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2 NEWS Thursday, November 9 2017 | NEW ERA Product of New Era Tel: +264 61 - 2 Fax: +264 61 - 235 419 CHIEFS From page 1 20th annual meeting of the Council of Traditional leaders currently underway in Rundu, where he said there were accepted customary rules of succession, as going to court may be contrary to the traditional ways of doing things and could distort the traditionally acceptable paths of royal succession. “These days - whether in political parties or not - we have to go to the courts. That’s not how it’s supposed to be, we have customs. That’s why we trust you, the custodians of our culture, to tell us how to solve traditional matters in traditional ways, not modern courts. “Now, if you go to court they have their rules, which may be contrary to our traditional way of doing things – that distorts the whole thing. He said he had been informed that the issues would be on the agenda. “I will be very happy to hear later on that you have resolved many of the outstanding issues,” Geingob said. The president also told the assembled traditional leaders that no issue was unsolvable, saying as long as people talk and hold hands it can be solved. “I’m a diplomat and I’m told countries go to war when diplomacy fails. That keep on talking, consult and try to solve outstanding differences in an amicable way in the Namibian house. “Having studied the agenda for this year’s meeting, I am pleased to note that issues concerning disputes among traditional authorities are tabled for discussion, with the hope that long-lasting solutions can be found. “We have been dismayed to witness the increase in friction within and amongst respective traditional communities, related to leadership succession and border disputes, to name a few. Chiefs are key partners in development – Geingob “And unfortunately, on numerous occasions government is dragged into the midst of these avoidable disputes, which not only cause divisions among communities, but is also time-consuming, taking time and resources, which would best be served on matters of priority, such as the war against poverty.” The president concluded that in Africa, reverence for one’s elders is part of the culture, as it forms part of the core of the African identity. “There is a proverb that says: ‘What the elders see while sitting the young ones standing on their toes won’t see.’ It means one will never be able to substitute the knowledge and wisdom of our elders with the vigour and enthusiasm of youth, “I therefore make an impassioned plea to all Namibians - to all children of our Namibian House - to unite in upholding the dignity of our culture, which will ensure that we accord our elders the respect and honour they deserve.” SUSPECTS From page 1 Puma service station employees were on their way to deposit money at a local bank when a gang of armed gunmen ambushed them. The six are said to have assaulted Genevieve Mireille in the attack and allegedly Ekandjo and his co-accused are reported to have used a black sedan without number plates as getaway car, but were later apprehended. So far, the police have managed stolen money. M a g i s t r a t e K u b e r s k y postponed the matter to March 22, decision, warning the accused to be at court on that date. Tel: +264 66 - 253 049 Cell: +264 81 488 6594 / +264 81 124 2895 Tel: +264 66 - 256 298 Cell +264 81 217 1888 Tel: +264 65 - 238 990 Fax: +264 65 - 231 305 Tel: +264 67 - 221 652 Cell: +264 81 456 8643 Cell: +264 81 217 9739 Cell: +264 81 204 8078 Tel: +264 63 - 222 057 Cell: +264 81 312 5975 Tel: +264 63 - 204 180 Cell: +264 81 245 9714 Tel: +264 61 - Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 Tel: +264 61 - Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 John Muyamba Rundu President Hage Geingob says government needs total participation from traditional authorities in the development agenda of the country. One way in which traditional authorities can inject some impetus into the country’s developmental drive is through the establishment of functioning and well-managed community trust funds, the president suggested. He made the remarks when he meeting of the Council of Traditional leaders in Rundu on Wednesday. The meeting that started on Monday ends on Friday and is being attended by traditional leaders and traditional authority representatives. and truly into the second phase of our struggle, that of economic emancipation. As much as we want to improve the status of our economy, government needs total participation GENOCIDE From page 1 the government of Namibia, the government attorney was instructed to approach the relevant British authorities vested with verifying the different charges invoiced by the British lawyers. “This action is still continuing and the government attorney is seized with the matter,” he said in the National Assembly last week. During the period April to July, General re-submitted the request for payment to the UK-based lawyers at General was requested to submit the relevant invoices and to verify that the services were properly sourced and that the services had