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New Era Newspaper Tuesday April 24, 2018

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4 NEWS Tuesday, April 24 2018 | NEW ERA Buffalo sighting in Okakarara Staff Reporter Windhoek A two-pronged joint marathon effort by the farming community of communal Okakarara Constituency, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Veterinary Services Department is underway in the constituency to /TN765 trace in the shortest time possible a buffalo that an Okarui villager saw last Tuesday. Meantime, the movement of all animals within the constituency and beyond, and from other areas into the constituency, have been The movement of dairy products as well as fresh raw meat from the constituency has also been Share opportunities INVITATION FOR BIDS: banned, informs veterinarian, Meunaje Kaatura, during a current affairs programme on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC)’s Omurari FM last Friday morning. Already the rural farming community of the constituency have been activated into action trace the buffalo because tracing it is urgent for the necessary procedure to follow to see whether it is affected with the dreaded foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) so that cattle could accordingly be vaccinated before the ban on the movement of animals could be lifted. Hence, also the urgency of the in the meantime have been unleashed to start inspecting whether animals which may have come in contact with the buffalo have been with FMD or not. Farmers at Okakarara would never want to see a return to the period when a buffalo was found in the constituency a few years ago virtually bringing the economy of the cattle herding rural community to a standstill because of the ban on the movement of animals, with equally disastrous social consequences. So negatively impactful was the encroachment of the buffalo and the resultant ban on the movement of animals affecting many things like maintaining learners in schools because parents could not afford school fees. Life during that period became unbearable for many a farmer so much reliant on the selling of livestock. Not only this but it also became a fad of the time, until this day, to refer to money as onyati (buffalo) with the popular saying “onyati kaiyaranda”, basically translating into “times are hard” Three years ago the outbreak of FMD in the north also affected the informal economies, especially the kapana (grilled meat) sellers, when the disease broke out in the regions of Ohangwena and Oshikoto, spreading to other regions such Omusati, Oshana, Kunene and Kavango West. The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry put up measures to control the spread of the disease to new regions to it was detected. Many people selling kapana were then forced The disease also had a negative impact on meat exports with traders reluctant to trade because of the outbreak of the disease. The latest detection of a buffalo at Okakarara practically means that farmers cannot sell their animals effective from the ban even when they were due to sell the animals. Cattle being central to many Otjiherero traditional activities like weddings, this means that these are also affected for now. PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NO: G/ONB/TN-95/2018 DESCRIPTION: Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of 30 kVA three phase stand-by generators at Okongo and Oshuli. PRICE: N0.00 (Non Refundable) Closing date: Tuesday, 22 May 2018 at 14:30 PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NO: G/ONB/TN-100/2018 DESCRIPTION: Supply and delivery of Server Hardware for Netmaster Ceragon Network Management System. PRICE: N0.00 (Non Refundable) Closing date: Tuesday, 22 May 2018 at 14:30 PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NO: NCS/ONB/TN-01/2018 DESCRIPTION: Provision of Security Services to Telecom Namibia countrywide. PRICE: N0.00 (Non Refundable) Closing date: Tuesday, 22 May 2018 at 14:30 PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NO: CS/RP/TN-03/2018 DESCRIPTION: Request for Proposal (RFP): for the provision of Post-paid Account Consultancy Services to Telecom Namibia. PRICE: N0.00 (Non Refundable) Closing date: Tuesday, 22 May 2018 at 14:30 THE BIDDING DOCUMENTS WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM THE OFFICE OF: THE BID SECRETARIAT PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT DANIËL MUNAMAVA STREET CITY CENTRE WINDHOEK TELEPHONE: + 264 61 201 2930/2329 FAX: + 264 61 224 334 DOCUMENTS TO BE DELIVERED TO: THE PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT DANIËL MUNAMAVA STREET CITY CENTRE WINDHOEK AND TO BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE CLOSING DATE AND TIME. NB: COMPLETED DOCUMENTS SHALL BE HANDED IN AS FOLLOWS: 1 X ORIGINAL AND 1 X COPY IN SEPARATE ENVELOPES ALL CLEARLY MARKED WITH THE BID NUMBER AND “ORIGINAL” AND “COPY”. Failure to provide Date shall be clearly indicated on the Original and Copies.

