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2 NEWS Tuesday, December 5 2017 | NEW ERA Product of New Era Former magistrate to stand trial in 2018 Maria Amakali Windhoek Former magistrate Riana Hileni Kavara will only stand trial next year after her case was this week remanded to November 2018. Kavara, who made a brief appearance in court on Monday, was informed her case will only be heard on the said date, as her defense attorney and the presiding Kavara, 33, was arrested in March and is due to stand trial on charges of attempting or obstructing the course of justice, alternatively corruptly using an is an offence under the Anti-Corruption Act, and a count of corruptly using a false document, also an offence under the Anti-Corruption Act. The charges emanate from the alleged action of Kavara at the time she was employed as a magistrate stationed at Rundu Magistrate’s Court. It is alleged Kavara used her position to alter court records of her boyfriend, Mohammed Shabani, in 2015. Shabani was facing a charge of dealing in cocaine and was granted bail of N,000, which Kavara apparently paid willingly. After his release on bail Shabani failed to return to court in November 2015 as scheduled, which resulted in a warrant for his arrest being issued. With the warrant out for Shabani, the court provisionally forfeited his bail money. It is alleged that with the disappearance of her boyfriend, Kavara made an application in December 2015 in an attempt to have the N,000 bail returned to her. It is alleged that she used her position as magistrate to alter court records by making an entry on the record ordering the reinstatement of Shabani’s bail. Kavara, who resigned as a magistrate after her suspension, was warned by Magistrate Elina Nandago to be at court on November 12, 2018 for the start of the trial. Nandago then extended Kavara’s N,000 bail until the hearing. Defense counsel Jan Wessels represented Kavara, with Erastus Hatutale prosecuting for the State. Tel: +264 61 - 2 Fax: +264 61 - 235 419 Tel: +264 66 - 253 049 Cell: +264 81 488 6594 / +264 81 124 2895 Tel: +264 66 - 256 298 Cell +264 81 217 1888 Tel: +264 65 - 238 990 Fax: +264 65 - 231 305 Tel: +264 67 - 221 652 Cell: +264 81 456 8643 Cell: +264 81 217 9739 Cell: +264 81 204 8078 Tel: +264 63 - 222 057 Cell: +264 81 312 5975 Tel: +264 63 - 204 180 Cell: +264 81 245 9714 Tel: +264 61 - Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 Tel: +264 61 - Fax: +264 61 - 220 584 RESHUFFLE From page 1 Swapo secretary-general at the party’s recent 6 th elective congress. Having consolidated his control over the central committee and politburo, Geingob is now in a better position to ring changes to his government, if he major local authority councils on the instructions of Shaningwa offered the clearest indication yet of a potential mayors, deputy majors and members of management committees of major municipalities, such as Windhoek, Walvis Bay and Tsumeb, were demoted to the status of ordinary council members. Media reports yesterday suggested that those demoted were opposed to the election of Geingob as Swapo president and their demotion was seen as punishment for their choice of candidates. Yesterday, Presidential Affairs lunch engagement with local editors at State House, said he was not aware of any “I have seen the president’s programme of activities for the remaining weeks before his vacation and I didn’t see an event where the media is being invited for any major announcement,” he said, rather lightly. conscious of the need to maintain order in the country and whatever decision he makes would be geared towards preserving unity in both Swapo and the Namibia at large. Political analyst Dr Hoze Riruako, speaking to Nampa yesterday, predicted a youthful, energetic Cabinet if the He said although it was too early to predict who the president would appoint to be made up of informed leaders, who are skilled and have expertise in their surprise if the president keeps the old ministers, who even though they did not make it onto the central committee list, have made a great impact in the country, within their ministries,” Riruako noted. He pointed to the likes of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare Minister Zephania Kameeta, Higher Education and Innovation Minister Itah Kandjii- Murangi and Mines and Energy Minister Obeth Kandjoze, among others, and said OMUTHIYA TOWN COUNCIL PROCUREMENT COMMITTE Invitation for bidders 1. Procurement Ref: NCS/ONB/OMU-03-2017-18 Descriptions: Provision of Security Services for Omuthiya Town Council Premises. 2. Procurement Ref: NCS/ONB/OMU-O4-2017-18 (A&B) Descriptions: Refuse removal in Omuthiya Town Document availability: 06 December 2017 until 20 th December 2017, 10h00. Bid document Price: N0. 