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New Era Newspaper Thursday July 27, 2017

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14 WOEMA Thursday, July 27 2017 | NEW ERA Express your individuality with the new Volvo XC40 compact SUV With dozens of possible exterior and interior colour combinations, personalisation is at the core of the colourful new Volvo XC40, Volvo Cars’ first-ever entry in the compact premium SUV segment. The highly anticipated XC40, set to be revealed later in 2017, will complete Volvo’s three-tier SUV lineup with a distinctive car for a distinctive driver. The new XC40 takes Volvo Cars into new territory and allows its designers the freedom to create a car that brings a vibrancy, individuality and playfulness that the compact premium SUV segment currently lacks. “We wanted the XC40 to be a fresh, creative and distinctive member of the Volvo line-up, allowing its drivers to put their personality in their driveway. XC40 drivers are interested in fashion, design and popular culture, and often live in large, vibrant cities. They want a car that reflects their personality. The XC40 is that car,” says Thomas Ingenlath, Chief Design Officer at Volvo Cars. The new XC40 offers a broader and more playful colour palette, making it the most expressive model in Volvo’s portfolio and reflecting the outgoing personalities of its drivers. “Our customer research clearly showed that for the XC40 and for this segment, we needed a wider selection of colours and materials than we usually offer. As Volvo Cars has never designed a car like the XC40 before, we could start from scratch and give it energy and playfulness,” adds Robin Page, Senior Vice President Design at Volvo Cars. Street fashion, city architecture, high-end designer goods and popular culture were all sources of inspiration as Volvo’s design team defined materials, patterns and colour options for the new XC40. “We took inspiration for the XC40 colours and materials from many different sources, mixing them and putting them back together into something cohesive. What we created is a car with a tough attitude that feels fresh, energetic and confident,” says Ebba Maria Thunberg, Vice President Colour & Materials at Volvo Cars. On the outside, a broad selection of colour combi- Robin Page, Senior Vice President Design at Volvo Cars. nations range from a solid, monochromatic theme, to dual compositions in vivid colours that lend themselves to self-expression - while the interior options deliver a truly youthful and premium feel. New interior colour choices in the XC40 include warm Lava Orange carpets, Oxide Red upholstery and a range of new and distinctive trims and materials with designs inspired by urban architecture and cartography. Natural, feltbased carpets, headliners and door inserts deliver a modern Photo: Quickpic touch. “Our Momentum trim level is the most fashion-oriented of the line-up, with vivid exterior colour combinations, while the R-Design and Inscription trim levels reflect a more dynamic and premium feel,” adds Thunberg. Mazda’s latest newgeneration model, the CX-8 will serve as the flagship of the brand’s SUV lineup. Photo: Quickpic Mazda Reveals Exterior of New Mazda CX-8 Crossover SUV Mazda Motor Corporation has revealed the exterior of its upcoming six to seven crossover SUV, Mazda CX-8. The company’s first newgeneration model to feature three rows of seating is scheduled to go on sale in Japan before the end of the year. Mazda’s latest new-generation model, the CX-8 will serve as the flagship of the brand’s SUV lineup. It’s a new kind of crossover SUV for people who both appreciate quality and need to seat more than five. It has the looks, performance and high-end feel customers expect from a Mazda, yet even adults can sit comfortably in the third row. Mazda designers worked to add a new dimension of maturity to the KODO-Soul of Motion design theme for an enduring edgy look that will continue to excite customers for many years to come. As the flagship SUV in the market, the focus was on creating a look of class and quality, and every interior part was chosen in careful consideration of color and material. Aiming to become a brand with which customers feel a strong emotional connection, Mazda will continue advancing its lineup to offer all customers both driving pleasure and outstanding environmental and safety performance. The New flagship Mazda CX-8 Crossover SUV will be available in Japan this year. Global roll-out has not been confirmed. GWM rewards loyal customers Photo: Quickpic Great Wall Motors (GWM) first hit the southern African market back in 2007. When GWM - Great Wall Motors - first hit the southern African market back in 2007 with a range of hardy, no-nonsense, well-priced bakkies, not even the wildest optimists could have predicted just how well this Chinese brand would fare. But soar it did, and in the past decade well over 55 000 GWM vehicles have found new homes in Mzansi alone. More than that, these machines have proved incredibly durable. The vast majority are still pulling daily duty, and let it be said that many a GWM works for its living. And works hard at that. But the company has also carved out a niche by offering incredible customer support - something that’s born out by its new Loyalty Program. A program aimed at GWMs from 2013 and before, with owners getting discounted parts and labour. So service your out-of-warranty GWM at an authorised GWM dealer and you’ll enjoy a 10-percent discount on labour and original parts. Plus - get this - with every fourth service, parts are free. That right. Totally free! Gratis! Also available is a discount of up to 50 percent on repair parts. Qualifying is easy. There are no dodgy terms and conditions here. The vehicle must simply be out of factory warranty, and consecutive services must be done at an authorised GWM dealer. Naturally these discounts are applicable to scheduled services. Vehicles with extended service or maintenance plans are excluded. As GWM (now trading as Haval Motors SA) explains, this is just one little way they’re thanking South Africa and their customers for the phenomenal support over the past 10 years. Or as that famed GWM payoff line has it: “Focus. Dedication. Specialisation” And in this case, with GWM’s Loyalty Program, there’s special emphasis on the middle word: Dedication!

