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4 NEWS Tuesday, August 15 2017 | NEW ERA Roland Routh Windhoek One of the residents evicted by Walvis Bay Municipality, has sued the town council saying the manner in which the eviction was carried out was unlawful. The resident, Inosesia Shinovandu Shihepo, says she was in undisturbed possession of the piece of land, on which she had erected a temporary shelter for her and her minor daughter, when the town council dismantled her structure with the help of the police. Walvis Bay Municipality obtained an interim order on July 7 against Shihepo and the other occupants to show cause by August 14 why the court should not declare that they have illegally occupied the land in Kuisebmund. Judge Boas Usiku yesterday Illegal squatter sues Walvis Bay Council over eviction ordered the interim order of eviction as confirmed, except for the occupants who have opposed the application by the town council. In reply to the application by the municipality, Shihepo’s lawyer Henry Shimutwikeni filed a countersuit asking the court to restore peaceful and undisturbed possession of the erven in question to Shihepo. They also want the municipality to rebuild Shihepo’s housing structure on either of the erven and to order the municipality to return all her property, or in the alternative to compensate her. They also asked the court to declare the actions of the municipality a violation of Article 8 of the Namibian Constitution, as well as her right to dignity under Article 25. According to Shihepo, she was evicted from the premises without a court order and was left destitute, in violation of Article 25 of the Constitution. According to her, she fell on hardship after the company she worked for could not pay her salary for six months due to the economic downturn and she was thus unable to pay for rent, which led to her initial eviction. After depending on the goodwill of others for some time she and her daughter managed to survive and when she heard that people were given permission by the municipality to reside at or near Erf 6489, Granite Street in Kuisebmund, she decided to join them since she had nowhere else to go. After a police officer informed her that she must speak to the committee if she wants to reside on the erf, she did so and remained on the erf sleeping in the open with her child in cold, misty and windy conditions. Shihepo continued that she then decided to erect a small structure for protection, but the police took it down while she was merely looking on. After this she again erected a tent-like structure to protect her child from the elements and again it was demolished by the police. Yet again she put up a structure and again the police demolished it, but this time they collected the belongings of the residents, including the building materials. Shihepo said that again she and the others erected structures to keep out the elements and again the police came and demolished it with bulldozers. Judge Usiku ordered that the municipality represented by Advocate Thabang Phatela must reply to the counter suit by tomorrow and Shimutwikeni must file his answers by Friday before postponing the case to August 22 for arguments. Finnish tech boosts chicken farming at Grootfontein Staff Reporter Windhoek Otjivanda Poultry, a Grootfontein-based chicken farm, has greatly benefitted from its acquisition of farming machines from Finland – helping the business to withstand the current economic recession felt in all parts of the country. The machines, a product of Finnish company Triotec Oy, are particularly conducive for a communal setup as they do not need electricity to optimise production. Otjivanda acquired the technology in September 2016 and its executive director, Stanley Njembo, says it was one of the wisest business decisions he has yet made. “It is great technology and it has helped us survive the current economic slump. It has saved us electricity costs because it doesn’t need power to operate,” he told New Era recently. Also, the fact that chickens are protected from wild animals – because they are in a secure setup – has also helped boost the business, he said. Chicken manure is rated highly within the agriculture industry and the technology at Otjivanda provides for swift collection and removal of such manure, which can be sold on. “It’s also hygienic and it’s easy to maintain the facilities. It also has an easily adjustable Chicken farming is on an increase in Namibia. This photo is for illustration only. feed and drinking water line,” Njembo explained. “The layer system can help produce and accommodate up to 6,000 eggs a month,” he said. Otjivandja has since been appointed by the Finnish manufacturers as the distributor of its technology in Namibia. The layer machine goes for N,000, while the broiler can be acquired at N,380, Njembo confirmed. State closes case in Gobabis murder trial Erwin Tebele Roland Routh Windhoek The State has closed its case in a trial involving a Gobabis resident accused of