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New Era Newspaper Thursday November 23, 2017

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4 NEWS Thursday, November 23 2017 | NEW ERA Farmworkers seek help from Master of High Court over pay Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop The Namibian Farm Workers Union (NAFWU) is seeking help from the Master of the High Court in an effort get severance pay due to Komsberg grape workers paid out to them. The troubled Komsberg Farm has been under liquidation for some time and was recently taken over by Socotra Island Investments, but while the union ensured that all 47 permanent workers retained their jobs, the workers are yet to receive their severance packages. Background As a cross-cutting element, health impacts on and is impacted by other sectors. It is determined by policies of other sectors and thus needs inter-sectoral actions and deliberate policy and strategic positioning across government, society and other social actors. Health in All Policies (HiAP) is an approach that enables enhanced and systematic streamlining of health promoting actions in each sector towards improving the health outcomes of a country. It involves accentuation of existing positive impacts of sectoral policies and inter-sectoral actions on health while strengthening mitigation of negative impacts. It also promotes systematic and coordinated implementation, monitoring and evaluation of deliberate actions across sectors. Objective(s) of the Consultancy This consultancy seeks to draft a strategy for Health in All Policies to enable government to address the social and environmental determinants of health in all public policies with improved health outcomes at the population level. Key deliverable: A National Strategy on Health in All Policies An agreement was previously reached that all Komsberg Farm workers would be re-employed by Socotra Island Investments once grape farming activities resume, but it has now been almost a year and the workers are yet to get their severance pay. NAFWU general secretary Rocco Nguvauva told New Era this has left the union with no other option, but to approach the Master of the High Court to intervene, as the union wants closure to the case. He said the case has been dragging on since January, without any positive solution in sight and that he has attempted all avenues to get the liquidator, Alwyn van Straten, NAMIBIA National Consultant to Develop a National Strategy on Health in All Policies Duration of the consultancy: The consultancy will be for 17 working days over an estimated one month period MPH with at least 3 years’ experience in public policy planning and/or health promotion and social determinants of health Knowledge and Skills: Submission: to pay what is due to the workers, but his efforts have been in vain. He said the workers were to be paid severance for the years worked, as well as their leave days, but so far only the leave days have been paid. “We have tried the best we can to resolve this issue and for the workers to be paid what is due to them, but without success so far. That is why we are left with no choice but to seek help from the Master of the High Court,” he said. He said NAFWU had scheduled ter of the High Court for yesterday, the possible way forward and to fast track the payment of the workers, Submissions must be delivered in a sealed envelope no later than 17:00 on 27 November 2017, addressed to: WHO Namibia on Health in All Policy without further delay. Nguvauva further said the hold-up in the payment was largely due to the liquidator, who he claimed was not eager to resolve the issue by effecting payments to the workers, saying van Straten always claimed to be busy and has now stopped answering calls from the union. Master of High Court can lead to a breakthrough in the stalemate and pave the way for an agreement, so Staff Reporter Windhoek Food is an important aspect of life but delicious and wellpresented culinary art makes life fuller. Food is not only a necessity to human existence, but a social activity and thanks to passionate cooks it has come an art-the most delicious art form of art. These are but some of the motivational factors expressed by Melinekelo about her academic experience in Zimbabwe. Having grown up in the Ohangwena region, Melinekelo Haivanga saw an opportunity to explore the art of food and cooking. “I opted to study culinary arts, because I always dreamt of becoming a chef and I have Haivanga. Having completed her Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts at the Hospitality School in Zimbabwe where she highly applauds them for their concrete culture and passion for traditional food. “It is a beautiful country with very friendly people. They have very good food and always “The plan is to get a lawyer so that we can resolve this issue even in court, but we have a meeting today and I was told that the liquidator might also be called in to be advised on how we can move forward in the interest of the workers,” he said. Attempts to obtain comment from van Straten proved futile, as he indicated thorough short text message service that he was unable to speak. Komsberg grape farm is located on the banks of the Orange River. Culinary graduate thanks NSFAF keep their kitchens tidy,” says the food specialist. The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund accommodated her passion for cooking and funded her studies throughout her academic period. “I got to know the existence of NSFAF through advertisements in newspapers and assistance and they started of study. Not only did they pay for tuition, but I also received a refund which I used to pay for my accommodation, study materials and use the rest as pocket money,” she says. Haivanga aspires to become a businesswoman in the culinary industry and start her own restaurant were she can express her love of food through the art of cooking and training young Namibians. She urges the youth to believe in themselves and always put their mind and hard work to what they want to achieve. “I want to encourage the youth to be well disciplined and study hard enough to enhance not only their education but also future aspirations.” Food lover… Melinekelo Haivanga completed her diploma in food preparation and culinary arts with NSFAF funding. Photo: NSFAF

