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2 NEWS Thursday, November 23 2017 | NEW ERA Product of New Era Tel: +264 61 - 2 Fax: +264 61 - 235 419 Tel: +264 66 - 253 049 Cell: +264 81 488 6594 / +264 81 124 2895 Tel: +264 66 - 256 298 Cell +264 81 217 1888 Tel: +264 65 - 238 990 Fax: +264 65 - 231 305 Tel: +264 67 - 221 652 Cell: +264 81 456 8643 Cell: +264 81 217 9739 Cell: +264 81 204 8078 Tel: +264 63 - 222 057 Cell: +264 81 312 5975 Tel: +264 63 - 204 180 Cell: +264 81 245 9714 Tel: +264 61 - Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 Tel: +264 61 - Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 BATTLEGROUND From page 1 Also up for grabs are vice-president, secretary-general and deputy secretarygeneral positions, while 84 central committee positions are also up for the taking. This congress is historic in two main party goes into congress without a de facto president in post and, secondly, party is being challenged in an election. Geingob took on the role of acting president after Pohamba resigned in 2015. His supporters did not take kindly to their candidate being challenged, and had initially called for him to be endorsed as the sole candidate for the presidency. They anchored their argument around the party’s revolutionary tradition, decorum and institutional memory, which records that both former Swapo presidents Sam Nujoma and Pohamba were never challenged in an election while they were the incumbent leaders of the party. But Geingob’s rivals, who are WINDHOEK From page 1 “The door to the house was open and they entered. They hit my dad on the head. I got up and pushed for few minutes. “I ran back inside the house and shots in the air and one of them also the mountain,” recalled Jetschko, who sustained a cut to his head, a stab wound with a screwdriver on the elbow, and was hit with an iron Fortunately, the robbers did not manage to take anything, but Jetschko said the intruders returned on Saturday and were again tampering with the electrical fence, “Crime is out of control in Windhoek. They must get the military to patrol the mountain, which intruders use to enter houses from the back,” remarked Jetschko, who believes the thieves - from the vantage point of their mountain study the movements at their residence. Kanime advised residents of with their local neighbourhood watch groups, as well as the City Police team on duty. “Be on the alert, once you hear a dog barking, call the police on 061-302302 or SMS to 4444,” Kanime advised. He said the police were there to ensure safety and security prevails by doing regular neighbourhood patrols and using media technology to stay informed, amongst others. Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop The youth of Keetmanshoop have taken it upon themselves to ensure that all residents, including the elderly, have a Through the Keetmanshoop Youth Initiative (KYI), the young people are on a drive to solicit food items and children’s toys, which will then be donated to poor households at the town during the festive season. pushing for a new dispensation in the party, argued that the idea of sole candidacy was farcical and that it had no basis in modern politics or the party constitution. The new dispensation would be one in which the party blends its liberation ideology and practice with a new order grounded in democracy, diversity of perspectives and pluralism, they held. President Geingob, while chairing a politburo meeting in October, informed aspiring challengers that they were free to take him on in an open and democratic contest, as provided for in the party constitution. “Those cadres that qualify to contest for elections have the right to do so, as per our constitution,” he said on October 6. But in the space of a single month – October – Swapo has changed from a party that presented a united front, to a turf-war characterised by vulgarity, defamation and tribal undertones from certain quarters. where social media has played a pretty,” observed Graham Hopwood MBUMBA From page 1 The outcome of the court cases, according to Mbumba, will only be for the two regions and will not affect the congress that starts on Thursday. “The preparatory process of the congress is too advanced to be challenged by only two regions,” said Mbumba and refused to comment further on the expected outcome of the respective court cases, saying the courts are independent institutions that need no interference NAMIBIA From page 1 According to the 2017 IIAG rankings issued Monday by the watchdog on good governance in Africa, Mauritius remains the top-ranking African nation in sub-Saharan Africa, followed by Seychelles and Botswana at number three in overall rankings, Cape Verde is fourth The lowest performers included Somalia, South Sudan, Eritrea, Central African Republic and Sudan. It was noted that while Mauritius received a top score of 81.4, the island nation has shown a along with Angola, Lesotho and Zambia. The report’s authors state: “The African continent has, on average, been improving in overall governance. Looking back over the last decade (2007-2016) the African average score has improved by +1.4 score points from 49.4 (out of 100.0) to 50.8, reaching in 2016 its highest score since the IIAG’s On national security, Botswana got 100, Cape Verde 100, Mauritius 100, at 98.8, Zambia was eighth with 94.1. KYI vice chairperson Gospert Kaffer told New Era that the initiative aims to collect food items and toys for poor residents, saying Christmas is a time that people should come together and enjoy, but in many cases the poor are not so privileged to even have a decent meal, and thus the drive to collect food items for poor households for Christmas. He said while many such initiatives focus solely on senior citizens, KYI decided to focus on senior citizens, as well as children, saying many a time of the Institute for Public Policy and Research (IPPR). “There seems to have