murdering his live-in girlfriend and mother of his minor child by stabbing her once in the chest at their common home in the Epako location during the late evening of September 3, 2013. Erwin Tebele, 31, will take the stand today to testify in his own defence after State Advocate Felisitas Shikerete- Vendura, told Judge Dinah Usiku she had produced her last witness after Inspector Theofelus Gariseb, who did the pointing out of the crime scene, took the stand yesterday. According to Gariseb, he was asked by the investigating officer in the matter to conduct the pointing out of the crime scene with Tebele. During the pointing out, he said, Tebele told him that he had stabbed the deceased, but that his intention was not to kill her, only cause injury. Gariseb told the court that at no stage during the pointing out did Tebele mention to him that he had stabbed the deceased in self defense or that the deceased stabbed him twice on his left arm. In fact, Gariseb said when he asked the accused about injuries he observed on the left arm of the accused, he was told that the injuries were the result of a fight he was involved in the previous Friday. According to the State, Tebele killed Nina Katjatenja with one stab wound to the chest after a quarrel ensued between them. He claimed she was accidentally stabbed during a struggle for the knife. His state-funded lawyer, Mbanga Siyomunji, told the court his client claims selfdefense, as he was allegedly defending himself from the deceased when she was killed. He said his client was stabbed twice on the left arm with the same knife by the deceased and that while he was trying to wrestle the knife away from her she was stabbed. Siyomunji further told the court that the accused’s version is that he arrived late on that fateful evening and the deceased started to quarrel with him about his whereabouts earlier that night and took a knife, with which she stabbed him. According to Tebele, he then tried to take the knife from the deceased and in the process she was stabbed accidentally. Siyomunji said his client would testify that he did not intend to stab the deceased or to cause her death and that he deeply regrets what happened.

Tuesday, August 15 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 5 Kavango East elects Kapofi as delegate to Swapo congress John Muyamba Rundu Swapo in Kavango East Region has elected Frans Kapofi, along with nine others, as delegates to the Swapo national congress scheduled for late November this year. Besides Kapofi, the other delegates to the national congress are Bonifatius Wakudumo, Martin Kandunda, Alfons Dikuua, Anselm Marungu, Martina Shipipa, Johanna Kapango, Johanna Kandjimi, Angelika Mukosho, and Angelika Munkanda. The region concluded its regional conference on Saturday, where it also elected Kapofi, along with Wakudumo, Verna Sinimbo and Loise Garoses as the four candidates to represent the region at the Swapo Central Committee. Election of the candidates and delegates during the first regional conference held on 15 July, could not materialise due to technical issues. The party only managed to elect Otilie Shinduvi as the party’s new regional coordinator and Wakudumo as the new regional information and mobiliser, including Pontianus Musore as the regional treasurer. “During that time, we could not vote for our four candidates and 10 delegates from the regional executive committee to represent our region at the upcoming Swapo Party national congress due to some technical challenges. We had to postpone it,” said Wakudumo, who is the Swapo regional information and mobiliser for Kavango East. “It all went well and in Swapo we might have misunderstandings but we are guided by the constitution of the party. And, as Kavango East Region, we took a resolution to support the current president Hage Geingob to be a candidate of Swapo Party,” Wakudumo told New Era. Subsistence farmers urged to become agricultural entrepreneurs Selma Ikela Windhoek Namibia needs a complete turnaround strategy to transform subsistence and communal farmers into agricultural entrepreneurs through modernisation and mechanisation of the sector, says the Namibia National Farmers Union (NNFU). NNFU also says government needs to increase efforts aimed at developing more feedlots, increasing the capacity of local abattoirs and establishment of meat processing facilities for export processed meat. NNFU President, Jason Emvula, stated during a press conference that the quality of products has to improve and become more competitive on the markets. “At the heart of the proposed turnaround strategy of the industry is the need to overhaul existing policy framework and effective collaboration between the private, public and the non-state actors,” remarked Emvula. He said as per their policy brief that is available to the public and the media, their Albertina Nakale Windhoek The Ministry of Environment and Tourism is concerned over the growing frequency of attacks on tourists visiting Namibia. The ministry’s