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New Era Newspaper Thursday November 9, 2017

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6 NEWS Thursday, November 9 2017 | NEW ERA Manwu, CIF settle on 5.6 percent raise Eveline de Klerk Walvis Bay After lengthy negotiations, the Metal and Allied Namibian Workers Union (Manwu) and the Construction Industries Federation of Namibia (CIF) yesterday settled for a 5.6 percent increase for 2018 for the construction sector. From January 1, the gazetted minimum wage in the construction sector is N.04 per hour, which was the result of two big increases of 10 percent each on the minimum wage of N.26 in 2014/2015, and the minimum wage of N.59 in 2016. Manwu however demanded a minimum wage increase of 13 percent for 2017/2018 and a further increase of 13 percent for 2018/2019, despite employers only offering 2.5 percent. At a press conference held on Wednesday at Walvis Bay, Manwu general secretary Justine Jonas-Emvula said the negotiations were tough, especially for the workers, who - due to a lack of information - had little understanding as to why in the She added that the union also found it tough to negotiate with an employer who is retrenching at the same time. “However, due to commitment and understanding and after serious consultations and education of our members about the construction sector’s dilemma, consensus was reached,” she said. She added that the increase is only applicable for 2018 and that they soon will resume with negotiations for the next two years. To enhance the quality of life of all our people PUBLIC NOTICE PERMANENT CLOSURE OF ERF RE/403, WINDHOEK AS A “PUBLIC OPEN SPACE”. Notice is hereby given in terms of article 50 (1) (a) (ii) of the Local Authorities Act of 1992 (Act 23 of 1992) that the City of Windhoek proposes to permanent close Erf re/403, Windhoek as a public open space as indicated on the locality plan, which lies for inspection during Avenue. Objections to the proposed closure are to be served on the Secretary: Townships Board, Private Bag 13289, and the Chief Executive days after the appearance of this notice in accordance with Article 50 (1) (C) of the above Act. The last day for objections will be the 24th November 2017. HUGO RUST ACTING URBAN PLANNER WINDHOEK MUNICIPALITY Staff reporter Windhoek from the generosity of local hotel that donates its excess food to the organisation. The excess food is mainly from the uneaten food that was prepared in excess. The Children’s Life Change Centre has 35 children residing in Okuryangava and feeds an additional 33 vulnerable children, who come in for their daily meals. The centre gets food about three times a week from the newly opened Town Lodge Windhoek Hotel, situated in Kleine Kuppe. Although it was founder of the centre Frieda Nambuli, who approached the hotel for assistance, hotel manager Casper orphanage to help. Marè did the same in Botswana with ChildLine, where they also donate excess food to a charity for the needy. The hotel supplies staff meals every day, but there is often food left over. Marè said they would have given this food to their staff, but they already provide staff meals, or otherwise they would have thrown the food away. “It makes me feels good to give what is left over. We obviously package it properly and write a date on it and freeze it until they (centre) come collect it every second or third day,” remarked Marè. He said the hotel ensures the food is edible and has not passed its sell-by date. Marè, who has exciting ideas for the orphanage, said they would in future donate rejected linen and towels among other assistance they plan on offering. “We have visitors who clean their shoes with towels and there is a stain that WINDHOEK Opposition party MPs walked out of the National Assembly on Tuesday after refusing to discuss the Urban and Regional Planning Bill of 2017. The majority of the opposition party MPs in attendance walked out of the chambers after rejecting debate on the Bill in an effort to avoid the topic of land reform. The Bill was tabled by Urban and Rural Development Minister Sophia Shaningwa. The objectives of the Urban and Regional Planning Bill are to decentralise certain aspects of spatial planning in the country and to redress past imbalances in respect of access to land, land Urban ownership, GREEN and land CC allocation. It also aims to promote key national land reform objectives and to transform the spatial planning sector from its current time consuming and bureaucratic procedures to one that will effectively address development challenges a n d t o empower local authorities to perform planning approval functions p e r f o r m e d by township boards and the Namibia P l a n n i n g A d v i s o r y Board. Shaningwa said the new For the children… A group of girls at the Children’s Life Change Centre snack on a donated meal at the orphanage. Photo: Selma Ikela EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY 2 x POSITION: ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGER / IMPACT ASSESSMENT PRACTITIONER Urban Green cc is a Namibian owned and registered company providing multi-disciplinary services in Urban and Regional Planning, as well as Environmental Planning and Management. PREREQUISITES Science / Environmental Management / EIA and a years’ experience Science / Environmental Management / EIA and a years’ experience environmental impact assessment and environmental law. environmental issues. PowerPoint, Excel and GIS). Salary: experience. 15 December 2017, we can’t get rid of and that is the type of things we donate. The donation will include half-used toilet rolls and soap. He said they would train people at the orphanage to make new bars of soap with the half-used bars of soap. People always think donations are about money, but it’s about your time and your effort,” Marè remarked. Frieda and her husband Wilbard Nambuli were invited to the opening of the hotel recently. On the sidelines they expressed sincere gratitude to Marè for the assistance. “The contribution of the hotel is helping us a lot, especially with food for children to take to school. The children are happy with whatever they get and they are not picky. They enjoy the sausages very much and feel like they are in heaven,” said a laughing Frieda. Opposition MPs walk out over Planning Bill Bill would cut delays on the processing of planning applications by 60 percent and merge the two boards to be called the Urban and Regional Planning Board. She noted that the use of outdated planning approaches fed by an outdated legal framework has proven to be weak in addressing current urban challenges. “The delivery of adequate and affordable housing in Namibia has fallen far below the national demand for housing and so is the mushrooming of informal settlements in most of Namibia,” Shaningwa said. The Bill will also enable government to work together in a coordinated manner and to decentralise the bulk of the spatial planning functions to authorised planning authorities. The MPs indicated since the postponement of the Second National Land Conference, which was due to be held in September, all talks on land related issues should be avoided. Swanu of Namibia president, Usutuaije Maamberua said the Bill is linked to land reform and thus should not be allowed for discussion. “For the same reasons that we stopped anything else related to the land question, we should also not proceed with this one,” he stated. Elma Dienda of the Popular Democratic Movement (former DTA of Namibia) also refused to discuss the Bill. “If we discuss this document, we will promote something which we did not agree upon. I suggest that we do not discuss the Bill,” she said. The MPs then walked out after MPs from the ruling party insisted that the discussion on the Bill should take place. They only returned after the debate was postponed to next Thursday. – Nampa

