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New Era Newspaper Thursday January 4, 2018

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4 NEWS Thursday, January 4 2018 | NEW ERA Current bloodstock only enough for seven days Alvine Kapitako Windhoek The current stock of blood for emergency blood transfusions is only enough for seven days, the Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia (NamBTS) revealed yesterday. The educational officer at NamBTS, Titus Shivute, explained as a result of public holidays. pick-up in blood donations by the areas such as shopping malls this corporates to encourage people to donate blood, as more people are People eligible to donate blood more, lead a sexually safe life and eat a good meal at least three hours before donating blood, explained Shivute. Various patients require blood for their lives to be saved. These include cancer patients, accident lost too much blood during delivery. by the Namibian Police Force - Making a difference… Photo: Nampa largest contribution to this pool of infants. Figures collected by Nampa on Tues- - girls and nine boys. Windhoek Central Hospital (WCH) Photo: Nampa on that day. at Rhino Park and Lady Pohamba private hospitals. one, a boy, born a minute before the end Nampa Father Afunde in priesthood Hundreds of people on Sunday Roman Catholic Church to priesthood. - former colleague in the Na- and retired reverend of the in Namibia, Onesmus Shany- The service celebrated the feast of the holy family and during the homily, Afunde said good families are built on mutual respect, obedience, patience and love. He added that preaching his success in the priesthood to the belief he has in himself for this purpose. delivered a speech during the ceremony, said Afunde is a generous, compassionate and considerate man. others and he does to others unto him. He is a real man of black priest to be ordained in the Okatana Pastoral Region and later became a chaplain colonel, a title he holds to date. became vicar general of the Archbishop Liborius Ndum- head of the diocese. cluding a book on chaplaincy. He also served in the United Nations peacekeeping mission Nampa Quarter century… Fa- and retired reverend of at the celebration of his 25 years in the priest- Man of God… Father Werner Afunde (standing preaches in the Catholic Church at Ong- Photos: Nampa

Thursday, January 4 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Unwavering blood donor retires after 242 donations Staff Reporter Windhoek After a remarkable 242 blood donations, a 74-year-old donor has Plessis began donating blood at a be eligible to donate blood ranges - - Championing life … Barend du Plessis has donated blood 242 times in his lifetime. - - - - - enjoy general good health, said Namcor in a quandary over Mulunga Kuzeeko Tjitemisa Windhoek N - - New Era that only - th into and there is no board meeting - - Namcor Managing Director, Immanuel Mulunga - - - - - - of the Prime Minister before Sanet Steenkamp - the delay in the release of the - - - - Nampa Expression of Interest (EOI) A call to potential providers of goods and/or services to register interest in supplying them Request for Expressions of Interest from Persons and Entities with Experience in Agriculture for Shortlisting as Possible Training Providers The Namibia Training Authority (NTA) has developed the Skills Development Plan One (SDP1) for the TVET Sector through, a national consultative process. SDP 1 has identified occupations in high demand, including Agriculture, to be funded through NTA procurement avenues. The following National Vocational Certificate qualifications have been developed and registered on the Qualifications Framework. Qualification National Vocational Certificate in Farm Machinery and Infrastructure National Vocational Certificate in Horticulture and Crop Husbandry National Vocational Certificate in Livestock Husbandry (Level 2) In consideration of the limited scope of training providers in the Agriculture sector, the NTA is seeking to enter into partnerships with reputable persons and entities in the promotion of Agriculture training in Namibia. The NTA is inviting persons and entities who have experience in Agriculture training to complete a Pre-qualification form. Eligible Training Providers should meet the following criteria and provide supportive documentation: A verifiable history of documented experience in Agriculture training delivery; Proof of ongoing/ current experience in Agriculture training, preferably in the domains listed above; An indication of the types of facilities available at their disposal in support of training in Agriculture. These facilities must be verifiable and available for inspection by the NTA; An indication of the potential trainers available to the institution for training purposes. Certified CV’s must be submitted. non-refundable fee of N0.00. Bids must be inserted in the Bid Box at Administration Building, NTA Village, Rand Street, Khomasdal, Windhoek on or before 11H00 on Monday, 15 January 2018. Enquiries: Richard Ndjahera Telephone: +264 61 207 8520 Email: NQF Level 2 to 3 2 to 3 2 to 3 478/15/12/2017

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