government. ‣ There is an emergency such as natural disaster which calls for immediate action; or ‣ Any other condition as the Minister may from time to time determine by notice in the Government Gazette. (Source: Public Procurement Act, 2015) DISCLAIMER: NOTE THAT NEITHER NEW ERA NOR THE TENDER BOARD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY WRONG INFORMATION OR ERRORS.

Thursday, January 4 2018 | NEW ERA 19 Services Education Goods Properties Employment Notice Notice General Intake For Sale For sale Offered Legal Notice Legal Notice CLASSIFIEDS Rates and Deadlines To avoid disappointment of an advertisement not appearing on the date you wish, please book timeously notices: 12:00, two working days prior to placing alterations: 16:00, two days before date of publication in writing only Notices (VAT Exclusive) Legal Notice N4.82 Liquor License N0.00 Birthdays N0.00 Death Notices N0.00 Tombstone Unveiling N0.00 Thank You Messages N0.00 Terms and Conditions Apply. FOUR SIMA PROPERTIES CC Elisenheim: 3 Bedroom house, lounge, open plan kitchen, garage N$ 2 250 000 Avis: 3 Bedroom town house, lounge, open plan Kitchen, carport N$ 1.8 Million Pioneerspark: open plan Kitchen N$ 1 450 000 Rocky Crest: 2 Bedroom town house, lounge, open plan kitchen, garage N$ 1 450 000 Khomasdal: 3 Bedroom house, 2 bathroom, lounge, open plan kitchen, carport N$ 1 680 000 Otjomuise: lounge, open plan kitchen N$ 890 000 Katutura: 3 Bedroom house, 2 bathroom, lounge, open plan kitchen, garage plus N$ 1.5 Million Katutura: 3 Bedroom house, 2 bathroom, lounge, open plan kitchen, 1 backyard Okahandja: Smarties: 3 bedroom house, 2 bathroom, lounge, open plan kitchen, garage N$ 1.1 Million Okahandja: Veddersdal: lounge, open plan kitchen, carport N$ 760 000 Call: 0811280824 Follow: Four Sima Properties on Facebook for more unbeatable deals. A new private High School in Kavango East seeks the services of qualified and experienced teachers for the following subjects: a) English Language b) Rukwangali c) Rumanyo d) Physical Science e) Biology f) Chemistry g) Mathematics h) Geography i) Metalwork j) Woodwork k) Food and Nutrition l) Fashion and Fabrics m) Entrepreneurship n) Technical Drawing o) Business Studies p) Building q) Agriculture r) Accounting REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL POSITIONS 1. The candidate should be a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree or B. Honors Degree at NQF level 7 or 8 plus: a. Recognized teaching subjects applied for (secondary level) cate or grade 12 (higher level) with minimum “B” passes in the subject applied for c. A Technical/Vocational minimum (for technical or practical subjects) d. Minimum three years teaching experience at secondary level. 2. Namibians Citizens will 3. Computer literacy is an added advantage. a must. All interested candidates to respond in writing and send DETAILED CV to: THE PRINCIPAL VA- ZUNGU HIGH SCHOOL P. O. Box 3279, Rundu. Alternatively email DETAILED CV and a cover letter to vazunguhighschool@gmail. com 5. Only short listed candidates will be contacted REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA MINISTRY OF TRADE & INDUSTRY LIQUOR ACT, 1998 NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO A COMMITTEE IN TERMS OF THE LIQUOR ACT, 1998 (regulations 14, 26 & 33) Notice is given that an application in terms of the Liquor Act, 1998, particulars of which appear below, will be made to the Regional Liquor KHARAS 1. Name and postal address of applicant, JOHANNES PAULUS VAN ROOYEN 2. Name of business or proposed Business to which applicant relates ISA PROPERTIES NUMBER EIGHT CC 3. Address/Location of premises to which Application relates: ERF NO. 492, KARASBURG 4. Nature and details of application: BOTTLE STORE LIQUOR LICENCE whom Application will be lodged: KARASBURG MAGISTRATE'S OFFICE 6. Date on which application will be Lodged: 02 JANUARY 2018 7 Date of meeting of application will be heard: 14 FEBRUARY 2018 Any objection or written submission in terms of section 28 of the Act in relation to the applicant must be sent or delivered to the Secretary of Secretary not less than 21 days before the date of the meeting application will be heard. Services Offered

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