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New Era Newspaper Tuesday February 13, 2018


10 FEEDBACK Tuesday, February 13 2018 | NEW ERA Query: Could the Vice President or the PS at the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs, please help us. We sent our purchase order on 02 October 2017. We want to start working on our projects. Please help us with that before the end of this month. Response: Mr. Edson tourism around Brandberg, but it is allowed in the Erongo Mountains? Maybe the Ministry of Tourism should choose their words more wisely in the future. Switch on your intelligence mode and have some integrity for a change. The cats are still roaming the mountains and will the Ministry of Environment and Tourism be fully liable for any human or livestock losses? Response: Query: What are the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and EMRST saying to the Erongo mountain farmers now? Government closed the areas around Brandberg because of recent lion sightings. Those lions killed 172 livestock. Does the Ministry of Environment and Tourism still disagree with the demand for the removal of the lions from this area or are other predators more dangerous to humans than lions? Query: Why did government close off Query: What does the Ombudsman do? Response: - - - - the Ombudsman and how much does it cost to lodge a complaint? Response: Query: How do I lodge a complaint and how long does it take for my complaint Ombudsman, John Walters Response: Major loss… Some of the 172 sheep killed by lions in the Brandberg area. - -

NEW ERA enhance service experience Page 12 What is cryptocurrency? An interview with Gavin Marshall Page 13 INSIDE USINESS This news is your business World Economic Forum ranks Namibia’s roads best in Africa Staff Reporter Windhoek The Roads Authority (RA) has once again accorded the top countries in the category of road infrastructure and to ensure that it on the cards for Gobabis kick off once the current negotiations – Nampa Turning the sod… plant in Gobabis. VACANCY The Road Fund Administration invites applications for the following vacancies: Manager: Corporate Services (PATTERSON JOB GRADE D4) Communications and Marketing Officer (PATTERSON JOB GRADE C3) Interested candidates are invited to visit the RFA website for more information. To apply, follow the registration and application guidelines on the following link: https: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Closing date: Friday, 2 nd March 2018 Road Fund Administration, 21 Feld Street | Private Bag 13372 Windhoek Website: Email:

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