Tuesday, April 24 2018| NEW ERA ADVERT 5 1 | The National Skills Selection Competition Candidates, 26-27 April 2018 NOTICE CANDIDATES FOR WORLDSKILLS NAMIBIA NSC2018 SELECTION COMPETITIONS [26-27 APRIL, 2018] The Namibia Training Authority (NTA), through WorldSkills Namibia (WSN), invites the following prospective competitors to the Selection Competition which will determine the competitors for the 2018 National Skills Competition. Due to unavoidable factors, candidates should note the change of date of the Selection Competition as 26-27 April, 2018 and not 27-28 as previously announced. All candidates should show up with their identification documents at the correct venue not later than 07h30, Thursday morning, 26 April 2018 for registration before commencement of the Selection Competition. Winners of the NSC2018 will represent Namibia at the 2019 WorldSkills Competition in Russia. AFRICAN HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM CENTRE Cooking No Title Name & Surmane ID / Passport No Skill Area Institution of origin 1 Ms Hilya Lumbu 92111800430 Cooking African H & T 2 Ms Soneth Uri-Khos 96032600564 Cooking African H & T 3 Ms Martha Valombola 93122791127 Cooking African H & T 4 Ms Angelina Ileka 97111500318 Cooking African H & T 5 Ms Patricia Khachas 93011100446 Cooking African H & T 6 Ms Maria Uukelo 90100701000 Cooking African H & T 7 Ms Stephanie Tsibes 94091700691 Cooking African H & T 8 Ms Albertina Nekwaya 84081810451 Cooking African H & T 9 Ms Tulipodjowa Nashipili 96082800230 Cooking African H & T 10 Ms Vistorina Petrus 93070600646 Cooking African H & T 11 Ms Loide Gabriel 90121000869 Cooking African H & T 12 Ms Senia Shuuveni 98071300683 Cooking African H & T 13 Ms Ndeshilongelwa Petrus 87042400313 Cooking African H & T 14 Ms Kaitira Muharukua 96072900917 Cooking African H & T 15 Ms Regina Ndaonjaya 85191611093 Cooking African H & T 16 Mr Laimi Negumbo 99112700576 Cooking African H & T 17 Ms Selma Shindongo 94060601780 Cooking African H & T 18 Mr Kalekela Philipus 00112000096 Cooking African H & T 19 Ms Gina Kooper 98111800711 Cooking African H & T 20 Mr Jackson Mbandi 93091400476 Cooking African H & T Restaurant Services 22 Ms Tusnelde Iita 94062700689 Restaurant services African H & T 23 Ms Elrmarine Haodoms 96022000693 Restaurant services African H & T 24 Mr Algernonn Van Wyk 97062300365 Restaurant services African H & T 25 Ms Padelia Heita 96121701196 Restaurant services African H & T 26 Mr Gerhard Siyemo 93090900823 Restaurant services African H & T 27 Ms Kavezembua Kamurongo 97100200679 Restaurant services African H & T COSDEC OPUWO: PLUMBING & HEATING Plumbing & Heating No Title Name & Surname ID / Passport No Skill Area Institution of origin 1 Mr Karimiuna Tjirumbi 79060600088 Plumbing & Heating COSDEC Opuwo 2 Mr Leonard Mafulu 89010800792 Plumbing & heating COSDEC Opuwo 3 Mr Dennis Rumbo 98061001225 Plumbing & heating COSDEC Opuwo 4 Mr Kazeru Muharukua 87070701292 Plumbing & heating COSDEC Opuwo 5 Mr January Haukelo 95081200840 Plumbing & heating COSDEC Opuwo 6 Mr Louis Uhella 5/2/96 Plumbing & heating COSDEC Opuwo COSDEC SWAKOPMUND Joinery No Title