00 (non-refundable), payable by bank guaranteed Cheque only or bank transfer into the Omuthiya Town Council, Bank Account: FNB, Account number: 62231578610, Omuthiya Branch: 280072 OR pay cash at Cashier No.1 at Bidding documents: The bidding Documents must be submitted in a closed envelope, clearly marked the procurement reference number and company name at the Procurement Box at the Omuthiya rd January 2018, 12h00. No faxed or emailed document will be accepted. Site meeting: Closing date: Compulsory site meeting for both bids will be on 20 th December 2017, 10h30, Omuthiya Town council Boardroom. Wednesday, 03 rd January 2018, 11h00 Contact Person: Ms. Martha N. Nuugonya, Tel: 065 – 244700/14 Delivery Address Procurement Box Omuthiya Town Council The Procurement Unit Omuthiya Procurement Committee P.O. Box 19262, Omuthiya these are key ministries that are close to the president’s heart. “The type of Cabinet could also be Geingob is working towards. It could also depend merely on merit, keeping in mind that he had requested people to submit their CVs when he took up the presidency.” Riruako complimented the president on the six members he recently appointed to the party central committee, noting the sense of gender balance, youth and the presence of some of “the old guard”. “Finance Minister Calle Schlettwein, Defence Minister Penda Ya Ndakolo, as well as Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Erkki Nghimtina are some of the old notable loyalists the president decided to appoint, and I am sure this is for their exceptional work,” Riruako noted. President Geingob also appointed Christina //Hoebes, currently a deputy Minister, the youthful Jennery Matundu, the Ministry of Gender at Opuwo in the Kunene Region, as well as retired schoolteacher Coleen van Wyk from the Rehoboth West Constituency. – Additional reporting by Nampa NANSO From page 1 secretary for education training and research Helena Shimutwikeni, vice secretary for tertiary and vocational education Sabriana Ludwig, vice secretary for secondary and basic education Helena Utoni, secretary for political and international affairs Ester Shitana, secretary for sports and culture Dillon Beukes, and two alternate members: Gregory Madi and Tresia Awene. In a media statement yesterday, newly elected secretary general Taapopi said he bring about positive change for students across the country. “The aspirations and the future of thousands of learners and students are in good hands. We will not spare neither strength nor effort in pursuit of the progressive tasks instructed to us by thousands of young people, represented by their regional delegates.” He said the new leadership committed itself to jealously defend the unity and cohesion of the student movement. COP From page 1 In his defense, Sinvula said he did not warning shots in the air. Sinvula said he suspected that the vehicle was conveying illegal substances (drugs). He added that the taxi driver drove off immediately when he showed him his “The offender has shown no remorse for his actions and even after having MAYORS From page 1 Amwele is deputised by Saima Namukwambi, while Andreas Kalumbu maintained his position as chairperson of the management committee. Other members to serve on the management committee are Anna- Helena Itope and Abed Paulus Matsi. Leonard Negonga and Johannes Martin of PDM will serve as ordinary council members. At Oshikuku, Mbockoma Mungandjera was re-elected as mayor, deputised by Julia Endjambi. Veronica Mwenyo will chair the management committee, while Willem Sheende and Mathew Gabriel will serve on the management committee. Other members of council are Petrus Petrus and Anna Shihwandu. Oniipa Town Council also retained their leadership, with Immanuel Mannetjis retaining his position as mayor, deputised by Laina Iikali. Thomas Matsi will continue to serve as the chairperson of the management committee. David Kambonde and Hileni Idhogela will serve on the management committee, while Jafet Augustus and Laina Amutenya will serve as ordinary council members. “The newly elected national executive committee rejects disunity, factionalism and ill-discipline within the structures and the character of NANSO that rejects anarchy and disorder,” he said. He further said they acknowledge that the majority of Namibian students still do not have access to university, because of the high tuition and registration fees that continue to exclude students. “We, therefore, commit ourselves towards a programme of rebuilding and repositioning NANSO, so that it resonates with learners and students from all walks of life, re-establish our working relationship with NANTU, the National Youth Council, Ministry of Basic Education and Culture, Ministry of Higher Innovation and Training, Institutions of Higher Learning and entire education fraternity. “We will lobby government that it must in their policies infuse and change its face to resonate with our constituency,” he added, noting that the new leadership was resolute that free tertiary education in their lifetime remains a viable goal. established that the taxi driver and his occupants had no illegal substances in their vehicle, he did not even offer them any assistance,” Stanley noted. Although there was no dispute that with unanswered questions in relation to the dent on the vehicle, holes in the spare-wheel and two holes in two seats, according to the court. The fact that he was and a lawful abiding citizen, also worked in Sinvula’s favour.

