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New Era Newspaper Thursday March 8, 2018

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4 NEWS Thursday, March 8 2018 | NEW ERA Cops accused of colluding with criminals PDMYL secretary general, Benson Katjirijova Kuzeeko Tjitemisa Windhoek Popular Democratic Movement Youth League (PDMYL) secretary general, Benson Katjirijova has accused police of colluding with criminals who have been terrorising residents of Katutura. Katjirijova says they have taken note with grave concern that crime in and around the City of Windhoek has increased at an alarming rate. He believes such crime is being committed with the assistance of “Cases of grabbing personal belongings from unsuspected citi- breaking and daylight robberies are committed in the presence of police activities,” he said. “People are being robbed under Many of them, especially in Windhoek resides in Katutura’s Soweto,” further charged the PDMYL leader. He called on the police to carry out a serious operation in the entire Katutura especially in Soweto location to ensure these criminals are arrested and all their weapons “Given all these reports, we have noted the police only respond to the aftermath of criminal activities, mostly the serious crimes,” said Katjirijova. He said such activities are an end result of the small crimes of cellphone and personal belongings grabbing. “We are no longer safe in our own motherland. Our brothers became our enemies, they have turned into wild animals and notorious criminals,” he stressed. Katjirijova also called upon government and the private sector to join hands and create employment opportunities for young people to reduce crime. “In a country with such a small population, we have a high level of crime, which is mostly committed other surviving alternative that to engage into criminal activities,” he said. He further called on all peaceloving Namibians to be on high alert, as these criminals perpetrate their criminal acts at anytime of the day. Additionally, he called on gang members to give-up on criminal activities and get back to their communities to help build up the country’s economy. “We fully understand this is a direct result of abject poverty and high unemployment among the youth,” he said. Similarly, Katjirijova call on the Ministry of Safety and Security, to improve its correctional and rehabilitation services program, to ensure that, all those that have committed serious crimes are properly rehabilitated and brought to normal life. Drought persists, despite good rains Nuusita Ashipala Outapi Livestock grazing alongside the Outapi road in search of better grazing. Photo: Nuusita Ashipala With the consistent decrease in annual rainfall as a result of far-reaching climate change, it is being projected Namibia will continue experiencing severe drought in the coming years. Hence, Namibia is called to brace itself for the hard times ahead by finding sustainable mitigating, adaptation factors against climate change as there is a projected increase in temperatures and subsequently low rainfall in coming years. These revelations were made at the two-day conference on water, food security and adaptation to climate change in Omusati Region currently underway at Outapi. The conference ends today. long-term solutions to climate change and thereby map out sustainable measures. The conference is being organised by the Omusati Regional Council in collaboration with Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions (ASSAR). project being implemented in Eastern, Southern and West Africa as well as South Asia. The project is funded by the Canadian International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the UK Department for International Development (DFID). Omusati Governor, Erginus Endjala said the region is likely to face a disaster this year that is already being felt by livestock farmers as the region has recorded minimal rainfall since the start of the rainfall season. “If you travel around the region, livestock owners are worried about their livestock survival feed,” said Endjala. Endjala said the region and the Northern Communal Areas are faced with a multitude of challenges such as recurrent droughts, ing exacerbated by the effects of climate change. Other imminent challenges facing the region include limited access to fresh produce markets and agro processing as well as high unemployment and poverty incidences. As a result, most households are food insecure and suffer huge losses of livestock. The conference therefore, according to Endjala has been necessitated to ensure there are mitigating factors to ensure water is secured for agricultural purposes. It also further seeks to improve agricultural productivity and ensure food security and equally ensure that the livestock have enough feed throughout the year. “And above all we need to make sure that we have the adaptive measures in place that will ensure the effects of climate change are minimal, as we cannot stop climate change from happening, we have to adapt,” said Endjala. “If we share our ideas and seek to move towards a common goal of water security, food security and