Name & Surmane ID / Passport No Skill area Institution of origin 1 Mr Linus Shimbamba 96030500325 Joinery NIMT 2 Mr Gabriel George 92040900780 Joinery Kayec 3 Mr Immanuel Thomas 72122400781 Joinery Private 4 Mr Kefas Timoteus 92081801558 Joinery Cosdec Swakop 5 Mr Erki Mateus 95050501415 Joinery Cosdec Swakop 6 Mr John-Eric Therauch 89082900092 Joinery Cosdec Swakop COSDEC TSUMEB Welding No Title Name & Surmane ID / Passport No Skill Area Institution of origin 1 Mr Ananias Tetulianus 85040610939 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 2 Mr Mbwedeni Fikameni 81010110117 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 3 Mr Mbendeka Titus 71120100534 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 4 Mr Michael Shilongo 78030500319 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 5 Mr Erich Andrew 83090610221 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 6 Mr Namutuwa Antonius 91092600132 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 7 Mr Kamanya Matias 91032300892 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 8 Mr Sheehama Thomas 79020210351 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 9 Mr Kalukambe Eino 94072700053 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 10 Mr Malakia Naftal 94043000227 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 11 Mr Nhuleipo Touno 85033011006 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 12 Mr David Immanu 97041000400 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 13 Mr Shithigona Teodor 85112210451 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 14 Mr Mateus Haimbodi 93051400165 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 15 Mr Jan de Witt 94052500350 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 16 Mr Shikufa Matheus 94073000543 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 17 Mr Shikoha Eriaser 87011300147 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 18 Mr Kanime Hofeni 86090901210 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 19 Mr Antonya Raphael 77120600087 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 20 Mr Shikongo Josua 82050810307 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 21 Mr Shilomboleni Shailemo 84041810914 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb 22 Mr kamanya Reinhold 95031000821 Welding Cosdec Tsumeb COSDEC GOBABIS: BRICKLAYING Bricklaying No Title Name & Surname ID / Passport No Skill Area Institution of Orign 1 Mr Calvin L Mututo 79060700031 Bricklaying Gobabis VTC 2 Mr Hafeni Elia 68111300204 Bricklaying 3 Mr Dirk van der Westhuizen 80030710545 Bricklaying Gobabis 4 Mr Fredrik Goeieman 80051610728 Bricklaying Gobabis 5 Mr Fredrick K Isikia 78020410716 Bricklaying Gobabis 6 Mr Gabriel I Gabriel 81030610290 Bricklaying Gobabis 7 Mr Romeo Chombo 75040400888 Bricklaying Gobabis 8 Mr Lukas K Ilongeni 81122010370 Bricklaying Gobabis Joinery 9 Mr Matheus N Iita 92010200567 Joinery Gobabis 10 Mr Brandell van Wyk 96012000502 Joinery Gobabis 11 Mr Helao HO Hamata 91031000925 Joinery Gobabis 12 Ms Caroline Jansen 92032400097 Joinery Gobabis 13 Ms Valencia I Goreses 