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New Era Newspaper Thursday March 29, 2018

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2 NEWS Thursday, March 29 2018| NEW ERA UNAM ANDJABA National Assembly, will trigger From page 1 From page 1 an ambassador to the U.S. to replace home affairs PS. There is a strong expectation that Andjaba, in joining the the appointment of the presidential affairs minister, after the recent resignation from that post by health. served as the government’s chief of protocol after independence. In 2010 he was appointed by then CLEAN-UP From page 1 press secretary in the presidency, said in a statement. In an interview with New Era yesterday, Asnat Zamuee, secretary general of the Namibia Financial the clean-up campaign on May Day has been shelved. In a letter addressed to the National secretary general Job Muniaro on Tuesday, President Geingob said that after careful consideration of external pressures bearing on the labour movement, he decided to change the date. Geingob had a meeting with the NUNW leadership on March 1 where both parties had agreed to have the clean-up campaign on May Day. But ITUC, in a letter written to Geingob, had expressed disappointment on May 1. ITUC represents over 207 million the Namibian government to withdraw the clean-up day proposal and to have May Day celebrations as usual, which are normally dedicated to labour struggles around the world. “May SADC From page 1 Mushelenga said, adding that therefore he supports the allocation the current Medium Term Expenditure multilateral relations programmes. According to Mushelenga, the situation in Lesotho has its roots in the long-standing standoff between the parties of the prime minister Tom Thabane and former prime minister He said in the meantime, civilians continue to suffer and the country’s focus on economic development is derailed. Namibia has spent resources on Lesotho in her endeavours to contribute to peace-building efforts Mushelenga. As chair of SADC, Mushelenga lasting solution and chart the roadmap that safeguards against repetitions of dreadful events, a regular norm in that country over the past years. Day celebrations are internationally recognised as the cornerstone of democratic societies and they represent the achievements of generations of rights. “Changing the scope of May legitimate activities on trade unions in Namibia and is a blow for the whole trade union movement around the world, and we strongly denounce it,” the letter read. Geingob said the unions, upon receiving advice from the ITUC, acquiesced to the views of ITUC and reneged on the decision for May 1. “I, on behalf of the government, have now rescheduled the event for May, 25, 2018 – Africa Day. As a means to effectively prepare for this day, I have directed the regional governors, in partnership with local authorities, to coordinate the process nationwide by mobilising communities in their respective regions to clean up our towns, suburbs and villages on the above-mentioned date,” Geingob said. He maintained that the labour movement played a central role in Namibia’s liberation struggle with the call for freedom and better living Moreover, he stressed the support “Peace and stability create conducive environments for economic development and growth, as human and financial resources will be dedicated to productive programmes,” he said. He said, therefore, Namibia should continue to jealously guard against disruptive trends in the region and support President Hage Geingob in the execution of his duties as chair of SADC. He said the president is equal to the that President Geinbob will tend to blossom into a beautiful scene that brings delight and hope to depressed Mushelenga also used the opportunity to welcome the “orderly and peaceful manner in which the Zimbabwe”, which sees President Emmerson Mnangagwa at the helm of the Zimbabwean state “in accordance with the laws of that country”. irresistible to pay tribute to the fallen heroes of the Zimbabwean struggle for freedom and independence – among instrumental in bringing about change. “And I don’t wish to create the impression that I want to detract of May Day in our calendar,” Geingob said. He directed that the respective senior civil servants, the national events committee and in particular the Ministry of Information and formulate and disseminate information to the public on arrangements for the day, transmit the message via regional governors and the mass media. status as the cleanest city in Africa, President Geingob last October revealed his intentions to set aside a day on which all Namibians would be called upon to roll up their sleeves and engage in a nationwide clean-up of the environment. In so doing, he said, Namibia would not only reclaim the title of cleanest capital in Africa but go a step further to become the cleanest country in Africa. Namibia lost the prestigious title of being the cleanest city in Africa due to the increasing amount of waste accumulating along its national roads, and in towns and villages. For decades, Namibia had been lauded for having the cleanest capital on the continent. them Herbert Chitepo and Josiah Tongogara. “May their legacy continue to prevail in the land of Monomotapa as it strives to rebuild its economy that have been plagued by the sanctions imposed by countries of the West,” he said. “President Mnangagwa belongs to Africa and has served his government in various capacities over the past years,” he added. He said Mnangagwa would thus add value to SADC programmes on the continent. Furthermore, Mushelenga