spokesperson Romeo Muyunda said they have noted at least two attacks on tourists in a space of two weeks, with the most recent attack reported on the Western Bypass in Windhoek last week. A family of four German tourists survived an attempted hijacking and robbery on the Western Bypass around 13:30 last Thursday. Namibia has always been regarded as a safe travel destination with peaceful people, a reputation that has contributed to the growth of tourism in the country, Muyunda said. “With the current trend where tourists are being attacked, we are called upon to take collective measures, as individuals and institutions to restore our status of a peaceful environment,” he said. It has been reported that the tourists had just landed in Namibia and en route to Etosha National Park in their rented doublecab bakkie. The Namibian Sun reported that on the research found strong evidence on the need for the country to diversify markets for livestock and livestock products. According to Emvula, NNFU strongly advises that policy framework be put in place that provides for detailed and continuous research into the identification and development of new markets within the country. “Intra-continental trade presents a huge economic opportunity for Namibia and African countries at large and it must be encouraged,” Emvula added. In addition, Emvula said NNFU is of the opinion that while export of livestock on the hoof into South Africa has been a lucrative opportunity, this is not going to be the best option going into the future. Emvula said developing feedlots, increasing the capacity of local abattoirs and establishment of meat processing facilities creates more jobs ad eventually generates more revenue for the country while offering an outlet for local livestock. “For the northern communal areas livestock producers that cannot access lucrative markets for chilled and fresh red meat, NNFU would like to encourage that Western Bypass, just across from Paaltjies, a silver Polo which was following them, indicated there was something wrong with the vehicle. The unsuspecting tourists stopped and were attacked by three assailants. It has further been reported that the criminals assaulted the father and demanded money from him. The driver of a bus travelling behind the Polo noticed the commotion and stopped to help the tourists. The driver of the bus was armed and fired two warning shots in the air. Two of the three robbers fled in the vehicle leaving one behind and was held at gunpoint by the bus driver until the police arrived. Tourists passing through and visiting Namibia are easily recognisable because they would be taking pictures of monuments and they would be carrying backpacks. The ministry condemned these destructive actions by some members of society. Muyunda further discouraged those elements that tarnish the image of the country and or seek to jeopardise efforts to grow tourism potential to its maximum. These actions, he said have far-reaching consequences to the tourism sector and Namibia as a destination. government and institutions implement commodity-based trading, as opportunities exist for export of processed and canned meat,” stated Emvula. Jason Emvula Tourism ministry concerned over tourist attacks “Violence is not an experience we want to create for our tourists but on the contrary, we want them experience the peacefulness that we have always offered over the years,” he noted. The ministry called upon the law enforcement agencies and the Namibian citizens, to be vigilant and act proactively against these acts. The ministry commended those that apprehend one of the suspects and called upon the Namibian Police Force to ensure that those that escaped are arrested without delay. “We also call upon the judiciary to show no mercy on these suspects, as a way of discouraging this disturbing trend in our country. Tourism is a people-driven and people-centred industry and one thing is for sure that we cannot achieve our desired results if we pull in different directions. The significance of tourism to our country cannot be overemphasized. The sector is an important contributor to the generation of foreign exchange earnings, investments, revenue, employment creation, rural development, poverty reduction and ultimately to the growth of the country’s economy ,” he stated. INVITATION ONE-DAY SEMINAR ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IP) IN THE TOURISM SECTOR Theme: “Enhancing Competitiveness in Tourism through Intellectual Property (IP)” Date: Tuesday, 29 August 2017 Time: 08h00 – 13h00 Venue: Bennie’s Entertainment Park, Ongwediva Registration/RSVP: Ms. Pamela Itewa | Tel: +264 61 299 4436/4442 | E-mail: Limited seats are available. Register Now to avoid disappointment. The deadline for Registration is Tuesday, 22 August 2017 at 16h00. Kamenco House | Erf 188, Sam Nujoma Drive | Windhoek, Namibia | P.O.Box 185, Windhoek Tel: +264 61 299 4400 | Fax: +264 61 401 061 | E-mail: | Website:

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