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New Era Newspaper Thursday March 29, 2018

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8 FOCUS Thursday, March 29 2018| NEW ERA Namibia’s own gospel preaching lawyer Roland Routh Windhoek Fighting for justice by day and spreading the gospel to inmates at Namibia’s prisons in his spare time is just part of what makes local lawyer Mbanga He says he is a people’s person, who loves to spend time with his family, his wife and two boys aged “I have been happily married for 15 years and my family plays an However, he does not wish to discuss his family, as he wishes to “I feel that I need to do my part to help my fellow countrymen, be it through spreading the gospel or bono work occasionally, especially when I believe in a person’s case and such persons are not able to afford legal fees or are rejected for law and I strive to ensure that Siyomunji says his life’s journey began in Zambia, where he was born to a Namibian father from the Zambezi Region and Zambian mother from Western Zambia and grew up in Lusaka where he completed his high school and went on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education at the University of Zambia (Unza) in scholar that never got into trouble His father, the late Josephat Siyomunji, served as a minister in former Zambian president Kaunda also appointed the late Chrispin Katukula as the inspector Both the late Katukula and the late Siyomunji were from the Zambezi After graduating, Siyomunji moved to Namibia and started lecturing at the International University of Management (IUM) from 2000 to 2004, specialising in commercial subjects and then moved to the Rundu College of Education, where he lectured became the first HIV/AIDS coordinator for the Ministry of Education in the Otjozondjupa Region in 2007 and worked as an Being a man who tried to educate himself continually, he enrolled a Master of Science in HIV and AIDS Management degree and a diploma in accounting before he enrolled for a B-Juris degree at the University of Namibia (Unam), which he obtained in 2009 and further studied for an LLB degree, “I always wanted to be a lawyer despite the fact that I studied other Asked why he opted to open his own law practice, Siyomunji says he always wanted to work for himself and do his own thing, so after working for a number of bold step of branching out on his own and has never looked back one admitted lawyer and two administrative staff in addition to His toughest opponent in court is State Advocate Taudi Gaweseb, “He is a very thorough prosecutor and he leaves no stone unturned and, as a result, each time I go against him, I have to prepare extra hard and be at the top of my Siyomunji says “because I learn so much from him in terms of his experience on the bench and added on to that he takes a very relaxed and calm approach in court My favourite case so far has been State vs Fransiskus Dimitri Narimab and Reuben Fritz because I got a Section 174 discharge for my client (Narimab) in the High Court, which is almost impossible in criminal cases of the Regarding the current legal system in Namibia, Siyomunji opines that it has undergone a lot of reform, which is good in general For instance, Siyomunji says, he has an issue with the fact that one has to do a recusal application and a leave to appeal before the does not make sense to me, if a themselves, then let another current procedure does not sit well He advises upcoming legal area of the law they are passionate about and work hard in that area to law and I strive every day to be the best that I can be, to continuously perfect my skills, he says, adding their niche in the market and go Lastly, but certainly not least, Siyomunji advises, “do not expect to win every case, but with every challenge that you face, put in your best and even if you do not succeed, you will earn the respect “I feel that I need to do my part to help my fellow countrymen, be it through spreading the gospel or offering my legal expertise. I do pro bono work occasionally, especially when I believe in a person’s case and such persons are not able to afford legal fees or are rejected by legal aid services, I have a great passion for law and I strive to ensure that justice prevails. I always wanted to be a lawyer despite the fact that I studied other disciplines.” – Mbanga Siyomunji PUBLIC INVITATION ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT CALL FOR PUBLIC PARTICIPATION ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT FOR PROPOSED EXPLORATION ON EPL 5870 This notice serves to inform all interested and affected parties that an 30 of 2012) for the anticipated activity: Project Name: Project Location: Name of Proponent: Project Description: exploration activities on the granted license. 10 th April 2018. Mr. L Negonga Email: Tel: NOTICE TO ALL INTERESTED AND AFFECTED PARTIES FOR PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION OF A LODGE, KATIMA MULILO, ZAMBEZI REGION Notice is hereby served to inform potentially interested and/or affected parties (I & Aps) that an application will be made to the Environmental Commissioner in terms of Environmental Management Act (no. 7 of 2007)and the assessment regulations (2012) for the following intendent activity: Proponent: P Flamingo Getaway Lodge Project Name and Description: Construction and operation of P Flamingo Getaway Lodge. Project Location: Liselo Area, Katima Mulilo, Zambezi Region Environmental Consultant: Dimakatso Consultancy We invite all interested and affected parties to register with this study, submit your name and contact details with any concerns/ comments and/or opinions to Dimakatso Consultancy. All parties will be provided with a background information Document (BID). A public meeting will be held at the following address Venue: Liselo Traditional Court Date: 05 April 2018 Time: 09h00 Contact Person: Ms. Faith Kalumbu Dimakatso Consultancy 081 4878999 Email:

Thursday, March 29 2018 | NEW ERA OTHER NEWS 9 Ring-bearing owl causes chaos at British wedding owl as a ring bearer at a British couple’s wedding led to disaster when the bird knocked a groomsman out Photographer Stacey Oliver recorded video as the the ceremony at Peckforton Castle in Tarporley, England, to one of the groom’s three best men, who stood by the alter waiting to receive the The best man appears to have trouble getting the rings from the owl’s talon, causing another of the best men, who is seated nearby, to point at the bird and draw The owl crashes into the seated man, knocking him to smith and Mark Wood’s wedding was made unforgettable “The owl sees it as a sign just dived in and hit the guy [He] fell off his chair,” Oliver She said it took some time for the registrar to regain much inside that my stomach “Everyone was absolutely - UPI This day in history... 29 March 1886: Coca-Cola, originally developed by Dr John Pemperton as a brain tonic, is became popular throughout the world, also Yours for US,000: A naked statue of Donald Trump A life-size statue of US President Donald Trump is in the nude is going under the hammer at the Mana Contemporary arts centre in New Jersey on 2 May. The sculpture is going under the hammer at the Mana Contemporary arts centre in New Jersey on 2 May. It is expected to cost more than N0 000. It is the only survivor of cal models that toured US cities in the weeks leading up to the Republican’s 2016 election win. All the others having been vandalised or destroyed. One popped up in New York City’s Union Square Park, with others spotted in San Francisco, Cleveland, Los Angeles and Seattle. The creator of the statues - activist art group Indecline - told the Washington Post in 2016 that they were made of clay and silicone. – Sky News. 1946: New constitution goes into effect in 1962: 1979: 1995: Thousands of Rwandan refugees 2001: Congo in an effort to end the 2 1/2-year woman seeks to save tree by marrying it save a tree from being chopped down by the city held a wedding where she became married to Karen Cooper said she and - distraught when they learned sory Board and Public Works Department plan to have the 100 years old, removed from Cooper organized a Saturday event at the park where she and several other brides in white gowns said their vows Cooper and her allies plan to - who attended the wedding on at the Beautification Board - UPI Man chasing baseball gets stuck between walls for three hours between two Hawaii buildings for more than three hours said he - from between the exterior walls of a Walgreens and Heald Col- Moana in Honolulu, said he was bouncing a baseball on top of the Heald College Plaza when it got get these,’” Maggiacomo, who is known to locals as “Baseball Maggiacomo said he decided to shimmy down between the walls, even though the space was only He said he was about 15 feet from the bottom when he felt the to get the baseballs, so go a little lower, go a little lower,” Mag- Maggiacomo calling for help use drills and hammers to break through a wall, a process that took then a full concrete slab and then supported with rebar,” Honolulu - to cut through all that to get to his there’s a point where you tap out, Maggiacomo said he was taken to the hospital in serious condition, but was found to be free of major injuries and is recovering from - UPI

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