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New Era Newspaper Tuesday February 13, 2018

Tuesday, February 13 2018 | NEW ERA 20 TENDER INFORMATION As an added bonus for our readers we will publish the results of all tenders opened in public from Mondays to Thursdays on a regular basis. This information is noted and reported by a New Era Reporter Closing at City of Windhoek 19 January 2018 January 2018 W/ONB/COW-01/2017 Surfacing Various Streets and Storm Water Systems and Storm Water Systems for the City of Windhoek. as announced for: 1. Paladium Civil Engineering 542 003.63; 2. Shatty Construction 538 276.52; 3. Namibia Construction 319 390.97; 287 453.92; W/ONB/COW-02/2017 Surfacing of Roads City of Windhoek. as announced for: Construction Group Namibia 754 180.12; 2. Paladium Civil Engineering 605 289.97; 3. NamibBeton joint venture KL Construction $13 877 437.09; 4. Namibia Construction 968 985.74; W/ONB/COW-INFO 732/2017 Roads Construction as announced for: attached 2. Namibia Construction 392 121.73; bid security 3. China Civil Engineering Construction Namibia W/ONB/COW-12/2017 Garden and Terrain Maintenance Services (2 year tender) Six bids were received for the provision of Garden and Works to the City of Windhoek. Monthly tender prices as announced for: 1. B & B Investment 000.00 2. Salon Africana & Cleaning Services 995.00 3. Loureal Investment 650.00 4. Omalala Investment 521.37 5. Beautiful Landscaping & Garden Services 311.90 6. To Keri Investment 757.32 per day SC/RP/COW-11/2017 Tourism Strategy Two requests for proposals were received for development Tender prices as announced for: 1. PriceWaterhouse Coopers 5 200.00 2. Glowshot Capital 8 800.00 SC/RP/COW-10/2017 Investment Incentive and Promotion Strategy Two requests for proposals were received for development Tender prices as announced for: 521 491.25 2. Easy Concept Investment Group 7 840.00 SC/RP/COW-09/2017 Local Economic Development Strategy Three requests for proposals were received for Tender prices as announced for: 1. PriceWaterhouse Coopers 7 420.00 2. Glowshot Capital 0 420.00 049 630.00 Closing at NamWater 16 January 2018 January 2018. G/ONB/NW-023/2018 Procurement of Valves Six bids were received for the procurement of Valves on an Annual Contract basis to Namibia Water Corporation. No bid prices as announced for: 1. Danste Industrial 2. Sinclair Services 3. Saalkin Valves & Pumps 4. Namibia Vibration Consultants joint venture Valco 5. Valco Pumps & Valves 6. Central Technical Supplies NCS/OIB/NW-01/2018 Automated Self-Cleaning Filtesr Plant research purposes on the investigation of the effectiveness Corporation. Bid prices as announced for: 1. Aqua Services & Engineering 488 374.96 7 363.05 per month 4 726.10 for six months KNOW THE NEW PUBLIC PROCUREMENT ACT Introduction that comes into effect as from 01 April 2017 replaced the According to recent newspaper articles the need to introduce this Act was as a result of the public outcry for the improvement of operations and administration ensure transparency in the public procurement systems. Purpose of the Act The purpose of the said Act is amongst others to enforce control over the following functions: for the disposal of assets. Evaluation Committees and the provision of their powers and functions. bidding challenges and review. Objects of the Act: as well as to ensure proper integration in the procurement bring about: strengthen efforts to implement the empowerment and of Namibia including: and services. contracts to: and joint venture businesses grown in Namibia. 3. Namibian registered entities that promotes the protection use of natural resources including persons who have been economically or educationally disadvantaged by past racial discriminatory laws or practices. DISCLAIMER: NOTE THAT NEITHER NEW ERA NOR THE TENDER BOARD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY WRONG INFORMATION OR ERRORS.