Rukavango NEW ERA Hompa govaKwanyama kageve uhwi kwa ndokotora Helena Ndume Nuusita Ashipala Omhedi Hompa govakwanyama Martha Mwadinomho yaKristian Nelumbu kageve uhwi kwandokotora gadivikwa gomeho ndokotora Helena Ndume. Uhwi ou kuna ligwederere komahwi aga gagwana nare ndokotora ogu, gana kara asi gomonda zosirongo ndi ponze zosirongo omu vamudiva navenye asi gumwe ogu gakara asi kuhakura meho ndi nsene kumona siwiwili age kuvhura kukuhakura dogoro tomono apa tuna kuuyunga ngesi kwahakura vantu wokusika ko 35 000 vaNamibia sirongo nasinye. Ndume ogu varundumuna asi ndokotora gokusitunukisa kagwene uhwi wendi kwaHompa govakwanyama momukunda Omhedi ndi asi mombara. Nzapo kuna kara ezi kavamupere yipo vamudiworoke mosirugana sendi ezi galituramo nomu ana kuza komeho. Ogu kakere gahana asi kuna hafa, kumwe nokutanta asi uhwi ou kapisi wange nyamelike. Uhwi ou vana kupange kuna kara weni mukare asi vasingi womahauto ndi vavamwaperenge yiruganeso nava mwakere tomupe vakwetu owo nondja nyone nye vamwe muna kara nayina asi uhwi ou weni. Ndume simpe kapandwire vandokotora ava vatundire ponze sirongo vayalihamesere melikwamo eli. Owo vantu vakara noyirugana yoyinz, nye valizamberere vapate yipangero yawo, omu ava ruganene, valifutire vene konodira, nokureta yiruganeso yawo nokupitura nomutji davene tuyaruganeseko elikwamo eli. Yimo ana kutanta Ndume. Mvhura ezi elikwamo lyawo kuna tameke mosipangero saEngela. Nampili ngomu asi age kuna kumukanganga hawe nage kuna kupandura vantu owo vamupere mpito ozo asi akalironge siruwo oso age ponze zosirongo. Hompa Nelumbu, mosiuyungwa sendi kamuresereremo Priskila Kandume, katente asi uhwi ou wokupandura Ndume. “ Ame nina hara kukupa uhwi ou, una kara asi silikidiso omu tuna kupandura kwanayinye eyi warugana neyi ono kurugana ngesi. Yimo ana kutanta Hompa. Gumwe govandokotora ogu gakara asi nage gumwe awiza apa avakara nelikwamo eli, katente asi uhwi vaNdume, kwakuninkisa negano lyendi asi vantu vahepa kurugana kumwe nositambo nasinye. Age kuna kara ndokotora Michael Colvard, ogu gakara asi kwatameka kuwiza koNamibia mo 1997, vayarugane kumwe naNdume elikwamo eli lyokuninka meho gomuntu gana kupira kumona gamone. Dogoro ngesi kuna kara nye novantu 100 vanakuruganena sirugana sooso. Colvard katente asi nampili ngomu vana kudiworoka eyi yapita, awo kuna kara asi vantu wokusika ko35 000 ngesi kuna kumona ndi asi vagwana uhaku. Awo navatwikira sirugana sangesi dogoro sinzi sovantu ngavamone ava vakara asi kwatwika oso yiso simwe sina kara situmbukira sawo. Kankoshi kapi yina kumuhafesa ezeruko epiro yirugana Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya Nguuru gomukunda Oshikoto, Henock Kankoshi kuna kara nomagzaro dona ndi asi kap yina kumuhafesa omu epiro yirugana yina kuhamata vantu momunene nosivaro sina kuzeruka. Omu katente asi ngesi momukunda gwendi kuna kukasika nye konoperesenta 40% eyi yina kuhara kuliza noruhepo runa kara asi noperesenta 42.6% Sivaro esi kukwama evaruro lyovantu mo2011, nomambo, ngesi kuna sikama nye po 40% momukunda gwaOshikoto, ano mokuyitara eyi pwanayina ngesi, kapi yina litjindji nampili nakauke mokuyitara tupu nayinye. Mukaro kuna kureta nye vantu vakare nomagano peke, eyi yina kara asi kuna tutamba momunene natuvenye. Momukaro nye ogu twahepa kuhomokera mukaro ogu momunene omu nayiwapa nsene asi natuvenye tukara tatugavako kuwoko kweyi younkurungu ntani SME megano lyekuliko, yimo ana kuuyunga ngoso