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New Era Newspaper Thursday July 27, 2017

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8 NEWS Thursday, July 27 2017 | NEW ERA Mother seeks answers over death of baby for Namibian IDs Roland Routh Windhoek Despite the eight men who face charges of high treason, sedition, public violence and the illegal importation of weapons and ammunition claiming Namibia has no jurisdiction over them, the State yesterday produced evidence they applied for Namibian citizenship. State Advocate Neville Mawambo submitted documents to Acting Judge Petrus Unengu showing that the eight men applied for Namibian identity documents before independence and for late registration of birth certificates after independence in order to qualify for the new Namibian identity documents that did not have ethnic classification. According to an official of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, Mr Muapi, he found the applications on the system of the ministry, making them authentic. VACANCIES Namibia Wildlife Resorts is inviting applications from Namibians passionate about Tourism and Hospitality services and suitably qualified in these areas to join our dynamic team of professionals in our journey towards vision 2030. 1. JOB TITLE: MANAGER: PROPERTY, ASSET & MAINTENANCE DUTY STATION: HEAD OFFICE, WINDHOEK Reporting to the Chief Operations Officer you are responsible to implement and oversee NWR Property & Asset investment strategy to ensure that short, medium and long term property development and maintenance initiatives are achieved. 2. JOB TITLE: SENIOR RESORT (COLLECTION) OPERATIONS MANAGER DUTY STATION: HEAD OFFICE, WINDHOEK Reporting to the Chief Operations Officer you are responsible to oversee and lead the day to day operations for a portfolio of resorts clustered together in a collection of either Classic Resorts or Eco & Adventure Resorts. 3. JOB TITLE: RETAIL SPECIALIST DUTY STATION: HEAD OFFICE, WINDHOEK Reporting to the Chief Operations Officer you act as the primary Operations lead between resort retail outlets, suppliers and the procurement & logistics departments working along with resort managers and retail supervisors to achieve retail sales goals, margins & maximize resort profitability. 4. JOB TITLE: OPERATIONS PLANNING & FORECASTING ANALYST DUTY STATION: HEAD OFFICE, WINDHOEK Reporting to the Procurement Specialist you will act as custodian of all statistical and operational information pertaining Planning and Forecasting of products for accommodation, retail shops, filling stations, kitchens, bars & restaurants 5. JOB TITLE: RESORT MANAGERS X 3 DUTY STATION: VARIOUS Reporting to the Senior Resort (Collection) Operations Manager The remaining treason accused Namibians who meet the requirements of the advertised position should submit their applications, accompanied by a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae and certified copies of identity documents, qualifications and transcripts, via email OR deliver it to the address below not later than Friday 11 August 2017. Visit for further details. Namibia Wildlife Resorts Ltd, Human Capital Department, Gathemann Building, Independence Avenue, Windhoek Private Bag 13378, Windhoek, Telephone number: (061) 285 7166/103, Please note: Faxed applications will not be considered. Non-Namibians will not be considered. A Recognized Leader in Tourism and Hospitality Services in Namibia The prosecutor Mawambo produced a batch of documents showing that each of the eight men applied for a Namibian ID during the middle to late eighties. The State-funded lawyer of the men, Ilse Aggenbach, did not object to the documents being introduced into evidence, but indicated to the court the reasons the men applied for the documents would become apparent during their evidence and cross-examination of an expert witness the State intends to call. The eight men, who have been in custody since their arrest in 2003, are Progress Kenyoka Munuma Munuma, Shine Samulandela Samulandela, Manuel Manepelo Makendano, Alex Sinjabata Mushakwa, Diamond Samunzala Salufu, Hoster Simasiku Ntombo, Frederick Isaka Ntambila and John Mazile Tembwe. It is alleged that they took part in a conspiracy aimed at overthrowing the Namibian government in the former Caprivi Region between September 1998 and December 2003. you are responsible for the overall day to day management of a resort by leading the coordination and administration of resort operations to deliver exceptional service in hospitality. 6. JOB TITLE: HEAD CHEF X 8 DUTY STATION: VARIOUS Reporting to the Food and Beverage Supervisor you are responsible for the functionality of all kitchen operations by ensuring that preparation, production and service are carried out according to operational guidelines. Supervises, trains and encourages kitchen staff to deliver high quality meals and excellent customer service. 7. JOB TITLE: TRAINEE ACCOUNTANT / ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER X 4 DUTY STATION: HEAD OFFICE, WINDHOEK If you had recently completed your studies and graduated from a recognized educational institution with a diploma or degree in finance or accounting and you wish to build a career in finance within tourism, we would like to hear from you. 8. JOB TITLE: ELECTRICIAN & AIR CONDITION TECHNICIAN DUTY STATION: WINDHOEK – MOBILE TEAM Reporting to the Mobile Maintenance Manager you are responsible for the planning, supervision, inspection and maintenance of all electrical equipment and electrical infrastructure requirements at resorts according to regulatory provisions and company standards and procedures. 