78042810237 Joinery Gobabis 14 Ms Laurencia Harlongs 95080100419 Joinery Gobabis 15 Ms Hermengildis Serogine 16 Ms Ndahekelekwa P Edward 17 Mr Petrus S Shkukumwa 92012200141 Joinery Gobabis 89060600320 Joinery Gobabis 79032610082 Joinery Gobabis Plumbing & Heating 18 Mr Klaas Karsten 81062400062 Plumbing & Heating Gobabis 19 Mr Charles M Diergaardt 72091400041 Plumbing & Heating Gobabis 20 Mr Gert M Benz 11/5/01 Plumbing & Heating Gobabis 21 Mr Mairiama Hange 94020300259 Plumbing & Heating Gobabis 22 Mr Mukarasewa Hoveka 74031800509 Plumbing & Heating Gobabis 23 Mr David M Sikongo 81071010457 Plumbing & Heating Gobabis 24 Mr Temus M Shifidi 80031310621 Plumbing & Heating Gobabis 25 Mr Jekonia Haufiku 75021310046 Plumbing & Heating Gobabis 26 Mr Johannes Shindondola 85122511292 Plumbing & Heating Gobabis Welding 27 Mr Dasius Beneditus 91100901191 Welding Gobabis 28 Mr Victus Kauhonina 9109170134 Welding Gobabis 29 Mr Ebson U Ujamba 93011501335 Welding Gobabis 30 Mr Morchel Mouton 85032010413 Welding Gobabis 31 Mr Gerhard H Beukes 87111500601 Welding Gobabis 32 Mr Vekondjisa Hengari 96032300347 Welding Gobabis 33 Mr Hendrik G Nunuheb 97060500669 Welding Gobabis 34 Mr Meputara Kamundu 98081801162 Welding Gobabis 35 Mr Reinhold M Neshuku 90080100422 Welding Gobabis 36 Mr Gordon Kandjii 97062201049 Welding Gobabis 37 Mr Petrus Mondee 83050710098 Welding Gobabis 38 Mr Nguundja UK Kamuzeri 39 Mr Harold von Luttischau 89062000274 Welding Gobabis 82026210762 Welding Gobabis 40 Mr Kalenga J Kavungo 80050410393 Welding Gobabis 41 Mr Wernie Katjadia 84040510763 Welding Gobabis 42 Mr Mbiripipo Hengari 96041100692 Welding Gobabis 43 Mr Daniel N Nahogandja 86042200957 Welding Gobabis 44 Mr Elifas M Nekayi 89021500027 Welding Gobabis DAPP Bricklaying No Title Name & Surname ID / Passport No Skill Area Institution of origin 1 Mr Henok Hilukwa 92110400196 Bricklaying DAPP 2 Mr Simon Kaluwa 86112600714 Bricklaying DAPP 3 Mr Lyahulapo Nakale 92012600190 Bricklaying DAPP 4 Mr Dominikus Ashipala 93011300410 Bricklaying DAPP 5 Mr Kaarlush Kamanya 97110600416 Bricklaying DAPP 6 Mr Gideon Amagulu 93092701038 Bricklaying DAPP 7 Mr Fillipus Tobias 97021400276 Bricklaying DAPP 8 Mr Kiimba Michael 96071201063 Bricklaying DAPP 9 Mr Embashu Lisias 91111400881 Bricklaying DAPP 10 Mr Nestor Sakaria 94082900373 Bricklaying DAPP 11 Mr Manasse Phillipus 93011501211 Bricklaying DAPP 12 Ms Ndemushika Neliwa 94060500507 Bricklaying DAPP 13 Mr Gabriel Petrus 93050900504 Bricklaying DAPP 14 Mr Robinson David 9401070014 Bricklaying DAPP 15 Mr David Ruben 93052901141 Bricklaying DAPP 16 Mr Seferinus Ndemupewa 88012100029 Bricklaying DAPP GOBABIS VTC Automobile Technology No Title Name & Surname ID / Passport No Skill Area Institution of origin 1 Mr Pieter Boardman 90051500717 Automobile Technology Lani repair 2 Mr Johannes Ndapuka 90040100464 Automobile Technology Gobabis VTC 3 Mr Jahimisa Marenga 87071500665 Automobile Technology Gobabis VTC 4 Mr Brendon Esterhuizen 92123100037 Automotive Technology Private 5 Mr Ludwig Grawagamab 83030810836 Automobile Technology Private 6 Mr Elifas Kaveto 88111500041 Automobile Technology Gobabis