been satisfactorily from our traditional authorities in order to spearhead the initiatives that aim to improve the livelihood of our people,” Geingob asserted. “This means that our traditional authorities have a role to play by internalising and promoting our developmental initiatives, such as plans, and the Harambee Prosperity Plan. I therefore encourage our traditional authorities to prioritise this area.” The president said the implementation of community trust funds by all traditional authorities would be an ideal instrument to buttress economic development at a regional level through the promotion raising events, trade fairs and cultural festivals. On course… President Hage Geingob delivered the keynote speech yesterday at the 20th annual meeting of the Council of Traditional Leaders currently underway in Rundu. Photo: John Muyamba rendered. Schlettwein noted that after a careful review of the documents submitted pertaining to the payment of advocates Anna Uukelo, Dexter Diaz Richard Reynolds and Paul Clark were made. These include that records appeared to be incomplete, as fee arrangements and the terms of engagement signed with the lawyers were not included, charges invoiced appeared excessive, and several other discrepancies were noted in the information provided by the lawyers in their invoices. of the Attorney General, Treasury was informed that the said lawyers had proceeded with court action against the Namibian government. It was then considered in the best interest of the country to make the payment and thereafter to investigate the observed shortcomings. He said this was decided to avoid additional legal costs, to protect Namibia’s properties in the UK against possible attachments, and to avoid possible blacklisting of Namibia in the UK. “It is our submission that all the questionable matters are referred and investigated by institutions that have the legal mandate to ensure that suspect behaviour is investigated and, if need be, brought to book. “We therefore want to suggest that these institutions, namely the auditor-general, The Anti-Corruption Commission and the government investigation and report back to this House.” The finance minister said the Attorney General for the payment of the mentioned legal fees. However, the expense had not been budgeted for. The State Finance Act prohibits payments for expenditure that was not budgeted for and therefore the request for payment could not be honoured at the time. However, he said, to avoid the threat of the Namibian Embassy in London being attached and further penalties being imposed, arrangements were made for the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation to partially million. He said the outstanding amount was then budgeted for under the Budget Vote of the Attorney General under a provision for unpaid invoices from the

Thursday, November 9 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 3 No funds for youth credit scheme Albertina Nakale Windhoek Due to budget constraints as a result of the economic situation in the country, the Namibia Youth Credit Scheme (NYCS) loan disbursements have not taken place during the 2016/17 and 2017/2018 The Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service Jerry Ekandjo revealed this in parliament when he responded to questions posted by United Democratic Front (UDF) Member of Parliament Apius Auchab. are some of the several factors that are currently preventing Namibian youth entrepreneurs from making a meaningful contribution to job overcome these challenges. Ekandjo responded that budget constraints have negatively affected have received funding as part of the loan phases 2, 3 and 4. The NYCS is a loan guarantee cial support to youth that do not have adequate collateral to access capital - The loans offered range from N,000-N,000, and are repaid of not more that 20 percent of the total amount per loan term. Ekandjo however said plans are to divert funds from the stand-alone NYCS program to that of the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) for the 121 youth enterprises, “The consolidation plan of the two concepts into one project is to ensure that a single ring-fenced enterprise development fund is in Further, he noted, with a lack of access to improved ICT and other technology, youths are not developing large enough networks for high growth. The latter, Ekandjo says, is essential to enable young entrepreneurs to tap into a network that will provide access to market information, technological expertise and a global market. The multi-purpose youth centres offer basic ICT training to youth to impact ICT skills and while this is offered, mentorship will continue, he said. Namibia scores very low in youth entrepreneurship, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report of 2015, which further revealed that Namibia is the 3rd worst country in sub-Sharan Africa when it comes to youth entrepreneurship. Moreover, the report indicates that youth in sub-Saharan Africa are more entrepreneurial than youth in other world regions. Ekandjo said entrepreneurship is a mandatory subject offered to all trainees in order to shape their entrepreneurship capabilities in conjunction with skills training. The NYCS offers loans for youth entrepreneurs and gives intensive entrepreneurship training in basic management practices to youth prior to awarding them with loans as well as conducting follow-up training. The minister explained that mentorship is an ongoing service as well as continuous monitoring and evaluation as a means to support the Mentoring is offered to young entrepreneurs with the assistance of implementing agencies. 