9. JOB TITLE: PLUMBER DUTY STATION: WINDHOEK – MOBILE TEAM Reporting to the Mobile Maintenance Manager you are responsible for the planning, supervision, inspection and maintenance of all electrical equipment and electrical infrastructure requirements at resorts according to regulatory provisions and company standards and procedures. Photo: Roland Routh Treason accused applied They were already convicted of high treason in July of 2007 and sentenced to jail terms ranging from 30 to 32 years. The convictions and sentences were however set aside by the Supreme Court in July 2014 and it was ordered that they be retried in the High Court. While they at first claimed that Namibian courts have no jurisdiction over them as they were abducted from Zambia where they were living as refugees, they now say Namibian courts have no jurisdiction over them as they did not owe any allegiance to Namibia when the offences were committed. Their first jurisdiction challenge was dismissed by Judge Unengu in 2015 and they appealed that judgement to the Supreme Court, with only one of them successful. Deputy Chief Justice and Judge President Petrus Damaseb, with Chief Justice Peter Shivute, Justice of Appeal Dave Smuts, Acting Justice of Appeal Fred Chomba and Acting Justice of Appeal Yvonne Mokgoro concurring, found that the Namibian security forces abducted Boster Mubuyaeta Samuele from Botswana and as such Namibian courts have no jurisdiction to try him on any of the charges preferred against him. Their new challenge is based on arguments that the former Caprivi Region, now called Zambezi, was never part of the territory that formerly constituted the German Protectorate of South West Africa (GSWA), but that it was instead a former British Protectorate. According to them, Britain only allowed Germany restricted rights of free trade passage in 1890 from the very north of the Damaraland (GSWA) territory, along a strip of territory along the Portuguese border, giving Germany free trade passage to the Zambezi River to reach her colony in East Africa, the former Tanganyika, but never ceded control of the territory then known as the Exclusive Caprivi Zone. The case continues today and the eight men remain in custody. Selma Ikela Windhoek A 38-year-old woman is demanding answers from Windhoek Central Hospital on how her newborn baby died a week ago despite pre-natal check-ups indicating the baby was healthy and ready to be delivered. The mother, Ester Amoomo, says after passing her delivery date of July 14 the doctor told her to go to hospital on July 18 to be induced, but the nurses who observed her refused to heed her call when she requested to be operated on because of prolonged labour, and her pain having intensified after spending the whole day at the hospital. Amoomo said she was initially told she would deliver her baby on July 8 but after going for a sonar she was told it would be July 14. According to the death certificate Amoomo’s baby died from severe mecomin aspiration (MAS) syndrome. Healthline explained MAS occurs when the baby experiences stress that often results when the amount of oxygen to the foetus is reduced. Common causes of foetal stress include a pregnancy that goes past the due date (more than 40 weeks) or difficult or prolonged labour, amongst others. But before the operation, Amoomo said, she had pleaded again with a doctor who observed her on July 19 around 2am that her labour pains were unbearable although she was only 3cm dilated. “I asked the doctor if I could get operated on. The doctor refused, saying he didn’t see the reason for an operation.” Amoomo went to the hospital the morning of July 18 as instructed by the doctor, however she had labour pains and wasn’t induced. Her first check-up was in the morning around 09h00 and she was only 1cm dilated. According to an online explanation on mothers’ space, during labour the woman’s cervix stretches from 0cm to a fully dilated 10cm. To deliver a full term baby, the cervix must be dilated to about 10cm. However, the morning of July 19, after the nurses noticed her baby’s breathing was irregular and her condition appeared unwell, they rushed her to theatre and made her sign documents to have an emergency operation. After the operation, Amoomo said, the nurses failed to show her the baby and tell her its sex. She only got to know all this when her relatives visited her in hospital later in the day and inquired the whereabouts of her baby from the nurses. “I asked the nurses where the baby was and was told the baby was tired and was put on machines,” the mother said. About 14 hours later the doctor on duty approached Amoomo while fast asleep in the morning at 02h00 of July 20 and woke her and told her the baby had passed on, she said. During their conversation the doctor had said the nurses wrote in her health passport that she arrived at the hospital on July 19 and the baby was tired, which she refuted, she said. “He further asked if I was induced and if the nurses told me what it meant that the baby was born tired – I said no and he explained,” said Amoomo. According to the doctor, it was a prolonged birth and the baby defecated in the tummy and the baby later ate the waste which went into its lungs, she said. The doctor said it is difficult to operate on the baby to clean its lungs because it is tiny hence it was put on the machine to clear the waste from its lungs, she added. “I had so many questions. The hospital is hiding something – they are hiding the truth from me and the baby was born dead, hence the nurses putting me under full aneasthesia for me not to see what’s going on,” she recollected. Manga Libita the public relations officer at the Ministry of Health and Social Services did not respond to questions forwarded to her. Photo: Selma Ikela Very aggrieved… The mother Ester Amoomo

NEW ERA | Eaton extends partnership with Rob Mcglees Engineering in Namibia Page 10 We need to take ownership of creating wealth – Matthews Page 11 INSIDE BUSINESS This news is your business CIF publishes 2017 directory of construction industry Staff Reporter Windhoek Namibia’s construction industry is “ready for action” with the newly published Construction Industry Federation (CIF) Annual Directory 2017/2018. The publication showcases the diversity and capacity of the members of CIF of Namibia and features a spectrum of contractors, from smallto-medium-sized contractors with annual turnover of one million Namibian Dollars to businesses with previous annual turnover of well above N0 million. Bärbel Kirchner, consulting general manager of the CIF, says: “The directory is hot off the press and we are truly very excited about this new edition. We have produced a mammoth publication with excellent information. By the time of going to print, a total of 373 paid-up CIF member companies were listed in our