VTC 7 Mr Soscar Shivolo 81071610422 Automobile Technology Gobabis VTC 8 Mr Johannes Naule 79101310097 Automobile Technology Gobabis VTC 9 Mr Ngasuxe Kahengava 92011100027 Automobile Technology Gobabis VTC Refrigeration & Airconditioning 10 Mr Usiel Kaune 85041010137 Refrigeration & Air conditioning 11 Mr Desmond Majiedt 95121500157 Refrigeration & Air conditioning 12 Mr Pumbavanga Mbaha 96090200123 Refrigeration & Air conditioning 13 Mr Felix Katjiuanjo 791222 10261 Refrigeration & Air conditioning 14 Mr Simon Paulus 96010300460 Refrigeration & Air conditioning 15 Mr Vezembouua Kamboua 96013000379 Refrigeration & Air conditioning 16 Mr Simon Tangeni 86110500119 Refrigeration & Air conditioning 17 Mr Longinus Shoombe 88110400205 Refrigeration & Air conditioning 18 Mr Petrus Paulus 90052600076 Refrigeration & Air conditioning 19 Mr Gabriel Kayimbi 93101800099 Refrigeration & Air conditioning EENHANA VTC Bricklaying Gobabis VTC Gobabis VTC Gobabis VTC Gobabis VTC Gobabis VTC Gobabis VTC Gobabis VTC Gobabis VTC Gobabis VTC No Title Name & Surname ID / Passport No Skill Area Institution of origin NIMT 1 Mr Lasarus Kaulandwa 97082900554 Bricklaying Eenhana VTC 2 Mr Jona Nangolo 88061900262 Bricklaying Eenhana VTC 3 Mr Esilony Kalulu 95071200791 Bricklaying Eenhana VTC 4 Mr Leornard Hepito 92032200775 Bricklaying Eenhana VTC 5 Mr Jesaya Haindongo 96071500467 Bricklaying Eenhana VTC 6 Mr Pinehas Auala 92052800255 Bricklaying Eenhana VTC 7 Mr Natangwe Mumbala 95120900542 Bricklaying Eenhana VTC 8 Mr Johannes Shilongo 93111100936 Bricklaying Eenhana VTC 9 Mr Jonas Ashipala 92100801082 Bricklaying Eenhana VTC 10 Mr Abraham Nangombe 84091110339 Bricklaying Eenhana VTC 11 Mr Teophelus Nakale 92090500884 Bricklaying Eenhana VTC 12 Mr Erastus Erastus 96120500127 Bricklaying Eenhana VTC 13 Mr Reinhold Nevonga 93122700425 Bricklaying Eenhana VTC 14 Ms Teopolina Nauyoma 97123100360 Bricklaying Eenhana VTC Joinery 15 Mr Filemon Nghihalevali 94103000848 Joinery Eenhana VTC 16 Ms Klaudia Gotlieb 94071601256 Joinery Eenhana VTC 17 Mr Immanuel Adelar 89120300212 Joinery Eenhana VTC 18 Mr Paulus Angombe P0416352 Joinery Eenhana VTC 19 Ms Laina sheetekela 91022600974 Joinery Eenhana VTC 20 Ms Hambeleni Nghifikepunye 94102800166 Joinery Eenhana VTC 21 Mr Eliuda Hasholo 93031201191 Joinery Eenhana VTC 22 Mr Nikanor Kathindi 96100400286 Joinery Eenhana VTC 23 Ms Epifaniya Dayakohambo 94090200741 Joinery Eenhana VTC 24 Mr Hemili Hipuhamba 96010500079 Joinery Eenhana VTC 25 Mr Lucas Latoka 86040100842 Joinery Eenhana VTC 26 Mr Stefanus Ngesheya 94071300717 Joinery Eenhana VTC 27 Mr Justus-Kwashi Aluphilu 97071500746 Joinery Eenhana VTC 29 Mr Aron Shemuketa 93030301311 Joinery Eenhana VTC 30 Mr Absai Simson 95070100572 Joinery Eenhana VTC 31 Ms Albertina Malakia 95091101087 Joinery Eenhana VTC 32 Mr Andreas Kapuka 93102300707 Joinery Eenhana VTC Plumbing & Heating 33 Mr Moses Nghikumwa 91011200775 Plumbing & Heating Eenhana VTC 34 Mr Simon Thomas 94111201040 Plumbing & Heating Eenhana VTC 35 Mr Stephanus Angula 91080700072 Plumbing & Heating Eenhana VTC 36 Ms Klemendina Junias 95042800530 Plumbing & Heating