been quite a bit of nasty material from supporters of both sides popping up on social media and WhatsApp groups. “I’m thinking of things like 'The Curious Citizen', the ‘breaking news’ announcements and more generally insults and petty comments that have been traded on Facebook and to a lesser extent on Twitter.” Indicative of the fallout between what were hitherto comrades-in-arms during the country’s liberation struggle and their army of supporters was the harsh language exchanged between the two camps, including calls last weekend that President Geingob dismiss cabinet ministers in the opposing camp for their alleged perpetual undermining of his authority during the campaign period. “Also, some sections of the media have adopted very strident, partisan positions, which have spread from their editorial pages to their normal reportage. This hasn’t been a healthy development for journalism in Namibia and I’m concerned that young reporters have been used by owners and editors from politicians. Omaheke Region, according to Mbumba, delegated 10 members for the congress, as per what was recorded by the Nora Gores, Frieda Shimakeleni, Justine Bernardt, Nono Katjingisiua, Festus Ueitele, Gideon Kavari, Raphael Kavari, Aron Marenga and Asaria Tjingaete. Four who did not make it onto the list of delegates to represent the region at the upcoming congress have approached the court to declare the structures that elected the current delegates null and void. Zimbabwe was at number 32 with 78.9, South Africa at number 33 with 78.5, but on maintaining rule of law South Africa was tops with 94.7. On accountability Rwanda (72.1) topped the continent, followed by Mauritius (70.4). Botswana (66.3) was Namibia was at number seven with 60.3. Zambia was number 16 with 43.8, Zimbabwe at number 40 with 24.6 and Somalia trailed the lot at 1.6. On overall governance, Namibia was with a score of 71.2 out of 100, while on safety and the rule of law it received a tally of 78.1 out of a 100, according to the IIAG. On gender equality, Namibia was at the summit with a tally of 100, although Namibia fared poorly on gender balance in rural decision-making. On access to justice, Namibia got a high score of 94.4 while on the judicial independence it got 94. During the period under review Namibia got a score of 54.2 out of a hundred on access to information; on the diversion of public funds it also fared poorly as it scored 53.7. There is also a need for Namibia to pull up its socks on investigations of corruption cases where IIAG was of people forget that children from these poor backgrounds do not have access to facilities or toys that children from well off families have. “We are not only focusing on our elders, but we also want people to donate toys for the young ones, because we usually forget that these children also need toys but their parents cannot afford them,” he said. He further said the youth have placed boxes throughout the town for people who want to make a difference to donate to pump out propaganda, rather than report on developments with a balanced perspective,” Hopwood said. The IPPR director remarked that Team Harambee, as President Geingob’s campaign has become known, were coherent in the sense that they tied together the Harambee Prosperity Plan, NDP5 and the Swapo manifesto in their campaign. “However, it will be interesting to see how much the general pessimism about the state of the economy weighs with delegates. I was surprised that Team Swapo did not use this more in their campaigns, although issues such as the country’s junk status did come up,” he observed. Team Swapo, he said, placed strong emphasis on the internal aspects of the party’s governance that they think have been badly handled. He said it was hard to see both sides embracing each other after congress and fast forgetting the insults that have been traded during campaigns. “There is also the prospect of a those who end up on the losing ticket,” Hopwood noted. The four are former Swapo regional coordinator for Omaheke Kejamuina Mungendje, Maleagi Ndisiro, Frans Murangi, and Progarius Muriambihu. Similarly, a group of disgruntled Swapo members from Hardap Region challenging the outcome of the party’s Hardap regional conference that was held in July. “The court was never requested to stop the congress,” said Mbumba, whop would proceed as planned. – Nampa the expert opinion there is an increasing deterioration, as it scored a low of 38.9 out of 100. In terms of combating score of 50. It also noted Namibia is one of the ten African countries that had a change of leadership since 2007. The others are Egypt, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, Tanzania and Tunisia. On cross-border tensions, Namibia is at peace with its neighbours and got a score of 100, while on the issue of political refugees it got a high of 98.6. Namibia’s performance in other categories was ranked as followes: human rights 75.5; political participation 81.5; civil society participation 83.4, free and fair elections 89.9; civil liberties 79.2; human rights conventions 71.4; customs procedures 66.4; business bureaucracy and red tape 66.7; investment climate 72.2. On the provision of welfare services under the human development category, Namibia got 72, on social safety net it received 76.9 and on narrowing the income gap Namibia got a mere 37.3, whereas on employment creation it received 51.4, on educational provision 83.9 and on quality of education 66.7. Keetmans youth want decent Christmas for the poor the little they can, saying doing so as a resident is important as it will help other residents in need. “It is very important for people to donate. By donating you are giving something to someone for Christmas,” he said. He called on people and businesses to take part and donate food items or help food and toys to 300 senior citizens and children of poor households in the informal settlements at the town.