21 Tuesday, February 13 2018 | NEW ERA Services Education Notice Notice Notice Notice Notice General Intake Legal Notice Legal Notice Legal Notice Legal Notice Legal Notice Property For sale MOTACS COLLEGE Registration for Grades 11 & 12 is in progress for 2018 Motacs College is registered with the Ministry of Education. We are now registering Grade 11 & 12 learners, as well as, Upgrading learners. Both day and evening classes a r e o f f e r e d . S u b j e c t s available include: English, Math, Physical Science, Biology, Accounting, History, Geography, Development studies, Business studies and Accounting Application fee is N0. Location: No. 3 Middlewick Street, Rhino Park, Windhoek North Contacts: Mobile: 0812941146, Tel: 061252108 Email: AANWO ANIMAL CLINIC AND VET SHOP ( Dr. Arnold Olivier) For veterinary services, animal medicines, vaccines, instruments, pet food/accessories & grooming. Windhoek Penelope Tel: 061 248 447 Cell: 0814436474 137 Bach Str. Dorado Valley. Rehoboth Gertruida Tel: 062 52 5440 Cell: 0814436457 Niklaas Olivier Str. FB: @aanwoclinicandpetshop Twitter: @ AanwoClinic Instagram: @aanwo_animal_clinic Website: CASE NO: I 155/2015 IN THE HIGH COURT FOR THE REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA, NORTHERN LOCAL DIVISION In the matter between S U O M A A N N I K I NAKUMBWATA APPLICANT/PLAINTIFF AND KENNEDY MUTUMBULWA RESPONDENT/DEFENDANT TO: Kennedy Mutumbulwa, a major male, currently residing in Olula Village, Okongo, Namibia but whose present whereabouts are unknown. TAKE NOTICE that by summons sued out of this court, you have been called on to give notice, within 15 days after the publication of this notice, to the registrar and to the plaintiff’s legal practitioner of your intention to defend (if any) in an action wherein S U O M A A N N I K I NAKUMBWATA claims: (a) Payment in the amount of N$ 39 000-00 (b) Interest at a rate of 20% as from date of judgment to date (c) Cost of suit (d) Further and/or alternative relief TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that in the event of you defending the action, you are to deliver a notice of intention to defend which must therein give your full residential or business address, and must also appoint an address, not being a post office box or poste restante, for service on you of all documents in this or if you elect to be served by electronic means indicate your electronic address and in that case service thereof at the address so given is valid and effectual, except where by any order or practice of the court personal service is required. TAKE NOTICE FURTHER that if you fail to give such notice, judgment may be granted against you without further reference to you. TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that simultaneously with the delivery of the notice of intention of defend, the defendant must deliver the return in terms of rule 6(4), which contains the following information about the defendant: “(a) in the case of a natural person, his or her full names, identity number where available and if a Namibian citizen or any other person ordinarily resident in Namibia, his or her physical address and where available, his or her telephone or cellular phone number or both, workplace telephone number, facsimile number and personal or workplace email address or both; (b) in the case of a close corporation, its name and registration number, postal referred to in section 25 of the Close Corporations Act 1988 (Act No. 26 of 1988) and the particulars referred to in paragraph (a) of at least one in that Act and the particulars referred to in paragraph (a) of in terms of section 59 of that Act; (c) in the case of a company, its name and registered number, postal address and registered of the Companies Act 2004 (Act No. 28 of 2004) and the particulars referred to in paragraph (a) of at least one director and the secretary referred to in section 223 of that Act including all particulars referred to in section 223(1) of that Act and in of any other body corporate the particulars referred to in paragraph (b) of section 223(1) of that Act; (d) in the case of any other juristic person, the particulars referred to in paragraph (a) of or a person, by whatever name called, running its affairs; and (a) in the case of a trust which is duly authorised to litigate, the particulars referred to in paragraph (a) of all