Thursday, November 23 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Illegal connections not to blame for outages Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya The Northern Region Electricity Distributor (Nored) has refuted claims the intermittent power outage experienced in Omuthiya two weeks ago was the result of illegal connections. The power at the time was on average tripping every after 30 minutes; however, the cause of the trips remains unknown. “The cause of the interruptions is under investigation. Illegal connections outages as the failures were mainly experienced on our medium voltage network, where illegal connection is Aron Mushaukwa Katima Mulilo Silinda Mubonenwa who stands accused by residents of Mpyu, some 15 kilometres east of Katima Mulilo, of illegally harvesting mopane logs has denied the allegations, saying he is simply clearing the land for subsistence ploughing. Mubonenwa said he has a marketing and transportation permit (seen by New Era), which allows him to harvest the mopane and transport it for a market in Katima. He has also denied allegations that his market is in South Africa. “I am not selling the logs to South Africa. They should explain which border I use. When I transport the logs from where I transport them for a market harvest the logs while I have permits, is it a problem?” he said. rarely possible,” explained Nored’s while acknowledging that the Omuthiya 11kV network experienced intermittent power blackouts. rarely trips the grid, but can affect a dedicated network, or group of customers, emphasizing the cause remains a mystery and the network information is being analysed by engineers. “The frequency however cannot be “Nored is currently running a meter Other interventions include sensitising the customers or community to report any illegal connection they observed. As One of the complainants who spoke to New Era, Samwele Samwele, accused Mubonenwa of illegally occupying the land where he is harvesting the mopane. Mubonenwa however says the piece of land has been given to him by the khuta. He further stated that he cannot share a token of appreciation to proactively deal with such an issue, the whistleblower is given a reward once the illegal when asked what measures Nored has put in place to curb illegal electricity connections. it is accounted for through the network losses, hence the amount can only report. So far, he said, no prosecutions have been initiated against offenders but when caught such people have had their power disconnected and were penalized in line with the Electricity Act. Mubonenwa defends his name on logging at Mpyu Source of dispute… Some of the trees chopped down at Mpyu. more information about the land dispute because the case is before the court. Samwele had also accused Mubonenwa of opening a protection order against him, in order for him to freely harvest the mopane. “In August he reported that I went to threaten his people (workers) with a gun, Region,” he said. Mubonenwa however claims that he opened a case against him because it is not a secret that he had been threatening to shoot him. “He is the one who is always threatening me. I have evidence that he is always threatening me, that he will shoot me. area. He has been insulting me, but I have never threatened him,” said Mubonenwa. The forestry department in Katima Mulilo that admitted knowing the dispute at Mpyu remained tight-lipped on the statement at a later stage. COURSE on Offer DIPLOMA IN POLICE MANAGEMENT (NQA Level 5) Applications are now invited for the 2018 Academic Year This programme includes modules such as: Legal Framework of Policing in Namibia; Intelligence-Led Policing; Strategic Management; Disaster Management Closing date for applications 08 December 2017 For more information contract us on: Tel: +264 61 413 500, Email:

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