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New Era Newspaper Tuesday December 19, 2017

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6 NEWS Tuesday, December 19 2017 | NEW ERA Man gets 18 years for murder Aron Mushaukwa Katima Mulilo A Katima Mulilo magistrate sentenced 30-year-old Victor Ilukena from Ikumwe in the Zambezi region to 18 years imprisonment for the murder of Patrick Mwambwa Sinvula in November 2015. It was established during the trial that Ilukena murdered Sinvula in November 2015 after beating him to death for allegedly “stealing his clothes”. During his sentencing, Ilukena pleaded with the court to give him a lesser sentence. He stated that he regretted what he did and if he were to go back in time, he could do things differently. He also asked for the family of the late Sinvula to forgive him. “Even though they are in pain, it was not my wish for the loss, everything happened because I was drunk. Mwambwa was my friend and I know that he cannot come back, but I am sorry for what I did. “I am pleading with the court to forgive me, and not send me to jail for a long time. I haven’t been myself for the past two years I have been in custody. I have been very disturbed because of what happened,” he said. State Prosecutor George Matali was not moved by Ilukena’s plea for forgiveness, arguing that his plea was not genuine, and that he was doing it for formality’s sake. He stressed that Sinvula was killed “in a cruel, barbaric and inhuman way, a person he claims was his friend”. Matali had initially asked Magistrate Mbongani Ndlovu to send Ilukena to prison for 20 years, however, after a lengthy mitigation, which almost took the entire day, Ndlovu sentenced Ilukena to 18 years imprisonment suspending the other two years he had been in custody since he was arrested. You can now buy prepaid electricity for these towns around the country: Keetmanshoop Okahandja Aranos Gochas Leonardville Gibeon Gobabis Mariental Omeya estate Auas view Osona village Kalkrand Stampriet Groot Aub Ariamsvlei Noordoewer Grunau Seeis Dordabis Giving more Namibians easy access to prepaid electricity Now more people across Namibia can purchase prepaid electricity via FNB’s self-service channels Buy prepaid electricity via: Online Banking Cellphone Banking FNB App eWallet FNB ATMs

Tuesday, December 19 2017 | NEW ERA FEEDBACK 7 President: Veterans Affairs Query: Vice President Dr Nickey Iyambo, please help some of the veterans who are struggling to get their projects funded. I’m continuously calling the ministry of veterans affairs, but can’t get through to anyone. Some other people don’t wait so long. Please help us, comrade Iyambo Response: Veterans Affairs takes note of the concern of veterans regarding the timeframe it takes in approving and funding Individual Veterans Projects (IVPs). This shortcoming is due to budget constraints as opposed to the purported speedy payment by Veterans Affairs of certain veterans’ IVPs at the expense of other veterans’ IVPs. As of January 2017, Veterans Affairs has funded seven hundred and four (704) Individual Veterans Projects, while a further one hundred and fiftythree (153) IVP funding ently being forwarded to the veterans through Veterans To date, a total of eleven thousand two hundred and ninety-eight (11,298) IVPs have been funded since inception at a cost of two billion one hundred and ninety-five million three hundred and thirty four thousand (N,195,134,286.91). With regard to the congested telephone lines, Veterans Affairs encourages veterans to directly contact our IVP enquiry bers: 061 296 3064 and 061 296 3104 for assistance instead of going through the switchboard. Lastly, Veterans Affairs’ modus operandi in terms of IVP payment has been drastically amended to ensure the smooth running of the IVP program. Mr Edson Haufiku, Veterans Affairs, E-mail Address: Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry Query: The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry please clarify, if Namibia as a country will be able to sustain itself from locally produced products, if not from South Africa? Response: In the area of agriculture there are some of agriculture products of which Namibia is a net exporter; this includes beef and table grapes. Namibia is a net importer of cereal products from an annual demand of around 200 thousand metric tons. Namibia produces plus minus 70 thousand tons and imports the remaining balance. While in respect of horticulture the total annual demand stands at 74 thousand metric tons of which the country produces around 24 thousand metric tons which is around 24 percent. However, it is important to note that Namibia has a potential to turn around the current situation of being a net importer of cereal and horticultural produce to a net exporter. Query: What is the government doing to support producers of Namibian products? Response: Through the policy and strategies of Namibia Agriculture, government has programs aimed at increasing food production as well as improving productivity. This program includes projects such as Green Scheme Projects, Conservation Agriculture and Dry Land Crop Production, which aim to increase food production by providing farmers with affordable, subsidized ploughing and weeding services as well as inputs such as improved seeds and fertilizers. Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, E- mail address: Margaret. NOw open TO THE PUBLIC Experience the art of indulgence Operating hours: 08:00 - 19:00 Weekdays & 08:00 - 13:00 Saturdays Deliveries: 09:00 - 20:00 Contact: T +264 61 387 158 | C +264 81 489 8225 Physical address: 40 Eros Road, Eros

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