Tuesday, December 5 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 3 Mother of ailing boy loses job Alvine Kapitako Windhoek A 29-year-old mother recently lost her job because she has to take care of her four-year-old son who suffers from heart and liver problems. “I was a cleaner. But I lost my job in September. I was absent most of the time because I was seeking medical attention for my son,” explained Roswitha Kaurangerua in an interview with New Era. Kaurangerua’s son, Vehonga Hangero, started complaining of stomach pains when he was just over one year old. “We thought it was normal stomach pains but at night he would cry,” said Kaurangerua. With time her son’s belly started protruding and that is problem. “Even doctors could not diagnose him and in the beginning they would simply prescribe pain killers,” she explained. However, as the condition got worse more tests were conducted and the boy was diagnosed with a liver condition as well as idiopathic pulmonary hypertension and dilated RT heart. According to a website titled, pulmonary hypertension is a rare lung disorder in which the arteries Roland Routh Windhoek An attempt by the prosecutor general (PG) to have the bail of three suspected robbers, who targeted tourists, cancelled in the Windhoek High Court was dealt a crushing blow when Acting High Court Judge Petrus Unengu struck the application from the roll. The reason was because the complete appeal record, the notice of set down and proof that the documents were served on the respondents The PG launched the application after the three men – Flavianus Endjala, Martin Ericky and Nauta Stephanus – were granted bail by magistrate Johannes Shuuveni on charges of robbery and theft out of a motor vehicle. Endjala was caught redhanded on August 10 this year when he and his two co-accused tried to rob a family of German tourists on the B1 highway on the way to Okahandja. While Endjala was apprehended by a bus driver who witnessed the attempted robbery, his coaccused managed to escape, Vehonga Hangero who has a liver and heart condition. that carry blood from the heart to the lungs become narrowed, As a result, the blood pressure in these arteries – called pulmonary arteries – rises far above normal levels. This abnormally high pressure strains the right ventricle of the heart, causing it to expand in size. Overworked and enlarged, the but was arrested later in connection with another case of theft out of a motor vehicle. Ironically, Endjala was supposed to appear in another matter at the Katutura court on the day of the robbery. The magistrate in that matter cancelled his N,000 bail and issued a warrant for his arrest. Despite that warrant for his arrest pending, he was granted bail of N, 000 by magistrate Shuuveni the very next day. During that hearing, the public prosecutor, Hertha Itembu, objected to bail, but the magistrate granted bail on his own accord without the accused applying for it and despite the public prosecutor objecting to bail. During the appearance of Ericky and Stephanus on August 15, to be joined in the case of Endjala, the magistrate also granted them bail in the amount of N,000 each and said that although the offence of robbery is, in his view, of such a serious nature that a formal bail hearing is required, bail is not punishment, and if the accused are to be convicted, the sentences imposed will right ventricle gradually becomes weaker and loses its ability to pump enough blood to the lungs. This could lead to the development of heart failure. Pulmonary hypertension occurs in individuals of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds, although it is much more common in young adults and is approximately twice as common in women as in men. offences. He further said that it would be unfair for the court to refuse Ericky and Stephanus bail since he had already granted Endjala bail. The PG argued the magistrate misdirected himself by not considering the seriousness of the offences, which by law requires a formal bail application where the state and the accused will have the opportunity to state their respective cases. State Advocate Cliff Lutibezi, who appeared for the PG, argued that magistrate Shuuveni was aware of the state’s opposition to bail, but still proceeded to grant them bail. He said it was a misdirection on the part of Shuuveni when he neglected to forwarn the state that he wasconsidering granting the accused persons bail, while knowing the state’s objections. “Thus, applicant was not afforded an opportunity to address the court or call any evidence prior to the court granting bail on its own accord,” Lutibezi further stated. The PG will launch another appeal once it has all the papers in order. Meanwhile, Kaurangerua said the doctors told them that there is nothing they can do about the liver condition. “I don’t even have money to go to private doctors. I don’t know what to do, the explanation Kaurangerua. She also sought the medical attention of traditional doctors but that did not bear any results. Ondangwa residents face water cut-off over debts Nuusita Ashipala Ongwediva The Ondangwa Town Council has issued a warning to defaulting residents that it will suspend water supply for arrear accounts that have not been paid in the last 30 days. In a letter issued last week it reminded residents to settle their accounts promptly to avoid their water being cut off. “Your timely payment enables council provision of uninterrupted service,” read the statement. Council Petrina Shitalangaho said the suspension of water accounts has been in place, but the call heeds residents not to be caught off guard during the festive season. “The suspension has been in place. The only difference this time around is that we are approaching the festive season and often people prioritise other things above paying for essential services,” said Shitalangaho Shitalangaho said she did not have the that the arrears are affecting the operations of the council. She said defaulting residents put council in a predicament to continuously render effective service to residents, leaving the council in further debt with service providers such as Nored and NamWater. “It is through the collections that the council is able to fund its capital projects such as upgrading of road infrastructure, servicing of land and many others,” said Shitalangaho. Last week Nampa reported that the City of Windhoek had warned clients that it will disconnect services to residents with accounts that are 30 days or more in arrears as from December 15. PG’s appeal on bail of suspected robbers dismissed Seasons Greetings! Wishing all our loyal clients happiness and prosperity this holiday season and in the coming year!

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