90,000 cases reported to police Maria Amakali Windhoek Over 90,000 cases have been opened with the Namibian police (Nampol) for 2016/17, against the backdrop of a national population of 2.36 million people. Statistics show that Khomas Region topped the number of crimes reported with 37,635 cases. “This constitutes 39.7% of the total cases reported coun- explained Nampol spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi. The smallest region in the country, Oshana, recorded 9,217 cases followed by Otjozondjupa and Erongo regions, with records of 7,151 and 7,012 cases respectively. The rest of the regions in the country recorded below 600 cases reported during the same period. The majority of crimes committed in Namibia fall in the category of minor crimes such as common assault, theft, robbery and others. Crimes such as housebreaking and gender-based violence follow in prevalence. “Although there are serious cases which include armed robbery and robbery, they do not necessarily top the list of crimes explained Kanguatjivi. With the cases reported, men compared to women seem to be the ones suspected of committing heinous crimes. “This is evident in our correctional facilities that show the ratio of male juveniles is higher to Kanguatjivi. According to Nampol out of the 94,716 cases reported, 24,000 cases were withdrawn by complainants. Although the cases get withdrawn the police still continue with investigations just in case the complainant comes back at a later stage with an intent to re-open the case. “Bear in mind that not all cases that are reported and investigated by the police get to appear before the judge or said Kanguatjivi. Kanguatjivi added that the employed by Nampol is quite small compared to the number of cases assigned to them. “The police are working tirelessly as most of the cases that have been reported nationwide have been resolved and the suspects have been Nampol spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi Photo: Nampa Former PM tells youth to exploit cultural tourism Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop Former prime minister Nahas Angula says during the current times of economic hardship the youth must become innovative and use what is available in order to generate an income. He said the youth of the //Kharas Region in particular have a huge potential to make money, especially through cultural tourism, if they could organise themselves and grab the opportunity. Speaking at the launch of the Ubuntu-Youth Economic Empowerment Program at Keetmanshoop on Wednesday, he said young people should cherish their traditions and cultures, as this can be a great source of income if turned into business. He explained that tourists that come into the country want to have a local experience and learn local cultures and participate in traditional activities, and it is up to the youth to exploit the opportunities by offering such activities, and thereby make Nahas Angula money. “Cultural tourism is one area that has the potential to provide jobs to the young people, but we have tourists coming to our country and we do not Angula said young people should approach the older generation so that not only is the traditional knowledge passed on to the younger generation, but the knowledge and traditions be used for economic purposes by the youth. “Our tradition can be a resource, so how can we position ourselves to He further urged the youth from the region not to be afraid to move to other parts of the country, saying they should embrace the whole of Namibia. Angula commended Rene’ Famer, the director of UBUNTU Business Advisory Services cc for the good gesture, saying civic organisations assist government. “When unemployment is rising, so does poverty and this is not good, and thus civic organisations should reach out to the youth, and create a Farmer said the aim is to assist the youth with a different approach, by not only training them but exposing them to possibilities, linking them with potential employers or business partners, and helping them with business plan, amongst others. “Our young people do not need training anymore, they are tired of said. She said the program intends to spearhead local economic development in the southern towns, by mentoring young people to acquire the necessary skills that will make them employable, or that will empower them to become self-employed. vast knowledge of business, and connections with many businesses and institutions, it is only a matter of time before doors for the youths open.

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