said that the countries that have consistently and persistently supported the cause of the people of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. “All progressive statesmen and women should continue to call for the implementation of the UN resolution that calls for a referendum in Western Sahara without further delay,” said the minister. The event will be held at the Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (Nipam) campus in Olympia and start at 14h30. Tjiramba said the university council at its special meeting on Tuesday decided to bestow the doctorate degree honoris causa on Mbumba on the occasion of his inauguration as chancellor, on recommendation of the Executive Committee of Unam Senate. He said the council chose to appoint Mbumba as chancellor given the role he played in education before Namibian independence, and having served as minister of education after independence where he presided over the university as a line minister. the honorary degree which is the highest award the university confers. As an individual, the Unam chancellor-elect has distinguished himself through extraordinary and outstanding contributions to the welfare and development of the university and the Namibian nation at large,” Tjiramba noted on Tuesday. the statutory provisions in the University of Namibia Act, which states, “The Chancellor shall have the right other awards and distinctions of the University and to perform such other functions as may be prescribed.” Henceforth, he says, the council also resolved that Unam will award a honorary doctorate degree to future elected chancellors who are not doctorate degree holders. The council also approved a recommendation by the Executive Committee of Unam Senate to confer a doctorate of philosophy in education honoris causa on Paule Elizabeth Atiogbe of Karasburg. Tjiramba said as a devoted Catholic, the 89-yearold Atiogbe has served Namibia tirelessly as teacher and principal in numerous towns and schools across the country. “The University of Namibia is honouring this daughter of Namibia for her ability to inspire others as well as her legacy of educational achievement, commitment to community development, inspiration to the youth, mentorship and community leadership development,” he stated. She will be awarded the degree at the Unam southern campus graduation ceremony in Keetmanshoop on May 15. Mbumba whose term as chancellor ended in November 2017. Sam Nujoma, both served two terms during their tenure. On a visit to State House early last year, Pohamba, who was accompanied by members of Unam’s management team, informed President Hage Geingob of his intention to step down. Pohamba became chancellor of Unam in 2011. Unam previously stated that its appointment of chancellors is in line with other universities in Commonwealth countries, which have all elected to reserve the chancellorship for political leaders, prominent religious leaders and monarchs. According to the Unam Act of 1992, the chancellor of the university shall be the titular head of the university and shall be elected by the council in the prescribed manner. shall be eligible for re-election at the expiration of A honorary degree or the degree honoris causa, for which the usual university requirements such as matriculation, residence, a dissertation and the passing of comprehensive examinations are waived. The degree will be offered to both candidates in accordance with the statutes and regulations governing the awarding of degrees in terms of the University Act. NOTICE TO OUR VALUED READERS The cover price of New Era will increase to N.00 with effect from 03 April, 2018. The increase, our first in 14 years since 2004, was necessitated by high printing and other productions costs.

Thursday, March 29 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 3 Serial rapist convicted Roland Routh Windhoek The man, who used to lure unsuspecting young women into a bushy area near the Katutura State Hospital under the pretext that he needed help with a heavily pregnant girlfriend and her luggage before strangling them unconscious and sexually violating them, has been convicted. Windhoek High Court Judge Alfred Siboleka convicted Jan Rooinasie on eight counts of rape, four counts of attempted murder, two counts of indecent assault and two counts of crimen injuria. The charges involved the raping of a 13-year-old girl on May 25, 2007, and of repeatedly raping three other women, aged 20 to 24, between March 2 and 22, 2010, after convincing them to help him with his apparent pregnant girlfriend. He also directed various obscenities at his victims. The judge, however, dismissed the charges of abduction and committing an immoral act with a child under the age incident that occurred in 2007, saying accompany the accused to his home, as she knew him very well and the charges were thus not sustainable. According to the judge, the identity of the accused, as the person who committed the sexual offenses against all Maria Amakali Windhoek Allegations have surfaced that the six men, who were arrested in an armed robbery at Westlane shopping centre last year, had entered the country illegally. Mthokozisi Kubeka, Lukas Ndlovu, Vincent Martin Khumalo, Shane Ntandoyenkosi Moyo, Vusi Vuthelezi David and Sibusiso Pumuzile Mguni were arrested for their alleged involvement in the the complainants, was determined to his satisfaction. “He did not waylay his victims, pounce on them from behind or during the night, unaware of him approaching, pin them to the ground, strangle them unconscious before they even had the