Eenhana VTC 37 Mr Abisai Kamati 95092200065 Plumbing & Heating Eenhana VTC 38 Mr Paulus Paulus 90052501787 Plumbing & Heating Eenhana VTC 39 Mr Stefanus Mikael 91070801003 Plumbing & Heating Eenhana VTC 40 Mr Kefas Shaningwa 95112100559 Plumbing & Heating Eenhana VTC 41 Mr Joseph Elia 94120600440 Plumbing & Heating Eenhana VTC 42 Mr Josef Shilongo 93100100328 Plumbing & Heating Eenhana VTC Wall & Floor Tiling 43 Mr George Jafet 92112500961 Bricklaying Eenhana VTC 44 Mr Kambonde Joseph 94071300620 Bricklaying Eenhana VTC EROS GIRLS SCHOOL Hairdressing No Title Name & Surmane ID / Passport No Skill Area Institution of origin 1 Mr Ishmael Tjikuniva 82060111188 Hairdressing Easy Hair studio 2 Mr Vevangapi Mieza 88103100404 Hairdressing Easy Hair studio 3 Ms Jasmine Kaovere 92020100565 Hairdressing Easy Hair studio 4 Ms Hileni Gideon 96080100061 Hairdressing Private 5 Ms Theopo Shikongo 78080510121 Hairdressing Private 6 Ms Kornelia NM David 85091710493 Hairdressing Eros Girls School 7 Ms Ester Shindyinga 88071700867 Hairdressing Ester Hair Salon 8 Ms Secilia Amwaandingi 87061200944 Hairdressing Easy Hair studio 9 Ms Lusia Matheus 86040201185 Hairdressing Easy Hair studio 10 Ms Kauarive Rukero 81100110178 Hairdressing Crystalique hair salon 11 Ms Martha Andreas 96101800180 Hairdressing Tulipohamba Training & Assesment institution 12 Ms Edla Kaute 97060700110 Hairdressing Tulipohamba Training & Assesment institution 13 Ms Toini N Atsino 98041100201 Hairdressing Tulipohamba Training & Assesment institution 14 Ms Sharon Diergaardt 82041610328 Hairdressing Hardap Training centre Rehoboth NICHE TRAINING ACADEMY Welding No Title Name & Surname ID / Passport No Skill Area Institution of origin 1 Mr Michael Thomas 95062200307 Welding Namibia Institute of Welding 2 Mr Johannes Shikuyele 95012000517 Welding Namibia Institute of Welding 3 Mr Kapugwanwa Amakali 94112300093 Welding Niche Training Academy 4 Ms Emilia Sheetheni 84061810685 Welding Niche Training Academy 5 Mr Oskar Shilenga 94092301294 Welding Niche Training Academy 6 Mr Erastus Paulus 91100200444 Welding Niche Training Academy 7 Ms Katrina Shikulo 86060500587 Welding Niche Training Academy 8 Ms Hilma Kambala 94051400433 Welding Niche Training Academy 9 Ms Leena Haimbodi 76102810047 Welding Niche Training Academy 10 Mr Hisky Uugulu 90072600756 Welding Niche Training Academy 11 Mr Saicko Nekongo 90070400423 Welding Niche Training Academy 12 Ms Teopolina Fanuel 84073110101 Welding Niche Training Academy 13 Mr Sadrak Josef 92092300245 Welding Niche Training Academy NUST Cooking No Title Name & Surname ID / Passport No Skill Area Institution of origin 1 Ms Samanth Philander 97081700640 Cooking NUST 2 Mr Ronaldo Katjiheve 99011300343 Cooking NUST 3 Ms Carla Morris 97280300424 Cooking NUST 4 Ms Juliana Korad 98082700707 Cooking NUST 5 Ms Megan Sadie 99051700075 Cooking NUST 6 Ms Chelsea De Jager 980810 Cooking NUST 7 Ms Catharine Maasdorp 65050400171 Cooking Langholm Hotel 8 Mr Heinz Bank 95030300147 Cooking Wolwedans /Nice 9 Ms Ruusa Kambonde 91112200460 Cooking Private 10 Ms Belinda Shiwaovanhu 91102500167 Cooking Wolwedans /Nice 11 Mr Jason