adaptation, together we can achieve this goal in our region, in northern Namibia and indeed in the Namibian nation,” said Endjala further stated. Endjala appealed to the delegates to deliberate on the challenges and find amicable solutions that will set the agenda for informed decision-making process towards addressing water insecurity in the region. Rice Project WINDHOEK Workers at Kalimbeza Rice Project recent heavy rains, forcing the project to resort to manual harvesting. Farm manager, Dion Simataa told Nampa on Tuesday the mechanical harvesters cannot be used in water and mud, hence their decision to hire casual workers to harvest the rice. Also speaking to this news nor Lawrence Sampofu, who said 40 casual workers have been hired to harvest the rice. They are being paid N per day, which will ultimately be more expensive than using a harvester, but it is the only way to harvest the rice before it spoils, he said. “Once it is submerged, the colour of the rice will change from white sumption,” Sampofu explained. Simataa said the casual workers have so far covered 22 hectares out of the 47 hectares that can be accessed. The water levels on the rest of the farm are still above one metre which is too high for manual harvesting. After harvesting, the rice will be dried and thrashed before being sorted, which is also done manually because of a challenge with the sorting machine. Simataa said he is concerned that the harvest will be smaller than in the previous two He however said they can still depend on the long grain variety of rice known as Supa, which can with- planted in December and January. the higher it grows,” he explained. The only challenge is that it will only be ready for harvesting might still not have subsided. The fear is that the rice will fall into the water and get spoilt. kilometres east of Katima Mulilo. – Nampa

Thursday, March 8 2018 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Mutorwa appalled by ineptitude at govt garage John Muyamba Rundu Newly appointed Minister of Works and Transport, John Mutorwa says government garages across the country are vital and important public institutions, not only for the ministry of works but the entire government setup and thus should be kept active, up and running which is currently not the case. He has set about resuscitating these waning entities. Mutorwa who was on a visit to Rundu over the weekend made the remarks on Monday when he visited the government garage and met staff at the dilapidated government garage facility. There were 178 government vehicles parked standing due to the slow implementation of the procurement process of acquiring spare parts, the garage has no spare parts to get the vehicles repaired and put them on the road. Abel Shaapa, the head of the garage informed Mutorwa the requisitions to acquire spare parts were sent to Windhoek last year September and to date no response has been forthcoming from the several follow ups. “This is the “hospital” that provides services to different institutions, including the citizens of this country and when you come here, and this is the same as at the government garage in Windhoek, and you don’t hear any sound of any work activities then something must be terribly wrong,” Mutorwa said. “Cars are standing, whether it is the government garage in Windhoek, in Katima, in Ondangwa, something has gone terribly wrong. With regard to the procurement act I understand there are people complaining, maybe the way things are being implemented in ministry of works is worse, here they are telling me that 178 cars are standing and we can see them and that is why I opted for the meeting to be here so that people cannot say that the minister is maybe just exaggerating,” he said. “These cars are standing idle not because of big problems, people work daily but then the internal requisitions are sent to Windhoek and people wait, cars are standing and there is no operations, no service is being rendered and everybody stands up and says it is the problem with the Procurement Act and I want to tell you it’s not the problem with the procurement act, it is the problem of some people who are wrongly misapplying the procurement act, I will soon discover where the bottleneck is,” he warned. Mutorwa said that during the past few days that he have been at the ministry, he will continue “I first met the management, permanent secretaries and the management personnel at the head state owned enterprises that are under the ministry and also the government garage in Windhoek and the government central stores in Windhoek and today I’m here,” he said. “I see the introduction exercise as very important, already here I’m so enriched, and the head of the government garage has given me a summary of the main issues affecting activities of this institution. The head of the maintenance division y has also given me a written summary of the main issues in his division affecting their operation,” he said. “This is important as it makes the learning process of the new endeavour much easier and it also makes decision-making very easy in terms of prioritisation of what to do, when and how,” he said. Armed robbery suspects