opportunity to see who their assailant is, not at all,” the judge said. “What happened in this matter was that the accused met each of his victims on different occasions, as they were walking on the road in broad daylight. He came face to face with them, he greeted them nicely and they responded to the greeting. He then started talking, telling them his one false story of asking them to armed robbery involving N7,320. Appearing in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, Kubeka and his coaccused were informed that investigations into their case Ndiliyongelashe Joseph informed the court that there are various documents that still needed to be obtained. He explained that through investigations, it was discovered that some of the accused, who hail from South Africa and Zimbabwe, might have entered Jan Rooinasie assist, help his wife with the luggage as her pregnancy was so advanced that she was about to give birth along a footpath,” said the judge. Judge Siboleka went on to say that, according to all the victims, the accused “sweet-talked them”, and that was the reason they were sympathetic with him and felt like assisting their stranded fellow lady who as a fact and in reality did not exist. “After a victim had agreed to help him, the accused would then proceeded to walk side by side with her for some time, talking to her. He would then lead the victim to a bushy area along the footpath where he had left his ‘ghost wife’. After arriving in the thicket near the Okahandja hiking point, he suddenly took out a knife or screwdriver. He would then grab the victim and forcibly pin her to the ground, strangle her unconscious and while in that condition sexually assault them,” Judge Siboleka narrated. He further said some of the victims regained their consciousness and found the accused, the same person who had previously asked them for help, lying on top of them having sexual intercourse with them. “It was during the sexual assault that the victims observed a tattoo of a burning candle on his body with the words ‘verlore seun’ in Afrikaans meaning ‘lost son’ in English,” Judge Siboleka stated. Heist suspects entered Namibia illegally the country illegally. “We have engaged the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration on how the accused entered the country. Upon their arrest, some of them were not found in possession of passports,” explained Joseph. Joseph said the ministry of home affairs has not yet responded to his queries on what documentation was submitted at the borders that allowed the accused to enter Namibia. Although they got a response from Interpol, the information was not suf- their request back. “We need criminal record documentation from their native countries and these things take time,” explained Joseph, adding that he would need at least investigations. The defense team noted that since the investigations that the accused be released on bail. Magistrate Gerrit Brand van Platzen postponed the matter for the launch of a formal bail application to April 10. Electrical cables imperil Goreangab residents Gabriel Tomas Windhoek Residents of Kaxumba Kandola in the Goreangab informal settlement are at risk of being electrocuted by illegal electricity connections passing through a nearby dumpsite. Those who spoke to New Era on Monday said children are especially at risk of being electrocuted by the exposed cables being used by residents to tap electricity. A 28-year-old man, Frans Kavandje, expressed concern that if residents do not bury the exposed electricity cables they might be electrocuted. Also, when the electricity trips it causes sewage to burn, thereby causing an unpleasant smell, explained Kavandje. broke out because of the illegal electrical connections, it might extend to his shack, which is not far from the dumpsite. The dumpsite is not very far from where the residents live. The place is covered with sewage and trash, but there are also several electricity cables connected illegally by people living nearby. “I have tried to convince people to cover their electrical cords but instead they insult me,” narrated Kavandje. Residents started dumping their garbage there earlier this year after they were instructed not to dump in the riverbed, said Kavandje, who also explained that the waste normally stays for a month uncollected. He further stressed the dangers of illegal electricity connections, emphasising that the residents should understand the danger that electricity poses to people. Another resident, Aletha Ndivayele said municipal authorities discouraged them from dumping garbage in the riverbed, because of the Hepatitis E outbreak. Instead, they were advised to dump their trash closer to the road where the municipal truck can easily collect the garbage. “My electrical cable has been there ever since 2010,” said a defensive Ndivayele. She further stated that she had never heard anyone complain about the electricity cables and the danger they pose. When asked about the dangers that these cables pose to children, Ndivayele replied that they have never heard of such cases. She also added that is the only place that her electrical cable can pass through as it is close to her shack. PTS047/A PICK UP THE NEW-LOOK TOP SCORE & WIN BIG To stand a chance to WIN a N,000 shopping voucher every day, buy the new Top Score 10kg poly laminated bag for N$ 85.99 To enter, SMS the word POLY and your till slip number to 24442. Ts & Cs apply. Super strong | Waterproof | Easy to carry | Reusable a proud product of Namib Mills

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