Cowley 98031206395 Cooking Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 12 Mr Jeandre Diedricks 97120900048 Cooking Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 13 Ms Euridice Conceicao N1975853 Cooking Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 14 Ms Frances Pieters 97042200047 Cooking Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 15 Ms Simon Malan 98090900089 Cooking Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 16 Ms Eloise Visser 96022000367 Cooking Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 17 Ms Jaco Miljo 98032700579 Cooking Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 18 Ms Jessica Costa 98091500718 Cooking Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 19 Ms Kyle Farrer 97011800530 Cooking Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 20 Ms Mershia N Uiras 98090200451 Cooking NUST 21 Ms Fiina Ashipala 97082400454 Cooking Tulipohamba Training & Assesment institution 22 Ms Ndahambelela Frans 98060200011 Cooking Tulipohamba Training & Assesment institution 23 Ms Ashley C Mpunzwana 24 Ms Ndapandula S Ananias EN263628 Cooking NUST 98092001057 Cooking NUST 25 Mr Bless R Angula 96021400097 Cooking NUST 26 Ms Magdalena T Nangolo 96080300637 Cooking NUST 27 Ms Julia Shetunyenga 98080600589 Cooking NUST Restaurant Services 28 Ms Elaine Ganes 97112900468 Restaurant services NUST 29 Ms Juliet Zaaruka 90092900801 Restaurant services NUST 30 Ms Chantal De Wee 97060300090 Restaurant services NUST 31 Ms Merriam Louis 98101100997 Restaurant services Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 32 Ms Felecity Goagoses 94030700087 Restaurant services Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 33 Ms Josephina Fillipus 97072800271 Restaurant services Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 34 Ms Hayleen Cloete 95102900048 Restaurant services NUST 35 Ms Agnes Kauzuu 92122299421 Restaurant services Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 36 Ms Theopillia Bitz 94050600129 Restaurant services Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 37 Ms Romancia Maletzky 97071800685 Restaurant services Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 38 Ms Sacha Weiss 99021000229 Restaurant services Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 39 Ms John-Stephen 99090800182 restaurant services Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 40 Ms Rosevindy Kandenge 91070300284 Restaurant services Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 41 Ms Eisi-Khoexagu Hoabes 91030500557 Restaurant services Silverspoon Hospitality Academy 42 Ms Helena Mungunda 87060300112 Restaurant services Rundu VTC 43 Mr Richard Mungendje P0522622 Restaurant services NUST NAKAYALE VTC Cooking No Title Name & Surmane ID / Passport No Skill Area Institution of origin 1 Ms Muhango Wilka 97090900173 Cooking NVTC 2 Ms Kamule Alumas 88060600737 Cooking NVTC 3 Ms Mambale Lahja 95112399663 Cooking NVTC 4 Ms Mangundu Tekkel 9107300753 Cooking NVTC 5 Mr Nakale Benhard 96100701178 Cooking NVTC 6 Ms Nghipandulwa Gloria 94100900783 Cooking NVTC

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