Kankosi oku tagegemene ndi asi mahodi momeho. Kankoshi katumbwire nonkango edi sivike sina puko posilika sokuliyonga omu navatura moyirugana egano twaromo lyekuliko ndi asi NDP 5, nokutjangurura mukaro asi kapi guna wapa kuna pumbwa ekeverero pangenderera. Yimwe eyi katumbwire kuna kara yihepwa yokuruganesa matungo konomukunda doponze zodoropa, mema gomawa, mavango gokulivaterera, magwanekero ntani nonzira ntani usesu nye woyininke yokulirongesesa. Nosure dimwe momukunda kuna kara nonzugo dopampo edi dina kara asi kwaditungisa kowayi, yina kuninkisa erongo lidogope yimo ana kutanta Kankoshi. Age simpe katente asi yina kara pangenderera asi vahepa kuwapukurura evhu modoropa momukunda gwendi. Ewapukururo evhu kuna wapere monodoropa ngwendi Omuthiya, Tsumeb ntani Oniipa nevango vatura paveta asi lyokutunga Oshivelo, Onayena ntani Onyuulaye yipo asi tugusepo udigu wevhu nokutunga mambo gombiliha. Mokugwedako, age kahundilire ava kavakere pepongo, asi mukaro gwangesi vahepa kugusapo kupitira monondima, udinguli, nomina ntani SME mekuliko. Ame kuna tumbura tupu maruha gamwe nina kumona asi kuvhura gavatere ekuliko meekonomi momukunda ntani udigu nye ou tuna kugwanekera nawo momukunda. Uwa unene nsene asi tugava magano kuhamena udigu owo apa natuza momaliyongo. Konyara noperesenta dokusika ko 33% kovatngimo moOshikoto, kwakara asi eparu lyawo monondima omu mwakara asi yimo ava gwanene yiwizamo yawo ntani udinguli yina kara asi simwe soyiwizamo mokuvatera ekonomi lyomukunda, yipo asi twahepa kuyitamununa mokugava yirugana kovantu vetu yimo ana kutanta ngoso Kankoshi. Nguuru gomukunda Oshikoto, Henock Kankoshi THE 2017 INNOVATION AWARD Expect more. Show us your biggest, brighest innovative idea to win up to N0,000! Call for 2017 Innovation Award Proposals The Development Bank of Namibia 2017 Innovation Award is open to the public. Ideas and processes that have the potential to transform Namibian enterprise and resources will be selected by a panel of expert and independent judges, and DBN experts. Winning Innovation Proposals will receive financial support from DBN to further develop the ideas. Please include the following in your Innovation Proposal: ~ Why the concept is innovative / unique ~ Description of cutting edge technology / processes to gain the competitive edge ~ Potential to address NDP 5 objectives (particularly manufacturing, tourism, transport and logistics, or energy) ~ Business plan with projections (pricing, forecasts, feasibility and implementation plan and timeline) ~ Information on raw materials and production capacity ~ Regulatory considerations ~ Development impact for Namibia Existing businesses that want to expand through innovation are also encouraged to enter. Interested parties can collect a Innovation Proposal guide at the Development Bank of Namibia, 12 Daniel Munamava Street, Windhoek, or download it from www. All proposals must be delivered or couriered in hardcopy to DBN, to be received on or before the 28 July 2017 at 16:00 PM. The top ten proposals will be shortlisted for a 25 minute presentation at the Development Bank of Namibia head office to further motivate the Business Proposal. For more information contact Edla Kaveterua at 061-290 8101. DBN respects the ownership of intellectual property. ~ Information on how products will be made, and specifications. Expect more. ~ Prototype if applicable

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