trustees and a reference number given by the master to the trust deed registered with the master.” The particulars so provided remain binding on the party to which they relate and may be used by the court or by the other party to effect service of any notice or document on such party or to give notice to such party. TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that as soon as the managing judge has given notice of a case planning conference in terms of rule 23(1), you as defendant will be required to meet with the plaintiff in order to agree a case plan in terms of rule 23(3) for submission to the managing judge for the exchange of pleadings and the time within which you will deliver your plea and counterclaim if any will be determined by the court having regard to such plan and if you fail to cooperate in submitting such a plan, the court will determine the time within which you must deliver your plea and counterclaim, if any, and you as defendant must comply with such order. DATED AND SIGNED AT OSHAKATI ON THIS THE 12 th DAY OF FEBRUARY 2018. ……………………………… GREYLING & ASSOCIATES LEGAL PRACTITIONER FOR APPLICANT/PLAINTIFF ERF 849, ROBERT MUGABE STREET P R I VAT E B A G 5 5 5 2 : OSHAKATI FAX: 065 221619: TEL. 221617/8 REF.: JG/cg/ 000408 APPLICATION TO A (regulations 14, 26 & 33) Notice is given that an application in terms of the Liquor Act, 1998, particulars of which appear below, will be made to the Regional Liquor Licensing Committee, Region: OSHANA 1. Name and postal address of applicant, ONGWEDIVA 2. Name of business or proposed Business to which applicant relates 3. Address/Location of premises to which Application relates: OHAKWEENYANGA NO2 4. Nature and details of application: LICENCE 5. Clerk of the court with whom Application will be lodged: OSHAKATI 6. Date on which application will be Lodged: 7 Date of meeting of Committee at Which application will be heard: 11 APRIL 2018 Any objection or written submission in terms of section 28 of the Act in relation to the applicant must be sent or delivered to the Secretary of the Committee to reach the Secretary not less than 21 days before the date of the meeting of the Committee at which the application will be heard. (regulations 14, 26 & 33) Notice is hereby given that an application in terms of the Liquor Act, 1998, particulars of which appear below, will be made to the Magistrate of the District of: 1. Name and postal address of applicant, 2. Name of licensed business to which application relates ENTERTAINMENT 3. Address/Location of premises to which Application relates: ONETHINDI-ONDANGWA MAIN ROAD 4. Nature and details of application: 5. Where application will be lodged: ONDANGWA MAGISTRATE'S 6. Date on which application will be Lodged: THE ALIENS ACT, 1937 I,(1) PAWAOPENI MAGDALENA ANDRIAN residing at 393, SKOOLRYKAN, KRONLEIN, KEETMANSHOOP and carrying on business / employed a (2) intend applying to the Minister of Home Affairs for authority under section 9 of the Aliens Act, 1937, to assume the surname, PAWAOPENI MAGDALENA ADRIAN for the reasons that (3) ALL MY SCHOOL AND NOT ANDRIAN, SO THAT ER. I AM ALSO MALLY KNOWN THE PAST 12 YEARS. I previously bore the name(s) PAWAOPENI MAGDALENA ANDRIAN (4) I intend also applying for authority to change the surname of my wife and minor child(ren) (5) N/A. Any person who objects to my/our assumption of the said surname of ADRIAN should as soon as my be lodge his/her objection, in writing, with a statement of his/her reasons therefor, with the magistrate of WINDHOEK OPERATIONS MANAGER – Walvis Bay H a v i n g a O p e r a t i o n Management background..? Does this sound like you? Then we want to hear from you! We are looking for an enthusiastic, highly skilled and qualified Operations Manager. Requirements: Industry for 30+ years 2. Code EC driving license 3. Deal with complex offshore projects 4. Able to work with the operation of Hook-ups, Shutdowns, Maintenance and Inspections 5. Very strong Managerial skills in a highly stressful environment *SCAFFOLD ERECTOR *SCAFFOLD SAFETY INSPECTION *CONFINED SPACE ENTRY *RIGGING AND LIFTING (NSL) *NACE CIP L1 We need a self starter; with 30+ years experience in the If you possess all of the above, please send a resume and cover letter to: 19 February 2018 Only short listed candidates will be contacted!

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