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New Era Newspaper Thursday July 27, 2017

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20 SPORT Thursday, July 27 2017 | NEW ERA OSHIKUKU TOWN COUNCIL PUBLIC NOTICE PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT SUBMISSION OF COMPANY PROFILES FOR PROVISION OF GOODS/WORKS AND SERVICES TO OSHIKUKU TOWN COUNCIL 1. PURPOSE: To obtain company profiles from suppliers interested in conducting business with office in respect of the supplying of goods and services to be procured through the 2017/2018 Financial Year. Companies are requested to submit the relevant documentations and clearly indicate the types of goods and services they use to render and it should correspond with the nature of business stated in the founding/ amendment statements 2. THE NEEDS OF THE OSHIKUKU TOWN COUNCIL FOR THE 2017/2018 FINANCIAL YEAR AS FOLLOWS: GOODS: k Supply of newspapers, periodicals, books & other media publicity materials k Supply of Stationeries/General Office Supplies k Supply of cleaning materials and equipment or related materials & supplies k Supply of computer supplies and related goods k Supply of equipment, tools and materials k Supply of data and communication network and related equipment k Supply of cell phone, pads and electronic accessories k Supply of gifts k Supply of office furniture k Supply of hygiene related supplies k Supply of refreshments k Supply of security equipment and related supplies k Supply of promotional items k Supply of photocopiers k Supply of flowers & plants k Supply of protective clothing k Supply of tyres k Supply of Road & Traffic Signs/Traffic Lights k Supply of Water Meters, pipes, Valves and fittings k Supply of electrical motors k Supply of pump and pump spares k Supply of refuse bins k Supply of fuel & Oil k Supply of Fire fighting equipment/ fire extinguishers k Supply of First Aid Kits k Supply of Stand-by generators and related goods k Supply of flags and portraits k Service of operational equipments (Sewer Jet, water tanker, Backhoe/ and other machinery etc.) k Supply of building materials and hardware k Supply of vehicles Work: k Operational equipments and office furniture k Supply of electrical and mechanical services k Supply of engineering services k IT Services k Paving services k General Works (trench digging and laying of pipes: water, sewer lines and fencing) k Painting k Surfacing of roads k Building and Construction k Repair of vehicles and pumps k Pest control k Street Cleaning & Sweeping CONSULTANCY SERVICES: k Architecture Services (Art-work) k Quantity Surveying Services k Town Planning Services k Land Surveying Services k Engineering Services k Legal and Conveyancing Services k Software Design Services k Property Valuations k Financial Services k Environmental Impact Assessments k Strategic Planning k Other consultancy services NON-CONSULTANCY SERVICES: k Supply of air tickets, bus tickets, travel insurance and transportation services k Services of Air conditioners and Fire extinguishers k Short training courses, symposiums and workshops k Advertisements k Printing k Courier services k Supply of flowers k Hiring of private vehicles k Hospitality and catering services k Licenses and computer software/hardware k Refuse removal k Rental of photocopiers k Rental of warehouses and containers k Security services k Clearance of goods k Employees wellness activities and related materials k Pumping of septic tanks k Supply and installation of telecommunication services k Hiring of tents k Entertainment services k Tinting of vehicles windows k Supply of events management and decorations k Hiring of venues for conferences, workshop, trainings and sports k Branding services k De-bushing NB: The documents outlined below are mandatory in order to be eligible to participate; k A valid company registration certificate k An original valid good Standing Tax Certificate k An original valid good standing Social Security Certificate k A valid Affirmative Action Compliance Certificate, proof from Employment Equity Commissioner that bidder is not a relevant employer, or exemption issued in terms of Section 42 of the Affirmative Action Act, 1998 k A written undertaking as contemplated in section 138 (2) of the Labour Act,2007 k A certificate indicating SME Status (for bids reserved for SME) k Original letter from the bank confirming banking details (letter should be on letterhead, stamped and signed by the bank officials The Oshikuku Town Council shall have rights to: a) Ask for clarifications at a time of evaluating company profiles and b) Contact site Inspections at the Company’s premises. A physical address and contact details must be clearly provided. c) Reject Company profiles, if the abovementioned is not adhered to. Closing date for submission: 18 August 2017 Time: 12H00 NB: Suppliers are expected to submit completed documents, in a sealed envelope to be hand delivered or courier to: Oshikuku Town Council, 229-231 Iipumbu Tshilongo Road, P.O.Box 5070, Oshikuku For the attention: Procurement Management Unit Enquiries: Ms. Sylvia Shooya Tel: +264 65 2547 1919 Ms. Hilma Namundjebo Tel: +264 65 2547 1915 Under the scope... Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will be drug tested by USADA leading into their historic fight. McGregor, Mayweather to be drug tested ‘robustly’ Conor McGregor is now a part of two separate USADA drug-testing pools. The UFC lightweight champion remains under the UFC’s anti-doping policy this summer as he prepares to box Floyd Mayweather on August 26 in Las Vegas and will still be tested as part of that USADA-run program. In addition, McGregor has been placed in USADA’s pool for professional boxers and is subjected to testing there as well, according to a USADA spokesperson. “McGregor is subject to both the UFC Anti-Doping Policy (because he’s still an active UFC athlete) and the anti-doping program agreed to for the Mayweather vs McGregor boxing match,” the spokesperson told MMA Fighting via e-mail. McGregor has yet to be tested under the boxing program, per USADA’s athlete test history on its website, but he has been tested five times in 2017 under the UFC’s anti-doping policy, including twice this month. Mayweather has been tested twice this year, both times this month. It was the first time he’s been tested by USADA, per its website, since 2015. Mayweather has been retired since fighting Andre Berto in September 2015. McGregor was tested 11 times last year and must fill out his whereabouts on a smartphone application to tell USADA where he is daily under the UFC’s anti-doping policy. UFC hired USADA to run its anti-doping program in July 2015. USADA says the Mayweather vs McGregor drug-testing program is “consistent” with the UFC’s policy and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code. Mayweather and Mc- Gregor will be subject to no-advance notice, out-of-competition testing “at any place and anytime”. The “latest screening methods and scientific techniques” will be used, USADA promises, including a biological passport that tracks levels over time and flags samples if there are irregularities. All drug-test samples will be tested for substances like EPO, HGH and peptide hormones, and be subject to carbon-isotope ratio (CIR) screening. UFC president Dana White said during the recent MayMac World Tour that he was impressed that Mayweather contractually agreed to all the drug-testing provisions that the UFC and McGregor wanted. - www.