directory. The CIF Annual Directory is very valuable as it is the ultimate source of information on Namibia’s construction industry. It is of great use to buyers of building and construction services, principal agents, and ultimately, Staff Reporter Windhoek With the registration of Team Namibia’s logo as a trademark, Team Namibia members that are actively registered with the memberbased marketing organisation, have the exclusive right to use the Team Namibia logo when advertising or promoting their products or services. Often Namibian products and services are crowded out by cheaper imported alternatives, where suppliers can compete mostly on price, due to having achieved economies of scale as a result of having access to larger regional or international markets. Therefore, a strong logo, supported by a trademark, is of enormous advantage to Photo: Contributed Now available… CIF’s annual directory showcases the diversity and capacity of the members of the Construction Industries Federation of Namibia. decision-makers involved in the awarding of tenders. The Namibian construction industry’s wide range of expertise is showcased in this user-friendly directory. “Considering the spectrum of companies listed in our directory, members of the Namibian Construction Industries Federation, truly Team Namibia members to tackle this competition. With the security of a trademarked logo, members of Team Namibia can ensure to distinguish their products and services from its competitors. The trademarked logo communicates with and captures the attention of buyers and conveys the message that the Namibian product or service meets quality, health and safety standards and that the supplier of the service or product is local and can be trusted to contribute to the local economy. The Team Namibia logo was registered in line with Namibia’s Trade Marks Act of 1973. From a legal perspective, the registration of the logo as a trademark allows for Team Namibia to take legal action against any have the capacity to handle almost all sizes of projects, ranging from residential building work to large scale civil infrastructure projects, valuing above half a billion Namibian Dollars,” Kirchner says. “Our industry has come of age with extensive capacity. Even during difficult organisation that uses the logo and, is not a registered member of Team Namibia. Namibians are perhaps yet to recognise the value of a trademark. As with Team Namibia, a trademark does not need to be a word. Designs – in Team Namibia’s case, the multi-coloured map – can be recognised, regardless of economic times, the industry remains true to its tough, tenacious and forward-thinking spirit. The Namibian construction industry is able and ready for action.” A critical feature of the CIF directory is the categorisation of companies, based on their annual turnover. This provides a guideline in terms of their capacity to handling various projects. Depending on the size of the tender, Namibian companies can also join forces. The 2017/2018 edition was the result of formidable team effort and required persistent focus to ensure the content is accurate and tenacity to solicit advertising language or alphabet. The trademark will make it easier for customers to find Namibian products and services and know that upon acquisition that they contribute to the local economy. The trademarked Team Namibia logo can evolve into an exceptionally valuable asset for Namibian businesses. The more enterprises will join the Team Namibia marketing organisation, the more widespread the use of the logo will become. Extensive, yet restricted usage of the logo, simply means greater exposure for Namibian products and services. Chairman of the board of Team Namibia Pieter Greeff says: “In fact, every business that is contributing to the Namibian economy, should join Team Namibia. In all sectors of our economy, there appear to be imports of not only products but also services. Therefore, Team Namibia wants to expand its reach and engage all industries. “If all Namibian businesses were to pool some of their marketing resources and become members of Team Namibia, domestic support of 52 companies to finance the new edition. Since the first issue in 2012, the publication has become a reference document and source of extensive information. Members of the public, who are building their dream home or are involved in a renovation project, will find this useful sourcing tool available to them free of charge at all trade outlets, including Pupkewitz Megabuild, CTM and Cymot. Five thousand copies were printed and will be distributed throughout the year. Recipients of the directory include key decision-makers at all levels of government – central, regional and local. Ministers and their deputies, permanent secretaries, regional councillors, mayors, chief executive officers of state-owned enterprises, as well as local authorities, will all receive a copy. Consultants in the industry, which includes engineers, architects and quantity surveyors, are also recipients of the directory. The CIF online public directory of companies operating in the construction industry is also of great use. This searchable directory on the CIF website will help buyers of construction and building services to find contractors – including SMEs – as well as trading companies and affiliated members, such as electricians. Team Namibia members benefit from trademarked logo Photo: Contributed New look… Registered Team Namibia members have the exclusive right to use the Team Namibia logo. markets can be reached collaboratively, which will then eventually lead to enough capacity to penetrate and supply markets, regionally and internationally.” Team Namibia is mandated to promote the consumption of locally produced goods and services. The organisation advocates that – in particular during the currently tough economic times – it is important that every buyer of products and services supports local businesses. “Buying local” will be in the interest of maintaining and developing local capacities in all sectors of the economy and will support Namibia’s efforts of achieving sustainable economic growth, the leaders of Team Namibia say.

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