denied bail Maria Amakali Windhoek Two of the six suspects arrested on Monday for an attempted armed robbery at Shoprite- Usave, Katutura were denied bail in Windhoek Magistrate's Court on Wednesday. Petrus Akapala, 38, and Elifas Amutenya, 47, made their initial court appearance before Magistrate Michelle Kubersky. Akapala and his co-accused Amutenya are being charged with one count of robbery, attempted murder and the possession without a license. Akapala and Amutenya are the only two of the six suspects that appeared in court as one of their co-accused is in hospital, two are still on the run and another succumbed to his injuries and died on the day of the botched robbery. During their court appearance the state objected to them being released on bail. “According to the investiga- Elifas Amutenya Petrus Akapala committed similar offenses in the past and there is a risk of re-offending,” argued state prosecutor Muriel van Zyl. In addition, the state fears that Akapala and his coaccused might interfere with state witnesses and ongoing investigations should they be released on bail. The pair were arrested after an attempted armed robbery that turned bloody and deadly on Monday. According to police reports, the suspects who were six in total allegedly entered Shoprite Usave supermarket in Katutura’s Soweto location, armed and wearing masks. The group allegedly demanded they be given money. The public swiftly alerted the police who came to the rescue of the workers. It is alleged that the moment Akapala and his coaccused saw the police they started shooting which consequently resulted in an Court documents stated that during the attempted robbery, the suspects as- saulted the store manager Olivia Shashitwako. The suspects had intentions to kill Shashitwako when they pointed a loaded pistol at her and had grabbed her by the neck. Akapala and his co-accused were allegedly in an unlawful possession, without licenses of three pistols of which one pistol had no REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA MINISTRY OF LABOUR, INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS AND EMPLOYMENT CREATION MESSAGE OF CONDOLENCES DoB: 25 January 1974 DoD: 22 February 2018 serial number, according to the substantial facts of the charge sheet. Akapala and his co-accused who opted to conduct their own defense have denied guilt in relation to the allegations. As they were denied bail they were remanded in custody until their next appearance on May 18. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT NOTICE TO ALL INTERESTED AND AFFECTED PARTIES FOR PROSOPED CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION OF SUPERIOR I.G SERVICE STATION IN ONIIPA, OSHIKOTO REGION Notice is hereby served to inform all potentially Interested and/or Affected Parties that an application will be made to the Environmental Commissioner in terms of Environmental Management Act (No. 7 of 2007) and the Environmental Assessment Regulations (2012) for the following intended activity:- Proponent: Superior Investment Group CC Project Name & Description: Construction and operation of Superior I.G service station Project Location: Oniipa town, Oshikoto region Environmental Consultant: Nam Geo-Enviro Solutions (NGS) We invite all Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) to register with this study, submit your name and contact details with any issues, comments and/or opinions to Nam Geo-Enviro Solutions by 23 March 2017. Contact: Ms. Ruth Mutyavaviri Nam Geo-Enviro Solutions Tel: +264 61 402 246, Fax: 088 6554084, E-Mail: NOTICE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (EIA) FOR THE PROPOSED FUEL RETAIL FACILITY, A CONVENIENCE SHOP, LIGHT INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSES, RETAIL OUTLETS AND A SUPERMARKET AT ONAANDA. & INVITATION TO A PUBLIC MEETING all interested and affected parties (I&APs) that an will be submitted to the Environmental Commissioner, in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Management Act (No. 7 of 2007) and EIA Regulations (GN 30 of 2012) as follows: Project Name: Onaanda Fuel Service Station, Retails and Warehouses Proponent: Dayola Investmentcc Project Location: Onaanda, Omusati Region.Public Meeting Date: 24 March 2018 Venue: Onaanda Parish - Time: 10:00-12:00 Deadline for submission of comments: 09th April 2018 To register, submit your details to ECS at: Email: Tel: +264 81 5955643 The Honorable Minister, Hon. Deputy Minister, Permanent Secretary and entire staff of the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation would like to express their deepest sympathy to the family of the late Flora Seibes on her untimely death. She served untimely death. As the Ministry bids farewell to Ms Seibes, it would like to acknowledge and appreciate her dedication of service to the Ministry and the nation at large. Although she is no longer in our midst, the Ministry is comforted by her fond memories as a committed, visionary and productive civil servant. Dear beavered family, may you be comforted and embraced by the love of the Almighty God. May Her Soul Rest in Everlasting

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