Thursday, November 23 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 3 Ex-convict determined to live positively Alvine Kapitako Windhoek Three-years ago, 36-year old Travoltha Tjiuiju was sentenced to two years in prison for conspiracy to fraud. Tjiuiju, who served a two-year sentence, was yes- in computer training by CHANGE, an independent non-governmental organisation actively involved in uplifting the Namibian society and contributing to economic and social development by re-integrating ex-offenders into society. Tjiuiju was one of 40 people who received a cer- and fashion design from CHANGE. “Prison is never a good thing. But my time in prison On the right path… Travoltha Tjiuiju, an ex-convict who received training yesterday. never discouraged me from living life,” related Tjiuiju, adding that he maintained a positive attitude during his time in prison. While in prison, Tjiuiju taught literacy to fellow offenders. The Grade 12 holder said yesterday would add to his curriculum vitae. Prior to his sentence, Tjiuiju was a businessman who specialized in printing services. “I’ve learned to choose my friends wisely,” said Tjiuiju. He advises youth to be vigilant by not allowing anybody to be their friend. He also advised the youth to seek guidance of elders when faced with difficult choices and to heed the wisdom of their elders. The father of one said he strives to be a better role model for his daughter. “I want to see that my daughter who is now in Grade 10 gets a good education. I don’t just want her to know me as an ex-convict,” added Tjiuiju. Tjiuiju and four other men from Sri Lanka and Singapore were convicted of being part of a fraud ring that allegedly cloned 474 bank credit/debit and gift cards and then used the cards at ATMs throughout Namibia to withdraw large amounts of cash. The total amount involved was about N.467 million from the accounts of customers of British bank Barclays, according to news reports. It was reported the fraud was committed between March 18 and September 26 2007. Tjiuiju encouraged young people to stay away from criminal activities. “Crime does not pay. When you are young it’s easy to stray from the correct path but young people should be wise and listen to their parents,” added Tjiuiju. His immediate plans are to invest in farming and a sustainable business. Temporary solution for Onamatanga water woes Nuusita Ashipala Ongwediva Following the ongoing water woes at Onamatanga over the years the government has taken the temporary measure to ferry tanks of water to the community until a permanent solution is found. Councillor for Ruacana Constituency Andreas Shintama said the water is provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry through the Water is provided immediately before the tank runs dry. “We have put a contact there, who informs our dry,” said Shintama. Although the councillor could not provide the exact date when the government started ferrying water to Onamatanga, Shintama said they have not recorded any hiccups thus far. The only challenge that could possibly hinder the process is communication because the area does not have network coverage and as a result at- are done in advance to avoid delays. He said that currently Onamatanga does not have potable water and solely depends on borehole water, which is Vital resource… Tapping water from a borehole in Oshikoto Region. Photo for illustration purposes. Photo: Nuusita Ashipala and animal consumption. Previously, residents of Onamatanga trekked long distances to secure water from boreholes that were not too salty. In addition to the water, the marginalised community of the San is also received bags of rice intended for the San community. On a different note, Shintama said to clear the shrubs along the Ruacana- Omakange road. He said the cleaning is important as there have been reports of lives lost through accidents. The road is also used by tourists visiting the region as well as people travelling to the Kunene Region. Secure for now… About 400 cleaners employed by 19 different cleaning contractors under the City of Windhoek were told they would continue working as normal until next year June. The employees were MANWU general secretary Justina Jonas Emvula told the group their jobs are secured while the union is busy with negotiations. Emvula said the Ministry of Finance would be requested to put the tender on hold. “The City of Windhoek will consult with us on the new concept whereby all your inputs will be con- employed for 11 years but only earn N,000 per month. They also stated they haven’t received any salary increment the past three years. They asked to be employed permanently as they are still on contract. Photo: Emmency Nuukala WE ARE VIBRANT. 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