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New Era Newspaper Thursday November 23, 2017

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16 AFRICA/WORLD Thursday, November 23 2017 | NEW ERA Zimbabweans celebrate in SA years after fleeing Mugabe JOHANNESBURG Hundreds of Zimbabweans who fled their homeland for South Africa during the despotic rule of Robert Mugabe took to the streets of Johannesburg to celebrate the resignation of the hated president. Blowing vuvuzelas, waving feet, Zimbabweans danced their way through Hillbrow, a cosmopolitan Johannesburg neighbourhood with a strong community of African immigrants. “We want to go back home, even tomorrow, even now at night. I’m very happy,” Nikiwe Khumalo, 60, told AFP, 36 years food” in neighbouring South Africa. In the years that followed his coming to power in 1980, Mugabe set his country -- once known as southern Africa’s bread basket -- on a course of economic disaster, and agricultural production plummeted in the wake of farm reforms. Zimbabwe, while home to abundant mineral resources -- platinum, gold, diamonds and nickel -- suffered a national currency collapse and the resulting galloping inflation sparked mass unemployment. Hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans emigrated to neighbouring South Africa to escape the misery. Jubilant… Zimbabweans living in South Africa celebrate in the streets of the district of Hillbrow in Johannesburg after the resignation of Zimbabwe›s president Robert Mugabe, on November 21. The announcement came after days of mounting pressure on the 93-year-old leader, whose long and authoritarian rule made him feared by many of his citizens. Photo: Nampa/AFP After his resignation Tuesday brought a sudden end to Mugabe’s 37- year reign of often brutal rule, families of protesters in Johannesburg waved placards reading “Happy people. Happy Zimbabwe” and “We are free”. “We are going back to built a better Zimbabwe... to work again and open businesses,” said another Zimbabwean, who gave his name only as Ruben. For Cleopatra, 16, whose parents moved to South Africa before she was born, Mugabe’s shock exit offered homeland. “I want to go back to my homeland. I’ve never been,” she said. – Nampa/AFP AU welcomes Mugabe resignation ADDIS ABABA The African Union (AU) has welcomed Robert Mugabe’s decision to step down as president of Zimbabwe, saying the people had expressed their will for a “peaceful transfer of power.” AU commission chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat said he “welcomes the decision by President Robert Mugabe to step down from his position as Head of State following a lifetime of service to the Zimbabwean nation.” “President Mugabe will be remembered as a fearless pan- the father of the independent Zimbabwean nation,” he said in a statement released late Tuesday. After dominating nearly every aspect of Zimbabwean public life for decades, the 93-year-old’s tenure on Tuesday ended in an announcement at a special joint session of parliament where MPs had convened to impeach Mugabe after the ruling party sacked him as their leader earlier this week. Mugabe is likely to be replaced by Emmerson Mnangagwa, whom he in a move that pushed infuriated army chiefs to seize power and force the president’s exit. Despite the military intervention, the AU did not characterise Mugabe’s ouster as a coup, but rather a legitimate expression of the will of Zimbabweans. “The African Union recognises that the Zimbabwean people have expressed their will that there should be a peaceful transfer of power in a manner that secures the democratic future of their country,” the statement said. “President Mugabe’s decision to resign paves the way for a transition process, owned and led by the sovereign people of Zimbabwe.” – Nampa/AFP Airlines settle Twin Towers claim over 9/11 attacks NEW YORK American Airlines and United Airlines have agreed to a .1 million settlement with the developer of the World Trade Center over the September 11, 2001 attacks, ending 13 years of litigation. Insurers will cover the payout to World Trade Center Properties, owned by developer Larry Silverstein, according to court papers filed Tuesday. Six weeks before the attacks Silverstein signed a 99 year lease for the site, which is owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. After the suicide airliner attacks that felled the Twin Towers, Silverstein received from his own insurers .55 billion in settlements after years of negotiations. But he also fought to receive damages from American and United, whose hijacked planes were used in the attacks. He initially sought .3 billion from the airlines and airport security companies. Now the two sides have reached a settlement that must still be approved by US District Judge Alvin Hellerstein. The September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers by hijackers loyal to Al- Qaeda killed more than 2,750 people. Another hijacked plane reportedly hit the Pentagon in Washington, in Pennsylvania. Altogether around 3,000 people died in the attacks. – Nampa/AFP WE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU Participate in our surveys and stand a chance to WIN a weekend away for two at any NWR Resort worth N$ 5000. Visit to participate.

Thursday, November 23 2017 | NEW ERA Rukwangali NEW ERA 17 Kazapua kuna kukandurapo rutandu, nokuhundira ukumwe WINDHOEK Mukurona gositata saVenduka Muesee Kazapua kahundilire vaNamibia asi vahepa kukara nomukaro gopampo zoukumwe kumwe nokupopera asi pwahakara mukaro gokutura rutandu moyirugana, ndi asi kutara ntundiliro zoge pamukunda ntani asi ove munayirongo. Kazapua kageve nonkango odo posiruwo sosilika soudano wompo ponkuru sure zaNamibia ndi asi UNAM, moomu mositata moune kaupwire. Pwanayina ngesi tuna yidiva asi kapi tuna kara nompo zakahurako nkenye mpo kwakara asi kuhehera simwe ndi udano umwe kwamukwawo, yipo nye asi twahepa kuruganena kumwe ngomuhoko, yimo ana kutanta Kazapua. Age katente asi elisigo lyopamo zetu yiso simwe asi tuninkisa asi tukare vamwe mokutudimburura asi vaNamibia, ntani ukumwe melipakerero pampo, kuna kara mokudana udano wompo omu natulikisa asi nani nose twakara nomarudi getu mosirongo setu. Nkenye mpo kwahetakana, kwato zimwe zakara asi mulyo kupitakana nkwawo yimo hena asi kwato eraka lyakara asi kwapitakana eraka limwe. Kazapua kahundilire varongwa woposure zonkurona asi vahepa kutwara mpo komeho yipo asi vahepa kudiva oku vatundilira yipo asi vakare nompora morwa kukarapo kwawo mokulisiga omu atuparuka monkrapamwe zetu. Ogu kakere asi nage kun kuuyunga mosilika oso, kakere mukuronagona gonkurusure Kansela gona Lasarus Hangula, katente asi kudana udano wompo kuna kara silika somulyo, melikwamo lypnkurusure mwaza mvhura. Silika kasikere kutunda mo 16 dogoro 19 August 2017, nositurapo sina kutanta asi Unam monomvhura 25 kuna kulikida udano wosiliva mompo zokulisiga siga. Silika sanamfo kuna lizi kumwe nokudana egwaneso lyonkurusure nomvhura 25 mokukara kwazo mosirongo. – Nampa Death Announcement It is with great sadness that we, the Lubinda family, announce the passing of our beloved Carrie Chaze ‘Machie’ Lubinda. Sunrise: 25 June 1989 Sunset: 15 November 2017 Memorial Service Burial Service 2 Timothy 4: 6 - 8 is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the lord, the righteous judge, shall Enquiries

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