Thursday, July 27 2017 | NEW ERA SPORT 21 Seven-a-side tourney set to ignite the north Staff Reporter Oshakati Namibia’s leading maize meal brand, Top Score, a subsidiary arm of Namib Mills kicked off its second edition of the annual seven-a-side Northern leg football tourney at Oshakati Independence stadium last weekend. Top Score is hosting the seven-a-side Northern Leg for the second consecutive year following increasing public demand from football lovers and participating teams for the hosting of this popular tourney in the North. The sporting bonanza is Namibia’s oldest and largest social sports football tournament and is aimed at providing community upliftment and engagement, as Namib Mill’s way of rewarding dedicated and disciplined athletes, who continue to show spirit and persistence in their support for the sevena-side tourney. Football teams in attendance at the launch showed a lot of excitement and amazing team spirit, and it was clear that the teams were ready to bring their A–game and showcase their talent and skill in pursuit of being crowned the Top Score Northern 7-A-Side champions. Last year, the inaugural edition attracted a total of 22 corporate and business teams, with this year seeing an increase of six teams to bring the total to 28. The total investment in this particular tourney is valued at N5,000. The tourney comes with a floating trophy, as well as gold, silver and bronze medals for teams finishing in the top three bracket. Prize money includes N,000 for the winning team, N,500 for the runners-up, N,500 for the 3rd placed team and N$ 2,000 for the 4th placed side. Speaking at the launch, Namib Mills spokesperson Ashante Manetti said the company is committed to Namibia, adding that the initiative aids the company in investing in the development of the country and its sports. “A trophy carries dust, but memories last forever, so we want to encourage each and every team not only to give Photo: Contributed Going places… From left Joshua Sam, Ashante Manetti, Cynthia Balzaar, Ndina Hailulu during launch of the Top Score Northern 7 A-Side in Oshakati, earlier this week. their best in the tourney that lies ahead, but also to enjoy this opportunity to be in the company of fellow football lovers, who continue to show support, dedication and passion for the game and the Top Score 7-A-side tourney.” Fans and supporters are encouraged to bring their camping chairs and come en masse to support their favourite teams. Entrance is free and matches take place on weekdays, starting at 18h00 and on Saturday afternoons at 14h00 at Oshakati Independence stadium. . Photo: Supersport Out of action… Former world No 1 Novak Djokovic. Elbow injury could sideline Djokovic Former world No 1 Novak Djokovic is in doubt for the US Open due to an elbow injury, Serbian media reported, citing the country’s Davis Cup team doctor. Djokovic retired hurt during the quarterfinals at Wimbledon and said he was considering taking a break from playing to recover from the longstanding injury to his right elbow. Serbia’s Sportski Zurnal reported that the 30-year-old could face up to 12 weeks on the sidelines. “He has a bruised bone due to excessive playing,” it quoted Zdenko Milinkovic as saying. “Novak is in Toronto undergoing some further tests with specialists.” The 12-times grand slam champion won the US Open in 2011 and 2015. This year’s tournament begins on August 28. – Supersport

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