Thursday, November 9 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 7 Lawyer withdraws from Matsi fraud case Maria Amakali Windhoek The lawyer who was representing fashion designer Hambeleleni ‘Hem’ Maria Matsi withdrew from the case, which has now set the matter on the back-burner. Matsi is accused of hiring men to burn her car for her to claim an insurance payout. Chris Brandt, who was Matsi’s legal counsel during the trial, wrote a letter to the prosecutor informing her that upon Masti’s request he had decided to step down. The matter was on the court roll for submission before the magistrate could deliver judgement. “Due to the comment made by Mrs Nandago and Ms Hinda, and the actions by Mrs Nandago, Ms Hambeleleni Maria Matsi has asked me to step down,” said Brandt in his hand-delivered letter. The letter, which was handed in as an exhibit, was read into the record with magistrate Elina Nandago refusing to continue with the matter, saying the allegations are of a serious nature. “I do not have any personal interest in the case. I will not proceed with any matter if there are such serious allegations against me. These allegations need to be stated clearly so they can be read into the record,” said Nandago. Matsi’s new defence counsel Kadhila Amoomo wanted the matter to proceed as scheduled, however the court declined. “These allegations are serious. If we are deemed to be partial … we can step down and have the matter continue before a different magistrate,” stated Nandago. The matter was postponed for the transcription of the record to be availed so that the defence team can go through it and point out what exactly did prosecutor Hinda and magistrate Nandago do wrong. “Right now, we do not know what comments we made and actions we took that were not right. Chris Brandt needs to come and inform the court on record what those actions and comments were, Fraud accused Hem Matsi Photo: Nampa which made him to step down,” said Nandago. Matsi, who appeared on bail before magistrate Elina, faces charges of fraud in connection with her car being set alight in July 2011 by two men. Although having denied guilt, court that Matsi orchestrated the whole plan of having her Mercedes Benz A-class vehicle stolen and set alight so that she could claim insurance money. The burnt car was later found at Daan Viljoen resort. The two men were allegedly promised N,000. According to court documents the total amount paid out by the insurance company was only N,536.84 of which N, 536.84 was paid to the bank to pay off the car loan. Only N,000 was paid to Matsi. Matsi is expected to return to court on January 25, 2018. Schools exhorted to do more with less INVITATION TO PUBLIC PARTICIPATION MEETING ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF A FUEL RETAIL STATION AT NYANGANA-GUMMA, KAVANGO EAST REGION John Muyamba Rundu The Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, says as education is among the multiplicity of challenges facing the country, schools should try to do more with less. Nandi-Ndaitwah feels if schools could do more with less it could bring education to a more productive level and from its natural resources. She was speaking at a gala dinner hosted last Saturday at Rudolf Ngondo Primary School, N5,000 was raised in cash and pledges towards renovating the dilapidated school hall. Rudolf Ngondo, despite a is Rundu’s best performing primary school and parents jostle to register their children at the school. “Now and then you hear the classes are overcrowded. I agree with the statement that if you focus on something you might achieve it. Rudolf Ngondo Primary School, the teachers, the learners and parents are focused in order to make sure their school’s pass rate is number one in the country, regardless of the fact their teacher learner ratio is 1:60 and 1:62 while the prescribed ratio is 35 learners for each teacher,” she said. “I was very surprised when I looked at the results and to be informed the teacher learner ratio is 60 and 62 and you hear schools, principals and teachers complain that we cannot perform because the classes are too big (overcrowded). You have them in your 40s and you have them in the 50s. They told me this afternoon the biggest class at the school has 62 learners but the pass rate is so high – why? Because they are focused on delivering education and are not pushed back by what people consider to be challenges,” said Nandi- Ndaitwah who also serves as deputy prime minister. Motivation… Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, making her speech at Rudolf Ngondo Primary School. She said if other schools can follow how Rudolf Ngondo does things “then we can go a long with what we say do more with less – it is possible”. Notice is hereby given to all Interested & Affected Parties (I&APs) that an application will be made to the Environmental Commissioner in terms of Environmental Management Act (No. 7 of 2007) and its Regulations of 2012 for the following intended activity. Project Name: Development of a fuel retail station in Nyangana- Gumma Project Location: Nyangana, Kavango East Project Description: The proposed development will involve the construction of a service station in Nyangana Proponent: Nyangana Village Investment cc Environmental Consultant: Gilty Sitali All Interested & Affected Parties are encouraged to register and raise concerns or provide comments and opinions. All Interested & Affected Parties will be provided with a Background Information Document (BID) comprising of detailed information for the intended activity. A public participation meeting on the intended development will be held at: Venue: Nyangana Date: 18 November 2017 Time: 14H00-15H30 Should you wish to register as an Interested & Affected Party and receive a BID, please contact +264 81 379 4552, or alternatively, at Deadline for comments: 30 November 2017

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